Will Tribute credit card still be a problem in 2013?

Years ago you may have received an application for the Tribute Gold MasterCard in your mailbox. If you applied, is it still haunting you?

People with good credit hate getting credit card offers in the mail (they’re looked upon as junk mail). However those with bad credit only wish they were getting those offers!

If you fall into the latter category, you may have been thankful when the Tribute credit card application made its way to your mailbox. It was targeted at people with subprime credit during the mid to latter part of last decade.

For a $150 annual fee you were given a credit limit of – get this – only $300! Yes that’s right, your annual fee was equivalent to 50% of your credit line. And to add insult to injury, they charged a $9.95 per month “maintenance fee” ($119.40 per year). That, combined with the annual fee, meant you were paying $269.40 for a credit limit as low as $300.

Technically it was an unsecured card, but it certainly didn’t feel like one!

You just can’t kill it

In 2009 the program was cancelled. Why? Presumably because of the Credit Card Act of 2009, which prohibited a card’s first year of fees from exceeding 25% of its credit limit. Clearly, this card wouldn’t have been compliant.

At that time, existing cardholders were notified their accounts would be cancelled. One would assume that a cancelled credit card would also mean no more fees would be charged, but reportedly, that hasn’t been the case.

Even though it’s 3 years later, there are countless complaints online of previous cardholders who had their card closed in 2009 but are allegedly still being charged the $9.95 monthly maintenance fee. For example, here’s part of a review that was posted on Ripoff Report in 2012:

“Tribute MasterCard closed my account in 2009 because they said that the bank is no longer in the program. Every month since 2009 I am charged an account maintenance fee even though the account has been closed for three years. I called them complaining about this issue in 2009 and they totally ignored me regarding these fees for an account that is closed.”

If that was just one person ranting, I would be skeptical. However I have seen many who allege the same. Here are some others on Consumer Affairs.

How do you contact them?

Their website, https://www.mytributecard.com, seems to be the most primitive and useless source for information. Based on the footer, have they not updated it since 2009?

Tribute card website

And who is Domain Name Acquisitions, LLC? Does that sound like a bank or credit card company to you?! I think not.

Tribute’s customer service seems to be almost non-existent. Their website has an online contact form and a P.O. Box address out of Atlanta. Aside from that, I see no phone number listed.

Have you been a victim?

Are you a former Tribute credit card holder who is still being charged a monthly fee on a cancelled account? Do you have any contact info (ideally a customer service phone number) that you could share? I would like to help people out who are still dealing these slimeballs, so anything you know please post in the comments below!

And if you still have bad or marginal credit…

…you should NEVER be paying $100+ per year for an annual fee. Credit cards like Tribute are a total waste of money. As a good alternative, I recommend the Capital One Secured MasterCard or an entry-level unsecured card which comes with much lower fees.

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I got the card and I used it to pay my monthly bills ..every payday I would load anywhere from 300 to 800 dollars thru their website. . And then in a day or so I would pay my other bills.. never went late .. never missed a payment .. they increased me periodically from 300.00 limit to 1200.00 …they shut mine down without any warning AFTER I had loaded my card to pay my Father’s and my own car payment .. refused to do anything to assist me In recovering any part of that money, but were quick to tell me how much I still owed them on my balance… pissed me off MAJORLY. stopped paying them .. had a balance of less that 400 dollars still owed… maybe 2 or3years later I get something from the courts they want to garnishee me for over 3000 dollars.. paid them off but I feel like it is ridiculous that credit card compNies have the ability to keep charging fees the way they do when the account is closed … and it is really CRAZY THAT THEY GOT TO CHARGE THEM on me when I was in GREAT STANDING when they closed my account the way they did…877.888.0084 was the last # I had.. mytributecard.com was the site where I paid them on paydays

I had this years ago. I was paying like I was supposed to on a $300 credit limit. I would send my payment on a Monday and be processed by Friday. Until one time that I set my payment on Monday and then I didn’t get process for 4 weeks. So I called and complained and they would not refund me any of the fees so I ran up the limit. Didn’t give them another dime let them send me to collections then confess it with the credit bureau had it removed within 30 days fuck this company and their scams

Every state has a statute of limitations on debt, and it starts after your last payment to that company. So for instance, here in Nevada it is 6 years, so If you get a collections letter from a collections company and the debt is over the statute of limitations then what you should do is ask for a judgment, when the judge sees that the statute has expired it will be thrown out.

I got this card YEARS ago, $600 credit limit. Like everyone else, in 2009 they cut me off. My credit was at about the limit. Here we are 2015 and I am STILL paying off the damn card! I can’t financially do much more than the minimum payment, which is right around $35. Every month my card only decreases $10. I’m still being charged a $10 monthly fee. Which, hello, YOU CANT EVEN USE THE CARD!!!! I hate this company with all my heart. Preying on the poor. I wish I could get a Class Action Law Suit going against them!

Im looking at my credit report that I request every year Tribute has been riding on my credit since it was placed in collection back on 9/8/2009 I believe I got the card back in 2005 300.00 was the credit limit I dont remember any fees its was so long ago I apparently went way over my credit limit and the interest just been going up for years its at $904 I never knew that the removed it from the market its a shame how this high risk credit cards do ppl these days

I never even had a card with this company and they say I owe over $1500 on my credit report. I have not had a credit card since 04 and it was not even this company!! How do i get this off my credit report??

Similar story. I had a Tribute MasterCard and paid in a timely manner. In 2006 I paid the remaining balance, however, their customer service advised that my account will be closed because I was a credit risk. I argued that I was paying on time. They would not provide any specific incident that would explain this action. At any rate, the account was paid off and closed.

Later, I received a new credit card in the mail. I called customer service to inquire what this was about. They advised once again that my account was closed and this new card was an error. I never received any statements from Tribute again.

I recently received a collection notice from Jefferson Capital. I pulled my credit report and there it was! What a scam!! They even reported that I had made a payment, which was false information. Later I read that others are reporting the same thing! Check your credit report! Jefferson Capital is attempting to establish that a payment was made (this would show acknowledgement by consumer that the account is valid) and that the account is in payment default (reason why they’re trying to collect).

I reviewed the lawsuit and sent a certified letter requesting they remove this trade line. They are fraudulently reporting information even after they’ve been sued for their fraudulent practices!

I received a response where they denied that the account was part of the lawsuit…lies!! They would however notify the bureaus to delete their trade lines from my credit files. Well no shit, f’ing crooks!!

Hi have read in the ftc.gov website about a lawsuit they lost here is the link all you have to do is print the ruling with your letter of dispute and they will take it off your credit


Hi i am so glad i am not the only one… are you getting a call from a law firm to summon you to court to pay 2200 from 2007? i just got off the phone with them
is it still legal since its been 8 years since they cancelled my account along with all the others? please help!!

I tried to call them and report my card stold and they never put that in the system , now trying to collect 1,425$ from me from 2007

HI PAM are you getting a call from a law firm to summon you to court to pay 2200 from 2007? i just got off the phone with them
is it still legal since its been 8 years since they cancelled my account along with all the others? please help!!

I am so glad I am not the only one having this problem. A year ago they closed my account without reason. I was never late always payed over minimum. So last month I a payed it off. $580. I go into my bank account and they charged me 580 twice a week apart. I emailed and got a response saying 7-10 business day to process and 7-10 to receive check. What a joke this was 25 business days ago. Just found the number Abu from India said it was just sent to be processed on the 14th. And I have to wait 7-10 business day to process and 7-10 for the check. And he hung up. Gonna see if my bank can do anything for me

I just paid off a balance of over $400 with them on 07-14-14. A week later, they took the same amount out of my bank account. I called them only to find out that they are NOT state-side, which I suspected as it seems everyone I spoke with offered up English clearly as a second language. I ended up speaking with ‘Noelle’, who identified himself as a ‘supervisor’ and had the audacity to tell me that it was my fault the duplicate charge happened because ‘you made your payment online.’ Are you KIDDING me?!! It is now 08-05-14 and I’m STILL trying to get over $500 put back into my account between the duplicate charge and insufficient fees charged by the bank. They would NOT credit my account. I was told they could only send a hard check that would take 7-10 days to process and ANOTHER 7-10 days to receive. I’m appalled that so much seems to be outsourced so companies can save money, in turn causing insult to injury to those thinking they are ‘re-building’ a financial portfolio. Shame on Tribute for doing so. Shame on ‘Noelle’ for providing such disgraceful and unintelligent ‘customer service’. I suggest looking up the definition of ‘customer service’ so he can obtain an understanding of how very much they’ve missed the mark!! I’ve since filed complaints with both the BBB of Souther Illinois and Missouri, to which I’m awaiting response. In the meantime, it seems their website has been ‘down’ since the last week of July and/or is quite slow to respond.

I had the exact same thing happen to me. 580 taken out card payed off. Next week same thing another 580 charge. What a scam its no coincidense.

Tribute has a collection of $35 on my credit report. I paid off this company along time ago !Does the company has a mailing address?

So is there anything we can do about the monthly maintenance fee that we are being charged for a card that no longer exists?

I had a card in 2006. In Sept of 2006 I cancelled the card and paid the remainin balance of $14. I started getting phone calls and letters from Pressler and Pressler in late 2009 telling me I owed 849 on the card. I told them the account was closed 3 years prior and they said no. They refused to sent me any type of details and obtained a judgement. I wish I could afford a lawyer to go after them under the fair credit act.

For 4 years I have been harrashed by these lawyers, who by the way dont even own the debt (that isnt owed). Anyone have any ideas where I can go for help in NJ?

Credit solutions has a website you can go through. The fact is dont deal with them on the phone donut all through mail. I have the documentation that needs to be sent to them directly. That way it could be sent to the credit burrows and removed from your credit reports

I had a card with them years ago trying to “re-build” my credit. They had increased my credit limit to $500.00. Now after I had paid it off in full, it is reporting to my credit as still open and owing $1,700.00. I have tried everything to get this off my credit. I have exhausted every option. Can anyone please help?

I took them up on their offer back in the mid 00’s. I don’t remember a maintenance fee but I do remember the $300 limit that they later raised to $500. I didn’t use the card that much so when I went out-of-town and started to use it for gas, food and clothes THEY BLOCKED THE CARD! Luckily I had a debit card on me as well. I couln’t access their website so I called them. They said that they stopped merchants from accepting it because it MAY have been stolen. I said “Why didn’t you just call me?” They had no comment.
I cancelled the card that day!

Finally just paid off my card (minimum payments only) since originally being closed with an $800.00 balance back in 2009. I’m glad to be done with them once and for all. Just wish I could get all of the monthly maintenence fees back that I paid. I’m not sure if there were annual fees or not. Perhaps a class action lawsuit would be appropriate regarding the monthly fees?

I agree there should be a lawsuit regarding all the fees.

i never remember having an account with this company and now they say i owe 1700 dollars on a 300 dollar limit please help

I dont remember ever having an account with tribute and i cant see it on my credit report its 2014 and i have no idea what is going on i think its a scam but i am not sure
please help

I have the same issue. I just received a bill from them today stating I oue over $1000 and a payment of $800 is due in two weeks. I’m sick of this. I have not had a bill since the card was closed in 2009,

I have the same problem,and I do not think it is right, I wish their was something we could do.Like many others I was trying to establish my credit but now I regret it!

I had a account with them I paid it off and have a $0.00 balance but when I pulled my credit report its says I still owed them $286..I want to know how I still owed you and I have my receipt with a $0.00 balance and sent it too all 3 credit agencies and everything I need a number from them bad trying to get in touch with them so I can get this straight!! Please help me ASAP!! Thank you in advance

I have the same complaint as all of you. I did file a complaint with the better business bureau, I doubt that will help.

The customer service phone number is 877-888-0084

I would love to know what other credit cards this company own or who it is owned by. I want to make sure I do not hold a credit card anywhere close to this companies umbrella.

I was a tribute card holder for 2 years, made my monthly payments in full and on time. Tried to build my credit. Then one day, for no reason at all, they closed my account. They say I owe them 800 plus dollars. They have been ruining my credit for 3 yeas now. How do I get them off of my credit report and stop ruining my credit? Please help

My mother had a card with Tribute and Salute. Both of these are really the same company. It seems we have been paying this card forever. She was paying more than her asked monthly payment. It still seem like the balance was not going anywere. If you know of anyway i can get her out of this, please let me know.
Thank you

I closed my account in 2009 with 500 dollar balance trying to get my credit together now they say I owe them 1,200 plus as of today and the account card been closed since 2009. I cannot find a Phone number please help me.

1-877-888-0084 is the only customer service number I am aware of..I hope you get the relief you are seeking, but don’t get your hopes up to high…I am a disabled combat veteran with 2 purple hearts, 1 silver star, and 2 bronze stars, and these jokers did the same thing to me, saying I have a balance of over $900 with interest. Seems like there should be something we can all do, such as a joint lawsuit or whatever it is called! I would be happy to just have it gone from my credit report!!

There should be a way everyone can get back there “fees” they have been paying since 2009 this place is a JOKE.

They have a account inquiry number 877-888-0084. This place is a freaking joke! I just called and spoke to a man and when i asked about the 9.95 fee a month he was very quick to want to disconnect the call. There should be a law suit so everyone can get the fees they paid from 2009 til now, in my opinion. I hope this phone number can get you some answers, good luck