Does a 4% CashBack card toward Groceries exist??

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Re: Does a 4% CashBack card toward Groceries exist??

Postby CarefulBuilder14 » Thu Sep 15, 2016 8:28 am

kdm31091 wrote:
17thWhitePrince wrote:
takeshi wrote:If that's the case then you were probably barely above the BCE before the AF hike.

How much of a gain in dollars is 1% for your spend anyway? Is that amount worth worrying over? As CarefulBuilder14 points out above, even at the $6K cap for the BCP, 1% is only $60 for the year.

I'm just looking to maximize my return on CB that's all. At worst before the hike I was gonna make $112 at the end of the year after AF was paid but now going forward that number shrinks to $92 after AF and with the BCE I could make $93 with no AF. I know that's the numbers for lowest spend possible but still I take that into account. Sure as my income increases I'll be able to increase spend on groceries as needed thus increasing my return. At end of years I would like to combine my CB and use it for like a weekend getaway or whatever with my family. I work anywhere between 50 & 60 hours a week just to cover the expenses and pay the bills. I barely make enough for even that. For you $20 dollars might not mean so much but to me it means a lot more.


Of course, note that with the Amex cards, you cannot redeem $20, so it may as well not exist! You can only redeem $25, $50, $75, etc in those increments so you will always have some rewards you cannot redeem. Keep this in mind when deciding the value.

It only takes $834 of grocery spend on BCE to hit $25. Any rewards he can't redeem today, he'll be able to redeem in 3-4 months.

It takes me a long time to redeem on BCE, but that's because I mostly just use it for offers.
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Re: Does a 4% CashBack card toward Groceries exist??

Postby Taalar » Sat Nov 12, 2016 12:43 am

IMO if you buy family groceries its worth the annual fee for the AMEX blue cash preferred for the 6% back on groceries. also pays 4% on some dept stores and 3% on gas ( there is better on some gas though)

17thWhitePrince wrote:So I've had the Amex BCP for about six months now and I have no real issues with the card. It's been great really. However amex did raise the annual fee to $95 and tho it won't hit me for a bit, I've already done the math and I've crunched the numbers and I'm gonna be just barely above the Blue Cash Everyday card and I'm wondering for future reference' sake if any cash back card out there offers 4% toward groceries year round with no AF
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