Kudos to Wells Fargo Fraud Dept

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Kudos to Wells Fargo Fraud Dept

Postby thom02099 » Thu Jul 23, 2015 12:56 pm

Got a call, text message, AND email earlier this week from Wells Fargo about some suspicious activity on my WF Propel 365 account. Seems there was an attempt to charge over $5500 on the card....at a retail store...in Japan. Wells Fargo declined the charge and sent out those messages to me right away. I call them back, assured them that I was stateside and the charge attempts were fraudulent. They immediate cancelled the card, and a replacement card is on the way to me.

Interesting thing about this is, as far as recent activity on this card by me, it's primarily used for putting my cell phone bill on it; some other hands on use at retail stores, but not frequently used for that purpose. I'm guessing that somehow the card was cloned and sold on the open/black market, since there was an attempt at a retail store in Japan, presumably presenting a physical card. Causes me some concern that the account was compromised, but happy with the way Wells Fargo was all over it as soon as the charge was attempted.
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