US Bank Flexperks Travel Rewards Card Review

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Compared to the big travel-rewards competitors, perhaps you haven’t heard much about the FlexPerks Travel Rewards card from U.S. Bank. However, you might start hearing a little more, since U.S. Bank recently introduced a new version of the card from American Express (a CreditCardForum advertising partner) into its FlexPerks suite. The new card is called the FlexPerks Gold American Express card. U.S. Bank FlexPerks travel rewards visa

So are these cards a diamond in the rough? Our review will help you differentiate between the two versions of the card and help you compute the value of your points.

Looking for information on the no-annual-fee FlexPerks Select card? Go here.

The basics

The Visa Signature version:

  • Annual fee: $49 (waived the first year)
  • Earn 20,000 enrollment FlexPoints after you spend $2,000 in Net Purchases (purchases minus credits and returns) on your Card within the first four months of account opening.
  • Earn one FlexPoint for every $1 of eligible net purchases charged to your Card
  • Earn two FlexPoints for every $1 spent on gas, grocery or airline net purchases — whichever you spend most on each monthly billing cycle — and on most cell phone expenses
  • Earn Triple FlexPoints on eligible charitable donations
  • No Foreign Transaction Fees (based on creditworthiness).
  • Award travel starts at just 20,000 FlexPoints (up to a $400 ticket value) on more than 150 airlines with no blackout dates or online redemption fees
  • Receive an airline allowance of up to $25 with every award travel ticket to use toward baggage fees, in-flight food or drinks and more
  • $25 airline allowance each time you redeem for an award travel ticket. This allowance lets you get statement-credit reimbursements for things like baggage fees or in-flight refreshments.
  • EMV chip technology
  • Discounts at National Car Rental and Emerald Club.
  • Discounts for chauffeured car service with BostonCoach
  • Suite of benefits, including concierge service, secondary car rental coverage and travel and retail protections

The American Express version:
The U.S. Bank FlexPerks Gold American Express card has all of the above, with the following differences:

  • Annual fee: $85
  • Earn 30,000 FlexPoints after being approved for the card and after you make $2,000 in purchases in the first four months. These can be redeemed for an airline reward ticket of up to $600.
  • 3X FlexPoints at restaurants, 2X at gas stations and 2X on airline purchases

As you can see, these cards are both part of the Flexperks program, but the American Express version has a higher annual fee, more robust benefits and different bonus categories. The travel and retail protections, concierge service and rental car coverage may also differ because they’re administered by different networks (Visa and American Express).

But how much are those points worth?

Anyone who plays the credit card game knows that the number of points/miles you earn is irrelevant if the value of those points is not high or you simply don’t fully understand their worth.

So how do the US Bank FlexPoints measure up to the commpetition? It depends on the circumstances, but the value is quite respectable overall:

Redeeming for the annual fee: These cards allow you to redeem points to cancel out their annual fees. With the Visa Signature card, you can redeem 3,500 FlexPoints for a statement credit to cancel out the $49 annual fee (for a value of 1.4 cents per point). With the American Express version, you can cash in 5,000 points to pay your $85 annual fee (for a value of
1.7 cents per point).

Redeeming for gift cards and statement credits: You’ll get a value of 1 cent per point.

Redeeming for travel: For hotels, car rentals and cruises, you get a straight-forward value of 1 cent per point. You have to redeem through the U.S. bank Rewards Center portal.

With airfares, the US Bank Flexperks Travel Rewards program allows you to book with more 150 airline partners. The the price of the ticket will dictate how much points it will take…

  • 20,000 FlexPoints = Up to $400 ticket value
  • 30,000 FlexPoints = Up to $600 ticket value
  • 40,000 FlexPoints = Up to $800 ticket value
  • 50,000 FlexPoints = Up to $1,000 ticket value

If you do the basic calculations, that means the value can be as high as 2 cents per point. That equates to double the baseline value of 1 cent per point that you should generally shoot for with these general-purpose travel rewards cards.

Here’s the issue, though: Check out the tiered redemption structure above. Say the flight you want is $405. You’ve surpassed the $400 threshold, meaning you have to redeem 30,000 points (the next tier) for the flight. Instead of getting a per-point value of 2 cents, you’re getting 1.3 cents per point. That’s still more than the 1 cent per point you’d get with many general-purpose travel cards, but it might still be an unpleasant surprise to have to hand over 10,000 more points to cover an extra $5 in fare.

Another possible inconvenience is that you have to redeem your points through U.S. Bank’s online reward portal (or by phone, for a fee). Other cards allow you to comparison shop, book any type of travel (hotel, flight, cruise) anywhere you want and then redeem for a statement credit. Take the Capital One Venture card, for example, which lets you earn 2 miles on every purchase and then cancel out any travel purchase with a statement credit.

Redemption-inconveniences aside, if you redeem FlexPerks points in the most favorable manner possible, you’re getting an above-average rate of return on your spending.

  • up to 4 percent in the 2X bonus categories
  • up to 4 percent on cell phone expenses with the Visa Signature card
  • up to 2 percent on everything else

Other notable benefits

  • Annual Bonus: With the Visa Signature version, every year you spend $24,000 (that’s an average of $2,000 per month) you will receive a bonus of 3,500 FlexPoints. US Bank will let you redeem those to offset the $49 annual fee. So if you spend at least $24,000 per year, this credit card can basically be free for you. But since the fee is already waived year one you get to keep all those points to yourself.
  • $25 airline allowance with each award ticket: Obviously they added this benefit to compete with the free-first-checked-bag benefit found on airline cards.
  • You still can earn frequent flier miles: With most airline cards, you don’t earn miles on award flights. But with the FlexPerks Travel Rewards, your award flight is no different than a regular purchase in the eyes of an airline. So you can still use your frequent flyer account to earn miles on those flights.
  • No blackout dates or redemption fees: If you buy a ticket last minute it will probably cost more (and therefore require more points) but at least you have the ability to redeem for any ticket whenever you want.


The tiered rewards program for flights can be a little confusing at first glance. But if you play around with the numbers, you will see that it’s possible to get a good return on your spending. Those 3X points you earn on dining with the American Express version, for example, will get you up to a 6 percent return on your spending if you redeem strategically.

If you’re wondering which version of the card to get, the American Express version gives you 3X points on dining. That’s a common category for a lot of people, giving this card an advantage over the Visa Signature. Visa, meanwhile, offers wider global merchant acceptance, which could be a significant factor depending on where you plan to travel.

Updated June 22, 2016

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When this card started, I couldn’t tell enough people about it. 1.5 points per $1.00 spent, bonuses for groceries, gas, air travel, UP to a $400 ticket for a meer 20,000 points and a $600 ticket for only 30,000 points. That’s up to $.02 reward per point. Fabulous benefit and easy as could be. Then they dropped it to 1 point reward per $1 spent. OK, still a good deal. Book through Travelocity, you could book First class, comfort, economy or whatever your points would get you. Then somewhere in the fine print (who reads the messages on your bill, or even gets a bill anymore with Online work) US Bank got greedy. They decided to change from the reputable Travelocity to some third world travel handler, QT Travel. I tried to book a flight and found that my points were now worth up to $.01 per point, effectively cutting in half the reward I could get, and I could only book a super “cattle car” economy ticket with no seat assignment. I am taking my credit card business elsewhere, as US Bank no longer appreciates my business. Don’t waste your hard earned credit transactions on a third world card!

BAD NEWS. A ticket that cost 20,000 points last month now costs 50,000. Is the ticket showing as under $400.00 on searches such as Kayak, Priceline etc. Yes. But a ticket that might have had a cost of $$399.00 a month ago, today Feb 3, 2015 now costs circa $1,000. Eg., a bank of 150,000 points worth 6 or more flights a month ago is now worth 3.

Not sure why all the complaints here about denied cards. Mine was once after several purchases while out of town in FL. This year I called ahead and gave them a window of my stay, and no problem. Aside from the old GM MasterCard that gave me 5% towards a car, this is the absolute best one. When I tell people about it, they want to know more. Thanks Flexperks.

The response for the US Bank flex perks program on a rebooked ticket has been the worst experience I have ever had. The customer service department booked the flight reservation but never ticketed the flight. When requesting to talk with a supervisor to resolve the situation they refused to let me talk with a responsible person and told me I have to wait thus leaving the travel in limbo. I have no confidence in flex perks and do not recommend using them.

Such a frustrating card!!!

I tried to book our Paris hotel and went through everything on the hotel payment site including the “verified by Visa” stuff, then the transaction got a DENIED!! Called USBank card services and spent ten minutes on hold, spoke to someone, who transferred me to the “fraud” department, where I was on hold another five minutes, only to have to give another person all of the information I had already entered. There they told me that our card had been used at a merchant who had been “compromised” so they were cancelling the card and sending out new ones…third time this has happened in a year!! Told them no, that was not acceptable and I wanted to know the merchant and the date of the “visit.” Was told they could not tell me that, but I told them that was unacceptable. On hold for another five minutes, then he came back with someone who was going to speak with me and of course….disconnected!!! Aaaargh!!! Called fraud department back…hold for another five minutes…then told only option is to cancel card and send out new ones.

So for yet another time this year, we need to change all automatic payments we have set up, we lose online statement history and we have to wait in order to use our USBank Visa. Soooo thankful we have an American Express card that NEVER seems to have this issue. Needless to say, I easily booked everything on Amex.

Love the card and benefits, but HATE how their tier points work out. The best value is buying a ticket just under $400. But when there’s a flight that I need that is $406.. It brings me up to the next point level and is basically costing me $200 in points I could have used on a different flight. NOT ok. Why can’t I use my 20,000 points for the $400 ticket and pay the additional $6 on my own????? Nope, that’s too easy. It’s honestly a scam and SO misleading. Not to mention has caused multiple fights between my husband and I. He doesn’t understand why we can’t use my points unless the ticket is under $400. To be honest.. Once all my points are used up I am switching to Chase. It’s not worth it. So frustrating!!!!!!!!!

I used to pay the $10-15 overage, but 2 years ago they did not give me that option and I paid 60,000 for $858 worth of tickets

You need to be aware of how U.S. Bank operates in relation to this card. I applied for this card, but was sent a letter asking for more information. When I called, I was questioned by a gentleman who sounded like he came straight out of the FBI. A week later I called about my application and discovered that I had been “approved.”

What was not clear, however, until later was that I had not been approved for the card I had applied for – the US Bank Flexperks Visa Signature card – but instead I got a new Flexperks “Select Rewards” card. This card is completely useless and a waste of plastic. You get only 1 point for every $2 of spend.

To me, this is more like a bait and switch tactic. And, yes, I now am aware that in the little bitty writing on their online application, it says that US Bank may approve you for this card. Still – bait and switch, I say.

cancelling flexperks

Flexperks just cut my accumulated points in half, claiming 5 yr. expiration on 17K. Only one month warning mentioned in text of online statement. Be aware. Other airline cards do not expire points if you have activity. Customer service??
BS. Only serve themselves. points only worth .01 but cost .03 to buy more?

The worst, do not get this card, useless junk their rewards system is the worst in the credit card systems.

This is the worst card ever- I have had this card for over a year – and booked a flight in January 2014 and it was cancelled in February 2014 due to a winter storm. Since this cancellation I have called about 12 times to try to get refunded points and there has been nothing done. THey blame American Airlines, Travelocity, US Bank, its just a pass off between them and nothing has been done at all. They usually tell me that a supervisor will call me or email me, nothing.

I have had dozens of incentive based cards over the years from all the big banks and so far this is by far the worst experience. Usually 3 calls, emails, messages is the maximum to ever resolve anything. STAY AWAY.

Watch out if they detect irregularity on your card they will block it which is good and safe BUT THEY WILL NOT GIVE YOU A COURTESY CALL TO INFORM unlike other cards like CITI BANK they call you immediately they notice any irregularity to make sure you are the one authorizing the spending. With USBANK you have to call them to find out why the card has been blocked Some times they will block the card if you are travelling even after you have notified them of your travel dates and destination, VERY INCONVINCING!!!. very poor customer service and extra long hold time.

March 2014: US Bank contacts me to report irregular card usage, requiring them to issue a new card. My card was deactivated during the 14 day wait for a new card, which was a bummer given I needed to make a few big purchases that would’ve yielded a good chunk of points.

June 2014: Nice night out with family downtown, plunked down my Flexperks card to cover the tab—DECLINED. Ow. I called customer support from the table to find out what was going on. ‘Irregular card usage,’ I was told, thus they deactivated my card FOR THE SECOND TIME in three months. *This is a lousy business practice.*

October 2014: New Flexperks cards arrived in the mail–a surprise since we just got new cards in late June. Surprise! ‘Irregular card usage’ was detected on our account, so we get to update all of our autopay subscriptions, bill payments, etc that we charge to the card.

This is getting tiresome.

Other than the apparent haxor-friendly or gestapo-level security, whatever it going on, it’s a decent rewards card. We’ve booked hotel-flight combos with no problem whatsoever, as well as a few gift cards.

Satisfied User

I’ve been happy using this card for the past three years. I’m probably a more typical customer than some commenters – I spend about $25000/yr, travel domestically and always coach. Earned about 3500 bonus points last year in addition to 1 pt per $1. When the flights I buy were in the $350-400 range the 20,000 pts. for up to $400 ticket was a gem. With recent price increases I’m paying about $400-500 for flights so my choices will be more limited unless I use a larger point amount or score a low fare. The info about the $25 travel credit in the blog post is not correct; you cannot apply it to your ticket cost. You get a credit to your account for expenses which “post to your account under the airline carrier providing your award travel flight between the dates of your award travel flight.” Check a bag, get a beer, etc. Note that travel must be booked on Travelocity so no Southwest tickets. As of this writing you can still book AirTran, recently purchased by SW.

FlexPerks travel is still down 4/03/14. If this was an upgrade, it’d be done. I smell a scam in the works with me holdin a balance that would have otherwise enabled me a trip.

I have a large accumulated rewards balance & wanted to redeem for travel today. The site has a scrolling message that it is down for scheduled maintenance & you currently will not be able to redeem any rewards. I have been on the phone for 30 minutes & have spoken with three customer service reps who not only confirmed that no rewards could be redeemed, BUT that this would be the situation FOR OVER ONE WEEK!!
I should have changed to American Express Delta card when I was offered the opportunity.

Just tried to use my award travel…same issue. Not available. I wish they would post an expected time of completion for their upgrades. Anyone know?

It was back up and running again this morning, 3/24/14.

They had posted for a while that the site would be down. They have never done this before. I honestly think they are just improving the site. I have nothing but great things to say about this card. I switched from the American Express Delta card to this one and couldn’t be happier!!!

I have had this card for years and am mostly happy…BUT…beware should you book travel online and need help. Can you say “Hello Mumbai, or Punai or Bangalore” where you get to speak to people like “Peter” or “Kay.” Yeah right! The last trip I tried to take, I contacted them to see what our options were as our flight was significantly delayed and we were not going to make our connection. After being put on hold several times over a 45 minute period “Kay” came back on the line to cheerfully inform me she had talked to the airline and was able to cancel my reservation and get a full refund. Unfortunately I had specifically told her to not cancel, but to check my options. So that trip was hosed. It has now been almost three weeks and I am still trying to get my 40,000 points back.

I have had at least 20 different credit cards over the years, but this is – without a doubt the MOST UNRELIABLE card I have ever had. Although I religiously pay my full balance at the end of each month and have never had any kind of a payment problem, late payment, etc., this card is VERY FREQUENTLY DECLINED and for no apparent reason. When I call Flex Perks to complain, they just tell me it is for security reasons. I have to always carry another card, because I can never be sure this one will work. My BOA visa card never fails. FLEX PERKS IS A USELESS CARD!

I’m trying to redeem flexperks points now to join my husband on a business trip. The site is down for enhancements anyone know how long that will take?

They told me Monday 3/24

I used to have this no good card because I had a lot of NWA miles. It is next to impossible to book travel with them, and it is basically a dishonest organization. I love my Capital One credit card – you book travel anyway you want (expedia, etc – wherever you can get the best deal) and then apply miles after the fact. Someone really effective and nice always answers the phone at Capital One (always an American – so you don’t find yourself with a bad connection overseas). We have spent 40 minutes on hold with flexperks (my husand’s card) during a crisis. Try Capital One for the best travel program, and for a company that is honest, answers their phone and willing to hire Americans.

I picked up a receipt in a Safeway with a US Bank branch that promised “20,000 Bonus Flexpoints”. If the calculation Mario does below is what’s being promised then that’s a lie since 2500 of the 20,000 points are not “bonus”… but maybe it isn’t (I realize Mario was posting in 2012 — but Google brought me here in 2013.) Also, is it only the bonus 3500 points you earn for spending $25k that can be exchanged for the annual fee, or can you always pay the fee with 3500 points?

I never got around to using my points so irritated at myself when the annual fee came due this month. Upon checking my points, I immediately received an offer to pay the fee with 3500 points. I have not spent more than a few thousand $ on this card, so I was pleasantly surprised.

This is not a good card for me. I have tons of miles in here but, when I tried looking for a ticket. Delta Skymiles only needs 120K for a first class ticket to asia. Flexperks wants 350K. What gives? So, in short I redeemed the 350K for cash and will be cancelling this card as soon as when I get my new card from Alaska Airlines.

I wouldn’t give up so fast, automan. I have had a Delta Skymiles card for a long time and used it a lot, and have also had the FlexPerks card. Everytime I have checked for a flight, Delta flights are much higher in miles. Try again!

I have had a FlexPerks card for years. I like that I do not have to pay a fee (I get it back because I spend enough money), and that the airplane tickets can be on any airline. The number of points needed for a ticket can be up to half the number that, for example, CapOne requires, and are never more.

But there is a serious problem – these cards have a foreign transaction fee. So when I buy airplane tickets from, for example, European carriers, I dare not use the card or suffer serious transaction fees.

I love that my FlexPerks card is a chip-in-pin card – making it very useful for travel overseas. But however, I would not use it overseas unless I am only chip-in-pin works (gas stations for example), because of those pesky service fees. What galls me the most is the fees they add on to transactions done in US dollars!

eg. I bought first class tickets to Sydney on Orbitz. Turns out they went via Quantas – didn’t matter that they were in US dollars! I bought the tickets on the US web site. I got hit with a $380 fee for currency conversion!

Now I would like to buy Star Alliance round-the-world tickets. The price is in dollars and supposedly the credit card will be charged in New York. But hey! The head office is in Frankfurt! So I tried to get US Bank to assure me that there would be no fees. Star Alliance didn’t think there should be, but if they are wrong, there is no recourse. US Bank will not consider a refund. Since these are very expensive airplane tickets, I would be crazy to buy them with the US Bank Flexperk card.

My Marriott Visa provides a good option. It has no foreign currency transaction fees and I get double points for travel-related costs. I’ll use it for the Star Alliance airplane tickets. Too bad US Bank does not want my money – I think their perks are a bit better, but not enough to risk a $500 surcharge on tickets.

Even though Flex points allows mileage for flights, they book flight through travelocity. They use special fares in which you can not be upgraded if you are an elite member. Also any review has to be done through their site in which plan on long wait times and hang up. Also you can get miles for the flight however you do not get any credit at your hotel. You do not earn any points or can use your upgrades at your hotel- why I do not understand. Also I plan on using Flex points for part of my stay and my hotel points for a couple more nights. The hotel (Hilton) will not allow you to join them and you must use two separate reservation since they claim they have no access to the Flex reservation.

I like the idea of Flex point over Airline base mileage but find they are not that Flexible.

Happy FlexPerks Member

It’s very easy to modify a flight to save a few dollars, but I agree that it is a drawback. Also, if I were going to take a flight that only cost $200-250 or less, I would just pay for it. Take the 2% return on the Discover and the 3.2% on the US Bank and divide them: you get .625, which is $250 when multiplied against the $400 max value of the US Bank. So anything less than $250 is not as good of a deal and everything over $250 is pure benefit over the Discover. The US Bank also comes with a $25 bag allowance.

With the way prices are right now due to high fuel cost, we’re not seeing the ability to book many trips under the $250 price point, and I live in Boston! US Bank is still miles ahead of the Discover. The threshold for the bonus FlexPoints to cover the yearly fee is $24,000, by the way. Those of us who use their card for everything they buy shouldn’t have a problem hitting that.


I’ve have the world perks/flex perks card since 1995. My husband and I have taken many free round trips to Europe and 2 free round trips to China with the card. I haven’t tried VISA but we tried the Delta Skymiles program with American Express and were disgusted with it. We earned enough miles for a free round trip to Belize and dumped the card.


Can I use Flex Perks to upgrade to business class? I’ve been trying for a week to connect to a person at USBank and have usually hung up after being put on hold for more than 30 minutes.

I find the flexperks card useful because I can discount a flight that is very hard to get with miles from airlines.

You forgot to mention the additional monthly bonus points:

– 25% on bonus points earned on net rewards earned for Gold Package account holders
– 50% on bonus points earned on net rewards earned for Platinun Package account holders

Also, for new account holders, if they spend $2,500.00 (2,500 pts) within 5 months, a one-time bonus of 17,500 points is paid, equaling 20,000 pts ($400 ticket value).

I inherited this Flexperks card when NWA merged with Delta. I pay no annual fee. For the big spenders out there this credit card may be useful. I spend no more than a couple hundred dollars a year with this card so am unable to accumulate many points. From my perspective the rewards are useless for this card and will be for any one that charges less than a thousand or two a year. Takes too long to accumulate the minimum to do any good. And if you are paying the $49. fee you are really getting ripped off. Currently evaluating closing this account since I have credit cards that provide miles with different airlines and others that provide cash back on the next statement for different purchases without waiting decades to get a reward.

I totally agree with your major drawback. I have been pricing a trip to LAX from Detroit, awaiting confirmation on a trip date. The round trip price was $399.20. I received my confirmation last night and, lo and behold, the flight jumped $5 for a total of 404.40. Now I need to use 30,000 points instead of 20,000. My 10,000 points had a redemptive value of $4.40! I wish they would structure the tiers similar to Delta’s Pay with Miles. The 20,00 points would have a $400 credit and the consumer (me) would pay the $4.40. A much better idea.

Hi Cap, yeah that extra $5 costs you 10,000 more points 🙁 I frequently fly between LAX and DTW too and the prices tend to usually start at just a hair above the $400 mark, so if that is a common route you fly I imagine you might run into the problem regularly.

Happy FlexPerks Member

US Bank has offered many different promotions for 250-500 bonus FlexPerks points and they continually do so throughout the year. Additionally, with the Gold checking account that I have I’m getting even more back. So even though Discover gives you double points on everything, the rewards are half as attractive. Let’s look at my spending of $10,000 ($2,000/mo for 5 months) on the following:

Gas: $400/mo
Tolls: $50/mo
Groceries: $250/mo
Dining out: $300/mo
Retail shopping: $400/mo
Cell phone bill: $300/mo (family plan)
Activities: $300/mo

With the Discover card you talk so highly of, I would earn a total of 4,000 points per month or 20,000 points over this 5 month period, enough for a $200 flight. However, with my FlexPerks, I’m earning double on the gas and the cell phone bill, earning me 2,000 points plus a 700 point bonus for gas and cell phone plus a 500 point Gold bonus, ultimately giving me 3,200 points per month or 16,000 over 5 months, which is 80% of the point value of the Discover card. However, my 80% point value has 60% MORE buying power than your Discover card, so I will GLADLY stay with US Bank.

With your card, my $10,000 in spending gets a $200 flight (full 2%), but with my card and my spending, roughly $12,500 in spending gets me up to a $400 flight(3.2%).

So there you have it, the US Bank FlexPerks card can work much better for some people at less cost per year ($11 is almost a 20% savings) with the power of Visa (accepted more places), resulting in more rewards for less spending.

I should also note that I have a Discover More 5% cash back card and Discover is stingy as heck with their credit limits. I have over 4x more limit (and it’s revolving, not fixed) and a lower interest rate with US Bank than Discover with my middle credit score at 79X.

Hope you give more thought to your next review and maybe find out how the card/program works for some people before you bash it or say that another card is better.


I have used my Flexperks points for numerous trips (Alaska, Hawaii, New York, etc….) and I have always found their customer service dept. to be very professional to work with, and no blackouts is a big bonus. My flight savings have been incredible! Regarding their annual fee, if you charge a min. amount each year (the required $$$’s escape me), U.S. Bank will reimburse you the 3,500 points on the following month’s statement. Also, lots of bonus points are offered throughout the year. I am a very happy customer!

There’s one key element you are missing here. If you have a US Bank Checking account with this card (in a gold or platinum package) you get a 25 or 50% bonus on all the rewards you earn. So instead of 2 Flexpoints in your top spending category, you’ll earn 2.5 points/$ spent with the gold pkg or 3 points/$ spent with the platinum. All it takes to have the Gold Package is a checking account with a $500 minimum direct deposit per month and the Flexperks credit card. There’s no extra fees. You can get the Platinum package for no fee if you have $25,000 in loans/deposit balances with the Bank, have an investment/trust relationship, or are a member of the military. That makes this card a better value. I don’t have the balances/status for the Platinum package, but the Gold benefits are still better than nothing. Interesting to note, with the platinum, those charitable donations would be worth 4.5 points/$. Not too shabby! Also consider this: 20,000 miles on Discover Escape = a $200 travel credit. 20,000 Flexpoints on US Bank Flexperks Travel = a max of a $400 travel credit + a $25 baggage credit. Hmmm, I think I’d stick with Visa.

i love flexperks, for just 3,500 perks you can pay your $49 annual fee. also its great for way more then just travel.. as a matter of fact ..all i use it for is visa gift cards. 5000 perks gets you $50! so its like a penny a point.. right,,, so a penny spent is a penny earned!

Discover Card is not accepted in most places.