Ex applied for a card at address i am not registered.

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Ex applied for a card at address i am not registered.

Postby Ross_1978 » Sat Mar 12, 2016 2:59 am


I left my ex a few years back and I moved back to my folks while I saved some money for my own place. 7 months after our relationship finished she applied for a Credit Card with Lloyds, I had a Halifax Credit card but will a lot that was going on at the time I forgot to change the address, but that shouldn't matter as this was a whole new account that was applied for but to her address somewhere I was never actually registered, so I am puzzled as to how a bank can let somebody use my details and allow a card to be authorised for an address I am not at on electoral information.

over 12 months passed and I receive a letter from wescot saying I owe Lloyds bank £1,700, the ex was very clever as she sent a small balance transfer over to look like I benefitted from the fraudulent card. I rang Lloyds to say I have never applied for an account with them and I filled the form out they sent.. it dragged on that long before they even looked at it I received compensation from them. I gave them information regarding how she took my one of my credit cards on the day I left her and she used them on cash points taking £200.00 a time, she applied for a Wonga loan trying to use my dad as a guarantor, I received a letter from clysdale bank saying they thought somebody was trying to use my details to gain credit. They looked at all the evidence and said they can not be concluded that that I had no knowledge of the account. !! I wasn't living there so how would I see any correspondence and also Wescot found me easily enough using the electoral information.

If I am made to pay the £1,700 can I then use every transaction as say it's fraud as I never purchased what ever the card has been used for or worst case can I see what has been purchased and then get in touch with the police to get my property back.

I am challenging the decision but would like any tips/advice as I think Lloyds have been so poor in handling this, The other issues with the cash point use was handled brilliantly by Barclays and took it for what it was. I just think Lloyds are calling me a liar and I can't afford to be paying £1,700 for something I have not had.

Thanks in advance


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Re: Ex applied for a card at address i am not registered.

Postby Tubpbs » Sat Mar 12, 2016 3:04 pm

It seems like you're probably in England or the UK so the advice here may be limited in some ways.

My advice would be two fold. One, try to dispute everything with the bank again. Two, and this is where I don't know because I don't know how it works in England, sue her for the money you're being required to pay because of her actions. Sue her for double or triple damages if it's possible there as well.

Again, not sure how these things work explicitly there, but if you're being held responsible by the bank, sueing her is your only real option for recovery. Meanwhile, I'd pay the bank so it doesn't further damage your credit.
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