Wanted to share some fraud stories

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Wanted to share some fraud stories

Postby attrapereves » Tue Jun 24, 2014 2:56 pm

New member here. I wanted to share my fraud stories.

This one happened a few years ago with a BoA Bankamericard Visa. I noticed a pending charge from a hotel in Oregon. The hotel didn't exist and the phone number listed was disconnected. I immediately contacted BoA. The case was closed in two days and they credited the amount back to my account. I'm pretty sure this was related to a breach at Budsgunshop.

This one happened just a few months ago with my Capital One Rewards MasterCard. I saw a pending charge from a WalMart store in Texas. It was around $150. I contacted C.O. and opened a case. I got a call from a fraud rep a few days later informing me that someone had purchased a gift card and they were not able to provide a signature. I'm not entirely sure, but I believe this was related to a breach at Schnuck's grocery stores.

My last story is with my Discover It card. I purchased something online and waited two weeks for it to ship. I kept getting the run around from the merchant (when I was actually able to get in contact with him). I got tired of waiting and submitted a case. Discover immediately temporarily credited the amount to my account. They closed the case after about five days and permanently credited the funds to my account.

My mom's wallet was stolen from work a few years ago. The credit card companies had no problems, but the bank gave her trouble. They required all kinds of documentation, including a police report and written statements. This is why I avoid using my bank account as much as possible and pay for everything with credit cards.

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Postby kcm7 » Tue Jun 24, 2014 3:14 pm

Funny how many fraud stories seem to involve WalMart. I was going over my account online a year or so back and noticed a $1.40 charge from a craft supply store in Arizona from a few days prior. Figured it was a fraudster testing my account to see if it was active. So I reached for my phone to call BofA. Kid you not, in that moment, my phone started ringing. It was BofA's fraud department calling to verify that charge. I told them it wasn't me. And, while I was still on the phone with them, I hit "refresh" on my account history and BOOM -- $400 charge from WalMart.

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Postby attrapereves » Tue Jun 24, 2014 3:22 pm

kcm7 wrote:Funny how many fraud stories seem to involve WalMart. I was going over my account online a year or so back and noticed a $1.40 charge from a craft supply store in Arizona from a few days prior. Figured it was a fraudster testing my account to see if it was active. So I reached for my phone to call BofA. Kid you not, in that moment, my phone started ringing. It was BofA's fraud department calling to verify that charge. I told them it wasn't me. And, while I was still on the phone with them, I hit "refresh" on my account history and BOOM -- $400 charge from WalMart.

Yeah, I think they probably buy gift cards, then sell them online or use them. Walmart probably has the ability to deactivate the gift cards in the event of fraud, but I'd imagine that they are already used up at that point.

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Postby benhollberg » Tue Jun 24, 2014 8:19 pm

I've had one fraud encounter about four years ago. I noticed a foreign charge from a merchant in Italy, it was about 30€ I think. Called AMEX and reported it, they immediately credited my account, then sent me a letter a few days later that was the credit was permanent. I received a new card pretty soon after that.
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Postby MemberSince99 » Wed Jun 25, 2014 6:28 am

So far to date I've never experienced any of this. The only thing even close was an online merchant with thousands of complaints about scamming people, who tried to take the money and never deliver. That was one of the rare times I had to dispute a charge. This was when I didn't have credit cards, only a debit card, but it could be used as a MasterCard which was how I used it.

The case of the fraudulent merchant was interesting though. These scammers advertised virtual goods for an online game for actual money. I bit, and all I ever got is emails from them, never the goods. There was no way I could find to contact them other than email, and emails only got auto-generated responses basically urging you to buy more from them. When I contacted my bank about it, they actually refused to credit me, saying they had been in contact with the merchant, and the merchant claimed that they would "work with me" to resolve the issue, and that under MasterCard's policies, that was good enough. (I knew the merchant had no intention of working with me, and true to form they never contacted me, by the way). So I said to the bank well you were able to contact them, I can't find any way to do that, can you give me their phone number? The bank said no, they had to protect the merchant's "privacy". I bit back a response of something like so if I screw you, you will contact me and I have no right to "privacy" but they are free to screw me and I shouldn't be able to contact them about it? Then I asked them well what if the merchant just says they are going to work with me, but doesn't? The response: call us back later. I thought yeah and you'll contact them and they will say Oh we are working with him to resolve the issue and I'll get the run-around all over again.

I kind of felt like they were just trying to pass the buck on me and let me get screwed to be honest.

I did eventually get my money back, but not through the help of my bank who did nothing whatsoever to help me. (For a long time after that I was kind of hacked with Associated over this). I had used the debit MC to pay through some other online broker service, based in the UK I believe, so I filed a complaint with them over this. (I can't remember their name). They actually investigated and credited me the money back. I was very impressed as even my own bank would not do that. Even thinking back on this doesn't leave me with a very good taste in my mouth of how Associated looked after me then.

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Postby DONx3 » Thu Jun 26, 2014 12:15 am

My CSP got compromised about a week ago and now my BOA card got compromised today. Apparently, my CSP was used at a gas station in Scary Gary, IN and for my BOA card they didn't disclose any details. Chase sent me fraud alert through text and email. Then today, I logged into my BOA online banking and my card was missing so I called and rep told me my card was compromised. Last time I had a card compromised was 2 years ago and it was my BOA card.
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Postby Xorand » Thu Jul 24, 2014 1:40 pm

I have a few interesting stories. The first two happened recently, within a couple weeks of each other.

1. Chase called me to say my card number was used (unsuccessfully) to try to charge four different small amounts (tests) at an online site in another country. I assumed they denied them based on some specific fingerprint like several small transactions, foreign transactions or something like that. The Chase fraud agent that called me said no, they denied them because all of the attempts had the wrong expiration date.

I had only had my Chase card a few months, so its not like they had a previous card's information. My suspicion is someone had randomly generated my card's number and was trying it against someone's online authorization system with various expiration dates trying to figure out the right one. Chase overnighted me a new card.

2. AmEx called to say someone had used my BCP card number at a chain grocery store three states away. Now realize that I travel continuously. My wife and I live in an RV full time and have no fixed home address, so I rack up charges (especially fuel and groceries) on the BCP sometimes in three different states in a day. How they flagged this one was interesting, though they didn't explain how or why.

They asked if I had any ideas where my information might have been compromised. The only thought I had that I gave them, but probably will never know if anything will come of it is that I frequently fill up my truck at a gas station from the same grocery chain and that one of the pumps I used a couple times would return a card read error if I inserted my card one direction but read it fine the other direction (the graphic on the pump indicates you can insert your card in either orientation). This might point to a possible card skimmer installed on the pump from an insider that may be sharing information within the grocery store chain. Who knows.

3. This was a couple years ago. We were just getting done with our "get out of debt" plan and were out shopping for a new washer and dryer at a well-known big box home improvement store. At the time, I only had one credit card with a large enough limit to pay for the W/D, but we had just that morning sent a payoff for the card and it had not cleared yet. We had the money in the bank, so I just paid for the appliances with my debit card (around $2,000 total).

A few days later, the delivery crew arrived with our dryer and were curious why we would order hoses for a washer if we didn't order a washer. I indicated that we had ordered both a washer and a dryer. While the delivery person stood there, I called the store. They indicated that their records indicated that someone had come in (they claimed my wife) and cancelled the order for the washer and they refunded her the amount in cash.

We declined the dryer delivery and drove down to the store to straighten it out. We found out that their rule is that they will tender a refund in cash for anything bought on a debit card up to $1,000 (the washer was about $990 with tax), but will mail a check out for anything over that. Someone had to know that 1. we paid with a debit card (we didn't advertise the fact at time of payment) and, 2. that the chain offered a refund in cash under $1,000.

The chain store corrected everything, we got a new debit card from the bank just in case and we got our washer and dryer a week later than originally planned (the old ones were still running, so no loss there). Never heard back on any investigations. We're almost 100% sure it was an inside job, or at least someone inside gave information to someone outside to allow them to come in with appropriate information (they had to have a copy of the paperwork that we had in our possession the whole time) to actually get a refund.
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Postby Vattené » Thu Jul 24, 2014 2:37 pm

I have only had one incident, and thankfully it was pretty minor. It happened around six months ago with my Banana Republic Visa Luxe Card, and I posted on here for advice on how to handle it. I got a call from the fraud department as soon as a transaction for $50.00 at a Win Dixie half way across the country posted. It was before I even saw it myself. The card was shut down instantly and a new one was sent. I filed a police report for documentation and have since moved up to a better card anyway. GE may not be a prime lender, but I have to give them credit for how my situation was handled. It was caught immediately and taken care of on their end completely hassle-free. My best guess is that it was due to the Target data breach last Black Friday, but who knows.
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Postby dragon452 » Fri Jul 25, 2014 11:00 am

That was a most informative story, thank you for posting it! Please see my post in this same forum "Sophisticated Crooks, OR an inside job?", and the various questions and answers posted there. We must all do two things to make stealing credit difficult for the crooks:
1) Make sure you have up to date monitoring of your accounts (the banks will e-mail or text you after a transaction is made, or a change to your account info. is made). Also, credit monitoring services you pay for, but they monitor the three main bureaus to see if anybody has applied for a loan under your name, or made a negative report about you, etc.

2) USE CRAZY PASSWORDS to answer security questions over the phone: the crook HAS your SS#, the crook HAS your name, address and phone number...then the agent asks you "what is your mother's maiden name?" THE CROOK HAS THAT ANSWER as well.
You change the real answer to "my mother's maiden name is "Pizza", or "Keyboard" (something weird that the crook CANNOT possibly look up in public records)! Also, insist that the bank ask for a telephone password when ANYBODY tries to change account information (address, phone number, e-mail address, old password, etc.). If the crook still gets through and steals from your account (which is possible, of course) by changing your account information using telephone customer service...you will know it was the bank that leaked the information. You will have a great starting point to put the pressure on them. I hope this helps the newer credit card holders. Thank you.

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Postby djrez4 » Fri Jul 25, 2014 11:38 am

When I was going over charges from our last trip, I noticed one I didn't recognize. It took me some digging to figure out what it was. Someone in Turkey bogarted my Arrival+ card number and used it to rent an ATV in Göreme. Barclays reversed the charge and sent me a new card.
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