Citi disputes with merchant over defective merchandise unresolved

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Citi disputes with merchant over defective merchandise unresolved

Postby xboxhaxorz » Tue Nov 01, 2011 3:27 pm

So back around 12/2010 i had disputed a charge with citi regarding merchandise i purchase from a merchant.

The product i received did not work as advertised, apparently the product has now been recalled and is no longer sold.

Other technicians that bought that machine have returned it or sold it for a loss.

The merchant refused to allow me to return it without charging a restocking fee and wanted me to pay shipping.

I requested the terms and conditions that my lawyer requested. They took about a mth to send that out to me.

After citi said they could not dispute the charge without me paying to ship the item back i contacted my lawyer. They attempted to contact citi via letter with no response. He sent another letter out about a mth later, and finally got in touch with them. He advised me that i need to return the item to continue the dispute.

So i did ship it out and provided tracking to citi. They told me that they are out of the time period for the dispute. So now the merchant has the item and the money, and citi expects me to pay for that, i have been paying the minimum amount for my bill.

I do not wish to pay anymore since that is not right. However i currently have a 770 score with a great record, i am looking to get a loan in a few mths to move to a larger location for my business.

So either i pay a grand for the item i do not have. The other option is i do not pay my bill and have my credit ruined.

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