Walmart Credit Services maxed me out and other I have a legal case?

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Walmart Credit Services maxed me out and other I have a legal case?

Postby scribes » Sun Feb 22, 2015 12:53 pm


I had a Walmart Discover card (now they are Walmart Mastercard)... since Oct 2013, I paid it monthy until I missed a payment in may and was late in june, in june I made an extra payment. During that missed may payment and late June payment, Walmart put my account in collections and said I had missed 90 days of payments, when I called to dispute this I was told I made payments in 90 days but it wasn't enough even though I paid what was on the website. They also cut my card limit by 800 dollars and caused it to max out (I went from 5000 to 4200 CL, I was at 4300 when the limit was cut causing me to be over by the limit by 100). When I argued that they maxed me out and lied to get me into collections they said according to the agreement they were allowed to do so and I had no recourse.

So my monthly payment was now 400 a month, I couldn't pay that due to family issues and getting sick so I paid 120 in july, august, sept and october but the payment remained high (interest) I protested and payed 50 in Nov and Dec then I saw my min was 1000... I called they said again it wasn't enough so my min was raised and my account since JUNE remained in collections. Despite making payment.
They also closed my account to further payment until brought current and reported me as delinquent even though I missed May's payment and paid every month since.

I pooled money from work and my tax return after being told once I paid the thousand minimum my account would be reactivated and removed from collections.

They removed it from collections(I was getting calls every 2 hours from a debt collector) but are now saying my account is closed and won't be reopened and even though I am under the new CL (4200) by a large margin. I have no credit with them.

So my question is what recourse do I have? This seems extremely unethical and illegal... I wasn't maxed out until they removed the 800 from my CL then they pounded fees on top of me and raised my minimum to a shocking $1000.

I received no mail from them informing me of anything and even the debt collector never wrote me.

I filled a complaint with the BBB over them maxing me out on purpose and the collections actions but do I have a legal case?

I am extremely angry, yes I missed one payment but I paid everything else monthly even what the website said I should pay up until I saw the high min payments I couldn't make but I still kept paying.

Do I have recourse? I'm concerned about my credit especially since a lot of the issues outside of my part was based on a lie and actions from Walmart Credit Services.

Thanks for any advice.

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