Can they find the thief? (UK question)

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Can they find the thief? (UK question)

Postby LOLA21 » Wed Feb 22, 2012 9:23 pm

Hello i only got a minor problem and I'm just not sure if its enough to get the police to catch the thief.

I recently noticed that someone had used my credit card for a small amount of about 40pounds. One of my friends has notice exactly the same with his debit card, same amount 40pounds.

We do think that is the same person! i don't have any proof, however i believe that this person has left the UK by now. maybe somewhere in Europe. so i was wondering if UK police could do something about it? Maybe try to know where that person is gone and arrest them!

I know its a small amount of money but my financial situation isn't so good and i am pretty upset, thank you!

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