Wawa Credit Card Cancelled: What’s The Best Alternative?

Q: I’m trying to find the Wawa credit card application but am having now luck. Can you tell me where to find it?

red car being filled up with gasA: The reason you are having difficulty finding the Wawa gas card is because in fall of 2010, Chase credit card services (who issued the Wawa rewards Visa card) decided to discontinue their partnership with Wawa and cancel the credit card, because apparently the operation wasn’t making money for them due to the economy.

So you can no longer apply for the Wawa credit card and all existing cardholders were automatically switched over to a different Chase branded card.

Can you save money using other credit cards at Wawa?

Now that the Wawa gas card is gone, what’s the best way to save money at their gas stations/convenience stores? Well, you have a few options but before we talk about them I would like to point something out…

Wawa no longer adds a surcharge for credit card transactions!

In the past, Wawa gas stations tested a two-tier pricing model… one price for cash, and another (higher) price for credit cards. This confused and irritated customers and being the good company Wawa is, they listened and went back to one price for everyone, regardless of whether you pay cash or credit.

So even though the Wawa credit card is no longer available, you can still save money by using other gas reward credit cards for free at Wawa gas stations!

What are the best gas cards?

Before the Wawa credit card was cancelled, it offered a 3% rebate at Wawa gas stations and a 1% rebate everywhere else. This was an alright deal, but it wasn’t quite as good as some of the other gas credit cards on the market.

As an alternative, my recommendation would be to go with a universal gas card that is not affiliated with any station. Here’s why…

  • 5% rebate on gas – There are a few major credit cards out there that give up to a 5% rebate at every gas station, including Wawa!
  • Can use at any station – Wawa usually has great prices, but there may be times when they aren’t the cheapest. With a universal gas card, a huge benefit is that you will be able to go to whatever station you want and still save up to 5%, regardless of whether or not it’s a Wawa gas station.

Credit Card Forum maintains a sponsored listing of the best gas reward cards available:

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I need a gas cedit card, I jusy started my cleaning business.