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Postby jumbo » Wed Jan 07, 2015 9:41 am

This is the same with Discover as well.
I lost my Discover card and got a new one with new number. Its almost been 8 months, I have the new Discover.
My Xbox Live subscription was on my old discover card and I havent update my card on xbox online.
Recently my xbox subscription was automatically renewed by a card that was reported lost, 8 months ago.
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Postby Ikarus » Sun Jan 11, 2015 11:32 am

Good article. The canceled Cap One card in my signature went through that hassle a few years back.

I did a trial with a vendor, canceled, they still kept charging and would not reverse charges. I finally disputed all 15 or so transaction successfully. Not much later, I started having small charges on the card at odd places. I reported the card as compromised and charges still trickled through. I thought it was odd and annoying. But I finally got the card closed and that was that.

I find the best way to mitigate risk is to use Citi's Virtual Account Numbers feature. You can do them as one-offs or set a limited dollar amount and time period, say $1000 over a period of 12 months.

The tell-tale is that the expiration date is the following month. I had a life insurance provider accept then refuse then accept my different card numbers. I guess they were leery about a new credit card number each month, which is why the time/amount limit feature can be helpful.

whit wrote:I remember reading this awhile back

I think it's how its coded when the card is closed

Or thought

I mean I thought, if you report it stolen the number should no longer be used vs if you wanted to change the number for numbers sake

But now I think if there's an established pattern of payment there, it will still be allowed to go through
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