How to proceed with this chargeback

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How to proceed with this chargeback

Postby hollym987 » Wed Apr 26, 2017 7:48 pm

Ok, here's the story. I bought a laptop from Wal Mart back in January. The sound system on it stopped working, and I couldn't fix the darn thing for the life of me. It was within the 15 day return window, so I returned it. Well, when I bought it, it was about 370 total, and I charge 40 dollars of it to my card. Long story short, I took it back to the customer service desk, and they gave me the refund. The money is supposed to go back onto your card in 1 to 2 days I remember her telling me when I took it back. Well, a few weeks ago, I noticed the 40 dollars was never refunded. I immediately called the store, and they told me to call Walmart's electronic billing number. I did, and they told me to call the store, and when I told her I already did and the lady was rude and basically said oh well. Frustrated, I just called my card company to open up a dispute. I filed the case, told the lady everything and she typed it in. She said they would mail me a packet that contained a form for me to fill out. Well that never came, I called back 3 weeks later, she told me to call the dispute number. I called it, some Indian girl answered and I gave her my card info and such and she said I need to mail in the receipt to prove I returned it. I guess she wasn't the one handling my case and she told me to call back on a week day. When I returned it, the lady took the receipt!! How can I proceed from here? It's only 40 dollars and this is a bigger pain than it's worth, but the thought of a big company like Wal Mart ripping me off really gets under my skin. How can I go about this? If it helps any, I have a Visa platinum through my small community bank, and Elan financial is who is my card company I guess. Would it help to go into the branch? Or can I go about this a different way? Thank you in advance everyone! This is so frustrating! :/

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Re: How to proceed with this chargeback

Postby kcm7 » Thu Apr 27, 2017 11:21 am

Weird that they didn't give you a receipt back when you make the return. I've returned stuff at Wal Mart and they always give you a return receipt stapled to a copy of your original receipt.

Without proof, you may be SOL, especially because Elan is not exactly known for being great with customer service. But I'd keep trying on both ends. Try escalating at Wal-Mart, while, at the same time, call your card company back. Did they give you a case number the first time you called in and disputed the charge? If you have that, at least they'll be able to reference your previous call and you won't have to tell them the whole story again.

I hope you're successful, but, when you're working with two big faceless companies like Wal-Mart and Elan and don't have a receipt, I'm not too hopeful. At least it's "just" $40?

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