Negative balance on a pre-paid card?? Am I responsible?

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Negative balance on a pre-paid card?? Am I responsible?

Postby dmsweetie » Wed Nov 30, 2011 1:16 pm

I took part in a paid market research study and was given a $25 prepaid Visa "reward card" through Fidelity. I purchased a camera online and figured I'd use up the $25 and then after that I was going to use my regular credit card for the balance because I wanted to use my 0% for 6 month offer. Once I put in the reward card in it said my order was being processed and didn't allow me the option to give another card.

I called the camera store next morning and asked to please give my credit card. I was told no because the total amount had been authorized to that prepaid card...???? I just looked online to see what the balance for the prepaid car was and it shows I have a negative balance of $1600 some dollars!! How does this work? Do I need to pay this back asap? Will I be charged a finance fee? I am PISSED!

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