Someone bought airline ticket with my card

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Re: Someone bought airline ticket with my card

Postby Tubpbs » Fri Aug 12, 2016 10:29 pm

TyE wrote:I agree with you Jack. The police don't bother with identity theft crimes and they should. The reason they don't is because it usually isn't cost affective. They are typically crimes under a few thousand dollars and they know that most of it gets covered by the credit card companies anyways. It's pretty annoying actually. They need to make stiffer penalties for cyber crime. It's definitely a tough dilemma.

I agree. It's BS. They probably also have a limited capacity to solve the crimes now as well. The CC companies could probably figure it out in 3 minutes...
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Re: Someone bought airline ticket with my card

Postby patrickklj » Tue Aug 16, 2016 3:26 pm

As a Law Enforcement Officer I have investigated many card frauds. I am like you really wanting to catch these crooks. However to build a proper criminal case it is extremely time consuming.

First you have the jurisdiction issue: where did the crime occurred? At the online retailer location? At the crook location? at the victim's location? That could be open for interpretation and depending on your State Attorney, the answer may be different. If I don't have jurisdiction I can't do anything except referring to another agency.

Second the banks are not cooperating. It takes months (yes months) with some banks to get answers from subpoenas to get copy of the transactions. Same thing with the stores to get copy of their register and videos. Also a subpoena is labor intensive for us and the banks charge us money for it.

Last, who is the victim? As soon as the bank reimbursed your loss, they become the victim. And it's very difficult for small amounts to get the bank to make a formal complaint to us. I got a case where I got a positive identification on my suspect on a surveillance video, but the bank didn't want to prosecute because the loss was only $1,200 and they didn't want to spend the time.

Even if you build a case that goes to court, the justice system is so busy, that for a small crime with only a few hundred dollars of loss, it is highly probable that there will be either no prosecution or a plea deal for an even lower charge...

After a while, you don't spend hours anymore investigating these crimes because it is a waste of resources when there are so many other cases piling up on your desk with more chances of prosecution.

However, sometimes we got lucky and we can find a trend or a repeat offender or a skimming ring. In these cases, as they are usually spreading over multiple jurisdiction, if the amount of money involved are over hundred of thousands of dollars, the case may get picked up by the FBI.

Then you see, as long as the banks won't play the game to stop the fraud because the cost of it is not considered high enough for them, we will go nowhere.

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Re: Someone bought airline ticket with my card

Postby PhillyPhoto » Wed Aug 17, 2016 7:34 am

JackLane wrote:The airlines refused to apprehend that guy. I mentioned to the airlines guy over the phone that the plane they booked a seat on departs in 3 hours. So if he can hold on to the booking until that person shows up at the thcheck-in counter and have airport security there to apprehend him.

I had my debit card number stolen from a checking account I never use (not even sure how the number got out), and someone paid their Comcast bill with it. How hard would it be to go to the house of the person that had my card # and arrest them?

Like others have said, the payoff isn't there for something that incurred such a small loss unfortunately.
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Re: Someone bought airline ticket with my card

Postby Jazzstephen » Mon Aug 29, 2016 5:02 am

These credit card frauds are widespread around the world. One fine day you get a statement of purchase from Indonesia and you will be bewildered. Check where you did your last purchases, and investigate if the pin was leaked by them. But, you can't expect any action. Prevention is the best guard against it. This blog has good tips on how to safeguard from skimming and phishing. ... ine-fraud/ . Hope this will be useful for all.

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