Walmart Money Card Review

The popularity of prepaid debit cards has really taken off in the past few years due in large part to the economy, tighter credit policies for credit cards and the fact that people don’t like paying fees for a checking account (which is typical if you don’t keep a certain dollar amount of money in your account at all times). Before you complete and submit a Walmart Money Card application there are some important things you need to consider.

How does it work?

paying with card at checkoutBasically it’s a re-loadable debit card. Money can be added to the account a few different ways:

  • By cash or check (at Walmart only)
  • Green Dot MoneyPak (at Walmart or elsewhere)
  • Walmart MoneyCenter Express (these are ATMs at Walmart stores)
  • direct deposit
  • online bank transfer

The card can be used for three different purposes:

  • Card purchases – This is NOT a credit card, but it can be used like one wherever Visa is accepted for payment as long as you have sufficient funds loaded to purchase items at checkout, either online or offline at a brick and mortar store.
  • Bill payments – The Money Card can be used to pay bills, like those for power, water, cable, etc. This can be done for a fee at a Walmart store.
  • Direct deposit – Employees without a bank account may be able to use the Walmart Money Card direct deposit feature to have their paychecks added to their card.

Verdict? Since it’s a prepaid card it unfortunately does not report your bill payment history to the credit bureaus… so it is of no value for building credit or a credit score. That’s why you still need to have credit cards if you want to build up your credit.

Are there any fees with this card?

Unfortunately, there are a number of Walmart Money Card fees you should take note of before applying:

Issuance Fee for Temporary Card purchased at a Walmart store – $3.00
Issuance Fee for Temporary Licensed Card purchased at a Walmart Store – $4.95
Monthly Service Fee (first fee 10 days after Card set up) – $3.00
Reload Fee at Walmart Store – $3.00
Reload Fee at Walmart Store with check cashing transaction (Check Cashing not available in
all states, Walmart Check Cashing fees will apply) – $0.00
Reload Fee at Participating Green Dot Location  – Varies by Retailer
Reload Fee for Direct Deposit – $0.00
ATM Withdrawal (at non-MoneyPass ATM) – $2.00 (plus whatever the ATM operator charges)
ATM Withdrawal at MoneyPass ATM – $0.00
ATM Balance Inquiry –  $1.00 (additional fees at non-MoneyPass ATMs may apply)
Teller Cash Withdrawal – $2.00
Rush Delivery Fee for Personalized Card – $20.00
Additional Personalized Card Fee – $3.00
Additional Personalized Card Fee for Walmart MoneyCard Family Edition – $0.00
Lost/Stolen Replacement Card Fee – $3.00
Foreign Transaction Fee – 2%

Whew… that’s a lot of fees there! But in defense of Walmart, most prepaid debit cards charge much higher fees. It’s free to add money to the Money Card through check cashing, however Walmart charges up to $3.00 to cash checks (and up to $6 for checks of $1,000+) – thus you’re still paying money to load the card. So, basically, you have to pay $3 a month for the account and $3 for every card load. Card loads are free if handled through direct deposit, though. If you set it up that way it’s a fairly cheap account to get and maintain.



  • Easy to get, there is no credit check
  • Walmarts are everywhere, so it’s easy to reload in stores (unless you live in a small town where they’ve pulled out)
  • When compared to other reloadable cards, the Walmart Money Card fees are relatively reasonable. All prepaid debit cards have fees – this one just happens to be one of the least expensive


  • As with all re-loadable cards, it is totally useless for building credit. Accounts are never reported to the credit bureaus. Since it’s your money loaded to the card there is no credit going on to even report. This save you money in terms of not having to pay any credit card bills or interest charges but the downside is you don’t get any credit history to your name.
  • In order to apply you still need to give your Social Security number and have your identity verified. This is due to the U.S. Patriot Law.
  • Other than the basics, the card offers almost no benefits
  • The only way to reload for free is to fill out the Walmart Money Card direct deposit form and arrange to have your paycheck electronically deposited on the account, otherwise load fees apply
  • Even though the fees are reasonable for a re-loadable card, it’s still not as good of a deal compared to the banks and credit unions that offer no fee credit cards, debit cards and checking accounts.
  • The Walmart Money card is not currently available in the following states: New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Connecticut

If you can’t qualify for a normal credit card, then I would recommend going to a credit union and getting a free checking account with a debit card, instead of using a reloadable card that will cost you money to use.

But if you insist on a re-loadable card…

If you do choose to apply for a prepaid credit card PLEASE make sure you review all the fees closely (they are required to be listed in a table in the terms and conditions). It won’t be possible to get a free prepaid debit card (as mentioned there are always some fees, but they can take many different forms, as noted in the fee schedule update above). But some are much worse than Walmart’s offer, while others are a better. Right now I think the best one (the one with the most fair fee structure) is the new Prepaid Serve Card from American Express, which seems to have the least fees of any prepaid card. Also, AmEx has just launched a new prepaid card that offers 1% cash back, which is unheard of in the prepaid world. The downside is that it carries a $5.05 monthly fee, but it could make sense for some people..

But better yet…

…I would recommend getting an entry-level credit card or if you have bad credit then perhaps consider a secured credit card. Secured credit cards involve sending in a deposit to a card issuer and they in turn issue you a credit card with a real credit limit. If you ever close the account you get your deposit back, usually with interest. This type of card Will help you build credit, unlike prepaid debit cards (which are more like mobile checking accounts for those who don’t have a bank account or just don’t trust banks).. That way, with responsible use (i.e. paying your monthly card bill on time consistently), you can work on building or rebuilding your credit history.

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Matthew Beckwith

IT IS NOT ACCEPTED AT ALL VISA RETAILERS AS ADVERTISED. I tried to pay my propane bill, and it was declined and as i was repetitivly told by customer service its accepted everywhere visa is, just not at all merchants… ????? what ?? oh, and i was told to get my money back to visit an atm, and i will not be reimbursed the 2.50 by the card or the 3.50 from the bank. So I’m out 20 bucks for nothing after buying a 495 card. Thanks Wal-mart and the walton family !

BEWARE This Was-Mart Money Card administered by Green Dot Bank is a security risk ! I had fraudulent charges debited to my card and reported it immediately when I discovered the debit and within 2 days of the fraud. I was told their investigation department would review and reply. After a 2 week battle, I finally got a letter declining my claim. The reasons given in the letter were inaccurate and the information I gave them was falsified and not at all correct. When I called to offer proof of the validity a d accuracy of my claim, I was given a bogus phone number to call and ended back at the beginning. No effort was made to correct the fraud and the information on the fraud was recorded to be inaccurate and highly misleading to justify Green Dot Banks responsibility to correct or take any fraud protection action. ALSO when I filed my dispute, Green Dot Bank froze all my remaining funds and I had NO ACCESS to MY MONEY for almost 2 weeks. I was told the funds would be released within 24 hours…they were not. After almost 2 weeks I received a New card and was able to get my money (minus fraudulent debits) and when I finally got the “Detailed letter” explaining why my claim was denied, I called Green Dot Bank to inform of their incorrect and inaccurate information including changing statements and ‘re-wording statements I made …. the “Manager” (?) disconnect me.
I have now emptied and cancelled the Wal-Mart Money Card and advise everyone to avoid doing business with GDB who goes to extremes to prevent proper resolution and fails to provide proper fraud protection .
The cheep easy way out is not to your advantage but seems to be standard at GDB. KEEP IN MIND- YOUR money will be frozen and you will have no access to your money for 2 weeks just for filing a dispute.
The one method offered was….”find someone who has a DECade and a money transfer to them, then ask them to go to an ATM get your money and give it to you” this method, even if it did work is has serious access limits and is far below professional level even for a Wal-Mart associate.

Just signed up for this card so I could use for Ebay/Paypal transactions. Then they mention the $5/mo fee and $1 “purchase fee”. Screw dat. I’ll just shut it down before i get tangled up in dumbness.

worst card ever. literally better off throwing ur money in the trash. all sorts of bs fees they dont mention. regularly do not have access to the website that they put all thier feature access on. it will log you in and after answering all the security questions will tell you session expired and just loop you through that forever. then call and get techs who are truely useless. what kind of a tech support cant help you with tech support. Really? under your mattress is more secure. they are “hacked” by so called scams from west africa all the time. One of their support techs told me all about it. could not believe how open they were with that info. I assumed thier corporate policy is to lie about it based on my other experiences with them

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Beware! Not all places will take these cards online, but when you try to place the order it will put the money “on hold” for min 10 days and up to months. I bought this card because I got a good discount on gas. When I tried to use it at Bloomingdales (online) it would not go through and charged my card 3 times. When I called they said they could not release the funds for 10 days. I purchased something at Lord and Taylor, the same thing happened. It charged my card three times. Lord and Taylor said they do not accept the card. Green Dot bank held the money for 13 days. I think they are keeping the money to earn interest on it. Also, anytime you cancel a transaction they hold the money. Both companies told me if I could get a fax number for the bank they will send paperwork showing they will not use the funds. Green Dot Bank said they would not give me information and I must wait the whole time to get the money back. When I asked them why it was 10 days then 13 days. They told me it could take up to months depending on what company put the hold on the money. WATCH OUT!

I check my account daily I had 936.39 .i woke up and only had 236.09 on my Walmart money card I called the 1800 number and was giving the run around and couldn’t understand anything they were saying ..they had no sympathy in their voice just reading scripts from a computer screen !!! She said she canceled my card and new one will be issued ..I just checked my account again later tonight and now it’s -755 dollars !!! How is this possible I also uploaded my income tax refund on the card two months ago and still haven’t received it !!! I have no clue how I will survive that was all I had..this card is a joke and a complete scam NEVER load ur money on this card !!!!!!

Walmart money card sucks Green Dot Bank also sucks I have been with the walmart money card for three years with no problems had direct deposit and all of a sudden they blocked my card and froze the funds in the acct. I called customer service and asked why they had declined my card transactions they responded with that there was a high level of activity on my card and the computer system froze the account for 10 days and then i could call back and have the balance remaining on the card mailed to me via paper check.This all happened on the day my paycheck was direct deposited and i pay bills and grocery shop always the same level of activity within reason, this was all done with no attempt to verify that the transactions were authorized or when i had verified that it was valid transactions they would still not unblock my card or release my funds essentially leaving me broke and no way to pay bills or anything else that needed to get paid yeah these guys suck and are very unprofessional and need to be held liable and accountable for their actions and causing unnecessary stress and expenses let alone the hardships of being broke and unable to provide basic necessities for oneself and family

The same thing just happen to me I’m sill trying to get it solved and haven’t yet was there anything that you did to get it resolved

I have had my Walmart money card for 2 years and I have never even had to pay for half of those fees you put up there.If you are looking for a credit card, then get a credit card. This card is great for people who do not want a bank account. I have the $6 card and I have direct deposit. There are no hidden fees. you get what you pay for.

I have the Walmart money card preferred (The black one ) Once you purchase ( $6.00) and load ( $500 max) the only fee I have to pay is a $ 3.00 a month and this monthly fee can be waived if you load $500+ a month. I use my card for mostly online purchases and like the free loads at Walmart and free money ATMs and if you you compare this to other prepaid card which have load, monthly, and ATM fees. I nevered had a problem with my card being hacked but after reading all this complaints I am a bit nervous about this happening.

Free Moneypass ATMs $2.00 dollars at others


I believe you may be putting Walmart to high on the totem pole first of all. Then finding out later it is just another store. I have listened to people say Walmart is home away from home. ?! that’s not right, period. I have also heard “I thought Walmart had everything” “I can’t believe Walmart doesn’t have it” so on and so on!
Let’s bring Walmart back down to earth where it’s suppose to be. And Sam has passed, OK. Pass tense. Walmart has a little bit of a lot of things. Not everything. And if it’s home away from home, then maybe you are who ever is spending to much money. You better look ahead to see whats lurking around corners and in shadows. Then maybe you can keep more of your money in your pocket and out of theirs.

I’ve had a Walmart money card for a few years,had nothing but heart ache. Someone got my card number and buy”s stuff online. I cancel my card and order a new one that was over 30 days ago and still no card and I cant access my money without a debt card. ordered a new card on 11/14/2014 and its 12/19/2014 my disability check is all I get, it looks like I want have any money for my 7 grand-kids for Christmas. STAY AWAY FROM WALLMART SERVICES THEY THINK THERE TO BIG FOR REPROACH

Avoid this card!

Besides charging for every transaction, WalMart has no consideration when it comes to issuing refunds. I stayed in a hotel, which charged a $380 “hold fee” 12/13/14, the funds were released by the hotel 12/15/14…WalMart will not issue my refund until 12/25/14?

I’ll be canceling the card as soon as my 2-week refund is processed!

I have had a Wal-Mart money card for several years and always get my paycheck direct deposited onto it. Yesterday I received a new card in the mail, stating that I has ordered it when I had NOT orded it. I called to report this to the 877 number and spoke to a gal at first who then transferred me to BEN with card security. Understand, I was reporting this to help them out mainly, my credit sucks, good luck theif lol. So instead of blocing the card I received in the mail, he blocked my card that I have used for years. Before I got off the phone, I made sure that he insured me that my account to my card number was fine as I had a direct deposit coming through at 1201 this morning. He blocked MY card! Spoke to a gal at customer service who confirmed that they made the mistake and I faxed my drivers license soc. security card and my card as well. Was told it will be 7-10 business days to confirm my identity. Are you freaking joking. I am on hold as I type and have been for 45 min because I refuse to hang-up. Thanksgiving is in less than a week and my bills are due. They screwed up because I was trying to report a card I didn’t request and now my family suffers…

good luck with that I am waiting since Dec. 6th for a transfer I did for my money to show up it has not after day 6! They everyday keep telling me the same thing I have to wait 24-48 hours. Now today they say I have to fill out a form the will mail me !!!! and then !!! I have to wait another 10-14 business days seriously they have my money lost and tied up for three weeks. Not one person knows what they are doing. I have never had such a problem in all my years (which are many lol) and I have several bank cards. I am trying to search out who to report these people to as I to have a direct deposit pay card ( adp total pay) this is over the top with how they can treat you !!!

How long did they take to verify your identity

they take 10 business days. my taxes were held and i waited my ten days they tried calling me, which i never recieved call now i have to wait ten more days. i am beyond frustrated with this company!

I bought a green dot walmart card, I got the 6 dollar one so I could get a custom image on it(you’re only allowed three submissions before you’re stuck with the energetic card). When I tried submitting my first choice pic, it was a pic of a bud from google, and it was declined(I read the terms, an it was in clear violation), so I tried a picture of space, and that was denied also, I guess because I didn’t “take the picture myself”. (they don’t explain why they denied a pic, they just refer you to the pic guidelines) So now I’m on my last chance, so I just make my own in ms paint. It was just these words– ATHEIST COP BLOCK GARDENER MUGIWARA green IS go PIRATE..(thats it, nothing else), and as far as I can tell, it doesn’t violate walmarts money center image guidelines, but they declined it anyway, and proceeded to shut down my account, and now they say I can spend my remaining balance, but can to longer add money to the card, and I am no longer eligible to sign up for any of their cards AT ALL…. (also, my balance is 00.24, but I have a refund coming from amazon, and it seems like they wont even let that back on the card)

I have had my money card for about 5-6 years. I thought it was the BEST thing I had EVER came across. Because of other financial issues I stopped using a bank account and rely SOLEY on this card. I use it to pay ALL my bills, rent cars, etc. and even have my biweekly paycheck DIRECTED DEPOSITED on the card, as well as my TAX RETURNS when the time comes. Last week I got my balance alert just like I get DAILY but this time it said my balance was $3.53. At first I didn’t pay much attention, I thought it was maybe a glitch in the system or something because I knew I had $353.00 in my account and at least the numbers were correct, so I called Walmart as my internet was down at the moment so I was unable to look online at my transaction history. When I called I was told that there were 2 atm w/d’s one for $50.00 and another for $300.00 done at an atm machine located in Riley north Carolina. I live in Baltimore Maryland. They told me first that I needed to wait until the transactions went from pending to post. Then call back. Once they posted I was told I needed to email a dispute letter to [email protected] – well when I originally called to say my card was compromised I asked had this been the first time they have gotten a call where the customer had possession of thier bank card, but yet someone was able to w/d their money. They told me YES, they had NEVER heard of this happening before. Then 2 days later I found this website, which of course told me otherwise. Well last night I called walmart and told them about this site that I had found and how I knew they lied to me about NEVER hearing anything similar to my story. I immediately informed them that they had until the end of the week to REFUND/CREDIT my money or I was prepared to take this website to my local news station. Now today I call to check the status on my RUSH replacement card, and I’m told that a decision has been made on my fraud investigation/dispute case. Now I”m wondering how that could be cause I have NOT even sent in the dispute letter that they told me I needed to email in to even BEGIN the dispute investigation. They told me they will be crediting my account within ONE BUSINESS DAY.

Yea, never had a problem with my card, but never had to call customer service or been hacked or whatever, until now.

I bought another card because I wanted one card for my bills, and one for online purchasing. Waited two days for the CASH I added at the Walmart to go from pending. Finally available, and declined when I tried to purchase.

Online site is no help, just tells me my balance, and tells me my personal information can’t be looked at, so I can’t even check if I made a mistake on my info.

Call help line, on hold half an hour, high traffic, at 1 AM….finally find out its flagged for suspicious activity. I bought it, put money on it, and tried to use it. So shady. Also, I have 50 dollars on it, I am obviously laundering money.

Now I have to fax my documents to them. I’m cancelling both my cards after I get my money out.

We have had our wal-mart money card for over 3 yrs. prior to them changing hands our account was compromised with out of state charges we called and it was handled the same day ..Now since the switch our card once again was compromised what we had in the account drained at a local grocery store we have never been to.Then told we needed to wait till the charge was no longer pending and to call back once it went through..called back NOW i’m told I need to send a dispute letter and wait even longer than I was originally told to even find out if the dispute will be approved!!! If you have been lucky enough not to have your money stolen YET!! do yourself a favor take it off their card then close the account and be thankful this didn’t happen to you

My Walmart money card was compromised due to unauthorized transactions in the state of Florida at ATM and Winndixie. Stores. My card was never stolen and has been in my full care and custody. My personal information was obtained some how and by reading these post I too believe it’s an inside job. It’s been a nightmare trying to get my $600 refunded and have spent countless hours days months trying to get this resolved. The entire affiliateso of this account, Walmart corp, Green Dot corp have no consideration for the victims. If you have this card and been lucky enough to not be zapped with fraud I would close your account immediately while your still have your money!!!!!!!!!!

Does any one have the email to send your dispute in at. I couldn’t even understand the lady even though I after 5 times for it horrible customer service

My husband card just got hacked today of over 300.00 dollars. I was also told to wait for the transactions to post. I had charges from UT, PA, CA, and MO. First they were adding money and taking the exact amount they added and then finally just took everything. I am so pissed right now. What should I do now?

I am also being over charged what can I do or what did you do

I get direct deposit of nearly $4000 a month so I dont get charged anything anywhere. I dont go to WalMart to reload. Customer service is a nightmare for sure. The are in the Phillipines and the one time I asked for a replacement card because mine had worn out they went and reported it stolen and cancelled the card so I couldn’t access my money at all! This was after I told them not to cancel the card. Now the card is about to expire and I have been calling for a month and a half to get a new card and they keep telling me its will come automatically. Well no it wont because the last time I called they said no card had been mailed and I would have to wait for my card to expire before I could order a new one. IDIOTIC! Luckily I have a second card that I can have my direct deposit transferred to but I think this was enough anxiety for me. I think I’m going to a Credit Union this week. I would have better communication with a monkey working customer service. Oh and Nigeria really? That’s the capital of the worlds money scams!!

It sounds like two accounts with same number, or maybe someone else does have your number. It’s just weird that at first they added money to it, then used only what they added!

I told the cashier at Walmart that I needed a Money Pak. She said they no longer sold them but a money card would be the same. I needed 1600.00 so she got 4 and loaded them for 400.00 each. They would not work for the purpose I needed it of
sending it to relative in Nigeria to get plane ticket home. Now I can’t get my money because it is a temporary card, they do not give refunds, I have to activate these cards, I can only do 2 in 24 hour period. I will have to purchase something probably at Walmart before I can get anything back on the cards. This bunch of crap is for the birds. She should never have sold me money cards in first place. I will not be using Walmart for things I can get elsewhere. It is not the same since Mr. Sam is no longer there.

Horrible customer service this center needs to be shut down and fast you cant change your address and they can’t help u in case of an emergency and they are also big liars i hope someone sues the pants off of these people.

Also had issues. Did you open a case

Lets say a customer goes to walmart and tells the cashier she wants to unload money from her card. So then the cashier hands her the amount she reauested and her reciept. What the customer didn’t realize until a week or so later when she happened to find a reciept from walmart and it showed that money was loaded onto it for the same amount of $450 ,in which the cashier gave the customer the day she came in to unload. So the receipt showed that $450+$450=$900. My question is, who do u think should be responsible for returning the money, the cashier or wud they actually expect the customer to return it?

I’m starting to believe that all this hacking and stealing is an inside job at green dot!! a group of employees can easily get access to all the info, accounts, status, balances and the party is on for them!!Their policies and customer service is negative from 1 to 10 they are minus -10 The toll free number makes you wait so you get frustrated and hang up!! you call their California area code number and they take care of you, but they know how to buy time. These people should be investigated or shut down! just read all the complaints around. When I finish this card, I will be done with them!

I have had this card for years ,direct deposit n all no problems no extra fees,,wonderful alternative to bank .Highly recommended it very usrful just I have blue card but would like to switch to black card for no fee to load money on card perhaps only fee I get now is 3..00 montly and that may be waived since I have direct deposit

I would go to the store where it happened and report theft to the police and get that cashier FIRED! Then sue her.

I’ve had a Walmart Money Card going on seven years now. I only keep $40 to $50 on it at a time to pay for webhosting, domain name renewals, etc. Never had a problem in all tjese years. The customer service does suck, but only because these people barely know English and they’re forced to read from a script. If you ask them a question that should deviate from the script, you’re screwed because they have no guide as how to respond. It will drive you batsh*t crazy. This is a perfectly fine card to use if you’re smart about it. Number one, don’t put all your money in one place, just in case you are hacked. Have a card that’s specifically for online purchases and one that isn’t. Use a credit union for patyroll and WMC for online tuff. And, only load as much money on your WMC as you need, nothing more. And, chances are, if you’re card gets hacked more often than not, they intercepted your card info from a ebsite processor.

Don’t get the card I’ve had it for a year now . For a whole month I haven’t received my card so the money is just sitting there they say call back if it doesn’t come within 5-7 business days this will be the third time my card hasn’t came. I’m late on bills . I haven’t even received the cards that they supposedly sent out the first three times. It’s really started to bother me and I don’t know what I can do because I feel like I’m never going to get my card!!’

Good advice. And you are right about the phone help reading from script.

There is something wrong with the people posting on this site. You all must be bankers of some sort or somehow just part of the banking industry. I’ve had a walmart debit card for over two years and NO ISSUES WHATSOEVER! Only thing I can say bad is it will not work at some gas pumps, but you can still walk inside and pay. If you get a bank debit card your going to pay those overdraft fees that cost you $30 or more each time you go over. Prepaid debit cards will never allow you to overdraft, saving you tons of money over the years. If they were that bad, they would be off the shelves by now. Think people and don’t listen to everything you hear. Try it for yourself with. $20 initial load and just judge for yourself.

And exactly how long have you worked for WalMart.

You’re right too! I don’t have a Walmart money card myself. I thought about it just to pay utility bills and amazon etc, purchases. I would not put my whole income on the card.


When I had a Walmart card, someone used my card twice!! The 2nd time was after I’d gotten a new card. They charged hotel rooms and were in another country. I did get my money back both times. But I was too afraid to continue using this card. It’s too much of a hassle to talk to customer service and file a dispute. ….especially since the customer service reps had strong accents. They probably were the ones stealing my info

Jessica kelly

I was just wondering I go online school at university of Phoenix. Can I get my school refund deposited onto the card ??????

Yes, you can. I got income tax money deposited before.

Worst prepaid card will never use again there a rip off . Why would you take the money if they never confirmed the order i lost $115 .

This card and their associates grenndot bank is a kinda scam. If you want to take your money out to transfer to another of your accounts, this is not possible. They want you to use it to pay bills only. They cancelled my card and reissued another one that’s gonna take another 2 weeks to reach me and with no money in hand without my approval just because I objected to a charge by, I have no money to pay my bills and with thousands in this account. This is a mess! As soon as I get this card, Am out! Best deal, go to local bank and get a debit card period! They cannot do for you, but use your money to prop up their cash assets for FDIC purposes.

I hear all of these complaints about this card and all these people being scammed I have had this card for a few years now and have had none of the things people are complaining about. What are you really using your cards for.

I’ve had my card for over 5 years myself. Today, they cancelled it due to activity on my account. I get over 6K in taxes and during tax season I save my paychecks and spend the tax money that is already DD onto my card. After a few months I start cashing my paychecks and loading them onto my card, sometimes two at a time. This apparently, is construed as suspicious activity. They will be getting a negative review with the BBB. What are we really using our cards for? Lol, I don’t think drug dealers or black market merchants accept money cards Matt. They are simply uncomfortable with having accounts with funds that fluctuate so much.

did you ever recieve your car? I have been waiting over a month now because it never arrived the first time and then when i called about the replacement, they never placed an order in so now i have to wait another two weeks for mine too

I haven’t even USED my card, I just got it in the mail today. Tried to activate, and it said that there was a security hold on it because of suspicious activity….really?? I pulled it out of the envelope less than 5 minutes ago and yet I’m told I can’t use the card, can’t add money to it, and I will not be allowed to get another one. So it’s not the people with the cards, it’s the company.

Yet another WalMart employee has spoken.

My husband has only has his card for a week. How could he possibly use it. Just because it didn’t happen to you, doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.

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Thank you Pat Emery for posting the CA Green Dot Bank number. Ive been dealing with overseas hard to understand customer service reps since Feb 27th who provide little help. Finally called Green Dot in CA yesterday and a very nice CSR helped walked me through the process and gave me a claim number and email address to send dispute form to. The peocess takes some patience but im hopeful Green Dot will make it right.

I only had this card a couple months. We got this card because my husband works out of town and it was easier to go to walmart to deposit funds. I have went to the atm and have been denied when I have money on the card. I called to ask why I cant retrieve the funds and the operator whom barely speaks english tells me they decided to block the card for suspicious activity, so I ask what happened, tell me what suspicious activity are you referring to she tells me its confidential but I can get my money off the card, and I can never get another one.I have only paid bills and rent off the card I dont understand what activity are they referring to and she stills says she cant tell me. I have never heard of this before in my life. I hate this card. Walmart has ripped me off. It’s very crazy, then they tell me I cant get another one, first I was upset but after reading all the horror stories I just want to get my money back and move on with my life.

the same thing happen to me on april the 29 and the only thing i used it for was to pay my bills.

DO NOT GET THIS CARD! It can serve you no purpose except keep your money from you. Don’t make the same mistake I did by only reading the one review above and not reading the real actual issues posted by everyone below. I got the card with the intent of having a personal, private card to use at hotels for incidental holds. Sure it worked to secure my hotel privately, but it has been 2 weeks since I checked out and it will still be another few more days before my money will be available back to me. I confirmed the hotel sent their cancellation same day as check out and their merchant did first thing Monday. I called Walmartmoneycrooks, and they tell me that it is not them, it is the hotel and/or their merchants fault they can’t release the money because they show still pending and received nothing about being cancelled. They have no way to confirm, check, deny, request, return, issue or do anything at all except tell you it’s not them so it has to drop off.
THE SKINNY: if your card is charged or held or anything for whatever the reason and that money needs to go back to your card, consider it ten business days minimum to get it credited back. They know you have this card because it’s the bottom of the barrel and so they will keep the money in their pocket to accrue interest until they are absolutely no longer allowed to legally detain it, then give it back to you. That’s what you need to know if your card gets stolen, misused, a merchant types one too many zeros on accident–you will be SOL and no one has any authority to do anything except to keep pissing on you and tell you it’s raining. Thanks for wasting my time [email protected]

Go to a bank and get a debit card. Forget Walmart.

Why do you people use these? The fees, the ripoffs. Why not get a debit card with a bank? You will save ALOT of money, be able to cash checks for free, and maybe build your credit score. I just don’t understand. Are the any valid reasons not to get a real debit card?

Because of my credit the bank won’t let me have an account. I have little choice but to get one of these kinds of cards.

I had my card sucked into a ATM and needed a replacement. I had all my money on this stupid card and I feel it the most worst customer appreciation for the card company to make me wait 2 entire weeks mind you business days to receive a new card. I was broke and was almost evicted from my apartment even though I had money on the card they just don’t care enough to have rapid shipping available for there customers since they don’t provide the convenience of withdrawing from a bank in this event. Horrible experience

Have been calling the customer service line (back of card) for over a week now. Always says ‘semantic error’ and disconnects my call. Website is worthless. Can’t access any info there. Just freezes. Walmart store says come in and I can check balance there. Why is the customer service line down for this long? What the hell is going on here?

My card was comprised also for over $200 02/28/14. ATM withdrawals in UK, But I have the card. Never been there before. They charged me $3 to replace my card. Walmart is a joke & makes excuses abot refunding my money.

I had over $600 drained from my account 03/15/2014. What’s weird is first the credited the account $600 from a location in VA, then took the $600 out, putting the balance back at the original amount. Them a credit for $400 from a hotel in MA, then a debit for the same amount. Then, a credit for $642 from a Kroger in GA, then a debit…but then another debit for the $642 which wiped it out. Called the same day, was told to wait until it posted…which it did yesterday. Called back today, got the FP# from the rep. Said it will take 10 business days to get my money back. I’m beyond Bummed and yes, I was charged $3 for a new card…they charged the account that was cleaned out. That makes a ton of sense.

I just found out yesterday that tmy walmart money card balance was zero. I was trying to make a payment over the phone and it was being declined. So I check my card and it said balance was zero. I got worried since i had $600. I check online the transactions, it showed that purchases had been made at some winie Dixie in Florida twice, leaving my card clean. I called customer service and they said I need to wait since those transactions are still pending. But what should i do? Am I getting my money back.

Did this ever get resolved? The same thing happened to my husbands bluebird card at a winn dixie in florida! Please let me know. Thanks.

My account was drained on February 27th got new cards and refund on March 13th will not be using these cards again, quests its back to getting ripped off by local banks, by the way Diamond Bank in Nigeria took my money

Same bank took almost 1000 from my account and I still have not gotten it back. Something major needs to be done about this to get someone’s attention and put a stop to it.

I was hacked for the amount of 864.00. I reported it the same day (as soon as I found out) & filed a claim with them over the phone. I also filled out their dispute form that you can download fron their website. I was told if the dispute was approved, my money would be issued back on my card. If after ten days, they hadnt reached a decision, then they would issue me a temporary credit for the amount that was stolen until they were able to come to a decision. The money was put back in my account 7 or 8 days later. BUT heres the fun part, the new card they had issued me didnt come in the mail for a whole week after the money had been refunded to me. & they lock your account completely until youve received and activated your new card.

I was hacked but luckily caught it immediately since I get the daily balance texts and luckily it was only for the amount of $12.93, however I assumed it would try and hit my acct again so drained my funds. I was receiving random phone calls on my cell from various states and when I would answer them there was no one there. I googled the charge on my acct and it had a 888 number & said something like BBS St. Julian…on the charge description and upon googling it others had the same charges and phone calls. So I’m guessing they access your info when you answer the call…or something. But I have yet to be able to get in touch with any kind of customer service rep with Walmart as it just says error and disconnects when I call them.

This just happened to me the 1st. They got me for $400! I called Saturday night when I noticed and they told me I had to wait for the charges to post. They posted on the 3rd and I immediately sent in dispute forms. They did say they received them and the dispute process is being conducted now. I should have a resolution no later than the 17th. I am going to call these bastards everyday until I get my money. They even sent me a card and charged me the $3 for it. DO NOT GET A CARD WITH THESE PEOPLE!!!!

Just wanted to leave an update. I got my money back on the 12th but I didn’t find out about it until today. Make sure to check your account daily once you get your new card and pull the money out asap when you do get it. Then cancel the account.

Good luck to everyone!

Has anyone received there money back yet? If so, in what form: check, put the amount back on your card? Walmart sent new card’s, but I am afraid to activate them!!! Help!

Fax dispute form–even if pending or CSR tells you not to. Call customer service # on card. They will tell you they “lost” forms or you have to wait to dispute. Insist on speaking with manager. You may have to hold a while. Insist on an FP-____ claim # on phone with manager. Call corporate fraud dept at their main office 866-652-4611 next day and keep checking on it every other day (in USA not like customer service in the Phillippines). Mention part of hundreds of fraud dispute right now. Keep calling them. They take 5-10 days after that. Then they call you to tell you dispute all set. They put money back on new card. Take all money out of new card then cancel card.

I am not able to even get ahold to customer service. When calling and prompting for either transactions OR additional help an automated message says “error” and something else then says “disconnect”. So now how do you get ahold of anyone to dispute fraudulent charges???

I haven’t received my new cards yet, but I did get the money back in my account. But I don’t have the card so I still can’t to my money.

I too have been drained I just checked my card balance it said 0.00 i knew that was impossible so i looked at the transactions and they were from a winn dixie in miami, walgreens in miami, home depot in PA and a hotel in tennesse… all on the same day. This is not cool at all :/. I called customer service right away and they told me i had to wait until the charges have finished posting to even do anything. I feel violated and am seriously considering the old fashion way of using cash only.

If anyone has a Walmart Money Card go get your money off of it NOW. Walmart has also been breached just as Target was and I loaded 500 on my card for it to be taken off the next day at places that don’t even exist. So you would think WALMART would help YOU…ABSOUTELY NOT…They give the thief’s 28 days to get away. YES I SAID 28 DAYS. They know where the money came off at and what time (which was in NY) and they will not even let me dispute it until the 15th. Have you ever heard of anything so UNPROFESSIONAL. WALMART DOES NOT PROTECT THE CUSTOMER THEY ASSIST THE THIEF’S TO HAVE PLENTY OF TIME TO WIPE YOU OUT AND RUN.

I SAY THIS TO EVERYONE AND HOPE ALL SHARE. IF YOU HAVE MONEY ON A WALMART VISA GET IT OFF IMMEDIATELY BEFORE YOU LOSE IT. This has affected me personally I was going to leave Sunday to help daughter in SC and they took every penny I had on the card.

Everyone contact CNN, put Walmart and GreenDot in the world news, the larger the exposer like with Target the Faster they will have to act, let there Stocks take a hit from the major media exposer! Happened to me in Woolrich as well.

I agree and will be doing that. Everyone needs to do the same, right now greendot is going to take their sweet time giving us are money back, that’s even if they do.

Tell me how to get ahold of CNN.. We have had our card compromised so many times. 500 gone to target NY and 489 gone to a Rogers hotel in NY, and 532 gone to a Belleclaire in New Orleans? I live in Alabama..They have got to be stopped!

Social Security debit cards were also hit on 3-3-14 by same group in England and group in New York. My husband had his entire retirement check taken right after deposit on 3-3 midnight by Feds. Difference is that they credited the money back the very next day and acknowledged security breach and fraud right away. The problem here is not that there are scummy people who steal. The problem for all of us is Green Dot’s customer service and lack of action on this. You would think they would be more concerned but their responses prove otherwise. When everyone calls they give us all the same scripted info_-wait until after it is posted, 12-14 days after to dispute, then 60 days to investigate. Nothing we can do, sorry for problem. ASK FOR A MANAGER WHEN YOU CALL!!

Mar 05, 2014


Same thing has happened to me for the amount of $1,963.00. This transaction is pending and customer service can not file a dispute until the transaction is approved or on March 13, which ever comes first. I too have been wiped dried. I cancelled my card and another one is coming but not until March 20th. Also nothing will be done and I will probably not see a refund for a very long time. What do you do?

Status: Pending
Category: Miscellaneous/Bill Pay (BP)
Transaction Date: 03/05/2014

Do not wait the 11 days there saying for it to clear. Check your account daily and when you see they have cleared, contact the dispute department so you can start the dispute right away.

March 1st, 2014 there was 4 ATM charges withdrawn from my acct from Woolich, UK. I filled out a report and called to find out why is that I have to wait until their investigation before they refund my money. It wasn’t my fault the money was stolen and I wasn’t in the UK!! All the rep could say is that she was “sorry” and she “understood” what I was going through but they have to do the investigation first to find the merchant and credit the acct then as they have no money to credit the acct. How the heck are they going to find it in the UK! Basically I’m not going to get my money back!

Ok this is so much BS. Same situation has happened to me to transactions one at 788 green lane which is in the uk. They actually changed my pin and took the money out. Second was a purchase for 1770.00 for a Hydro services. I as well have to wait for these to post. I am now without a dime and rent do and three boys. Customer service is a BIG Joke. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP WHAT CAN I DO

call back and no matter what insist to speak to a manager. I had called on 3-3 and 3-4 and asked both to close the card and dispute. Neither phone represenative cancelled my card or allowed me to dispute. Finally, I asked to speak to a manager on 3-5 after seeing 5 more charges from England. They claim they could not find the 2 other dipute forms I faxed in with proof received and they had no notes about my cancelling card. I instisted on a claim # starting with FP, got card cancelled and investigator called me yesterday. They are aware of the massive security breach but won’t confirm it. Security investigator told me yesterday that they are aware and will resolve quickly. ASK FOR A MANAGER NO MATTER WHAT PHONE REP SAYS, THEY ARE GOING BY SCRIPT.


$581.56 stolen From My Walmart MoneyCard Yesterday. Customer Service is A JOKE! getting This Card Was The STUPIDEST Decision I’ve Ever made! high5 To Walmart For successfully OUTSOURCING their Shitty Customer Service!

ladies and gentlemen take it to the media! I did and now Im expected to have my money back Thursday, once it hit the news Greendot corp called me and informed me i was being refunded! I will refer this forum to Greendot corp!

What is the greendot phone number? I would
Love to get this taken care of.

Julia please let me know how I could get my money back quicker then sitting here waiting for this to be disputed. I need you help same exact thing has happened to me here in Arizona.

Lisa, contact all your local news stations and do so until they take the story, inform them youre not the only one and all must be aware. I was on ksdk here in st.louis, the day following another woman was on with the same issue and lots of others called in. dont forget to file a police report either. One of these detectives might become a I see alot of you waiting and you shouldnt be, trust me, green dot and walmart dont want bad publicity, contact all your local news stations!

I have had a walmart moneycard for years. Went to make a purchase last Saturday, the 1st and was decline. Transactions in England and Maryland, $1300 gone. If my husband didn’t get payed in another account, then we would have absolutely no money. Sounds like a breach and it’s absolutely unacceptable!

Agreed – Diamond Bank PLC depleted my account all within one day and now I have to wait 12 days for the charges to post before I can dispute them.

I’ve had two unauthorized transaction made March 1st and 2nd. Balance inquiry then hit me for $400 each time. What the hell is going on?

I was hacked as well, and yes, i do have an atm charge in london, the “hacker” also went to a food lion store in maryland and purchased 1,900 in money orders. All together, 2,300 has been taken. Im supposed to wait 10 days to get a response… I dont think so Green dot corporation, dont call me I WILL CALL YOU EVERY DAY 2+ TIMES A DAY!!! I’ve contacted all the local news stations in my area as well as the police and FBI. There is definitely a security breach somewhere! I think there should be a class action lawsuit if our money is not returned.. ASAP!

Good for you! I hope you get somewhere.

I most definitely agree eith a class action suit! My family will have to do without because of their lack of security on their cards!!!

On March 1 2014 I tried using my Wal-Mart Moneycard at the local Kum and Go and was denied twice for insufficient funds. I thought “that’s odd, I just got paid the day before.” I wondered for a moment and then after figuring that there must be some kind of error happening, I decided to complete the transaction with cash and move on. I immediately checked my Wal-Mart Moneycard balance through the online login using my smartphone and found that I had a $0.00 balance on my card. Hmmm…After looking at the transaction history I found that their were 21 transactions on my account for a total of $939.88 to a Diamond Bank PLC located in Victoria Isl in Canada. I live in Colorado and I used the card in Colorado that very same morning. These were obviously fraudulent charges and you would think that the provider would have caught this irregular activity early enough to stop this from happening. I know that other banks do. I guess that’s what I get for using Wal-Mart Moneycard and Green Dot Bank services. Truthfully though, they charge enough fees and I keep my balance fairly regular in there since I have direct deposit of about $800/week in there, and you would assume that the fees and money made by this Green Dot bank that they would have better fraud protection. They also will not let me dispute the charges until March 12 which by the way is against the law. So as of right now I have absolutely no money and I will have a really difficult time feeding my family this week.

Kaveman, send dispute form to them anyway. Even if phone reps tell you no. They are not in USA and have a certain script they are told to follow. If you don’t dispute even when just pending in writing and wait, then they turn around and say you didn’t notify them on time and they can keep part of the funds–$50 to $100. These cars are not protected like a regular bank ATM card or debit card, because pre-paid. I went through same thing with another company and am now dealing with Washington DC 2 years later ironically for the previous issue and never received the money back–over $700.

To: ‘[email protected]
Cc: ‘[email protected]
Subject: Hundreds affected by security breach and theft of funds on Walmart Money cards

I and hundreds of other Walmart money card customers have accounts that were hacked into by a group in Dagenham, England (near London) between February 21 and March 3.
All with same desciption—“ATM withdrawal, location Dagenham”, odd amounts. None of us live or visited England, lived in same part of US but all had Walmart money cards. Coincidence, we think not!!
They left many of us with almost zero balances and without funds now. We all have contacted the card’s customer service without resolution.
I, for example, was told this morning that I could not dispute the charges until after March 13th (occurred on March 1 & 2) and that it would take an additional 60-90 days to investigate.
This is serious fraud and breach of security for both Walmart and Green Dot on many levels. I asked to speak to a manager, she took my information and I have not heard from anyone.
Similar scenario to those online growing in number. Publicity will not be good for Walmart, similar to the Target breach recently.
Please advise on how you are resolving this issue.

5 more charges this morning from Tesci Dag Ox in Dagenham, England on account. Have been officially wiped out. Have no money, could not pay rent. Could not buy food for my children today for lunch at school.
This is the response I received from “Green Dot Cares” today to my email yesterday….don’t shop at Walmart anymore or use this card everyone!!
Dispute even if they tell you not to, email Walmart Customer Service, their fraud dept, news outlets, your local Attorney General’s Office.

From: Customer Advocacy [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Monday, March 03, 2014 7:48 PM
Subject: RE: Hundreds affected by security breach and theft of funds on Walmart Money cards

We truly apologize if you have been the victim of fraud on your account. For information on disputing charges, please visit

Green Dot Cares

something to look out for…they first will do a balance inquiry on your card–this will say $1-2 on your statement online. Then, they wipe you out but leave just a little probably so not as many will notice. Then, smart guys that they are, they do another balance inquiry and go for the rest. I have never ever done a balance inquiry on my card in 3 years. I told the rep that as proof not mine. She confirmed she noticed that to but couldn’t do anything about it. She confirmed also that the service provider was Grays in Dagenham England so be careful if you see that anywhere. Or they seem to take a little at at time…so you don’t notice that either. “WALMART, you better listen now….do you want this to get on national news like Target and Nordstrom did?? I live in Mass and after the TJX mess in 2011 and them not resolving or reporting it, they changed the laws here and they were sued up the ying-yang succesfully”

I spoke to a manager at Green Dot and completed dispute form even though they said not to. Manager was no help and said they have to investigate–will take 60-90 days. I completed form just so on record. If you don’t contact them right away and don’t have proof, they can refund you only some of the money because considered a pre-paid card. There are hundreds of us with same card that got hit in same way from same group in London from Feb 21-March 3. Complete the dispute form anyway and tell any agencies you can. I had a similar problem with ADP pay card about 2 years ago and here I go again…Make sure you cancel card no matter what because they will keep taking and taking even when you notify company and do everything possible.

My card was hacked on 3/1 & 3/2. By same location as listed by other here… Dagenham which is in England. I have to wait until after March 12th for them to even investiate and customer service was no help. I could not pay all of my rent today and thank God my landlord is kind. I have notified my local news agencies and cannot stress to you enough for you all to do the same. Walmart, believe me, does not want the same press as Target as received!

Have used the walmart money card since 2009, NEVER a problem, UNTIL March 1, 2014. HACKED, thru an “ATM withdrawal”…took everything in there. And we have NEVER used an ATM on this card. VERY VERY UPSET!!!!!!!!!!!!

Forgot to say the location was London,

see my notes and what I have found…don’t be quiet…FIGHT!!

My money card was drained from London and Philly and now I have no money either. Let’s all try to stay in contact with each other to get this taken care of as a group and maybe do something about this shoddy customer service that ISN’T HELPFUL.


All of my money was drained too, the customer service was horrible. Now I’m left penniless and have to wait! They said they were ATM transactions, but it doesn’t state the location, it just says GRAYS. I’ve never felt so violated in my life. I just want my money back

I woke up this morning to find my walmartmoneycard account drained by someone in LONDON. wHAT THE hELL!!!

I have had my card since June of 2013 & never had a problem until i guess it was January 2014 when i checked my account online & my card balance was -6.00 it had never left my possession, but someone other than myself was using it & i would never play an erotic stimulation game. I contacted customer service & they tried telling me that it wasnt their problem. Then i contacted the customer service of the game that was being paid for on my card & they attempted to cooperate with me…but customer service at greendot would not…however i finally did get my money put back on my card after fighting with them for i have no clue how long. I still use the card, but with extreme caution.

How do use the card with extreme caution when it has been cloned and used somewhere else? Are you stupid? Go to a bank… You people need reminded to breathe….

My card was hacked on 2/27 and 2/28. Ironically, I live in OKC, OK and the 2 atm transactions were done at Tesco Dag Ox L exp Dagenham which is in England. Thr CSR said I have to wait 11 days after yhe so they can start investigating. I spoke to a foreigner a dony think she.understood a.word. het answers were scripted. I told her to cancel the card now as its stupid to let the transctions clear nrcause thays stupid. Yeah inr would think the card company would verify but they don’t.give a crap either. Run amd run fast amd far away from the WM money card.

Well I to have been a victim of whoever it is that has tapped into the Wal-Mart System. They were generous enought to leave me $24 but had to go through the inconvenience of reporting my card stolen (that is in my wallet) and now the Green Dot people are telling me it could take weeks to resolve. Sorry wont be using your services again Wal-Mart and neither will anyone else who is in earshot of me! I have No Idea How I am Going To Go Two Weeks without ACCESS TO MY FUNDS!

Have any of you that had money taken out of your account by a different country or any unknown / unauthorized sources gotten your money back? My boyfriend uses this service and his card had 700.00 on it and when he went to use it today it was empty! He called and was told their systems were down and to call back after 1pm. I’m just wondering if there is anyway for him to get his money back.

Hi Crystal to answer your question YES this happened to me this morning. I have 3 fraud charges from the ATM in LONDON that add up to $1192 while I stay in Florida. The crazy thing is in between the ATM withdrawals I have charges that take place right down the street from my home. How did this not set off any type of security breech. I called them and tried to speak with a manager and they had me on hold FOREVER just to finally take my number and say someone would be calling my back. I have yet to receive a call. I need my money so I can have my school paid off by the 17th of March so I can graduate by the end of the year. Now not only have they ruined my day but they messed up my future. Thanks WALMARTMONEYCARD

Veronique mine was Vatan Supermarket in Leyton which is in London by any chance was that your ATM location also. They Cleaned me out! I am devistated!

My walmart money card was drained this morning with atm withdrawal from London. And I live In Pennsylvania.

On feb 28 i had just gotten off from work and ready to take my chid to Ga had not made but one $10 purchase checked my account and was missing over $400. I called and told them and they said the purchases were made in london and they dont know how that happened and it was weird. They left a little over 700 so i told them to cancle after i pulled whay was left off of the card before these hackers soent the rest because i had a trip to make. Went to atm my pin was not working so they told me to set a new one. Did that and the atm still would not do anything. So they say go get a cash advance from any bank did thay and was able to the rest of my money from tje card all but $40 which is still on the card when i check the balance. Went to call to check on status and now i cant get through to freaking customer service because its saying my zip code doesnt match whats on file or when i put the last 4 digits of my card it says invalid entry

I will be shutting down this card in a matter of days. In no way shape or form should they be charging a $3.00 monthly fee when they are making millions off our money from the get go. I had direct deposit with them and after 2 years of loyal service they moved to GE and now I cant use the card in another country. They won’t be getting anymore money from me. I have recently gotten the Serve card. They do not charge a monthly fee and I was able to get 12k RP points for my League of Legends account, not to mention $50 after my second direct deposit. The card I have is LOL design and not an ugly Wal-Mart design that everyone knows is a prepaid card and also the card is backed by Amex. That’s the way a prepaid card should be.

I think all of our complaints need to be reported to the news. Walmart needs to be put on blast. A little negative publicity might help the situation, MIGHT!

STAY AWAY. I had a prepaid card for some time and would NOT recommend it. Since Greendot took over. They told me I had to create a new email address with Yahoo or Gmail to me able to use the online features. I was able to use my own email address in the past until Greendot took over. There system will only work with Yahoo or Gmail emails. Ridiculous.

On January 31 we filed our tazes on Turbo Tax like we do every year. I copied and pasted the banking information. On the 12th the IRS said that our deposit had been sent to our card. I checked. Nothing. On the 13th I checked again. Nothing. I went back to the direct deposit information and lo and behold they switched from GE Bank to Green Dot Bank and it was now different routing and account numbers. I called them to find out what was going on and they said in their scripted voices “do not worry your refund will not be delayed”. Ah, but it has been delayed. It is not deposited. It is now the 17th and no sign of the refund yet. I called the IRS and since it is a holiday they said to give it another day or so to see if it hits. If it gets sent back or not sent to the right card they will put a tracer on the refund. I am seriously so angry. I don’t know what to do. Anyone else have this issue too?? If so please comment below. I am bookmarking this page.

Hello Sarah
I have a direct deposit that’s suppose to be sent on 2/20 and I was told the same thing. Also the lady said since the direct deposit account number was the same it shouldn’t be a problem just as long as I filed before the 2/12. Well then I was like so how can you system decipher when somebody filed there taxes. Just crazy to me!!! I said well I guess I’ll have to take your word for it and just wait and see in the morning if anything is in my account. I’ll let you know. But who and Hell who change routing numbers during the peak of tax time!! GreenDot/Walmart is wrong for that!!

they full of it, something is not right,I’m going to report them to my local media.

Yes it’s been happening to a lot of people. I will never use this company again and highly recommend to others that they Do a little research into the company maybe even call the customer service numbers and get a feel for the lack of knowledge and appreciation that this company has for it’s clients. This company does not care about it’s clients or the position that their mistakes and lack of good judgement will cause to us. I would advise to then RUN with what you have to an established financial company that cares about it’s customers and knows how to answer your questions when you call instead of saying I can’t help you or I don’t know how to help you.

I received my refund, but I was able to log into SBBT bank to change the routing numbers. We were informed that the routing number wouldnt change anything. I know the IRS was delaying refunds, but as far as I know it was only the ones sent on the 6th of feb

Yes, I’m starting to get pissed, The IRS deposited my money on Fri 21, and 2 days later NOTHING in my account and when I called I keep getting these non English speaking mother fuckers, that don’t know shit saying that nothing was deposited, I’m so damn mad, I really don’t have a good feeling about this. I’m trying to be patient since it’s the weekend, but if my shit is not on it by tomorrow night, it’s on.

Did u ever get your refund.i just found out my account number changed

Just got my tax return and my paycheck deposited this Thursday, my account was wiped out by friday morning. Two atm withdrawals for 400 and a money order purchaced for 3200$ 🙁 both in Brooklyn New York.

Do not let them tell you to call back after it has posted they could help you now but just don’t know how to their jobs. After it is posted your money is gone. It is happening to a lot of people walmart money card does not care and like I was told when I made it clear I was not staying with them they will still be in business and that was from Hank who claims to be the head of all customer service and absolutely no one is higher up than he is (his claims not mine). Good luck with a resolution but I do not think you will get it from walmart money card without an attorney.

Everyone either are fabricating these “horror” stories about the Walmart money card or they are being paid by the higher fee prepaid card companies to post slander about the product. Here’s a real, unbiased review.

I have the $6 black money card. I put direct deposit on it and they credited my account the $6 card issue fee after my first direct deposit. My employer sends the ACH deposit on Tuesdays and it is on my card Tuesday night (my normal payday is Thursday)! I don’t worry about fraudulent charges because I utilize added protection when using my card online. I take money out of a MoneyPass ATM (no fees!) And use cash when I’m uncomfortable using my card. I have not had any problems with the card or the customer service team. No monthly fees with either any amount direct deposit or $500 cash load every month. No reload fees. It’s the best card out there and its backed by Visas zero liability so if I ever have an issue they will take care of me.

Again this review is on the $6 black Walmart money card.

You must work for the company or are being paid by someone for this “unbiased” review. All these horror stories are correct and the problem is widespread.

Well I’m not being paid by anyone…even freaking better someone from Bangladesh got ahold of my card Info and was able to charge my account for 951.00. I called the second I noticed and they informed me i would not be able to start the freaking dispute process until the transaction posted to my account(so they let the merchant take the money, don’t put a stop payment on it, say they aren’t equipped with that kind of technology) so the awesome merchant..who ever they are finally took the money yesterday!! This happened on the 5th!! It is now the 13th. I canceled the cards and paid $20!!! To have them sent fedex express on the 8th!! Funny story…I haven’t received them as of yet! But the topper is…my paycheck still direct deposited as well as my tax refund of which I have no NO ACCESS TOO!!!!!!!!!! And the tracking number they provided me with is bogus. I’m soooo mad!!

Don’t worry your turn will come to be screwed by them. Just wait until you go to work and find out you went I a shopping spree in another country while you were asleep. It will cost you a lot and you will have no product to show for it because no one in this company cares about it’s costumer sot even know their own company policies. Don’t believe us that’s fine we done been screwed and well we didn’t like it to much so if you want to take a turn bending over for them you are sure welcome to try but you know some research on your part before you defend a company that is taking advantage of people and will not defend you consider the fact that their are complaints all over the internet on this company that even walmart stores will claim as nothing more than a vendor they do business with and that is from customer relations from the walmart stores.

I work For Walmart

Don’t use your cards on the internet and in shady corner stores.

You people wouldn’t have these problems.

I work for wal mart, as soon as my Deposit hits my card I take the money out at an atm. Even if its 2AM. AS SOON AS IT HITS.
Because Plastic is a ripoff and the millions of people using them should know they technically have no money just an I O U Card.

Best advice. Cash in Hand. Stop using cards.

man please , this mess is true and you know it. Stop the damn lying

Lousy, lousy, lousy customer service with this card!!!!! If you have an issue, they are no help at all and hard to understand on top of that. If its not in the script, they don’t know what to do.

I logged into my account today and found two different ATM transactions in Miami that for over $300. Called customer service and of course because they are still pending cannot do anything. You’d think they could reject the charges but nope, that’s to logical. Anyway, my account has been reported compromised and a new card being sent within 7-10 days. Oh and they are charging me $3.00 for the new card. And now I’m jumping through hoops to make sure my bi-weekly DD isn’t sent to this account next week. All I can say is thank God I don’t get paid this week or I’d be SOL for sure.

No crap I got the same charges today from Miami shores and I am in minnesota they were ATM withdrawls one for $305 and one for $105… and yep was told pending and they can’t do anything someone in Miami is having a good time with walmart money cards 🙁

DO NOT USE WAL-MART MONEY CARD!!!! I have used this card for over two years now. My direct deposit goes on it. Never had issues until 1/27/2014. I got paid two days prior and go to use my card on Monday and it was declined. I live in Florida and had some transactions hit my account from Brooklyn. So I called customer service (which no one speaks good English) and she said I will report this for you and cancel your card. She said it will be about ten days before you get your money back. So the tenth day I called and was told I have to fill out the dispute forms and it will be another ten days or so before I would find out if I am eligible to get my money back. So I was told I need a claim number but their system is down so I need to call back in 5 hours. Really??? No you should call me back. These people have no clue what they are doing!!! Horrible customer service experience!!!!!! Never again.

Don’t get a wal mart money card. Go in to any chase bank and they have the same card and you don’t have to pay $3 to load it plus if you lose it you can pick another one up at the bank and don’t need to wait 2-3 weeks. I lost my card the keep telling me they have two weeks but they all tell me a different day it was mailed out. They said a supervisor will call me and two days later no call yet! The customer service is horrible and I believe it’s a scam. Anyone who answers the phone doesn’t sound like they are in this country it’s very broken English. Once I reported my card lost there was no longer an option to speak with a person so I googled ge money bank and called them not much better customer service but at least a human was on the phone. They told me my card would be here by the fourth when I cancelled it now they say it could be the tenth then I asked and what if it doesn’t arrive they told me then they would cancel it and I would need to wait another two weeks. The customer service at this place is worse than at a Walmart store. I have the chase card now but I can’t transfer my direct deposit for two weeks.

I think I need to try Chase as well, Walmart need to be a shame of themselves, customer service is a piece of shit.

BEWARE I had my payroll direct deposit on my money card someone charged 4 transactions to home depot and took all my money I’ve called numerous times to get this straightened out no such luck yet they can’t speak English and keep giving me the runaround I need to pay my bills NEVER AGAIN WALMART SUCKS I KNOW THEY ARE HAVING THE SAME PROBLEMS TARGET IS HAVING AT LEAST THATS WHAT THEY TOLD ME

That’s funny, just this morning I had 2 transactions in Miami, FL. The problem is I live in Texas. One was for $200 something and the other was for $300 something. The funny part is when I looked at my transaction history, a few days ago I had a charge for $8 in Chicago, at HOME DEPOT….

I’ve had my card a little more than three years now and I’ve never had any issues. The most hassle I’ve encountered was right now. I had to order a replacement card on the 8th and it hasn’t come yet….

I ordered a replacement card as well on the 2nd of Jan and it hasn’t come as of Jan 26 I called back and told them I wanted to send it fed ex because the first card hasn’t came and asked for a tracking number which they seem to not be able to provide me with….

I will NEVER EVER again in life purchase a prepaid Walmart Moneycard. On 1/7/2014 I purchased one and loaded $100.00 onto the card. Tried to register the card and could not. Balance kept saying $0.00. Pulled up there website and it does absolutely nothing. Called the number on the back of the card and caught hell trying to actually speak to someone. Since 1/7 I have spoken to like 12-15 agents and 4 supervisors and of course none of them spoke clear English. Kept being told Internal problem loading the card. Then was told could not verify my address, then told transaction had to be verified I even provided them all of the information provided on my receipt for them to verify the transaction. Everyday being told it is being researched and I could use it in one business day well here we are 6 days later. Just got off the phone after speaking with the 5th supervisor. She tells me that I can not open an account for a permanent card because I am improperly using my card. The temporary card is blocked and I will not get a permanent card. If she would have listened to herself she would have realized how stupid she sounded. Then she tells me she can issue me a refund check for my $100.00 and I will get it 7-12 business days. Remember now I purchased this card a week ago. I ask her why do I have to wait whatever internal problem yall have is not my problem and me waiting is not fair. I told her I could care less about a permanent card but they need to lift the block so I can use MY money immediately and of course according to her that was a no can do, but my refund check can be expedited to me but I not Walmart has to pay $20.00 for the Fed Ex fee. Now you tell me am I wrong for being pissed!!!

Being Bamboozled

I absolutely HATE this frickin’ card! I am always charged foreign trransaction fees, even though I am purchasing locally from the area where I purchased the card. Every time I swipe my card, I get charged a fee of $1.99 from CSINFORMS. When I contacted Wal-Mart MoneyCard about it and advised them that I didn’t know where the charge was from and asked if they could determine where it was from, they told me they couldn’t. They did however, offer to turn the card off and send a new one ( how frickin inconvenient since it was payday and I was told they couldn’t give an exact date on when a replacement card would be received ! ) Then I called again and was told by another rep that Wal-Mart was charging me this fee! How scandalous!!! It is very difficult to speak with any one whose native tongue is ENGLISH, so it also very hard to understand the people you speak with. I absolutely wish I never got this card, but my employer doesn’t cust paper checks and I work during normal business hours and am unable to find a GOOD BANK to do business with!

I received one of these money cards for my birthday. I think they are a scam. You are asked to register personal information and provide your SS#. There is no reason why they need your SS#! I opted not to provide it and still was able to register the card (because they shouldn’t even be asking for it!). Also, the fees and basic inconvenience of the card, prove it is intended to be used for underhanded reasons. Don’t ever give someone one of these cards as a gift unless you really just wish to make them irritated and a possible victim of identity theft.

This company takes freaking FOREVER, APPROXIMATELY 7 full days to issue a credit. I called today and was told my credits will be issued on 1/4/2014. Why in the hell does it take that long to post? I plan on terminating and using a different card company. Walmart needs to re-think doin business with this company. HORRIBLE.

On 12/20/2013 I rec’d my paycheck and christmas bonus on my Walmart Money Card within hours someone had drained my account to Target Bronx, I live in North Carolina, I discovered this on 12/21/2013 while the fraudulent charges were still pending my account, I contacted GE bank and was told they couldnt do anything until the charges posted, I contacted Target Bronx and explained to customer service and the assett protection manager that these charges were fraudulent and they refused to stop them. I filed a police report and a dispute with GE BANK and now I have to wait 10-45 days for investigation to determine if I get my money back.

I am going through the same thing right now. Only it was the Target in Westbury, NY. I am in TN. It is horribly frustrating. I have filed a police report as well.

I have had the same thing happen to my card and now that the charges had posted I am waiting for my money to get back..I have had my life just screwed up and GE Bank is taking there time..

My Social Security was posted to my account and approximately 5 hours later my account was drained at an ATM in Raleigh North Carolina. I live in Northern California, about 40 miles from San Francisco. My bank will not credit my account and has informed me that they have up to 120 days to respond to my dispute. I cant pay my rent or pay any bills at all, cant buy food, or gas, I was left with $2.66. I gave copies of the dispute affidavit and the police report to the manger where I live. 4 days later I woke up to find a 3 day notice taped to my door.
Help!! Any suggestions.

I am wondering if you every received your money back I had my taxes dd and my paycheck on my walmart moneycard 2 days later 2/13/2014 2 transactions in Brooklyn ny appeared cleaned my card off for over 2800.00 called could stop pending I have now filed dispute I live in Tennessee btw I have contacted the fbi filed a police report called the usps where my info was used to purchase money orders and I am getting no where have told me the have 10 business days to review then will get a letter letting me know if granted not granted or if they need more time I am seriously looking at a possible lawsuit

Did anyone get their money back? This just happened to me today website has been down for weeks! BIG COMPANY BAD SERVICE!

Sophia Broadaway

No I’ve been using the site all month and last month.

Me too!

I made purchases on ebay and never received items nor was card refunded.

We purchased a MoneyCard for our son to go to summer camp. Thereafter we attempted to get a refund of the residual money on the card. To do so, we had to activate the card but were unsuccessful in doing so, both on the website and the phone system. It is very difficult to reach a human through the automated phone system. After three calls and selecting various phone options, I stumbled upon a human. I requested that the balance be returned via check. The automated phone message informed me that the call would be recorded for “training and quality assurance” and stated that there would be a service questionnaire at the conclusion of the call. The first person was not able to help. The supervisor stayed on the phone in a 3-way call while I went through the motions, yet again. The supervisor determined that the birthdate was wrong then requested that I fax a copy of an official picture ID. I was prepared to do so, but she could not provide a fax number to which to send the document. She then had me attempt to activate the card again, this time with the erroneous birthdate. The activation worked but she immediately hung-up on me. Who knows whether I’ll receive the refund. Apparently, Wal-Mart is neither concerned with using the phone recording for quality assurance nor for feedback surveys. BUYER BEWARE!!!!

I called my local authorities and got a case # for my idenity theft claim on my card. I also called The Fedral Trade Commission @ 1-877-438-4338 and report it and got a claim going.. I called N.Y. Brooklyn N.Y. Police precinct.(they did nothing). Finally kept calling walmart Headquarters in Arkansas, and got a lady that escalated my complaint and they are trying to get my money back from GE Bank for me. It helped having the Federal Trade Commission and my local police case #’s..I hope this will help some of you card victims with a start with re-couping your money from GE Bank..Good luck, we all need it!!!

This is absurd. I can’t get through on their customer service line and I am unable to get on the website as it will not allow me on. This has been an ongoing problem with security and passwords. I do not forget my passwords and/or user name, nor do I forget my security questions. I have had to get my password and my user name. There is no reason for this and the site is truly dysfunctional. I did use it a few days ago but it’s always 50/50 whether or not it works. I often have to redo my password only to use the same password. This is a sloppy ineffective website which needs to be FIXED IMMEDIATELY! If you cannot do this, then please find an adult to do it for you. When I want to get the information that I need, I want it NOW and without having to spend the better part of 90 minutes trying to get it by using several different devices to get on. GET ON THIS NOW!

our card was used fraudulently also, on 11/28 someone used our Walmart card online to order from Apple online store. $594.29 I caught the charge on the 28th called apple and told them this was an unauthorized charge and I won’t get my money back until Apple can confirm that the item wasn’t shipped. hopefully by Monday or Tuesday we’ll get our money back so we can pay our rent. What is interesting to me is they protect the thief, I asked them to give me the thief’s info but they said they couldn’t for privacy reasons. that blew my mind, i told them they need to call the local police department and send they to the thief’s address to let them know they have been busted but they won’t do that either. looks like a person to be protected while they steal from others.

Yes, it’s true the crooks are protected by “privacy” laws, at least in the state of California. This happened to me, but the out-of-state online site (where the crook illegally charged items to my debit/credit card) stopped the shipment of the items and I got refunded the money as I told them I was cancelling the order placed in my name. Not only that, but the next week I called the 1-800 number again from this website and they gave me the name (probably alias) of the woman who used my name to ship the items, what the items were, and where they were sent.

It’s just sickening that the “prviacy” law of California protects the crooks and thieves if the crime is committed in California. My bank, Wells Fargo, would NOT give me any information except the website where the items were charged. In fact they advised me, NOT to pursue the matter and they would get my money back. Instead, I pursued it myself, and got my money back faster.

This just happened to me yesterday (Black Friday). My payroll was deposited, and went to use my card and it was denied!! $ 1,966.00 gone to someone in New York at 2 Target stores in Brooklyn and Flushing New York. Along with about 6 high end hotels in the area. Called the number on the card and said were in WASHINGTON STATE NOT NEW YORK!!! They said there was nothing he could do because they were face to face transactions.. I denied the transactions and said they weren’t authorized and have to wait a week too see what goes through then and only then can we file a claim!! This was every penny I worked for and cannot even live till next payday let alone put gas in my truck. I had to take a day off today to fix this and try to find moeny!

I went to check my balance last night to see if I had been charged yet for a xbone that is on back order only to see that my entire card had been wiped clean. Someone bought a bunch of international calling cards and placed a large number of orders with a site based in Hong Kong called

Customer service told me they had to wait for the payments to be posted and then file a dispute and the funds would not be on a new card until Dec. 6th.

I am pissed but at least they didn’t tell me I needed to submit a dispute in writing through the postal service like Green Dot did back in 2006.


Dude I just got wiped today and every transaction was online and a lot of them are too. what was the outcome in your case?

So the money card is a scam. i put $300 on the card the next day after a 20 min register process it failed online, failed over the phone, i had to use an old address to register. Then to find out that at the hotel it failed to cover $100 hold charge, comes to find out the hotel doesn’t except this not official CC (merchants must know that its a prepaid while visa gift cards don’t have this problem), and that i now have 0 balance because the card ran it 3 times for $100, declined it, but visa approved it big few hours mess, in the end i must wait until December 3 to get the $300 back how am i supposed to eat, bunch off as*wholes.

Today I went to pay my bills with my Walmart Money Card and it kept getting declined. I called and listened to my transaction and there was a huge transaction at Target in Levittown, NY. I called the number on the back of the card and they aren’t promising me but they will try to have it back to me on the 30th. I called and talked to the Asset Protection Guy at Target and he said he found my transaction and they pulled the video and it was a man purchasing several IPad tablets with several cards. I am shocked and very upset that this man wasn’t carded or they didn’t put it together that I’m in Washington State and my card is being used in NY. I have 5 kids and it makes me sick to think that these people just take people’s money…they have no idea who they are hurting and they don’t care. I pray that they catch everyone behind this and they get what they deserve. I made a police report but I have friends who have contacted me now and are saying they got their money taken today too….it’s happening to many people right now. Very sad….Well someone is getting a new Ipad Happy Holidays

Absolute insanity. Me too. My whole check is gone and I have a family to feed. I’ve spoken with walmart and don’t feel like I got very far. What are the steps to get my money back? The dispute process through walmart or is there a better way? I am in rural Washington state and had to beg fuel money to get home from work.

Ditto..same exact thing happened to me today im in wa state

Just yesterday I depositef money for the holidays. I have had my card for 5 years. within a couple of hours some made a purchase at Target for the exact amount of my deposit. It is Thanksgiving and I can’t get help. I am disabled and every dime my husband earns ae need.

The same thing happened to me last night.

My husband and I have used this card do at least 2 years, never really had any major issues with it, went to pay our phone bill yesterday and it was declined, I double checked my account balance online, money was there… So I tried again and it was declined again. Then tried to use it at ATM to just get the cash and the ATM said it could not verify routing or something like that. I called customer service and there was suddenly no option to speak to someone. I thought that was weird because there always has been that option. I also have a card in my name so I used my info and what do you know… The option to speak to a “specialist” was on my options… Anyway finally after getting someone in the phone they tell me his card was blocked and account closed because of unusual activity…. There has been no unusual activity whatsoever on this card. He is disabled and is due to get his check next week and they are going to decline the electronic deposit, of course social security has already generated checks for this month so we can not stop the direct deposit now. Thank you walmart ripoff for basically taking my husbands income and doing hat you please with it!! Do NOT GET A WALMART MONEY CARD!!

My mother purchased the Walmart Visa card and put $150.00 on it and when she tried to use it, her card was declined. It was also because of someone using it in New York and she lives in South Georgia! She has made several reports and every time she calls about it, they switch her from one customer service agent to another just to be told that they aren’t showing where she previously reported it. She’s been trying to get to the bottom of this literally every day for over a month now!

Our Walmart Money Card was hacked into and used by someone in Brooklyn, New York! It was used at a Target, 711 ( twice) and Atlantic Ave, They tried to use it at Staples, however by that point they had used up the amount we receive in unemployment! We live in Washington State and have never been to Brooklyn New York! I would like to know why Walmart is not taking steps to make their cards more secure, so this does not continue to happen. How are the people hacking into the accounts? We reported it to customer service and was told we will have to wait until the end of November and then dispute the charges with the stores! Why do I have to dispute the charges? We were not using our card in Brooklyn New York. Walmart is allowing people to hack into their customers accounts and then doing little to nothing to help them! We cannot afford to wait for our money $205.00 per week does not stretch very far, especially when other people clear across the country is also spending it.(with the help of Walmart) We will be getting rid of our card its just not worth the extra stress!

What is deal with Target in NY and why is nothing being done. I spoke with manager of Target in Brooklyn when happened to me and he said transaction had already been posted and not pending like the people at he number on the back of card were telling me. How many people have this happened to? Doesn’t take a genius to figure out there’s a reason it’s always Target. Some kind of ring is going on Walmart could care less about how people’s lives are being effected by this whole mess. I’m thinking class action lawsuit.

This happened to me too. I am in Washington and there was a charge at Target in NY and they took every last penny

I was on my way to a job in another state with a uhaul on the back of my truck when i found out my card was no good. I had $78 cash and rest on that card. Purchases were made at Target in Brooklyn. I sat in a Walmart parking lot for 5 hours trying to get something done. Everyone I spoke to on phone and in person were callous. Nothing we can do, we are only 3rd party, it’s visa’s fault, file a claim, etc, blah, blah, blah, corporate BS. I was devastated and in tears. A family member came through and I am probaly going to get there. Tomorrow if this last fill up is enough. Found out today Chase Bank was hacked A MONTH AGO!! Thanks so much for the heads up. Never been put in such a situation and treated so badly. Shame on you Walmart.

i bought my card about two months ago put money on it to pay for avon. Had to buy another card because i couldn’t load it. But i still haven’t got my cards in the mail. I don’t understand someone please help me

Total waste of time. Not a user friendly card. Most of the time when I could finally get through after 8 tries I was talking to someone in another country who could not understand English and was given off the wall answers to my problem. I have been trying now foe 2 weeks to access my money on my caed and still no luck. DO NOT USE WALMART MONEY CARD.

Sounds like you need to learn English again yourself there buddy. Either that or learn some more languages.


I got a direct deposit from my work today and paid one bill with it. When I tried to use my Walmart card again later, I was told it was declined. I called to find out what was going on and was told there was no available balance on my card. I spoke with someone in customer service. While I know she was trying to be nice and understanding, it only exasperated the situation. She told me that I needed to call and cancel the pending transactions. Problem? I had so many of them, I didn’t know where to start. As several places mention here, Target in New York was a key place. I called the first Target to try to find out what was going on. The lady looked and didn’t find anything with my name attached to it, only several transactions for the same amount. She told me to call the other Target, which I did. I told the security guard my situation. He put me on hold, talked to his supervisor who told him to have me call my local authorities who could then call back the authorities in the Bronx who would contact Target and have them check their transactions. Long story short, I have to jump through several hoops and I don’t know when I will have access to my money which keeps appearing, disappearing, putting more on and taking more off. The lady I spoke with in customer service told me I might have it on November 16. If I don’t, I’ll have to file a dispute. In the meantime, I’m pretty much out of luck. I’m looking for a new alternative IMMEDIATELY!!

I had the same issue!! A transaction at Target in BRONX, NY, but I live in North Idaho. They cleaned out my account.

Broke an just got paid!!!

I just got paid Nov.5th paid Internet bill with At&t tried to purchase Airline tickets 2hrs later an found out someone had made a charge on my Walmart Money Card from Target in the Bronx, New York area for $729.42. I’ve never purchase anything from Target never even made an online purchase from Target.Called Walmarts customers service and all they can say is that I have to wait 13 days so the transaction pending status comes off so basically someone got my money and Walmart GE money bank has made me wait to get my money and there’s nothing I can do about it . Walmart really needs to look in to this…..

This just happened to me November 1 2013. I was just paid ,checked my account the next day it was -$900. I called walmart money card and was told the transactions were done in Target Brooklyn Ny. Gateway Target . I have no way of paying my rent or providing food for my family. Waiting for the transaction to post so I can dispute the charges -and get my money back . I live in Georgia pissed !

I had the same situation no respond what did they say they were doing to solve your lost so i cam pursue the matter to walmart with my situation. I hope you got through.

I just had my account hacked by someone in India, over 1200 dollars was taken out of my account. Wal-Mart now has my account with a security lock on it and I can’t talk to anyone.

I was hacked also today right after direct deposit. Two charges of $400 to a Target in New York, several hotels and a wireless company in Florida. I called the police department in New york and they basically blew me off and told me to contact my local police dept. I also called the Target and said i had to contact the authorities. If this has happened to this many people then why hasn’t Walmart money card done anything about it. Their customer service is bullshit and i got the same run around about having to wait til the transactions post and then dispute them.

It appears that this Target scam in the Bronx has been going on for quite some time. Received my money back in less than 10 days but the question is: how did they get my cc info?

You guys should head to your local news station and report this mess,seems walmart has had enough time to help you all.GoodLuck

DON’T BUY THESE ANYMORE!!! I use to use these as an easy way to do online shopping without the risk of using a card that was connected to my bank account or a regular credit card. Go to Walmart buy the card/have the money loaded go home set up/activate then use it. Easy. I just bought one that I set up but it wont allow me to activate it until the real card arrives meanwhile its going to charge me the first $3 fee BEFORE the card even gets here which means before I can use the card its going to charge me a fee. What the f?! It didn’t use to be like this but now they have a “new system” in place & its a rip-off. DON’T BUY THESE CARDS ANYMORE!!

I have had the Walmart prepaid card for about 4 years now. The customer service has gone down hill. They have not issued me my renewal card – error on their end. every time I call I get a different story told to me by someone who can barely speak English. I called 3 different times today and got three different stories. When I asked to speak to a supervisor the rep asked me why I wanted to speak to a supervisor. When I finally got the supervisor on the phone and explained everything AGAIN and told them that I expect a card sent to me express since this was not fault of my own I was told that they would but I would have to pay for it….. absolutely not acceptable. I am so glad that I am able to get rid of this card after this pay day. PEOPLE PLEASE BEWARE IF YOU ARE THINKING ABOUT THIS CARD. They customer service is terrible, they can never give you a straight answer, sometimes your money is not available when it is supposed to be ( They held my direct deposit a couple times and tried to blame on my employer ) Please check alternative cards – such as blue bird or a payroll card through your work.

I have never in my life experienced such horrible customer service. As soon as my funds are recovered I will be closing this account. What a joke of a business, hardly categorized as a bank. Dealing with this so called “bank” has definitely been my worst experience with customer services.

Warning..Do not use this card. I purchased the card and then was told i had to register for a permanent card with my name on it. I did so and did not receive the permanent card. After about a week i was denied access to my cash that was on the card. When i called customer service ( in India) i was informed that the permanent card was sent but returned. The Walmart, Visa rep. informed me if i wanted access to my cash, I would have to answer personal questions about my SISTER.!!!!! They used her full maiden name. How they got this information seriously worries me. I refused to give them this information and they refused to allow me access to my cash. I can use the remainder on the card to make purchases but CAN NOT get my cash. I informed The Walmart, Visa rep that i would no longer use a Walmart or Visa card. When i next called Walmart, Visa to get my balance the recording informed me that i would no longer be able to ever use a Walmart, Visa card because of recent purchase activity. I cancel Walmart, Visa because i would not bow down to criminal black mail by refusing to give my sisters personal information and they further insult me my claiming i would not be allowed to use their service due to my purchases. Warning !!! Beware of Walmart, Visa as they are truly spying on your personal information and your families.

Haha, they ask those questions to verify your identity, they are pulled from your PUBLIC records. I can find out all that information about you as well. You dont want someone else purchasing a card in your name and funding al Qaida with it do you?

Hmmm… I got mine a week later. Depends on which place you are at!

I got my payroll DD on the 4th and by the 6th my money was gone 2 purchases at target in san jose then 1 for gas and then 1 in Oakland for 75.00 at panda express who spends 75.00 on fast food.. they will not let me file a dispute till the transactions post which they have and i get my new card. This is BS I have filed a police report and target has cameras so i an going to get them a location and time hopefully we will find these scamers..

Christine, the same thing happened to me! I live in Florida and wonder how they got my info and charged in the Bronx. The transactions for mine, 3 of them were at Target within 38 minutes but they said it was probably online or they cloned my card. I had my money back within 8 days though. I filed a police report too.

I purchased 5 days ago a walmart money card as a gift for my daughter and I didn’t realize that it wasn’t like other prepaid visa cards. Five days later this card is still not activated per customer service they are having tech problems. I was told that today it would be resolved. I called this morning and a “supervisor” informed me that they are still working on it and that she would call me back. 8 hours later I called back and after about 30 attempts to get a human voice I was told that my card had a zero balance and that a new card was mailed out yesterday. When I question why the “supervisor” didn’t inform me of that this morning they checked the notes on my account and they told me that actually no card was mailed out and that I just couldn’t use it online because it was a temp card but that I could use it in person. So again I confirm what she just told me and then the customer service rep retracted that and then said that there is no money on it and that it will now have to go to the disputes department. I told her just to refund me my money and I was told I would have to wait for the disputes department to resolve it before I would get a refund. This card is the biggest scam and of course the actual walmart store that I bought the card back won’t refund me. I am so mad!!!

Same thing happened to me yesterday. Only $37 spent at a Home Depot in Rochester, NY. Then 4 different charges for $404.95 at three seperate CVS pharmacies in Miama, Florida. I take it they purchased gift cards of some sort for $400 each with a $4.95 fee per card. Also, a random debit and credit of $4 at a Hotel in Muskegon, Michigan. Has anyone else had these places used? I have also been told the same about waiting until the charges are no longer pending to follow through with the dispute. I am livid that WM Moneycard holders have not been notified about the breach in their security. My card was completely drained. I have spoken to a couple of my friends who have encountered the same thing and eventually got their money back, but it took a couple weeks. I am praying for a smooth and expedited return. I am sorry for everyone’s losses. 🙁

I had a similar unauthorized debit on my Walmart Money card. It was to Portman Inn, East Arlington for $3.34 & then a credit for the same amount. The same day I had 2 other unauthorized charges to Union inmate supply & Access inmate packaging totaling $700. When I reported these charges they didn’t seem interested in the one from the Portman Inn because it had been credited back & neither the debit nor the credit are listed in my transaction history today. Did you ever get your money back?

I got a Walmart Money Card because my husband, who works in the Construction field, has to travel to different cities and states. We got the card for the convenience of him being able to purchase a “money pack” card where ever he is so that I may reload my card and have access to funds immediately. Today, as always, my husband called and gave me the money pack card numbers and I then called the Walmart Money Card number to reload my card and after entering my card number, instead of being directed to enter my money pack number, I was immediately transferred to Customer Service. The person I spoke to, (a person I could barely understand, obviously from another country) told me that my card had been frozen due to “suspicious activity” on the card. I asked what suspicious activity? She said that was all the information she had. After getting no help and no information on what exactly the suspicious activity was, I demanded to talk to someone who could give me more information and answer my questions. After about 5 minutes a man, who said his name was “Chris”, (he was also extremely hard to understand due to an obvious language barrier). Chris said there was suspicious activity and that they would put a freeze on the card and that I would NEVER be allowed to have another account with them. I asked what exactly was suspicious. He said it “LOOKED LIKE” I had been using my card for business. I told him that they were making me feel like some kind of criminal and that I was getting very irritated about that. I asked what it was that made it “look” like I was using it for business, since not only did I not have a business of any kind – I don’t even have a job. He said that he could not give me that information. He was very sorry but the decision had already been made by whatever department that is in charge of these kinds of decisions. I pushed him for a more detailed explanation, to no avail. So, I demanded to talk to yet another supervisor, manager, SOMEBODY authorized to explain exactly what the problem was. He put me on hold, saying that he would talk to somebody in Corporate and get right back to me. When he came back on the line he said that I would have to call the corporate office and speak with someone. No, I told him, I want to talk to someone now. He put me on hold again. Ten minutes later, he came back and apologized, but corporate was unavailable at this time and that if I wanted he could leave word for someone to call me within approximately 2 business days. I declined. I have a balance of a little under $20 on the card. I was told that fortunately I could use the balance on the card until the money was used. After that, I will never be able to open another money card account. I haven’t tried to use the card today, so it remains to be seen whether or not I will actually be able to use the remaining balance. I do not plan to use it again after that. Even so, I would like to know what, exactly I supposedly did wrong.

Outraged!!! My payroll direct deposit all of a sudden was cancelled today without any notifications whatsoever! I’ve had this card for 4 or 5 years and have never had this happen and their lame excuse was some unusual activity and so when this supposely had happen I was still using my card and paying bills and everything after this unusual activity so this cramp don’t make no sense at all.
So who knows when I will get my money back they say it will be returned in two days to my employer, which I hope so cause I have bills and family to take care of. Ridiculous!!!So if you are reading this don’t fool with this card, this just may happen to you. Never again…

I decided to check my card this very morning, to see if my insurance was billed to my account yet (they were 4 days late charging my account). The site looked weird not really the same site I always end up at. Well I entered my user name and password, then the challenge came up. I filled that info in and it took me to another page asking for my CARD NUMBER, my SSN and the cards CCV number, hmmm sumpin is NOT right, I shut the site out. I had to go to work told my sweetheart about the issue she tried going to the site with FIREFOX, (I made her install that browser because it is the SAFEST browser I know of) anyway when she tried to go to the log in site FIREFOX stopped and said you ARE NOT on a secure site!!!!

After I got home from work tonight I called the walmart money card customer support told her the issue (I thought my system was compromised somehow) and through our conversations she admitted that are a LOT of customers having the same ISSUE, and they are AWARE of the situation! I am going to change my direct deposit tomorrow, I for one cannot afford to have someone enjoy my hard earned money

The bottom line is they KNOW people are losing money by erroneous charges all she said she could do is let her supervisor know about the issue.

My wallet was stolen and the thief took everything off that card I had. It has been weeks and no money has been returned. Has anyone every had there money returned? Because I submitted all the information they say I needed to return to them. But they keep saying they haven’t received anything from me. I have faxed them and sent certified letters. It is just not fair the way they treat their customers.

Never ever again i will i be using this walmart card! Ive had it for over five years and never had a problem until sept 6th my whole direct deposit was gone!! Im going through hell talking to multiple people who do not speak english well to get my damn money back! Im being told that I have to wait 10-45 days!!!!! This is after i was told i would get it back by the 14th of sept. Now i have to submit a dispute form. This is bullshit and ive never been so angry in my life!

This is so true. I am having the same problem. If I had known this card was so insecure I would have never gotten it.

My card was hacked yesterday (payday), same story as many below. I checked my balance today before paying my rent and realized that instead of $1300 I have $94.67. When I checked the transactions there are two $550+ charges to a Target in Brooklyn, NY and two in Houston, TX. I called W/M to dispute the transactions and have denied and was instructed to call Target. I spoke with a loss prevention officer at Target in Brooklyn I explained that I was in Denver and that my card was used fraudulently in their store. The guy asked me right off the bat if it was a W/M Money card. When I told him it was he informed that Walmart was hacked a couple of months back and that this was an ongoing issue. I called Walmart back and was told I needed to wait for it post before I could dispute it and that it should take 10-14days (not holding my breath). My question is if Walmart, Target and I assume the NYPD know that this has been happening why isn’t anything being done? Why didn’t Walmart at the very least notify their card holders?

Let’s be honest most of us that are using these cards are not in the greatest financial situation or we would be using a traditional bank. We can’t afford tobe without our paychecks for weeks while W/M decides whether or not to return our money, money that we lost due to their inability to protect their network. A lot of trouble and drama could have been avoided if W/M had taken action to protect the cardholders.

I am going through the thing right now. I got my $2100 direct deposit then paid bills and went to pay my last $190 ins bill and was denied. Found a purchase for the exact amount I had left down to the penny charged to a target in N.Y. I LIVE in ca.also the same say I noticed it I also noticed some weird transactions. It showed 4 different hotels had deposited huge amounts like 1200 900 600 and 400 dollars then deducted the same amount. Over night I checked again and they were gone. I called WM $ card and they said I have to wait and see if it post by ghe 9th of Oct. If not I’ll get my $ back. If it posts then I have to dispute it. Im lucky that I took almost all my money out except what I needed to pay bills but they still got my $200. Im on disability and cant go a month without $20 let alone 200.

I went through something so similar its [email protected] Adam smith. I feel like I need a lawyer now. I have never wanted to sue anyone in my life but after reading all your stories I someone needs to look at this.

So everyone I finally got my money back. I sent my dispute in on October 9th and got my money back today the 25th of October.

Ashley Thompson

Well after further observation, I will not be getting this card they’re way too many horror stories. Every post almost mentions fraudulent activity and hardly any resolutions. I mean this is people’s lives at stake when you’re playing with people’s money they worked hard for. Shame.

I got a Walmart Money Card for my husband, who was traveling out of state for medical treatment. Starting when we first activated the card, it has been nothing but problems. We eventually got it done, but it was hair-pulling-out frustrating. Then, when I tried to add funds (husband now half way across country and this being his only source of money), it got even worse. The website rarely works correctly. I would log on, enter the information to transfer funds, and immediately receive a message that the session ‘timed out.’ Customer service first said its my browser. I used a different one (IE, then Chrome, then Firefox). Same issue. Then they said it was the computer I was using. How does My computer make THEIR website time out? When I asked to speak to a supervisor, I was transferred to another automated system. I called back and was successfully transferred to a supervisor. He tried to walk me through the process and, when it did not work AGAIN, said there is no problem with their website and he could not help me. While he had me on hold to troubleshoot, the hold music stopped and I got an intensely loud squealing alarm-type noise for about a minute. These people are ridiculous and I would not buy this stupid card again! Find another method for your money!!!!


If the police get involved the store should be able to give the imei number for ipods and they could be tracked.

Are you okay now ? Did you get your money back ? Pissed as well , no way to pay tent or buy Food.

We’ve had this card for over 3 years, with no problem, until August 9th when my card was declined right after a direct deposit. We found out that someone had used our card at a target store in Brooklyn New York and bought an iPad. They managed to take every dime from our account, over $700. Walmart refuses to do anything until this transaction has “posted” and no longer pending. This transaction happened on the 9th, today is the 13th and it still hasn’t posted. I spoke to the target store in Brooklyn, I am in Arkansas, they told me that people have been doing this at their stores for over 3 weeks. Walmart is very aware that their cards have been compromised but refuse to warn their card holders. I would not recommend this card to anyone at this point. Target stores are allowing it to happen, Walmart would rather reimburse their card holders than to try to find & prosecute these people and NYPD said that there is too much crime in their city to even bother trying to find the people. Target has the surveillance of my card being used, but NYPD refuses to go get it.. So no one is even concerned about it so Walmart cards will continue to be “compromised”.

Hi… I was wondering if you would be willing to share with me whether or not you have gotten your money back… I have just today had the same exact thing happen to me… I found 2 transactions that were done at a Target in Brooklyn, NY… which completely wiped out all the money from my card… I have filed a police report and talked with both Target stores and Walmart money card customer service… I’m worried that nothing will be done about getting my money back to me and would like to talk with people who have had similar incidents… I would really appreciate an update… PLEASE!!!

Mine happened on 9/6, a day after my direct deposit. The Target store is in Queens, NY. When I checked this morning 9/10, the charge had posted. I called back their customer service and was given a lady in California who told me that IF Walmart could recover the money from Target then I might get my money back in 10 business days. I was unable to make my first payment on a car I’d just bought in August and had no money for groceries. Customer service people were not at all sympathetic. Did you get your money back yet?

I had the same thing happen to me I’m in oklahoma they took my money the day after my deposit and spent it in the same target in Brooklyn New York doing two transactions walmart admitted to me they had been having issues with this but said they couldn’t call a there customers and warn them of theft they say I will get my money back in ten days my money was stolen 8/31/2013 even if I do get my money back j still want te people prosecuted and its real funny how walmart customer service is so casual about everything I bet if it were there money they would be doing more to stop this from happening again after I get my money I will never use walmart money card again

When I called to see if my Social Security had been deposited on September 3rd, I was told there was a zero balance. I went online and saw the check had been deposited, but there were three hotels and a Target charge which drained my money. I did not make any of these charges and when I called one of the Hotels they said there were no charges in my name or with my card. The bank Walmart uses is GE Capital Retail Bank which is located in New Jersey. Although they have credited my account I cannot get any money out because they have not sent me a replacement card. On the site they state that my card has been sent and that has been over 10 days ago.

This is a scam and I believe Walmart is behind it. They should not be treating my Debit card like a Credit Card.

You need to get a money network check. They can send you them quickly. You may be able to get one with a new card packet or from walmart’s personnel office. They keep them on hand for associates that lose their cards.

Ive had this card for 3 yrs and someone hacked it for about $1000 bucks .
Since it was hacked all i get is someone from India who probably drinks dirty water
and dont give a crap about some fat Americans money .I probabley had more hacked
than he made all year.My advice is when you get one little gems go to inda,slide
that badboy down the crack of their ass and you will get far more out of that
transaction than you will from customer service.

Have had the card for over a year will no problems until 8-2-2013, when my card was denied right after my direct deposit posted. I went online and found 3 transactions from Target, one in the Bronx, and the other 2 in NYC. I called the customer service number on the back, cancelled the card immediately even though the balance was $0, and was told to contact the merchant while the charges were pending. Target will not give out any financial information for 3rd party credit cards. I called GE Capital Services again and was told I must wait 10 days for the transactions to clear. After doing my own investigation, I concluded that since my actual card was never lost or stolen, I was a victim of either a phony card reader or hacked at one of the websites where I pay my bills online using the Walmart MoneyCard. I suspect it was most likely the former as there has been a sharp rise in magnetic card readers being used to record the data on the magnetic strip and then anyone can imprint the info onto a blank card and using a card printer, make the card to appear as a genuine Walmart MoneyCard. I’ve posted a link to a Youtube video make from the Newport Beach Police Dept. that is very informative. Never use your debit card to make debit purchases as they are not eligible to dispute, and never hand your card to someone who leaves your sight; waitstaff at bars and restaurants, for example. Will keep everyone posted as to whether I get my money credited back.

Nick, this exact thing just happened to us on Aug 1st! The charges on our card were also from Target located in the Bronx area, Mount Vernon to be exact. I have to say dealing with these people is the biggest joke & such a headache. It finally “posted” on Aug 6th however now I’m trying to fax the dispute form to 3 different fax numbers with no answer. Were you successful in faxing? I did a test on my fax machine & it confirms my end was “ok”. This wasn’t just a small charge either, it was $600!!! I will NOT give up & will contact every news station across the US and over seas! Grrr

OMG this JUST happened to me on wednesday! They took over $2500 over 4 transactions. My card said “unable to process card” at my local Target (los banos ca) & Target in Mount Vernon, NY is the target listed that took the money. I’m actually on the phone with walmart money card right now trying to get it cleared up. When it happened they told me they couldn’t stop the pending status, they had to wait until they were approved before they could dispute the charges. Not to mention, there are about 10 other transactions showing different hotels around the country depositing & withdrawing money on my account, all at the same time as this Target stuff. I posted on FB & there are at least 10 other people this has happened to. I pray to god they resolve this & return my money. I’m shocked to see that it’s been going on this long, from the SAME target store, and they havent shut that place down, or monitored their transactions, & that walmart money card hasn’t been monitoring their member’s accounts for this!! Switching to a credit union & using cash when possible now.

Its been over a month … did you get your money refunded??? I have had the same exact thing happen to my friend…her card has charges from Target IN THE BRONX! She lives in Oregon. Since this is obvious fraud and Walmart told her that they won’t refund her money UNLESS they get their money back from Target. This passing fraud charges onto the consumer is a new thing they are trying and IT can’t be allowed to stand as the way they are allowed to do business. We have spoken to a lawyer about a class action suit. Looking for others that have been effected that were NOT Given their money back.

Actually, Shannon is was Queens.

I have had this card for over 3 years now. Yes W/M customer service is hard to work with. But I have to say I have been very happy with the card. Yes they are slow to post returns. But most of the complaints that I read on here are about the reload and use fees. If most of you people had read all the rules before you got the card all this was spelled out in black and white for you. Dont be mad about what you agreed to in the first place. there are many ways to avoid some of these fees and if a smart user wants to save use these to your advantage like direct deposit depositing over $1000 a month to avoid monthly fees, and most of all use the cash back at the register when making a purchase. All this avoids many of those fees. Now I read about a lot of fraudulant purchases. All I can say to that is Identity theift and credit card and bank card fraud is a way of life now. Sooner or later it going to hit everyone in some way. You can read reviews from all kinds of financial institutions and there are the same customer complaints you get about W/M.

Shaina & Pissed OFF

((((((DO NOT))))))…I REPEAT……[[DO NOT]] use the Walmart card. I agree with all the other users. I to have KIDS…and NEEDS my money. WALMART doesn’t care about their CUSTOMERS SATISFACTION.I have had this card for about 2-3 months and I have had about $200 go missing from my card. They swore I did it and didnt remember. What made the situation crazy is that NO ONE could tell me where my money was spent. Finally after 2 weeks I was able to speak with corporate who fed me bull also….I still have not gotten it back and I closed out that account…….ONLY GET THIS CARD IF YOU WANT TO BE RIPPED OFF RIGHT UNDER YOUR NOSE…..!!!!….I HATE WALMART MONEY CARD AND THE CROOKS THAT CAME UP WITH IT.

They don’t care. I have had to take my kids to a shelter to eat dinner because of a mistake on their behalf, and they have given me nothing but attitude. It’s ridiculous!!! I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau against them.

Never get this Card!!!!

Its been 12 days of Hell and still waiting for my Wal-Mart Money Card to be unblocked so I can get my money out. Due to a return of Merchandise transaction that was put back on my Wal-Mart Money card. Wal-Mart blocks all cards if there is a return. I suggest that no one ever get this Card!!! You have to keep all receipt’s even for $1.00 and if you don’t have the receipt, the money will never be returned to you! I can’t image how many Hard working people that put their money on these cards, to just lose it to Wal-Mart.

one of the worst customer service when you really need help , looks like they are somewhere out of the USA, a typical outsourced help that does nothing , I was double charged for the same transaction, and the processing company refunded the second charge yet I am yet to see it back in my account after 6 weeks of 17 calls to customer service and after having two incidents files and they still have not released my money, and I faxed them all the paper work from the other company that shows they released the fund back .. stay away form this card , you will be losing more than gaining.

My card was hacked, I had 210.00 went to a gas station bought some cigs then went to Walmart to get some sunglasses, TRANSACTION was denied!! I HAD 210.00 I Rush home to check my account online my card was used in BRONX NY at a TARGET I called customer service they had me on hold forever, before I even got to talk to a supervisor I told them how can I be in California and New York at the same time!!! She said I would have to wait till it posts then I could file a dispute that should be on the 4th of July. I told her im going out of town I need my money!, so i check my account on the 29th just to make sure it posts!, called them back and they said I would have to fax a dispute letter and wait 10 days all I want is my money. so now I play the waiting game I let everybody know what happened

something similar happened to me recently, i just wanted to know the outcome of this, and if you they gave you the money back?

Its been over a month … did you get your money refunded??? I have had the same exact thing happen to my friend…her card has charges from Target IN THE BRONX! She lives in Oregon. Since this is obvious fraud and Walmart told her that they won’t refund her money UNLESS they get their money back from Target…this passing fraud charges onto the consumer, IT can’t be allowed to stand as the way they are allowed to do business. We have spoken to a lawyer about a class action suit. Looking for others that have been effected that were NOT Given their money back.

My card was hacked too in Brooklyn, NY… still waiting for my money to return. Filed a police report and reported to FTC. I feel like I will never get it back!

WOW I just got my card today and activated it and came across these comments. Does anybody have anything good to say about this card ?? I’m worried now!!

Just be careful use CREDIT not DEBIT…I’m still waiting for a “call back” in regards to my dispute…WHAT DISPUTE ASSHOL**? I live in California!!! my card was used in a store in BRONX NY!!!! how can I use it in California and New York on the same day in less than 30 mins????? who am I??? Superman??? did I fly to NY in 30 mins????? WHAT DISPUTE….

Yes, I have been using Walmart’s money card for almost a year, without any trouble. You just have to keep account of your transactions, like any debit card. True there are waiting periods for return merchandise to be refunded, but again, that happens even with a bank issued card. I was even able to purchase airplane tickets with the card, without any trouble!

I am looking for the reason that the numbers arent working when im trying to activate card. any clues? Any help is appreciated. thx


Thing i liked about this card was that i was able to load paycheck on to the card when i was unable to get a checking account. There are a lot of fee associated with card though. Fees to add money, fees to keep the account open and etc. The real reason i don’t advise anyone to use the card is because i was scammed. I was

My card was hacked, they caught, rejected the fees, gave me a new card. My card was hacked again and they refunded the charge. I have not had a problem with them and have been using them over 3 years now.


this card is the worst card ever they take all your personal information and use it to their benefit you’re never able to speak to a supervisor or anybody in charge for that matter…. please take my advice this card is NO GOOD… reported them to Better Business Bureau

Used this card for 3 years with no issues. Where else can u bank on sundays and holidays?

I can now say I’ve been hacked and have lost over $600.oo with my Walmart Money Card. Week of the destructive tornados here in Oklahoma, I was looking forward to my payroll to cover cost due to the disaster and the day my payroll was direct deposited, there have been 4 charges over $1300.00 in 3 different states and another country. Before I had noticed it, 3 had automatically been credited to my account, but one (which is more than my payroll) was not. When I called the phone for Walmart Money card, all they could say is sorry and until the retailer declines payment, I’m out the money and all they can do is close the account and send me a new card. They couldn’t even pull up the retailers’ information, just that it was listed as “Konko O V Rovno”, witch I found is a city in the Ukraine. They did say they could send me a new card, but what good is that going to do me.
The only people I have been able to talk to is people in Asia.

Just had exact thing happen to me today im about 50 miles from u…to a place called ukraine…did.u ever get your money back?

Same here. Last week customer service says they can dispute. Was it an inside job?

Had the same thing happen May 23,2013 had a unauthorized charge for 607.55 called customer service and was told we had to wait until this charge from “Konko O V Rovno” posted before we could dispute this charge! Sent in the dispute letter, ordered new cards, and confirmed dispute letter was rec’d May 28th, 2013. I have not recieved a refund at this time, customer service states to wait 10 business days to get a credit back. This has been a nightmare! Everytime I call I get a different answer, or its like the customer service team is reading a script. You would think GE MONEY BANK would try to take care of the customer first, and then whatever needed to be done to the merchant!!!!

Well, its obvious Walmart Money Cards are not the safest route if we are not careful. I have had a couple of incidents that were since resolved but nothing major. I am very careful with my WMC since I depend on it to pay my monthly bills and hold my money for the month. There are some key things I have noticed in some complaints…..1) online purchases. People, you are taking a serious chance with any card or bank account when purchasing online. If you can purchase at a store instead of online…its best to do this. Many sites are compromised and hackers are able to get through securities of any type. 2)lost wallets etc. Keep track of things. I always take my card out and put my wallet back in my purse…purse is always on my arm while I stand in line.

Once I finish, the receipt and my card go back in my wallet and into my purse. My husband tries to do the same thing. Keep a clear eye on your belongings. If you leave things behind, its your responsibility. No one is responsible for your things but you. 3)cards being taken out in your name you did not order? That seems far fetched. Unless you have added a second account holder at one time or you make it easy for others to find out your information, it should not happen. People….keys to security can be as simple as changing your pin number every so often and making it difficult to use. Also,I never use my card at a busy ATM kiosk or at places that do not allow me to choose debit or charge. McDonald’s is good for that. It is I admit, very frustrating that this card holds YOUR money and if something should happen, you may never get it back. I pay monthly bills and each transaction, I check as soon as I have done it. One good thing, if I do not have funds enough to pay, it simply is declined and my balance only goes negative with Walmart fees, which has happened only twice. I do disagree with the fees of ordering a new card when I feared mine had been compromised but the fee was small enough, it didn’t merit complaint.

While I know these cards are owned by a huge bank and Walmart is a corporate giant, there are other places that sell Green Dot Cards which are pretty close to the same thing. I have not had issues with my card but I now worry thanks to all the complaints I have seen, though I still saw many of them began with the mistakes made by those who used them. One being the direct deposit. If you trust a prepaid card to hold your paycheck… have serious guts. I would never do this nor did I have my tax returns added. To me those types of transactions are a glutton for punishment. I do keep a bank account seperate from my money card and tax returns and paychecks always go there. No card I have only paid 3 bucks to have and comes to me in the mail will ever hold large amounts of money. My WMC has only been used by adding monies enough to pay the bills and occasionally theres about $60-$80 left for important purchases. My card has never been declined and it has been easy to manage.

Until I find myself not living paycheck to paycheck, this is my only option thus far. I assure you though that I will for sure go old school in paying bills if I ever have one issue that goes too far. People….word to the wise….be safe with your money. Dont use WMC so carelessly and for god sakes dont put large amounts of money on it and take chances. Though it may say its made for this type of use, your best bet is to use it by never keeping a balance more than $100 on it. I put enough for bills and have a small balance that is never worth the theft. People who want to steal it…will get nothing from me. I simply will cancel the account. I do have one question…do they recycle card numbers??

Very well put, I only use this card for paying bills sometimes and online purchases. I load the money on to it and then make the payment. I never just have money sitting on the card. I will load a specific amount for whatever needs to be paid and thats it.

"Romans 12:21" is a bible verse that got me through each day of the past 5 yrs and I'm not even Christian

Dear Tara,

When you give advice I am sure it seems perfectly logical to you, that you are safe and old fashioned, and that we must all be “glutton for punishment” to take such a risk.
There is a MAJOR, KEY PIECE of INFORMATION you are luckily missing from your life experience, and it is the fact that NOT HAVING A BANK ACCOUNT (for example, Chexsystems, and or bank closure after something overdrafted in a checking account, even after your 12-20 year customer history . THE BANK CLOSES THE ACCOUNT and YOU CAN NEVER CASH YOUR AYCHECK or DEPOSIT anything again…)

I realize you are missing this horrible force from your life, however, most of us have no choice.

“If you trust a prepaid card to hold your paycheck..”
(I have few other options, perhaps I dont even have the option of a PAPER check, and most likely I have NO plastic CC# options except for prepaid cards like this.

” …I do keep a bank account separate from my money card, tax returns and paychecks always go there..
Yes, Dear Tara, if we (or I, at least), still had my bank account, I WOULDNT EVEN KNOW WHAT THIS MONEYCARD WAS …..

Before you assume you are somehow wiser not to jump off the cliff when everyone else seems to be plunging to their deaths and is seemingly full of blame by complaining about it,
you should always consider that perhaps there is something forceful enough to push the other people off the edge. Forceful enough to make it worth the risk of taking a jump…. AND LOADING OUR DD $ TO THIS PREPAID MONEYCARD because otherwise there is no way to get paid. (Walmart will not even cash your paycheck if you are on Chexsystems, which is exactly why you may not have a bank account anymore, it is a WHOLE NEW LIFESTYLE to learn about and it could be just because of $2-3 that toppled the overdraft monsters into a furious pile and closed off your entire banking life.

Some of us are JUST as wise and safe and prudent as yourself, but perhaps they also have some added on, an unfortunate or tragic or emergent life experience, causing us to make what appears to be such misguided decisions.


Your monthly bills? What monthly bills? You pay no rent, no utilities, etc. etc. as your mother pays for everything! Your husband? What husband? You are not married! Who are you trying to fool? All these poor people that are experiencing REAL hardship? Please… are portraying someone you are not and attempting to convince these folks that you practice what you preach. As if you spend YOUR money wisely! On sweepstakes? HA! This is clearly not right. Like I always say…you cannot understand others’ problems if you have never been there, experienced it yourself. You have no business giving these people advice or discipline I should say, making these people who are real victims of theft feel as if they brought it on themselves because they are merely using the product the way it is intended to be used. How utterly disappointing. I can’t imagine what else you are doing online.

Been using this card for almost 4 years now have never had a single problem, I think the people below lack the ability to keep their info safe from prying eye’s. Someone gets your card number it’s game over bro….

Just wait Corey, it will eventually happen to you.

July 19 2013 my card was hacked for $1,275.22. I called Walmart Money card service and advised them the purchases were not authorized by me. I was told they have to post before you can dispute the charges. I told them that I was going on vacation the next day. I disputed the charge and thought I would get my money back nope. When I questioned the supervisor for the contact information for the merchant, I was told it was not in the file. I asked them then did they fax you the information for the investigation no answer.Did my own investigation. 4 Airline ticket were purchased over the internet in Sweden. Sometime they used my name or they cancelled the ticket in my name changed the name on my ticket but they used my last name. I explained in writing I did not know the people who are on the ticket. July 20th 2013 who used my name and card number and flew from Stockholm to Lulea. Ihave proof that I was on a cruise ship in NY going to the Bahamas. I had to get a Lawyer, no refund yet. How more stories like this don’t make the media is beyond me. FDIC why are you not protecting us the consumer.

Don’t comment on something u know nothing about. What do you think that we flashing our cards around! !!

I have now had the WalMart money card for a year and I have absolutely no complaints. I don’t get charged to take out money, because I either get cash over at purchases/withdrawl from a Money-Pass ATM. I once withdrew money from an ATM and was shorted $40.

I tried to take it up with the ATM company, but they differed me back to my financial institution. I contacted WalMart MC customer service and they took my claim and said to contact them back in 10 business days if I had not heard anything. No doubt this arose my suspicion, but after the 10 business days had lapsed, I made said phone call. Again I told re-itterated my claim and the $40 was back in my acccount two business days later.

Until I have a problem with this card, I am a satisfied customer. When I was banking with Chase Bank they nickeled and dimed me to death with fees, not the Money Card.

Whatever you do…Read this…Do not..get this card..Walmart Money Card is backed by GE Retail Capital Bank…who has really bad reviews with the BBB…Please read and you will understand…I want everyone who has posted on post on their Facebook pages if they have one…of how dirty and crafty this bank is….I understand that no company is perfect..but not everyone is on here to be vindictive…I used the Walmart Money Card for my taxes, student loans and just to hold my money…However, I noticed by balance was on downward spiral even after transactions went through…after pulling my reports….It was clear that this bank was holding money…posting an available balance that I didn’t actually have in order to get me to spend…I currently have a friend going over some transactions with me and it’s really shady….Also..I rented a car using this card. The merchant accidentally charged by card and immediately released the funds…it took this banks 10 days to put it back..and the pending transactions they are not collecting for..I was told 60 days…yes….60 days for them to release my money…who has the right and power to tell me what they are going to do with my money….You have to spread the word for people not to use this card.the only way you can show this bank that you wont accept their gimmicks is to stop doing business with them…this card is not convenient ..I am going back to the credit union

I have been putting just enough money on a Walmart Moneycard to pay some bills online. Everything has been okay until just recently when I payed my phone bill. The payment showed up on the Moneycard website as a pending transaction. A few days later I noticed that it was missing from the list. I called customer service and they said the transaction had been canceled but my phone company says they received the payment. As of today my Moneycard balance is still in excess by the amount of my phone bill. This begs the question. Who paid my bill? I am positive another card holder is missing some money but both Walmart and my phone company say they know nothing and can do nothing about it. These cards are issued by GE Capital Bank and I am sure there is where the problem lies. I am going to run down my balance but leave the amount in question on the card, then I am going to stop using it. Hopefully the rightful owner will be able to recover the money before the card expires.

I WILL NEVER EVER EVER DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY AGAIN AND HERE IS WHY YOU SHOULDN’T EITHER—– Walmart in connection with GE money bank has a product whose customer service is completely unethical.

I lost my card on a Saturday and since I was concerned about fraudulent activity I called to report the card lost, I immediately asked customer service to request an overnight-ed card (all of my money was on their and I support a family of 5) After having to go off of my clock at work, and spending 2 hours on the phone, a supervisor said you can call first thing Tues morning for a fedex tracking number….I did….the card had never been requested. After another 2+ hours another supervisor told me to go to the nearest walmart buy a re-loadable card and they would transfer the money from my account onto it.. The nearest walmart to my home is 15 miles away but I went there. EVERYONE at walmart looked at me confused ‘we can’t possibly do that”

When I said “doesn’t walmart bear any responsibility for a product that carries their name?” the store manager looked at me dumbfounded and ignorantly said ‘uh no that GE money bank’ I called money card from the store where the store manager got on the phone to explain why the request couldn’t be completed and they gave me the phone and said, ‘you will get the card in the morning?’ when I got home (not believing them) I called to confirm I was told ‘yes, ma’am it will arrive Fed ex tomorrow about noon’ at 12;30 i called to say that I needed the tracking number ( i told them repeatedly the I had a 2 yr old grandson and that we needed access to my OWN money) the rep said , that again, the card had never been ordered. They did not know WHEN it would arrive AND that I was going to be charged a $20 fee for a card to be overnited by tues that had not arrived. This is Wed and they said it would arrive between FRI and TUES they weren’t sure when.. In tears I explained all that I had went through… they hung up on me.

I called back and spoke to the same person that had told me to make a trip to Walmart for no reason. She admitted she had spoke to me, and then denied ever having told me to go to Walmart.. (language barrier? maybe… but when I asked to speak to anyone in the United States I was told there was no one….and its pretty hard to misunderstand specific instructions, like ‘Go to walmart, purchase a card and we will transfer the funds over’ of you will card tomorrow call anytime after 5am and you can get a tracking number) in either while she was explaining to me that she never said what I heard and telling me my card wouldn’t arrive for another 3-5 days….the card arrived at my front door. Good thing I knew better than to believe her…I have worked 15 years as customer service for major credit card company…I know how it should be done and I know what CAN be done. The levels of ineptness, inaccuracy, rudeness and, just plain deception, are unprecedented in any business I have ever dealt with in my 50 years on this planet!!!! save yourself untold heartache.. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE CRETANS!!!

I totally agree! I’ve experienced some of the same issues! I will never make the mistake of choosing this card again. To make matters worse, when you have a problem it’s difficult to speak to a live person. The system kept reporting the account number as invalid, then it would finally allow the account number and record my social as being invalid. I had to report the card stolen just to speak to a live person. This was very frustrating. Account closed!

This card is a joke. They look for every excuse to hold your money. Every time I have had a return or credit I have had to call them. You must wait 11 days, or they will, if they decide – release it for you – up to $200.00. I used my card to play games on the GSN and they didn’t like it, so they froze the card and now tell me I must wait 10 days and they will refund the balance that was on my card. I didn’t do anything illegal, it was my card and my money, but they have frozen it!!!!You really wont to have them tell you what you can use your card for???

stacy williams

this card is a joke. my account got hacked and it has been over month still have not gotten my money back. i called and raised hell please do not fall for this scam. walmart money card sucks bad.

PLEASE READ FULLY. I know some people hate reading, but this is highly screwed up and no one should have to go through this.

I’ve been using these cards for a few years now. Never had an issue until I had an issue. Back in December 2012 my wallet was stolen from a convenience store after I placed it on the counter after completing my purchase. Obviously the clerk didn’t see that I had forgotten it, nor did the person behind me. The person behind them, however did, and decided to take it and hand it to the person standing in line with them, who in turn walked out of the store with it. This was all caught on camera by the way, which is how I know this. I have seen the video, as have the police after I filed a report.

The incident happened on a Saturday. I had made some purchases that Friday, also that Saturday as well. None on Sunday, so i didn’t notice it was missing until Monday when I was getting dressed for work. Of course the last place I remember going was the convenience store so i went to see if they possibly had it. They didn’t, but the manager said he would review the tape from the weekend to see if anyone had picked it up. Turns out they did. I called the cops & filed a report. They went down & also watched the tape. I checked my statement online & the person had used my card at several locations, including a Red Box kiosk. I then called to report my card stolen. Previously when I had called for transactions like changing a pin or ordering a new card after mine had been damaged, the reps were all American & spoke perfect English. This time I learned the reps were all of Asian descent & could barely understand me & vice versa.

So I filed the claim online as instructed, including purchases that weren’t mine & called the stores, INCLUDING WALMART, to report the fraud. After waiting a few days, I received a call asking me how my pin had been compromised. I explained that looking at the charges, it turns out I had made a pin transaction at the same store the culprit later returned to & made a purchase at that was only a dollar or so difference so I may have put the wrong charge on the claim. She said that she would fix the error for me & I would receive a decision by mail.

Well, I did, a few days later. My claim was denied & stated that they believed the $750 stolen from me were authorized charges. EXCUSE ME??? I called immediately & asked on what grounds were the charges deemed authorized & was told because there was a pin transaction in the claim — the same pin transaction the rep said would be removed, which I told the new rep. She again said she would remove the pin & re-submit the claim. I didn’t hear anything else for about a month. A month later I received a phone call asking me to fax a copy of the police report & also confirm which charges I was disputing. I did. A few days later, I received ANOTHER letter in the mail stating my claim was denied because the charges were deemed authorized. Now I’m pissed. I called again to ask what was going on & this time I was told because the charges I was disputing were made a day after my claim was processed. Any idiot knows that if you charge your card on the weekend, it doesn’t post until the following business day, which is usually 3 days after the purchase. Unbelievable.

She then proceeded to tell me they could see when the charges were swiped, which I already knew, and still stood her ground. So how is it MY fault if someone has my card & after I reported it stolen, they were still able to use it??? Logically thinking, who would file a fraud police report knowing there’s jail time behind it? EVEN MORE SO, I had been using that card for about 3 years & have made purchases in upward range of $2,000 at once — why the hell would I all of a sudden decide to rack up $750 in charges then falsify a claim???

She stated she would re-submit the claim AGAIN & the usual “10 days” schpeel. By now I’m extremely pissed. You can guess what happened. Another letter stating that my claim had been denied. I called & cursed out every rep that I spoke to, not caring if they were involved or not. What they’re doing is completely unethical. I asked to speak to a supervisor immediately. The rep tried to gather my information & I would only answer with “I’d like to speak to a supervisor”. Finally I was able to get someone who offered to transfer me to corporate, but their office was closed after I had spent an hour trying to get to that point.

Someone from corporate (go figure, it’s in America) called me back the next morning and I explained what happened & how I keep getting the same exact runaround & all I wanted was my money that I had earned & deposited from my paychecks back. She even agreed that the claims that had been filed from the reps didn’t look correct. This is now February, actually two weeks ago. It took me TWO MONTHS to speak to someone who understood English AND could tell an error in the claims filed by THEIR agents, reps or whatever you want to call them. Finally I was satisfied until I learned my replacement card had been cancelled — with about $300 on it.

I called to see what was going on & was told “for my safety” the account had been cancelled & I was never allowed to get another card from them. When I said that didn’t make sense, the “rep” told me that it was because I had made 3 claims in the span of two months. THEY WERE THE SAME DAMN CLAIM!!!! The SAME claim that these IDIOTS couldn’t properly process. Literally. So now not only is my account closed & I can’t access the $300 I had on the card, but I also can never get another card, even if the decision comes back in my favor. What sense does that make???

They have stolen $1,050 from me total now in 2 months. If it’s denied this time, I can assure you we will be going to court. Do yourself a favor — DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS CARD unless you’re absolutely positively 100% sure you’ll never lose it & have someone make fraudulent charges on it as I was.

I know how you feel. I’ve put over $2,000 a month thru this card for 2 yrs until i finally got ripped off. My card was illegally used to pay a Geico insurance policy which i do not have. I’ve filed 2 claims when i finally did get a supervisor of course they hardly spoke English. They have proof that i did not authorize the charges but they refuse to refund me the 250 that was taken off my card.His words you are responsible for any unauthorized charges its not our problem. I’ve tried Geico they admit i don’t have a policy there but said the card was used to pay someones bill and wont refund my money either. So now I’m calling the attorney general to file a report on both of them but I’m sure i still wont get my money back. Love how when you sign up for the card its an American you get on the phone but after that its a foreigner.They just do anything to rip someone off. They need to be sued and put out of business.I will never use a prepaid card again.

DO NOT GET YOUR TAX CHECK DEPOSITED TO THIS CARD!!!!! I don’t understand why if I had my income tax check deposited to my walmart card, why walmart couldnt unload the card and give me my money. I was told by customer service to go to the bank. Once at the bank, I attempted to remove all of my money and the card was declined. I called customer service again only to be told that I have to take off $400 at a time so that walmart can charge $2 for every transaction. A COMPLETE RIP OFF!!!!! So I had to pay walmart to give me my own money.

Do not use this card for your taxes. I usually direct deposit my taxes to my bank and receive them the same or next day that the irs says it was deposited. This time, because I just moved, I used the walmart money card. They told me as soon as they received the money, it would be deposited. That was a LIE! Its been three days now and nothing. When I called, they told new they have 14-18 days to post it! They are just holding my $4,000 as long as they can. Its BS and I can’t do anything about it. You also can’t use this card to set up bill pay. Most places system see the card as a gift card. Card was a waste of money, find a bank or credit union. HORRIBLE COMPANY, LIARS, AND CUSTOMER SERVICE IS A CALL CENTER OVERSEAS THAT CAN ONLY GIVE YOU THE SAME INFORMATION AS THE WEBSITE SHOWS.

We got the Walmart prepaid card for my husband to take over seas for a military deployment. We thought it would be safer than using a card connected to our bank accounts. We have not liked this card at all. Despite the fact that there are adequate funds on the card, it is ALWAYS declined. Customer service has been absolutely no help and are not friendly. I am a very disappointed customer and will loudly tell anyone and everyone to find another option. Do not get a Walmart prepaid Visa card!!

I have had the Wal-Mart Money Card for a year now, I have had no problems with this card whatsoever. No money missing, no missed deposits. I enjoy having this card at my disposal, considering my credit score. I sympathize with everyone that has had bad experiences with this card. But since I have had no problems, I’ve never had to call customer service, so I cannot comment on their knowledge or their treatment of customers.

it is because you have never had to call customer service
try it once and see if you get an accurate answer

If in fact you get customer service!

I purchased a walmart re-loadable card. The first card was dead. my disability checks were direct deposited.The next card that now had the money from the first card and my new check. they sent that one to a wrong address some one used that card. I have never been reimbursed for that money to the tune of $1300. walmart has yet to return the money to me. the treasury department can’t help because it show money going to walmart. help please!!! I hate walmart. sam walton must be rolling in his grave.

It’s ironic that everyone almost feels the same way. “It’s a great card”. Then suddenly you realize you have a fraudulent charge on your account then the nightmares begin. I just had two charges I have no idea where they came from. One for $400.00 and the other for $200.00….leaving me with $6.07 in my account. Like everyone else I was told that there was nothing that they could do…. even though I caught the charges while they were pending. Today is the 29th, I was told to call back on the 4th to dispute the charges and then it would take upto 10 days for for them to investigate and return my money. Hopefully it works out. If not, I just got screwed by another Corprate GIANT. What other options are there?

Oh forgot to mention that I was hung up on by the great “Customer Service Rep,” because I told her that I was recording this call. Sad I fell I will never get my money back…..The journey Begins!!!!

DON’T GET A WALMART PREPAID!!!! I have direct deposit on it and in one day someone compromised my account and took all the money out of it. They have to wait till the transactions are posted before they can file your claim and then after that you have to wait 10 business days to receive your money back. They also have you fill out a form that you must send in to receive the money back in the 10 days. The money was used on my account on the 6th and I won’t see the $230 till the 26th!!!!! That is awful. They don’t do a good job securing your information! Then when you call them you can’t get a straight answer as to how they will secure your card better. DON’T USE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As soon as I get my money back I am removing it all and closing the account and I will no longer shop at walmart!!!

I’ve used Walmart money card now owned by GE Capitol for around a year ,and have experienced 6 different fraud charges . 3 charges were from Hotels in states hundreds of miles away! I live in new Mexico and the charges were from hotels in Georgia and Vermont . I called the number on the back of the card ,which explained the fraudulent charge process of waiting 10 days before the pending transaction can be disputed, they also suggested I call the hotels to have charge stopped but when I tried to look up info on hotels,nothing comes up. I have read similar reviews and now believe that there is fraud going on, corporate fraud and it is not Walmart but GE Capitol who is responsible for the pre paid cards. I’ve had 3 different charges on the card that ranged from 41.00 – 21.30. Fraud is occurring and I need to gather as many complaints and examples similar to my fraud charges that we can stop this giant conglomerate from using the bank really responsible for this robbery!

We have switched cards 3 times, and still getting fraudulent charges. With our newest card we have not even used it online. We reversed a fake charge today, and was told all future charges we will be responsible for.

I put 150.00 on my card last week and it did not show up. Several people at Walmart including the Manager said it would be taken care of in a few days but not so far. I then put $90 on the card and I see tonight that there are 3 fraudulent charges taking out about $60. Tomorrow I will file a police report over the $150. Then just take it to small claims. Avoid these clowns!

Do not get this card! I had someone hack my card from the UK and spend 240 dollars. So I canceled the card and put in a dispute. I was told that it would take 10 business days to get my money back to me and here I sit with no money back! Horrible that the world’s largest company, walmart, can’t move any faster than that and will do nothing to go out of their way to keep their customers happy! Ridiculous!

I have a walmart money card for several years and am very happy with it. True refunds to the card do take a very long time, but that is the only issue I have noticed.

I got the Walmart card the other day knowing what I was getting into.

I work over the road, and move from state to state. The Walmart money card is a way for me to safety deposit money anywhere in the country (since Walmart is nationwide.) My wife at home can spend the money, or send me money at a moments notice with very little hassle. We don’t have to pay a huge fee for Moneygram, or similar service, and can load it at any register.

If I could find a bank that has a branch in every state in the Union, and most every town in those states with easy access I would certainly use it. Until then I will use this because I have to.

My step dad is also a truck driver, and he would send me money through the greendot card..i called to upload money to my card to pay my power bill and i do have 2 kids, i’m a stay at home mom. they put me on the phone with who they said was a supervisor and told me that my card was being deactivated for illegal use! They said my step dad could not send me money that it was illegal and said i could never own a green dot card step dad got the card to avoid the costly moneygram..he only sends me 200 dollars every 2 weeks as well as his son, who is in Alabama and stepdad is in texas..i don’t understand how they can say that at all…my card wasnt hacked, no unauthorized transactions and i’ve had my card for three years…i don’t understand…


You are exactly right because I had an issue with mine and they closed my account without me knowing and didn’t even resolve the issue. I had to wait for them to send me a check in the mail. I’m not letting that go that easy though.

I don’t blame you at all…its ridiculous how they do people…they told me the exact same thing, but i wish i knew what to do about taking further action, because they shouldn’t have the right to do that!!!!!!

DO NOT BUY THIS CARD! I purchased the wal-mart money card 9-7-12 on 9-21-12 I, while cashing my check, decided to load 100.00 onto my card. When I logged on at home 2 hours later my money was not on my card. After speaking to green-dot and wal0mart I am still yet to get the issue resolved. The reciept I have clearly shows another persons last 4 noy mine. Why can they just not go by the reciept and pull the transaction take the money from the account they put it in and put it in my account where it is supposed to be. Horrible is all I can say again DO NOT BUY THIS CARD!!

9/23/2012 loaded $447 on card. I always check balance as soon as i get to my truck and NO MONEY! After doing the dance with the company controlling this whole deal, i to noticed that the last four digits on receipt were different than my card. Manager on the other end of the phone told me that it was impossible for my card to be swiped and another account number show up. Somebody is dishonest and i wnt just let it go.

AThompson let me know how it works out for you. I haven’t let it go either. I am going back to wal-mart today for the third time. I am also considering calling the news station to see if they can help me out. I think everyone should be warned of this scam.

If you have direct deposit and deposit 1000 a month there are no fees. Not even a monthly maintenance fee. The only way you would be charged anything would be to use an ATM. But you can get 100$ out free with every Walmart purchase and some other places like Walgreens. Iv had this card for three years and have never been charged 1 cent.

So, does the direct deposit really work pretty good? Is it delayed at all? I just bought the card but was wondering about the accuracy of their direct deposit function… Thanks in advance.

i am still waiting for my oct. s/s check. the money went to walmart so the ss can’t help me because they consider me paid once the money went to walmart. walmart has never put the money on my card.

It works great! I’ve never had an issue

I’ve been using it for a partial direct deposit for 6 months now and have not had any issues thus far. I get paid every other Friday and every payday at 4:20 am I get a text message telling me my direct deposit and the amount has been received. When on night shift I get off at 3:15 and have been in Wal-Mart shopping and been able to use the funds 10 min after receiving the text message.

stephanie wright

I will never use a walmart money card again. I went to use the card yesterday and every dime of my money was gone from some fraud!!!! This is the 2nd time that my card has been hacked and money taken and I dont use it on the internet for anything. I am very angry the name of the company is paysoild! I was at work and they had taken 3 tranactions one right after another leaving me with 6.00 in my bank account. Walmart stated to me 10 business days or longer to make sure that I had not purchased anything. The company is in the us virgin islands and a supposed online money company? I will never use this card again after I get my money returned.

Stephanie did you ever get your money returned? The same thing happened to me. They reimbursed me the first time but not the second time my card was used fraudulently. It was some online company called beeline that I never heard of and also some foreign transaction fees. I’m not going to let it go though because it’s not right. They’re probably the ones doing it.

I’ve had this card for 3 years and LOVE it! Compared to the ridiculous fees the banks charge this is the BEST account I’ve EVER had.

I wanted to a post a positive review of this card -since there seem to be so many bad ones. I’ve had my card since 2009 because I was a banker at Wells Fargo and was TOTALLY STUNNED at the banks in this country and the THEFT the got away with on the American people.

If you get direct deposit to this card from your employer then most fees are waved- if not all. They even PAY YOU to enroll in direct deposit. I’ve had my ups and downs with unauthorized transactions but Walmart reversed ALL the charges and helped me when the banks would leave you out in the cold.

Yes, it’s too bad this doesn’t help your credit. I wish it’s the one thing they would change.

I started using this card last December after I had several issues with my checking account at a bank. Some of the same issues people are reporting with this card was happening to me with the bank. I was seeing deposits from check cashing companies and withdrawals that I didn’t authorize and at one point was $600 overdrawn and the bank continued to charge me overdraft fees AFTER several conversations with them about it. The bank manager even made reference to “using check cashing companies” and how that is why my finances were in such a mess. A friend of mine had their debit card number stolen by a waitress and she used it to charge nearly $800 worth of online purchases and it took the same bank nearly a month to stop giving the run around and to return the funds and unfreeze their account.

So far, I have had no issues with the WalMart money card, I even SAVE money for using it at Murphy gas stations.

I had this card for less than a month. Put $600.00 on it for an online purchase which didn’t go through, but the online acct statement said it was pending. When I called they told me they couldn’t say why the money was pending…if they couldn’t say who could?!..When I asked if they could either pay the bill or credit my card with the money so I could withdraw it and they said no. I told them I was calling the local media and the money was paid immediately. I canceled the card and refuse to do business with walmart again. Things certainly went down hill after Sam Walton died.

The Walmart Moneycard always says “pending” and if you read the reasons for it and all the other HELPFUL infor on the card you would know this already. READ THE INFO.

This card is a bad idea.. Try getting in touch with anyone! It is not possible to talk to a representative. I couldn’t get an email off because it redirects you every time. If you want to transfer money out of your bank to this card, forget it, you can not find an address anywhere on line to enter into the info part of payees in your e bill system. I spent no less than 1 hour trying to get an address for my bank. Never did get it, but was asked on a dozen occasions to enter my account number. Thsi card really sucks, they don’t want you to find out where to send the money, they want you to go to Walmart and load it there at $3.00 a hit.

Beware of this card, especially if you need it to be reliable. Our card never arrived, even though it was promised by a certain date. When I tried to choose to have it sent by express delivery when I activated it, I was hung up on by the agent. When I called back, I was told it was “too late” to change the delivery option. When I called to report it missing, they were rude. When I called to cancel because we never received the card, I heard a canned message while waiting that I would be asked to take a survey afterwards. I cancelled the card, but no survey came on. I waited, and the agent returned and told me that I could not longer take the survey since the card was cancelled. Nice way to avoid bad feedback! Avoid this card. There are too many others out there to choose from.

M D Shoemaker

Bought one two days ago. Put 100 on it. Planning to never use it again. A little worried but glad I happened to read this. Wish me luck on getting my money off this card!


today is just not my day…. i used to like walmart all the way. But I gotta tell you all in the US: NEVER, EVER PURCHASE AN WALMART MONEY CARD !!! EVER ! I did purchase 3 between yesterday night and today with them, and NONE I was able to activate. And the refund? only comes in the mail ( if it comes ) in 10 BUSINESS DAYS !!! NIGHTMARE !!!
I even called their Corporate office and even there NO ONE resolved the problems.

I have had the Wal-Mart money card in the past and I ended up canceling it, because I didn’t like having to pay to put money on the card and then they still charge a monthly fee. But! In less than one month my credit card numbers were stolen TWICE while online banking and I had over $800.00 of unauthorized charges. What a headache!!

I have re-applied for the Wal-Mart money card and will be using it only for online purchases. It costs just as much as stamps and envelopes, if not less, and you don’t have to worry about mailing your payment out in time before the due date. I only plan to put money on this card AS NEEDED!

So far so good here. Yes, there are fees, but they pale in comparison to what banks charge for overdrafts. I will try my luck for awhile.

Aleesha Morgan

I have also had an issue with the Walmart Money Card. I paid my car insurance over the phone and they accidentally charged me two times. When I saw this I called them and they told me that I would need to speak with the company my card is associated with. I called customer service and they said they are refunding the money back but I wasn’t going to receive until 10 days later which would have been the 13th. Today is the 14th day and I still have not received the credit. I have tried to call but something is wrong with their system.

I also had an issue with being declined at the register when I had money in the account(this was the first time I used the card that day). The cashier ran my card as credit two times, and as debit once. All three times I was declined. This is rather embarrassing when you know you have money in your account to pay for your items. I called customer service and was told to try it again with her on the phone…miraculously it went through. I asked her why does she think it did not go through she said it may be the magnetic strip…if it was the magnetic strip wouldn’t it not read at all?? SN: I was shopping at their rival Target..I wonder if this had something to do with it?

Another time I was ordering a gift for my fiances birthday online. I placed the order and everything was fine until I received an email a few days later that the company I had my card through would not let the purchase go through because the address they had on file was not the same as the billing info I used on the website. I double checked on the Walmart Money Card Website and also the business I was ordering from and it was EXACTLY the same. I had to cancel the order because the gift would not have been here on time due to the billing address issues.

After reading everyone’s issues I am nervous to deposit a large sum of money with the fear that they will try to freeze my account and report “suspicious activity.” I am thinking that there may be some kind of class action lawsuit legal we can all pursue. I am just not sure on what grounds. I may speak to a lawyer. If anyone is interested please let me know. My email address is aleesha.morgan[at]me[dot]com

The card wasn’t bad at first. I live quite a distance from my bank, so I would load extra cash on the card, then cash advance it from the card to my checking account via my banks website.

Walmart money card didn’t like that I was loading $1000 at a time and quickly transferring it out to my bank. The have cancelled my card, but there was a zero balance, so I don’t have to fight with the tight wads to get anything back.

It’s my guess that Walmart is again pandering to the poor, helpless, and those with bad credit. They obviously don’t appear to want to do business with totally self sufficient people with means.

F#$# Y*& Walmart Money Card.

So far in the last 3 weeks I have had 3 Walmart Money Cards opened illegally in my name without my authorization. The cards were used for criminal activities and when I try to ask the hotline what charges there were or even the 16 digit number of the temporary cards (associated with my name, social, and date of birth) they refuse to tell me anything. They claim that it violates their “privacy terms” Well I’m sorry, but it’s my privacy being violated here and nobody else’s.

Each time I called to cancel the illegal cards, I requested to have my info blacklisted, because I can promise that I will never in my lifetime have any type of card issued from Wal-Mart.

Yes, Walmart cards are a total bad deal.

I had a return to Nordstrom, which I do admit the return was very old, about 7 years old, however Nordstrom did not even blink an eye on the return as all their tags were still attached, Walmart card allowed the debit to process, then instantly froze the monies. They refused to give me my monies unless I can show an original sales receipt from when I purchased it. They said they froze it because the original transaction did not take place on the card. However no where in their agreements does it state that only transactions purchased on a Wal-Mart prepaid card can be returned on the card. So that’s a loss of 100.00 from me.

I purchased a money card to help a friend in the hospital. Before giving her the card, we talked about the MoneyCard and together decided cash would be more helpful in her situation.

I returned to Walmart less than 24 hours later to see if I could just return the MoneyCard since it would not be activated and was told I would have to contact customer service and a refund check would be mailed to me, or I could activate it and spend it down, which I did not want to do. None of the options on the “customer service” number were relevant to my situation so I emailed and got a reply with a different number to call (the activation number).

I couldn’t get anywhere with that either, without providing a bunch of personal identifying info, so I emailed again to see how I could speak to a LIVE person. I was again referred to the same number and told the prompts should get me to an “activation specialist.”

I called again, entered all the info asked for, but began providing the wrong type of info (e.g. gave numbers for my city). After several minutes of this, a live person actually got on line with me! However, she advised me to activate and spend the card, which I did NOT want to do. She finally took my info and said I should receive a refund in a week or so.

I asked about talking with someone in customer service about my experience and she referred me to the number on the back of the card – which of course was where I started with all of this a few days ago.

So incredibly frustrating that there is really NO customer “service.” For that reason, I’ll never purchase another MoneyCard from Walmart.

Walmart Money Card feels like a scam and I am hesitant to continue shopping at Walmart after this experience. I tried to use the card multiple times at a Walmart but each time was only told that I must call customer service. Two times I requested a manager’s assistance, and both times was told there was something wrong with the card. After I finally got around to calling, the card value had decreased from $50 to $23. I am disappointed that Walmart would lend its name to this “money” card.

I brought a walmart money card and had my income tax check direct deposited into my account. I used the card earlier that day to purchase gas then the next thing I know they blocked my card stating that they need to check to see if my deposit from the IRS came in my name and not someone else. Then they tell me it takes 10 days for them to check this out. I needed my money I don’t have time for them to play games with my money. With that being said…DO NOT PURCHASE WALMART PREPAID CARDS!!!

I have this same issue, but instead they told me they refund the IRS my money after waiting 6 days called the IRS and nothing they said in there system it was deposited and there was no issue, the IRS lady told me to call them and ask for a “trace number” and when asked for one they said they did not have one for the transaction!

So here i am still waiting for the IRS to receive my money and walmart money card tells me they don’t have so now my money is missing, they are very rude, i sat on hold for over 2 hours and when I asked them to give you a call back they never do, how nice is that. I checked out other reloadable cards and will cancel this one as soon as i get my new card hooked up to my accounts. WALMART SUCKS DO NOT USE!!!!

I purchased a $300 computer at Walmart with my Walmart money card. After returning home and examining it I decided to return it the next day. I noticed that the purchase transaction had posted to my account immediately. However, we are on day 5 for the credit to not be posted.

I did contact the customer service center who stated it could take up to 10 days for me to see the $300 back on my card. I use and load this card for internet purchases mostly as I have a bank debit card that it has never taken more than 3 days for a credit to appear and many of the purchases have been from Walmart. I THINK WALMART LIKES TO HOLD ONTO THEIR MONEY.

Today, I returned a $100 item, with a receipt that I had purchased on my money card. Several times of late when I have used my money card at the registers it will not take my pin for a debit so the cashier has had to credit my money card…so not wanting to continue to wait for another $100 for 10 days..I asked for the $100 in cash..something I had done in the past…No, no not anymore…I had to take the credit in the form of a gift card or return with my money card.

According to the receipt it states Visa credit because the register would not take my PIN the cashier credited the card. So if I returned with my money card and have the credit issued on my money card so I could again wait another 10 days to use my hard earned money….No thanks.

I unhappily agreed to have the $100 placed on a Walmart giftcard. So now I am stuck spending more money at Walmart. Not being a happy Walmart shopper I would like to be able to do my shopping with my $100 elsewhere not with a company who still is using my $300 dollars somewhere in the universe. So my warning to you is..beware of making a purchase that you may want your money back with in a reasonable amount of time…Cash is still king…buy with cash and on a return you will get cash back.

This card works great when I use it for internet purchases and load it for the amount only at the machines..these machines are convenient and loading only the amount of the internet purchases..saves you so thieves can not put transactions on your bank owned debit card. The $3 transaction fee is chump change compared to the scams that I have had to pay for internet purchases on my bank debit card. So this moneycard has it benefits and convenient uses…but it just another story of buyer beware.

Honestly, I know there are a lot of complaints about this card but to be honest, I’ve used the card for over two years, without a problem, the first problem I had was last week, I could not use my money, and come to find out it was because I had entered my pin wrong three times and it was frozen for my protection

My main complaint is that I had to wait 20 minutes to talk to a representative to get the problem solved. I changed my pin, and it works just fine again. I do agree with the few other people on here that said that it is just people trying to work the system, I deal with enough of these people to know that they will do anything for a freebie. I am glad I work a job to pay for people like that, thanks very much!

I’ve been screwed over by a bank, I like the Walmart money card, never had any problems with someone committing fraud, and those who have, I wonder if you just forgot you used the card, or if you lost your card enough that someone actually used it on you for once. If you lose a card you call and deactivate it or do it online so no one can use it. I have direct deposit on my card and everything if fine, use it to pay my bills, still works fine, if you DIRECT DEPOSIT your checks you don’t get a $3 reload fee, and if you work even a normal job like I do making 7.80 an hour you will have 1000 a month go in the card easy, and the $3 monthly charge will be waived too.

Whiners and complainers with too much time on their hands post here.

You can feel that way until they hold up your money and see how you feel then????

Frustrated without my Money

How quaint it is for you to make the assumption that all of these frustrated people are just too simple-minded to use this card correctly, as if it is always their fault that the system Walmart has in place for this card is reasonable in certain aspects. “Whiners and complainers with too much time on their hands post here” should read “Individuals with a vast amount of arrogance (who post about people who are simply frustrated with the Walmart money card) also post here”

I WILL NEVER USE THIS CARD AGAIN! I’ve had this card for almost 2 years now with no problems at all until last December on Christmas day; someone from France had purchased a train ticket using my card. I DO NOT know how someone got a hold of my card #! I live in AZ and do not know anyone from France. There were other fraudulent charges on my card as well from Nevada and Michigan.

The $$ was put back onto my card a month later. I was hesitant to get my direct deposit onto this card for a whole month. I have finally added $$ a few days ago. I checked my balance yesterday and found another fraudulent charge made in Kansas!! I am so disappointed in this prepaid card and am never using it again. Please be cautious!

Does anyone one know what exactly the “teller cash transaction” mean?

There’s a 2.00 fee for it. I think it’s when you get cash back when you are at the register but am not completely positive. Also I couldn’t find any description on it. So if anyone one knows I’d appreciate it.

BEWARE! This this by far the worst pre-paid money card experience I have ever had. I purchased this card for my 17 yr old daughter that just started driving to give a chance to be responsible in money management.

Needless to say we followed all the directions and the card would be declined when she tried to use it, putting her in a vulnerable situation. So bottom line is she never got to use the card and with the fees it actually cost me more $$. All I wanted was a refund of the amount I originally purchased it for. FAIL! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY ON THIS CARD!

I have used this card for 2 months with no problems. After my income tax refund was direct deposited, I went into a WalMart store to withdraw some cash and was told that they no longer cashed out these cards. I could load it but I couldn’t withdraw anything. I had to go to a grocery store and purchase a money order to make the purchase I was trying to make.

Two days later they decided to freeze my account. I called the customer service number and waited for an hour and 15 minutes to get a representative on the phone. (The entire time I listened to a message telling me my call would be answered in approximately 20 minutes.)

Once I finally got a rep on the phone I was told that the recent activity on my card was ‘suspicious’ and that my account had been frozen. I now have to fax a copy of my license and a letter stating that I authorized the IRS to deposit my refund on the card. WHAT is the purpose of that???

NetSpend is a much better alternative folks. Once I submit the “required” documentation and have access to my money again I will withdraw EVERY DIME, shred my card and mail the pieces back to them. They won’t get another chance to mess with my money!!!!

Hi Jessica, I am going through the same thing. I have been with Walmart Money Card for 6 years and no trouble. Last night I went to the store and found my account had been frozen trying to buy groceries. I was told that I had too many direct deposits to my account this past month which was my paychecks and tax refunds for myself and husband. It’s tax season . . . really?

Now all my money has been frozen. I was told it wasn’t about my taxes or the amount it’s just I had too many direct deposits. I also went through the hour on hold and told it was 20 minute wait. Also, told my account can be frozen for up to 10 business days and I told them this is all my money and I have a family to feed. Those heartless people said I have to be patient and they will release my money in 10 days, patience doesn’t feed children. Did you ever get your money back and how long did it take for them to realize they made a mistake?

I’m so sorry to hear about your dilemma and hope your kids will be taken care of. I am just starting this card today for payroll purposes only. I’ll keep you in my prayers as well as myself. Please do your best to be patient, it’s a wonderful virtue to hold on to.



Michael Garkorus

All you people are idiots. How do you lose cards? Need refunds for everything. I’m sure 75 percent of you are trying to cheat the system by taking money out yourself then calling to have it replaced. The other 25 percent of you just have horrible grammar and also have no common sense. If you gotta use this card, I’m guessing all of ya’ll cannot be approved for cards cause I’m sure you have ginormous balances with your other banks.

This card is great. Direct deposit setup, never been declined, it works awesome. Best part? No overdraft fees. I went over .77 the other day, guess what my overdraft fees were, ZILCH!

And to the guy who set up direct deposit before getting your card, you are beyond ignorant.

I cannot wait until this guy gets screwed over by this card! I received one as a gift from my son for my birthday, what a mistake on his part. I have jumped through so many hoops in order to try and purchase something with it. Wow what a pain. They want your ss no. and all your personal info for a prepaid card, no way. Keep throwing money at it mickey, your day will soon come. Work hard make lots o money, Walmart needs it!!

Funny you say that you went over 0.77. from what I know, you’re not even suppose to be allowed to go over…. What do you think about that?

Lol! Great comment. All of them sound to stupid to make through the day. How bout the guy how probably 40 sharing an account with his mom. And has demagnetized 28 cards and it’s the cards fault. And yes my exwife managed to over draw 2 accounts for a little more the 1900.

I also am FED up with walmart & their $3 to load & when bill time comes up,they have snuck an extra $3 for monthly fee!!Well, I hope they have to pay millions in lawsuits-make that billions for sucking life out of the little people!Sam Walton is rolling in his grave! His family has screwed many out of money! Don’t buy their insurance either-NOT worth it on electronics or games.-another gimmick!U SUCK Walmart!!

Do I need to show identification when purchasing the card from a walmart store? I can activate it online right?

I dont trust banks so I like this card.

I have had the card for about three years. I use to have a regular checking account and was bad about writing it down. Which cost me a lot of fees. With the Money card from Walmart no $ and card is declined. When I direct deposit 1000 or more a month no service fee and when I use it for gas I get cash back. The only draw back is when I use the ATM there is fees.


Complete waste of time. You forgot to add in that the card can’t be used for purchases outside of the United States… not even in Canada.

My sister was attempting to buy hair extensions from a company based out of Canada called Luxy Hair, however, she did not have a bank account and decided to buy a money card instead. Little did she know, Walmart money cards cannot be used outside of the U.S. No big deal, we’ll just get her money back, right? Wrong. Called GreenDot to get her money back…. 30 Mins and an argument later and they go from “We’ll send you a check in 7-10 business days” to “We can Fed-Ex it to you for a $20 charge” to finally (after I got pissed) “We’ll FedEx it to you in 3-5 Business days free of charge”

Flash forward to a week later. My sister calls customer service (the check has still not arrived). They tell her “Oh, it looks like that check was sent out yesterday” WTF. Seriously? TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! Do not waste your time!

Actually, yes you can. I’ve recently purchased goods from Hong Kong and Russia, amongst other, places obviously not in the U.S.

Now you’re just being a liar.

I had it for about five years they do not take disputes seriously. Every call center is in the Philippines and the reps admitted to have limited knowledge of the company policies as well as not knowing the phone number to corporate, they all seem to carry the title supervisor, are not very good liars after confronted with their lies, do not know how to transfer phone calls, do not have any supervisors over them and will not give you corporates phone number claiming that corporate does not have a phone or by saying they do not know the number to corporate headquarters. If you like it as much as you do when thousands of dollars disappears from your account and no one will help you simply because they don’t know how to help you remember you were warned. Oh yeah and maybe you will get to talk to Hank there because he thinks he is the top dog and clearly stated people like me (the kind that work hard for their money and expect it to secured in an account) are not any good. If you have a card I would advise find another place to do business before you get screwed or you will eventually be one of us in the done been screwed line. After 11 hours of calling them and going through at least 18 customer service members I tried to file a complaint with walmart stores who by the way would not take a complaint because they are not responsible for the walmart debit cards. I wish someone would have told me about this company before I became involved with them but I will be sure to tell others This financial institution is corrupt and has absolutely no seance of customer loyalty you will be screwed eventually they have a customer service rating of 2.1 (a joke) because they do not care about the customer in fact I was told something along the lines of so, we are still in business when I mentioned the fact that I would make sure people knew how corrupt the company is. This card is just a scam and don’t think that you are safe from them because hank and his minions are there waiting to get your money. All I can say to those that are considering walmart do your research and hey if you can afford to let this company have your money then go for it because there is no customer appreciation or qualified customer service reps to handle any situation. So to those that have this car seriously rethink and research and RUN with your money to another more ligitimate company or bank.

You CAN use the moneycard out of USA—at least in Canada. I just traveled there and used my card to pay for everything. In Canada, the card does not function as a debit card, but it WILL work as a visa. Some of their card-swypers don’t read the card properly, but if you tell the cashier ot punch the numbers in manually — it works. 🙂

Thought I’d reply, let everyone know the REAL scoop.

As far as their customer service–I pray you never have reason to call, s Sadies is 100% correct. Their service SUCKS.

Walmart cards are a great way to get the taste of the highlife….after you have been caught in a scandal and your accounts are frozen. Myself and my elderly mother share an account and have been for a while now. Along with annual and monthly fees we also have had to replace the card 28 times in 2 years. Not because they are stolen but because they have been DE-magnetized and wont work anywhere. And on top of that when we called to have the card replaced the service was sub par! Rude barely audible and completely pointless.

Verdict: Don’t get this card if you have bills rent or anything else to pay.


Wow…. So anything positive???

The Walmart money card is a waste of time, I agree with everybody on this site.

My boyfriend and I share this account, we both get all of our money direct deposited, paycheck, child support payments, everything, all of our life was in this account,. As I was checking the balance one day which I often did a daily check…… Every cent was withdrawn out of our account, over 2,000. Come to find out somebody had gotten all of our information and went on some website called and bought a bunch of computers with our money.

I had to call Walmart and report the situation so they could put a hold on the money, cancel it out considering the transactions were still in the pending status, they refused said they could not do anything about it the other company had to, but they did inform us that we would have the money back on the card in 3 business days, because this was fraud they were going to expedite this, 3 days later nothing, we had to call back we spoke to 3 different people who did not know what they were talking about, almost as if we never called in the first place and reported the activity on our card….

It’s now 7 days later and still have not received anything. DO NOT EVER USE THIS CARD!!!! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME!!!

This is the worst card ever. Customer service are so rude I’ve never freaked out on anyone until I received this card. Every time I try to access the website my passcode doesn’t work. This Card SUCKS!

how do i activate my money card without my ssn?

You can activate a walmartmoneycard without your SSN but it will NOT be reloadable, once you finished the funds that you have initially loaded then it would be worthless..

IT SUCKS!!! I’ve had Walmart Money card for about a year.. On October 28th I ordered a New card ( Lost the old one) I was told I would Receive it between 7-10 days.. today is November 21st, and I have NO card. Ready for the best part, Stupid me decided I would sign up for Direct Deposit ( to avoid the 3 dollars to load it).. I got 300 bucks in the card.. Floating around, after MANY calls I get the same answer.. There is NO way for me to TOUCH MY MONEY UNTIL I GET MY CARD!.. DON’T GET WALMART MONEY CARD THEY WILL SCREW YOU OVER!

My card was stolen in October. Between te time I realized it and called to cancel there had been a transaction for $500. I disputed this and ordered a new card. For some strange reason anothert transaction occurred from the same merchant for $2.75 so again I disputed that. I finally got my provisional credit on November 15. The same day they took the money back out.

I was told they spoke to the merchant and found the transaction I disputed was valid. I can’t believe it and demanded proof. They couldn’t and wouldn’t show me due to all they have is a phone conversation with the merchant. Now to top it off they are closing my account because of this and today when I called in to discuss this further they also said because they found it suspicious of reloading my card too often. Are you kidding me now there is a rule on how many times you can reload it? Its money in their pocket since they charge a $3.00 fee each time. Oh, and just to let you know today is Nov. 16 and the last time I loaded it was on Oct. 31 Does that sound like too often? What a joke! So kiss your money goodbye if you ever have to dispute a transaction.

the money card sucks. my card is not working. You have to pay $3.00 to reload money some ways on top of the sorry $3.00 monthly service fee. I AM GOING TO CLOSE MINE….DO NOT OPEN ONE.

Someone opened an account under my name. They had a lot of my old info. I reported to various agencies, to block any further attempts at identity theft including police report. The kicker–when I tried to call walmart to get this card canceled (the one that I did not apply for) the only way to cancel the card was to activate it. Once activated, the only way to cancel my card was to PAY Walmart a $3 fee. So, not only do I have to fight the criminals trying to take my identity, I also have to PAY Walmart a fee for reversing the process. Their only response was “think of it as a X-mas gift to the person doing this to you.” Way to go Walmart, for setting up a useless service that generates you money whether its legitimate or not. Kick the victims while they are down. F U.

The walmart card is just a waste of time unless you want to throw away your money. purchased and been using the card for about two months now as a way to pay my one utility bill since they only take mastercard. For the 2 months everything was ok. Then on my daughter’s birthday I loaded my card with plans to make some small purchases. After using the card numerous times that night with out my knowledge they put a block on my card. So the next day as I went to make a purchase my card was declined. When I got back home I called and talked to customer service to resolve the problem they were very rude and even laughed at the situation in my face. Then had the nerve to tell me that my own account is under investigation for Identity theft because some one called them and said they were me. Now how am I gonna steal my own identity. So in my advice just stay away to much problems.

I am a business journalist working on a story about the Walmart Moneycard. I would love to visit with you about your ordeal. I can be contacted via email at
[email protected]



Esteban DelaCruz

“I wasn’t aproved after waiting 30 minutes and gave all the information about myself; DOB, SSN, Address and the card to an automated service, then wait…. wait…. wait…. to be told that the “Patriot Act” didn’t aprove. I know the rep made a mistake at some point, because I was buying this card for my son, I’ve lived in this country for 20 years, have two bank accounts, spend my money here, pay taxes, but I can’t have a MoneyCard for my son? What is this ??? Now I HAVE TO WAIT FOR MY MONEY back, two weeks, and forget about the 3.00 fee, that’s lost. GO TO the guts of the burning Center of the Earth, WALMART. why don’t you make this statement when we buy the card? If you say you may not get approved, well? I don’t buy. bye.”

Junior Shephertd

Just purchased one yesterday and I am disappointed so far. It refused to accept my SSN. What??? I just feel like I have wasted time and money. Based on all the comments seen so far, there are more negatives than positives.

My Recommendation: DO NOT. I REPEAT, DO NOT PURCHASE THIS CARD. IT IS AN ABSOLUTE WASTE OF TIME AND EFFORT. If you have already purchased one, do not even try to activate it. Return it to Walmart as soon as possible.

Yes Junior Shephard.. this card is a total rip off !!! they just said the same thing to my dad said they couldn’ verify his social security number.. total scam…