Capital One Dispute/Chargeback Problem - I'm out $940

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Capital One Dispute/Chargeback Problem - I'm out $940

Postby capital_zero » Thu Oct 20, 2011 2:50 pm

I've talked to several reps on the phone and they all seem to have a hard time helping me. Here's the story:

I ordered something on Amazon, from a 3rd party merchant. It didn't come. I filed a claim with Amazon. I didn't hear back for quite awhile, so I did a chargeback with Capital One. Capital One refunded the $940. The next day, Amazon did too. Unfortunate for me.

I called Capital One and told them Amazon had also refunded. The rep told me to call Amazon and have them take back their refund. Other reps I've talked to since told me that this guy shouldn't have had me do this.

Amazon took back their money. Capital one saw that Amazon had refunded me, so they took back their refund as well. Never got the merchandise, and I'm out $940.

I've called Capital One many times. I've had reps who have told me that things were resolved, only to see that the charge wasn't refunded. I've had a couple of reps who seemed to know what they were doing.

Recently CO sent me a letter saying that the case was resolved. They gave me my $940 back. They also said that they'd need a receipt from Amazon. So I mailed the receipt. Then yesterday (10/19) I get a message from capital one saying that they are still investigating, and may recharge me the last refund... putting me back in the negative.

I called yesterday and the CO rep told me that this case was going up to Visa, leaving CO's hands. CO did get amazon on the phone at one point and amazon told them, with me listening, that they had re-charged my refund due to my request (at the request of capital one). It really just seems like CO has no idea what is going on. If they recharge the $940, I guess I'll just have to go to a lawyer. CO has trouble working with me.

Any suggestions?


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Postby Gideon » Sun Jan 08, 2012 2:03 pm

With this many confusions (not really if you think about it) they may take extra long to process your request because they might think this is some type of scam, but I would wait and see and then as a last resort get a lawyer.

Good Luck!

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