Value City Furniture Credit Card Review

credit card trapEven discount furniture can be expensive and often times, folks turn to a credit card to finance. The Value City credit card is offered to their store shoppers, but is it really in the customers’ best interest? Don’t fill out a Value City Furniture credit card application without understanding how it works!

Watch out for this interest rate problem!
The financing promotions can change every once in a while, but here are the options the Value City Furniture store in Taylor, Michigan was offering at the time of writing:

  • No interest on any purchase if paid within 6 months
  • No interest on $1,500+ purchase if paid within 12 months
  • 9.99% interest on purchase of $1,500+ for 5 years

Note: you can only get one promotion, not all of the above on the same purchase!

At first glance these credit card payment options from Value City sound like a half-way decent deal, but once you read understand all the terms and conditions you will probably think differently…

The 6 and 12 month plans are deferred interest
A lot of people assume that these offers mean there is no interest for the first 6 months (or 12 months) but that is not how they work. Let me explain…

In order to avoid interest entirely, you need to pay off every single dollar of the purchase before the promotional period is up. If you don’t, you get charged interest on the entire purchase going back all the way to the date of purchase! So let’s say you make a $1,200 purchase but it takes you 7 months to pay it off… you are going to be charged interest for that entire 7 months on that purchase! At the time of writing, the APR is an extremely high 24.99 percent!

These “deferred interest” plans can be a real nightmare, because in today’s economy a lot can change in 6 months. If something unexpected happens to your personal finances and you aren’t able to pay the full amount before the time is up, you’ll owe a fortune in interest with the Value City Furniture credit card.

The 9.99% interest plan is good, but you can do better
If you anticipate any chance at all of carrying the balance on your Value City Furniture credit card past the promotional period, then the 9.99% flat interest from day one would be the lesser of the two evils. However, it may be possible to find an even better option…

With a regular major credit card, there are sometimes promotions that offer 0% interest for the first 6 to 12 months. The difference between them and the Value City credit card is that they won’t be 0% “deferred interest” promos. There won’t be any back interest to pay if it ends up taking you longer than the 6 or 12 months to pay the full amount… so you are truly getting 0% interest during the promo period no matter what.

Better alternatives?
Credit Card Forum has a sponsored ranking of the best credit card promos that give 0% on purchases:

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Written or updated April ’11

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I applied for credit card and ad I was about to put in my verification code my phone slowed up and I lost the page. Now I can not reapply. Help

sylvette williams

I wouldlike to open a account with this store I had one over twenty years ago allof my future came from value city. .

Friendly Neighbor

Hello everyone. I have read through all of the comments. Although it is unfortunate that some of you have had a bad experience, here are a couple reminders when it comes to store credit cards for ANY company. Unless otherwise stated, (which is rare), all promotional interest rate promos are backdated from the original time of purchase and even says so in the fine print. All store specific credit cards also have extremely high interest rate. It is very important when making a large financial purchase to budget what you can safely spend per month and references that versus the ratio of the purchase price and what you can spend. If when you take the total amount of the purchase and subtract your budgeted payments times the amount of months included in the promo, it doesn’t hit zero, than choose something else or re-evaluate the actual length of time you will be paying. This is a very basic concept that if followed correctly would eliminate so much of consumer debt in America. I have a fiance’ and a child and this concept has helped me provide everything needed for my family without a mountain of debt. Store credit cards are a very good way to build credit as long as they are used in the right manor. I hope that this post helps some of the readers of this forum understand this topic a little bit better.

I was not informed of any promotional plan when they gave me credit. my balance was $332.06 and now it is $538.66. they robbed me. tell everyone in the world not to buy a thing from these thieves !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My 75 year old mother was issued a VFC credit account a few years ago. She purchased many items, and paid faithfully on them; she is a good customer with a perfect payment history.
Commenity took over the collecting/credit actions of the company, and decided through whatever financial wisdom these twerks have, that it would be a good move to close her account, with an outstanding balance on the furniture she purchased. She is no longer able to use the card, the account is in revolving fashion. I think that is a breach of the original contract, and that although she would pay off the principle, she should be released of all interest due since the account was closed. The customer “care’ agent said that the stipulation was in the contract, and that she is obligated to pay the interest as well. I asked for a copy of that agreement, with the specific articles this man was persisting existsence on, but I was told those are corporate documents, that they are not avaiable for distribution. Thanks for the BS, VC and Commenity. Value City; God, please bring some of the real furniturs stores back… the one where you dont have to look at seconds and talk to vultures at every turn in the store trying to get you to buy… BUY ON CREDIT. Like used car salesmen; VULTURES AND BULLS******S! VC DOESNT GIVE A S**T ABOUT YOU ONCE YOUR MONEY IS IN THEIR HOT LITTLE HANDS!! Joy to the day the boards are on the windows. American Greed and lack of pride in their reputation, based on the apathy they have for the problems they creat people who were looking for a bargain, all based on how big they have it on top. Someone get in the business and topple thes has beens.

Im going through the same crap too. Ive been ripped off by these pigs…….


comenity bank has to be stopped! the way to do that is close everything out. cards ect. make sure you advertise what they have done to as many people as possible. do it all over the internet would be great. enough is enough!

Louisville KY VCF

VCF’s and commenity bank’s online is as poor as it gets. Turns out your statement balance is the total/final balance and what you pay is just minimum amount. When I spoke to customer care rep. they told me to use paper statement which has everything explained in detail and wants me to read 5 page agreement which has all the details spelled out.

If I am making a payment through online system, why make me go through paper statement to find out how much I owe. This is their way to charge interest to their customer.

Horrible customer service Commenity Bank.

I already closed mine out. if you know what is good for you, you will too! make sure you tell as many people you can about what has happened to you!

Can i use my value city credit card anywhere or just value city

do not use it any more! destroy It, close it out or pay the price for those thieves!

Margaret Gibson

I would like to get credit through this company so that I can build my credit and also purchase the nice thing that they have in their store, because it takes me a while just to save to buy things. I hope that they will have it in their heart and accept my application.

First of all, they do not have a heart nor do they give a crap about you or your family. They want your money any way they can get it. Just read some of the comments people are writing. Does that sound good to you? you really should not deal with a thieves? The furniture isn’t as good as it looks. It only last six or seven months before it falls apart. Can you afford that? If that is your idea of good deal, then go ahead, buy a lot of it and learn the way a lot of other people did. They made a fool out of me. Not gonna happen again….. HOPE YOU UNDERSTAND…..