What is Citigroup Using Your Bailout Money For?

The government (our money) put over 306 billion (that’s with a “b”) dollars of liability on the line to bail out Citigroup alone. So what are they doing with that money? Well one thing they’re doing is suing a little mom and pop pawnshop for alleged copyright infringement.

Last week Citigroup filed suit against a Brooklyn pawnshop that goes by the name All Citi Pawn. They aren’t only suing for the use of the name and logo (which the owner voluntarily changed!) they are suing for all of the profits from the start of the business.

Citigroup is using your bailout money to stimulate the economy… the economy for frivalous lawyers!

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LOL this logo was posted on the forum thread it is like exactly the same as the Citi bank logo HAHAHA

In defense of Citi Bank I saw this on the news and the logo of the pawn shop was very similar. It had the red arch above too the only difference was it was pointed instead of rounded. I can see why they are suing for it.