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Updated: Wells Fargo recently launched a new line of rewards cards (the Propel cards) and a new cash-back card (Cash Wise) that aren’t reviewed in the article below.

If you bank with Wells Fargo, you might have been offered the Wells Fargo Rewards Visa® card. It’s part of the Wells Fargo Rewards program – and has some important fine print to be aware of when it comes to the advertised 5X bonus categories.

Earning Rewards

The most important thing to be aware of is this: The card offers 5X bonus earnings on gas, grocery and drugstore purchases (and 1X on everything else) – for the first 6 months only. After that, you’ll earn 1X rewards on everything. So, while getting 5 times the rewards in some common spending categories is alluring, you won’t be getting it forever. See the below screen shot from Wells Fargo’s site:

wells fargo 5x rewards six months new

This temporary bonus period is an anomaly among cards, so if you shop around, you’ll find other products that give you sustainable bonus categories. Some cards let you earn 5X back on rotating categories year round. Other cards offer permanent bonus categories, and while they may not be 5X on earnings, they may be more lucrative if you have the card for many years.

Redeeming rewards

Knowing how many points you earn per dollar is only part of the rewards equation. You also need to know how much your points are worth when you cash them in. Fortunately, Wells Fargo has done much to improve its rewards program with Go Far™ Rewards – the portal you’ll visit to transform your rewards points into cash back, travel, gift cards and more. You can also redeem rewards in increments of 2,000-point increments.

For cash-back redemptions and gift cards, you’ll generally get 1 cent per point, which is standard across the industry. If you have the Visa Signature version of this card, you can get a better value on airline ticket redemptions, because your points are worth 50 percent more if you redeem through the Go Far™ Rewards portal. For example, to redeem for a $500 airfare, you’d need only 33,333 points instead of 50,000. Remember, though, you have to book your airfare via the Wells Fargo Go Far™ Rewards portal, which restricts your flexibility somewhat (especially if you like to shop around on bargain travel sites).

Are there any special benefits?

This card has the standard Visa travel and purchase protection suite, which is now run-of-the-mill on most no-annual-fee cards. However, it does have something most other cards don’t have – cellular phone protection (against theft and damage). To get this protection, pay your bill with your card, and you’re covered for up to $600 ($25 deductible).

That means your Wells Fargo rewards card is essentially nothing more than your typical 1% rebate card. With such low rewards, it’s hard to be that excited about it. But, if you’re building credit and bank with Wells Fargo, this could be a good starter card.

Interest rates and fees?

There’s no annual fee, and the APR is variable, based on your credit health. So, if you qualify at the upper part of the APR range, this may not be a card to carry a balance on.


This card is a good starter rewards card. However, if you have options, this card is essentially a 1 percent cash-back card (after the bonus intro period), and there are plenty of other cards that offer more – including some of Wells Fargo’s higher-tier cards, like the Cash Wise card and the Propel cards.

Why we gave it 3 out of 5 stars

While this card is sometimes referred to as a cash-back card, it advertises that you earn points in the Wells Fargo Go Far™ program, which has many redemption options. So we evaluated it based on our standards for Flexible Rewards Programs.

While this may be a good starter card for Wells Fargo customers with less-than-great credit, it’s a lukewarm rewards card overall. We docked it two stars for its temporary 5X categories and lack of bonus opportunities throughout the life of the card.

Empty starRewards-earning rate: To get this star, a no-annual-fee card must offer at least 1X on all spending and at least 2X points in at least one bonus category. Because this card’s bonus categories expire after 6 months, we did not rewards a star.
Full starRewards value: This card meets our requirements for this star by offering at least one redemption option that guarantees a 1-cent-per-point value (cash back, gift cards and travel)
Full starUnique perks: This card offers cellphone protection, which is rare among credit cards, and the ability to redeem rewards as cash via the ATM.
Full starFair annual fee: The card has no annual fee
Empty starBonus opportunities: After the first six months, there aren’t any notable bonus opportunities with this card.

This review was written or last updated August 2016

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I used the Cell Phone Protection for my cell phone that was stolen in the gym. They asked for a lot of documentation (including police report which I could simply file online) but paid $425 for a replacement phone. This is certainly worth it but just make sure that you really pay every month with the card because they ask for the CC statement for the month before the incident.
There are few other banks and credit unions that offer similar protection but none of them has a limit of $600 per claim.

I am so frustrated with this wf credit card. I never tried to redeem my points until this week and was excited because I was going to get 75- in gift cards. I went online and it said there was a problem, I needed to call customer service. I tried that and they said they had a problem with their system. I waited 2 days to try again and I had 0 points. I had over 9450 points previously. Oh guess what! They decided to cancel my credit card do to inactivity. I called so many people, even went to my own bank. There was absolutely nothing I could do. I guess I lose all those points I earned so conveniently when I tried to use them. I even had proof of the email with the points on it. They didn’t seem to care. I am so angry at this company ! They literally canceled my card the day I was using my points!

I applied for the Wells Fargo 5x rewards card with 1x normal rewards and 4x bonus for 6 months on gas and groceries, I noticed that I’m only receiving 1x rewards and no 4x bonus on fuel purchases.

I called them and opened two cases so far and keep getting the same answer “This offer wasn’t available when you applied for your card” I explained to them that the only reason I applied for the card was this offer, and it was available for months before I applied and is currently still available. Then I get “I’m very sorry but there is nothing I can do to help”

Don’t waste your time with this company you can get much better offers with other cards.

So, what bank would you suggest when ut comes to credit card? I needed to get one just si i can build a good credit reporton my name…

Ordered a 100.00 gift card. It never arrived. Then they reissued a second card and it again never came. It’s frustrating redeeming points.

Wells Fargo has been an absolute nightmare. They double-charge your account (sometimes for $500) and then you call immediately to get them to reverse it. They can’t – it’s like a cruel game where half their staff has a computer and can see the charges, the other half can’t see them and can only authorize reversals when they see them. They play phone-tag between the two departments, and use a stall tactic of “Call back in an hour.” Nope, I’ve heard that line before from the last time you double-charged me.

And make sure you have 100% of your money back before you cancel with them. I cancelled on March 7th after another double-charge, and I’m expecting to get my money back in July at the earliest. They tell me lies that they then can’t confirm the very next time I call them. RUN AWAY FROM WELLS FARGO! They take your money, are inept, and waste your time in a sick game of phone tag.

Do not count on cellular phone coverage through the Visa Signature Card. I filed a claim and their benefits admin denied it because I didn’t make the payment on the card in the month of April. Doesn’t matter that I paid it every month, consistently before its due date. Because I paid it at the end of one month, skipped a month and paid it the first day of the next (still before due date) I am out of luck. They make up rules that aren’t printed on the contract. Going to see if Wells Fargo will get involved and help me out.

Ordered a 100.00 gift card, It never arrived. Wells fargo said there is nothing they refused to do anything but say sorry. I am canceling card.

Phone claim not paid. I have 6 phone lines and when I submitted a claim to (card benefits)for my wife’s broken phone they refused payment (175.00) because on my bill statement her phone is listed on the fifth line down. Yes, they only pay up to 4 lines starting with the primary and the next 3 in order. The problem is Sprint said they have no order after the primary and that it is just a Radom order. I offered to get Sprint on the line but they said no.
I’m going to the bank and try to get them to call Sprint and see what happens. I did ask Sprint if they could change the order since her line was the second line that I acquired.
Next step is to dump the card.

I have been “had’ by their cell phone protection plan as well. Accidentally dropped my cell phone, which under the Visa Guide to Benefits and the Cell Phone Protection Benefits inserts given by Wells Fargo, I should have been well covered. Upon filing my claim, it lists 5 documents that I had to turn over to them. After this, they literally made up more and more things they wanted before they could proceed with the claim. They used the excuse that I must “contact Wells Fargo as it is in their terms & conditions.” Wells Fargo said that they do not have any such requirements in their t&s – they would never personally verify with Wells Fargo what was needed. Then, I was told that Apple has a contract with their company “Card Benefit Services” that requires them to get a “flat rate repair estimate” directly from Apple. Apple legal team said they do not have any such contract, and are in the process of reviewing Card Benefit Services use of this imaginary contract. Apple also says that Card Benefit Services is trying to get Apple to pay a brunt of the cost of the phones, when it is not their place to do so. Now, I am being told that the benefits administrator can “verbally” request any document they wish in order to substantiate my claim (also not in the legal documentation.) They are now wishing to have copies of my doctor’s visits and explanations from the doctor on how I fell, which led to me dropping my phone. This supposedly validates the “time/cause/place” of the damage.
They are not BBB accredited, in fact the BBB says they think they might be a scam company. Visa, nor Asurion has no idea who this company is – even though cardbenefitservices.com has references to Visa and Asurion. They use Asurion’s claims forms, FAQ’s, Terms, Privacy Policy, and copyright their page as Asurion.
I have the corporate executive offices at Wells Fargo, Visa, and Asurion investigating this company and its outlandish requests. Apple is also on board as the benefits administrator called Apple a “fraudulent company” during a conference call with them.
I have filed complaints with the BBB on Wells Fargo, Visa, and Asurion, and filed complaints with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau of the US Government on Wells Fargo Visa – this organization does not have any information on Asurion or Card Benefit Services.
From the words of the representatives at Card Benefit Services, they handle the extra benefits provided to credit card consumers across all Visa products.
CONSUMER BEWARE if you are signing up for a Visa product with external benefits.

Used points to rent a car recently.when I called to ask how to change my rental car reservation I was told by the rewards card representative. He said wait and upgrade when I pick up the car. Well car rental place (Alamo) billed me for the full amount when I was finished with the car. I lost my 14,500 point credit of $143. I called rewards card representative when I got home and they show that I used my points so basically I actually overpaid for my car rental. I will never use this stupid system again. I could rented a car thru military cheaper.

Actually Wells Fargo cards have ONE benefit, as far as i can tell: cell phone insurance. I’m not sure who else has this — https://www.wellsfargo.com/credit-cards/features/cell-phone-protection/

I used the phone insurance. It was hassle free for the most part. I broke the screen on my Iphone and they sent me a check for the cost minus tax and the $25 deductable. So for a total bill of $161, I got a check pretty quickly for $124. Not bad considering I only started using the card to pay my bill just 2 months prior to the phone breaking.

Soooo Only 1 % for purchases?? Max amount of cash back is $25.00 a month.

I make all my purchases with the card and get $25 each month. What other card can beat that?

Wells Fargo trains its employees in being absolutely sycophantic to it customers. I am amazed at how easily fellow clients at the counter are taken in with this, engaging as if your teller is just salivating to know how your are and what you are doing this weekend, and if you want a candy, or water, or…?
Eventually comes the pitch for a card, or to change your account.

I wish I had come to this site before signing for the WF Signature Visa. Like someone mentioned below, I also was in a bank branch when the card was offered to me because I was in small group of customers that get the offer. I took the bait. Now, I have been chasing my 5x rewards points on gas, drugstores, and grocery for two months. I am so tired of being passed from department to department. I’ve had two case numbers and the issue still is resolved. Does it take an act of congress to get my 5x rewards added *(for 6 months only) – obviously is does. As a final straw, I called today and was told to fax my offer letter in – the CSR couldn’t even give me a toll free number!! WHAT???!! Why?? I gave the reservation number a month ago, but that’s not good enough. I’m tired of the run-around, but I’m sure this is what they are hoping. WELL…I will fax the letter in just to see what they come up with next. I hope to pay off the balance before the 15 months is up and then close it out.

I wish I had come to this site before signing for the WF Signature Visa. Like someone mentioned below, I also was in a bank branch when the card was offered to me because I was in small group of customers that get the offer. I took the bait. Now, I have been chasing my 5x rewards points on gas, drugstores, and grocery for two months. I am so tired of being passed from department to department. I’ve had two case numbers and the issue still is resolved. Does it take an act of congress to get my 5x rewards added *(for 6 months only) – obviously is does. As a final straw, I called today and was told to fax my offer letter in – the CSR couldn’t even give me a toll free number!! WHAT???!! Why?? I gave the reservation number a month ago, but that’s not good enough. I’m tired of the run-around, but I’m sure this is what they are hoping. BUT…I will fax the letter in just to see what they come up with next. Don

Don’t try the gift card option. I did and they were never sent. They are still investigating… its been over 3 months. 4 to 6 weeks to be mailed – that’s a mail service from the 70’s. Wells Fargo does not care about rewarding their customers. Make sure you call them M-F 9-3 because Rewards phone support hours are minimal.

Wells Fargo Rewards credit card sucks. You won’t be able to redeem it before $25 and that’s way too long in terms of cashback redemption.

I’ve been a customer of Wells Fargo for over 20 years. I keep over $200K in multiple accounts at the bank and still have the credit card I received from them many years ago. They have routinely increased the credit limit even as I’ve barely used the card since I received it. The problem, Visa Signature cards weren’t offered when I first received the card and neither were rewards. I called the bank because I decided it would be more convenient to use their card rather than my Visa Signature from Chase. The answer from the bank is they don’t upgrade cards but they will be happy to let me apply for a new Visa Signature which they will promptly approve. My response, I am canceling everything at Wells Fargo and will do all my banking with Chase. They have great rewards and service on their cards. I doubt they will have any problems securing the $200K either. Run Fo Not Walk away from Wells Fargo

We make small mistakes and big mistakes, getting a secure credit card from Wells Fargo was a huge mistake. I opened it up $500 with the annual fee I forgot how much, after 10 months I applied for a credit card and not one time was I late on payment didn’t get approved. I decided to cancelled it after not using it for 45 days, I had a balance of $460 which means I had $40 credit in addition to $60 cash reward program after I call to cancel it not only did I not get my money or the reward money I have to pay them more money it was frustrating and annoying getting calls every 5minutes that I decided to pay them I clearly asked the guy who call me what do I need to do so you can stop calling me the answer was pay $63 I did over the phone, two days later they were calling me again for some new fees they are so retarded that some times they ask me for $8, $58, $563 different amounts that I just laugh. I will appreciate if anyone knows what can I do so it doesn’t affect my credit score

There actually IS an annual fee to use the rewards program. And what I absolutely hate is that every five years the rewards points expire, and I don’t really do online banking so points would be thrown away monthly if I didn’t use them (since I’ve been a customer for over 15 years…)

I finally went into a bank had a rep help me redeem some points and talk to the credit card rep so I can get some points back. They were only able to give me the last three months of points, so I used them right away to purchase some headphones I needed. The rep helped me get a specific pair with volume control and able to receive calls connected on a cell phone. I even picked a specific color and design. I was very excited to receive my reward until I opened the box.

What I received was a basic black pair of headphones with no volume control or ability to receive calls. I was totally disappointed. I returned to another bank and complained. The rep helped me somewhat, but she really just had me connect on a phone at another desk so she could use her desk to open more accounts and such to her benefit. Not deal with customer complaints. I received a follow up from her about her customer service, I didn’t bother with it. Didn’t have the time or energy.

I’m about to call or write them an annoying letter about the earphones. And after years of hesitating, I think I’m finally going to use another credit card with better rewards and that doesn’t expire. 50,000+ rewards points will turn into $500 and then I’m done with Wells Fargo. I appreciate their upgrade on customer service in the banks, but they really should get another credit card company because attaching their name to the one now is really hurting their business.

I was a Wachovia account holder for 12 yrs and Wells Fargo bought them. Then on the service is gone terribly down.

Their rewards program is a sham. Website is buggy. Try to do a simple operation and 8 out of 10 times it will fail. Call customer service it will take 20 mins to reach, ask any questions they will put you on hold…and the hold will drop off the call. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER.

They open a claim and tell it will take 6 to 10 weeks to resolve. 6 TO 10 WEEKS. YES. Have bad is that.

I do not recommend this bank. Please avoid.

People out there please be careful not to use Wellsfargo credit card at all. I have had credit cards from a different banks, I could say I have the worst experience with WF. First of all, they do something that you did not ask for and when you pay your balance and ask them to close the account they have delayed it. Can not wait for my account to be closed completely so, I dont deal with them to lessen my frustration…..

I agree with you. Wells fargo is very bad customer service. I applied fro credit card because they say its 0 percent inters for 12 months and 5% cash back rewards for 6 months for gas, groceries and drugstores, I was approved and they told me that I am not eligible for the 0 apr and only 1% cash back program. They lie about the promotion on their own website. Poor customer service..

Awful customer service. I opened the Home Rebate card as the offer promised 3% rewards on gas, groceries, and pharmacy purchases for 6 months.

I quickly noticed that Wells Fargo was only giving me 1%. I complained and they agree I am owed the missing 2% – but to date it STILL hasn’t shown up. Over a month since I complained.

We are only talking about a measly $50 (I stopped using the damn thing immediately). Do they really want to risk losing my good will over $50? Clearly they do. Morons.

Rebecca Anderson

TERRIBLE Customer Service- Long, long wait on the phone to get through to rewards program agents. GET A CHASE CARD INSTEAD -DON’T WAST YOUR TIME WITH WELLS FARGO

We have been account holders with Wells Fargo for over 20 years. While talking with a local Bank agent on an unrelated subject, she solicited me for a credit card. She began by telling me this is by invitation only and for a select group of account holders. She proceded to tell my that I would get an APR of 0% for the first 15 months and after that 10.99% APR. I would also get double reward points for a limited number of months. My husband was in the room and said it sounds like a good deal. I agreed to the terms and proceeded with the application. A few weeks later I received the card. The welcome letter said I would get a 0% APR for 12 months and then it would change to 12.99%. After calling several bank representatives, local, credit, and customer service, except for the local rep who was very sympethetic but could do nothing, all other reps were less than happy to be talking with us and had no intention of making good on the offer that was first given. I, of course, called to cancel the card and once again that agent, Tracy, just wanted to get the card closed and get off the phone, no customer service what so ever. Beware of credit cards from Wells Fargo.

Very true. Same thing happened to me.

Wells fargo just sent out paperwork about the “new rebate” program and in the fine print it said that everything was now considered a “cash reward” and would be reported to federal and state as taxable income How can they do that?

It is called the Internal Revenue Service, that of which considers such transactions income not reported

morgan whiteman

wells fargo sucks ….!!! i lost a lot of money by putting my money on their bank ..check your account daily …BEWARE

wells fargo cancelled my credit for fraud prevention as per their letter if they did not hear from me in 30 days. I was traveling for 7 weeks on vacation using am express, discover and a visa with us bank. I returned home picked up my mail from post office and called them 3 days late, 44 days after letter date. wells fargo refused to reopen the acct. I am 68 and never had one late payment on any card or mortage. i closed my bank account with them when wells fargo credit would not even reopen card after banker on phone with them for over 35 minutes. they literally gave him the runaround too. goodbye wells fargo. i have other cards with more rewards as well.

The Wells Fargo Rewards credit card is a scam. I’m trying to book an award travel and the full retail price of the tickets are $275 from Lan airlines. Yet wells fargo is telling me its $550/ticket. So in stead of charging me 25,000 miles per ticket they want to charge me 35,000 per ticket.

I recommend united airlines card and alaska airlines. I’ve had great luck with those other credit cards.

I told the rep I’m going to use up my miles and close my credit card.