U.S. Airways Dividend Miles Changes To MasterCard

U.S. Airways planeDo you own a U.S. Airways Dividend credit card? Then you may be asking “Why did my U.S. Airways switch from Visa to MasterCard?” Well, it is very unusual for a financial institution to change from MasterCard to Visa and vice-versa. Historically, you only see this occur during a mergers and acquisitions, when the two companies are affiliated with different payment networks, so they therefore switch one so it’s the same for their entire card portfolio.

This is exactly what we saw with the U.S. Airways Dividend card. Bank of America sold off around two-thirds of the venture to Barclaycard (the American subsidiary of Barclays). It’s highly unusual that B of A will continue to own a small number of the accounts… neither companies would comment as to why.

If you a cardholder of the U.S. Airways Dividend MasterCard, there is no cause for concern. As of now, there doesn’t appear to be any other major changes to the accounts. Reps from Barclays have stated that they will ensure the accounts continue to be reported accurately to the credit bureaus and the length of time your account has been opened will be preserved.

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Written June 2009

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I have had my USair Mastercard for years. I have had no problems. The best thing about this card…..when you are abroad, they do not charge fees for purchases as does the Visa card.. This is a why I have both cards. I do not use the Visa when traveling…

$99 companion tickets are a joke!

I too fell for the USAirways card based on the pitch on the plane, including 2 $99 companion tickets. The $99 companion tickets have tons of restrictions on them rendering them mostly usless. I just canceled my card and now consider it an $89 investment in not believing a word the credit card companies or airlines have to say.

The help desk is useless. I spent over 1 hour yesterday trying to dispute some charges. They were not helpful. They instructed me to refer to my cardmember agreement and at one point had to pull out their calculator to resolve mny issue. From service rep to service rep manager, they had a foreign accent that made the call twice as long. The banks know that these low-wage employees can stay on the phone forever while it costs us, the consumer time and money to argue our case in vain. When I sign up for another credit card I will look for a ‘made in america’ help desk if that is at all possible.

Try to stay away from this card, you are loosing annual fee and will never be able to find tickets you need. They are just “NOT AVAILABLE”. Companion program is worthless, because you are spending over $400 for the first ticket and $200 for two companions with lots of restrictions.

these people are MORONS

I guess I got a lucky break then.

Since I have a USAIRWAYS Airmiles account, I applied to DIVIDEND CARD & was denied & was VERY PISSED OFF. I sent for my CBR & Barclays gave me the reasons I was denied was due to numerous inquiries. THEY HAD PUT A REQUEST IN TWICE??? & I had 3 other requests in 2 years?? My credit score is 765 & (used to be a loan officer) I scrutinized my CBR & there is not a blemish on it!! They said I was denied due to short credit history (since 1994), Too many accounts with balances & amounts owed is too high. I had 3 accounts with $10k to $15k limits & zero balances which I have since cut down to $500 to $2k……

ONE OF THE ACCOUNTS WAS AN LLBEAN ACCOUNT WITH BARCLAYS that I opened to get FREE shipping & had a limit of $500 I believe …THEY UPPED THE LIMIT TO $15k !!! & I have never ordered anything from LLBEAN higher than $50 !!!!???? Three accounts I have are joint with my husband & OUR TOTAL obligations are $120k (includes our 2x mortgages) I don’t even have a car payment on my 2008 auto (paid off in 18 months) Have an annual income of $120K & they can’t give me a credit line??

But now, reading all these comments I am glad. & I wrote to USAIRWAYS to tell them of their policies & they didn’t really care!?!??! I will stick with my RBS account for my airfares!!! GLAD I SAW THIS SITE or I may have pursued this!?!??! Sorry for all you peeps that got stuck with their card!!!!

Richard Matthews

All the banks are basically being run by the Federal Government and the consumer be damned. They are not private enterprises anymore and will never be again. The Feds have the largest company and are striving to control the entire US economy. With ObamaCare, they will have complete control of our health care services with most of the workforce being unionized by the SEIU. Only certain groups like the politicians will be guaranteed good health care. You will have to pay to play and if you vote for Republicans, with your voting record ending up in the federal database, good luck trying to get adequate treatment.

you are a moron

Wow.. I am so glad I stumbled upon this blog. I was checking on my account with US Airways. When the phone conversation ended, they switched me to someone at Barkeys promising all these extra perks. I could barely understand the woman, but I found it very interesting. She said that Bank of America no longer handles US Airways Dividend miles. I hung up and called Bank of America that is on my Bank of America Visa card for US Airways. My account is still open and my purchases will get credited to my US Airways mileage account. I am staying where I am, thank you very much.

barclays SUCKS!

I am glad to see this website.I had an immaculate credit record for years with my now ex for 20 years,and stupidly reopened the account in my name in 09.in august i found out by trying to use it at a grocery store,that i had exceeded my credit limit,and the sale was declined….even though the $5000 i charged wasn’t even due.guess that may be sop.the limit i found out was less than my Target card and much less than my Delta AMX .anyhow i had a senior moment and was 4 days late and charged a $35 late fee and a $88 interest fee, which after repeated calls..and a letter to their corp to no avail, so I sucked it up and paid the charges and cancelled my card. I have e-mailed back and forth with their website with the final one EXPRESSING MY HOPE THAT THERE WERE DEMONSTRATIONS outside their Delaware HQ.I will bet their feedback has had an impact on my credit score. count me in on a class action.

Barclay’s is one of the most EVIL companies on this Earth and I don’t know why they are not in the news as much as Chase and the other BIG BANK losers! It feels impossible to escalate any complaints to their Executive Office because Barclay’s does not post any executive contact information online. They only give out the WORTHLESS 800 numbers so you wind up talking to the same MORONS you are trying to complain about.

I have spent SIX hours this week trying to get the bonuses promised to me and after booking a frequent flyer flight with US Air, I come to find out that I don’t even get one bag checked for free, even though I have hundreds of thousands of miles and a US Airways Mastercard.



DO NOT OPEN ONE OF THESE ACCOUNTS. This has to be the worst customer experience I have ever received. I paid my annual fee and never received my companion ticket. After 4 calls, I finally gave up in defeat and cancelled the card. To make matters worse, when I asked to be connected to the complaints department, they put me on hold and then disconnected the call! Also, no customer service rep can intelligently speak to why my interest rate was so high. Yes, I get that it is an airline rewards card, but my Amex Delta card is 11% and this one is 24% (and I have an excellent credit score). Do yourself a favor and ignore this offer the next time you are on a US Air flight.

Juniper sucks… I charge about $300k annually. Inevitably. I get a hold on the account every other month, causing me to call the bank, then call the merchant, and usually need to do this a coupke times. Huge time waster.

AMEX NEVER does this.

Go wiht AMEX. recomend AMEX Blue, pays cash back.. got a $3000 payback last year!

I payed my bill off two years ago, they still stalking me for charges of $ 400.00 ,when I call them and ask what the charges are for they hang up the phone on me. the need to be reported to BBB !

I understand I was in the wrong 6 months ago with a late payment of 5 days. I now have a 30% rate for the last 6 months and today they told me I was still at risk and my rate will not change. This is after speaking with a rep and manager. My credit is outstanding overall and one late payment puts me in this situation? Forget it. I used to have a 13% rate for the last 5 years. And forget the rewards points. They don’t exist unless you want to fly someplace you don’t want to fly. DO NOT GET THIS CARD!

US Airways MasterCard is THE WORST CREDIT CARD EVER. Customer service will not help with removing charges, or canceling card, and will not give you a confirmation number. They don’t answer emails when trying to cancel either. I WILL NEVER FLY US AIRWAYS AGAIN. Even after canceling their lousy card and blasting them wherever possible on the net. I know it’s not just US AIRWAYS but also the bank Barclays, still they’ve both lost my business. Just to sum up US AIRWAYS SUCKS.

I broke free, finally. Closed my account!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck to the rest of you

Since US Air switched to Barklay Bank they misapplied payments to both myself and my wifes account. Started with calls on my wifes account stating that she was late on a payment. I produced a copy of the cashed check with the Fed reserve stamp and they still would not credit my account. The calls kept comming….made three electronic payments and one phone payment before the straightened it out (I think). Last month they posted my payment for my account to my wifes account and then said I was late. There should be legal action against these idiots !!!!

I, too have had a horrible experience with this bank. I did manage to reach a live person at “Barclays Bank” in Delaware. Her name is Lauren…her exstension is 302.255.7605. What ever you do…DO NOT do business with this bank.

I changed my US Airways Visa card when Barclay Bank offered a special deal on miles on one of my flights. Never really got all the miles promised but have had more problems with this card than any card I have ever owned. Today I go to use the card it was declined. I called the payment was not received and was 4 days late. No notice. Have never carried a ballance on this card and had sent the check a week before. Customer service was a joke they do not care about the customer. I am done with Barclay.

As a continuatiuon I should clarify that I am NOT an Amex employee but a restaurantuer who normally dislikes the AMEX due to the high fees. Howver even that has changed. Good luck to all.

WOW……..I found this site through a person who suggested that I post my comments here and so I will but with more: I have over a 1,100,000.00 miles on my “Elite” MC USAIRWAYS and I cannot book a first class flight to San Fran for my wife and I. I am sick of fighting with the US Air folks about this and was looking for a card to go to that won’t black me out….Looks like like the AMEX may be the way to go. Especially after reading your comments.
Thanks Michael at the forum.

I attempted to book last night with “Stuart” 2 flights round trip to San Fransisco and according to him there were no flights available. 8 seats on one flight, 5 seats on another and a few on 2 more were visable on my screen. I hung up since I tired of attempting to understand bothj the logic of this and also his english (far eastern accent)
I am going to move to American Express Platinum. At least I can use my miles when and where I want to. I have not had any issue until they went MasterCard.

I find the comments very interesting. I agree: NO NOT GET A U.S. AIRWAYS MASTERCARD.
In fact, do not deal with Barclays period.
I always pay the full amount on time each month. Did not receive bill and overlooked one payment. THEY called me and asked for the payment right away which I sent. They received it the next day (way ahead of the next scheduled bill) and the young man promised there would be no fees.
I got my paper bill and there were the fees. I called to report that they promised no fees and finally SIMON and his supervisor promised to listen to the recorded message in which the promise was made, and I was to call back in 7 days. I called back and could not get through because they kept disconnecting my call. On one occasion it took three tries to finally disconnect me. No one should deal with a company that treats valued customer in this manner US Air Miles or not. US Air are you listening?
I am going on Angie’s List and write up my experience . Spread the word and warn everyone of these unacceptable experiences

If you do not have a us airways mastercard…DO NOT GET ONE. My payment was returned to me and then they charged me for being late! Of course the % rate has gone up! Have they resolved this? no….will they? Who knows, I don’t it and even tho I will continue to call them and I am reporting them to the Justice Department. of my state.

Wished I had saw these comments before. Three months ago decided to apply for US Airways credit card to accumulate miles. I have had nothing but trouble disputing a charge and getting an unauthorized charge removed from my account. VERY RUDE REPS. This would never have happened with my American Express card. As soon as I use my accumulated points, I plan to drop this card and return to Amx. Good-bye US Airways too.

I had my BofA US Airways for years – always paid on time, no probs. They transferred to Barclays, and even though I had perfect payment history CLOSED my account while I was on vacation! Left me stranded with availability to half the credit cards & funds I thought I had. Now, they will not reopen it under any circumstance and I’m stuck with this closed account with a balance I’m chipping away at. They are horribly rude and all they want to say when you call them is “I can take a payment right now”.

I can’t stand much more of this messing for hours with a different answer from each Barclay rep. It’s hard to believe that US Airways has not received notice that they are being represented by a bunch of what appears to be nothing but crooks, and the lack of a brick and mortar bank makes me very uncomfortable.
I used to Go to BOA and pay my bill in full and early and leave with a beautiful
receipt…which by the way I never had to use. I’ve spent plenty of money sending certified mails which the Barclays rep recited to me…of course I never received the receipt. Their staff sounds like they were never schooled to handle their jobs.

I just had a similar happening. Was with BofA for several years with no problem — always paid in full each month, always on time via bank online transfers. Last month Barclays say I was ONE DAY late!!! ONE DAY!!! So they added $30.75 in finances charges and $39.95 late payment fee!! I talked with a rep and he “said” he would credit me withh $19.50 – but thats it. This is more than the money — this is the wrong way they treat customers!!! OH, and then I got a letter a couple days later that “due to my recent late payment” they were raising my interest rate to 29%! ARGH!! I called today to cancel. I’m following up with letters to Barclays and USAirways. Is Barclays an American company?

I would be interested in a Class action against Barclays. They have been double dipping my bank account and then claiming I am missing payments. Customer service is RUDE and can’t tell their [email protected]$ from a hole in the ground.

I am dealing with the same thing. My interest rate just went to 28.25%!!!! Over $300 a month in interest alone! I’ve been through everything I’m reading on here as of the past 6 months. I’ve filed a complaint with the BBB for Barclay’s DE. Everyone should do the same. Let’s class action this. It’s got to be illegal.

Not only is this a nightmare as illustrated above,
but I’ve spent hours on the phone and quite a bit of money and time sending certified mail as instructed by the company. I never get the receipt card although I have paid for it. How about that advertising that claims that if you’ll open one of these miserable cards they will give you 35,000 miles or some such thing? All I’ve received is annoyance. Today is the first time that I’ve talked to a “rep” that I realy truly could not understand. Oh well……………….

This has been a nightmare. I have similar problems as some of the people above, where my online payments are not going through to Barclays and they tried to raise my APR to 30%. What makes this worse, was that I had/have a case number and got in touch with BOA who said everything was fine. Then I called Barclays back and they said everything was set and the problem was resolved. 4 weeks later, I get my paper statement and problem was not resolved! They are raising my rates. I almost had a heart attack scremaing at the people overseas who were rude and arrogant. i finally got someone in the US, who was very helpful, but still no resolve, with a problem that was supposed to be already resolved!!!!!!!!!!!!! many people are correct saying that this is criminal; these acts from Barclays is negligent and criminal and designed to steal from consumers. I am sick to my stomach with disgust and would like to know if any law suit has been filed, because if so, I will hop on that bandwagon immediately!!

OH MY GOD!!!! BACK TO 9.9% ON BOTH ACCOUNTS AND REOPENED(not going to use them-LOL) but got my problems fixed! It just took 10weeks and calling and calling. It did take 2 calls to the number above. So I’ll be able to pay off the accouts before I die—LOL

well hello everyone,
I had a great call to barclay today and have a number to share with you all.
again I made a call to barclay to deal with the unethical dealings of barclay and poor customer service. again I got no help and they would not change my % rate because they say I closed the account–when in fact I opped out of a change they where trying to make to the accounts I have with them and by doing so THEY close the accounts. I also wanted barclay to know I was not informed this would LOCK my intrest in at 20.24% and 22.24% on my 2 accounts. again they said I close the accounts.
here’s a number to call in the US call and flood this number people!!!!!!! oh and when I told the rep i was recording the call they demanded that I stop–I asked–your recording this call right, they said yes and i told them I have the right to record the call also–well they hung up on me!!!
So call this number-flood them with calls

In Delaware:
Barclaycard US
100 S. West Street, Wilmington, Delaware 19801
Tel: (302) 255 8000
Richard Vague Chief Executive
James Stewart President


interested in a class action suit against Barclays Credit Cards? Damn right!!! and we need to do this. look at how many of us are getting screwed by this bank! I was traped by the change in due dates and was told I have a late payment in Jan 09–well now I have a 22.24% on this card. with a bill due for $221.48 and a finace charge for $220.48!!! one dollar is going to pay the balance. So if I pay Barclay for 5 months–they get $1000.00 plus dollars and 5 dollars goes to the balance. I’ll be DEAD and never get this card paid off! the mob has better deals than this bank. interested in a class action suit against Barclays Credit Cards? How do we start?
PLEASE someone help.

I had my interest rate raised and my credit limit cut for making a payment to EARLY

Would anyone be interested in a class action suit against Barclays Credit Cards? I’ve had my fill.

I have been trying to solve a problem with Barclays US credit card for 5 weeks now. I have spent approx. 7 hours on the phone, spoken to, and been disconnected by, several different people, who all admit that the mistake is theirs, and I still cannot get this resolved! It is to the amount of Twenty Seven Hundred Dollars that is owed to me! I am at my wits end on how to deal with this. Having read the above blogs, I am begining to think that this is a deliberate ploy and has to be criminal.
Any suggestions

Two months with Barclay’s and two instances of problems making payments online. From my view, everything goes through, but the payment never gets entered into their system. I only find out when the card gets declined. Get on the phone and they quickly waive any late fees but won’t admit to having a problem, and won’t open the accountb for 1-2 days. The best joke is that their credit department shows they’ve called me twice since the account went past due, but I never received any phone calls. Time for a new CC.

I had bad experience with Barclay’s Master Charge. This bank is the worst of them all…I did not realize that they are handling the US Airways Card, I thought this is from BOA. They hit me with $39 late fee even though I had sent the payment via bank transfer. I am canceling my card and would like to know where to file complaints against this bank and MC? Better Business Bureau ?





I found another “customer service” number 302-622-8990

USA contact information

Barclaycard Consumer
Customer service phone Phone: 1-302-255-8990
Lost & stolen phone Phone: 1-302-255-8990

Address for mail:
Company name Barclays Bank Delaware
Street + No. 100 S. West Street
ZIP code + City Wilmington, DE 19801
Country United States

Just be aware you will be on hole for ever!!!

I had the BofA USAirways Visa for 7 years, paid it off every month, never late on a payment. I called Barclay’s on the 13th of July telling them I had not received a bill. Barclays assured me that my first bill would be August. I tried to use my card in Key West this weekend. Declined. Past due. I still have not received a bill. I closed my account yesterday.

I have written USAirways and Barclays.

This is yet again a nail in the proverbial coffin of service in this once great country.

Does anybody have a phone number or point of contact for the Barkley weinies regarding payment of the Master Card, or U. S. Airways regarding same subject.

Kent 703.253.5607

I am 100% travel currently in a state with no B of A. I was at a restaurant and my card did not work. I activated the card that I got in the mail. I used it exactly 2 weeks and then that card did not work. I spent 3 hours on the phone with people that did not speak English trying to find out what happened to the card. They could not even bring up the account number. I ended up apply for another card (not US Air). I also called Barclay. They too did not have record of the account number. Were going to charge me for a card with the account number that they had on file plus charge me an annual fee. Enough of that. They do not even have a physical bank anywhere….Enough is enough

I just got off the phone after over an hour with Barclays and being disconnected once. The customer service is horrible and the information provided by different representatives is NOT consistent. You do have open the account to make your payment as BofA no longer has our records, rejects attempts to make electronic payments, and returns paper checks to sender. BofA is completely out of the loop now. You have to deal with Barclays if you have a balance. Does anyone have contact info for the USAirways department that manages the Mastercard agreement. that is where I am going next. They need to know how horrible the Barclays’ service is and how it is directly reflecting on USAirways.

Barclay’s is the worst credit card company!!! Their customer service does not exist. If there is ever a problem you are screwed. Save yourself the a huge headache by not going with them.

Highly disappointed with this change!!! I did not recieve notice of this change until I tried to pay my account through BofA then Barclays changed the payment date and claimed my payment was late. Also, I had a payment plan setup after I got laid off, and Barclays claims they don’t have that info so they raised the interest rate by 10% and charged an annual fee! BofA no longer has any account info and I cannot reach anyone that can help me at Barclays… horrible customer service. Shame on them for buying my account, because I think I’m just going to default on the payments.

We didn’t even activate the new Barclay’s US Airways Visa card and still got a $90 fee. This is ridiculous. We’re keeping BofA.

I don’t want this card either- has anyone figured out how to pay off the BofA balance (now that they have wiped all the records from the system) without opening the new Barclay’s account? It seems to me you have to open the new account, pay off the balance, and then close it. Or is there a way around that?

I did not even open my Master Card with USairways.
I liked BofA because I have a payment center in town and never had a problem.
I heard horrible things about Barclays from european friends. Cancel your card…go with Capitol one, no fee and you can use your miles with ANY airline.

funny that week i had bogus charges…BofA called me to ask about charges 3 days before the change over…they shut the card down due to Walmart charges in Chicago while i was using my card in philly…something bad happend before the change over

Barclays is grossly incompetent!! They are overly rigorous in checking that your charges are really your’s (to protect me, they claim). It’s really to protect them. They bounced a gasoline purchase the second day after the change over because I charged $1000 on the first day against a $20,000 line. I can’t access my account on line and the idiots that answer the phone don’t speak english and can’t help. Losers

I was not even made aware this was going to happen!! I DID NOT activate the new Mastercard and won’t be either. 30% interest and $90 per year get out! There is no way. I applied for a CitiBank card and will be transferring the balance over to that. 0% for a year and NO FEES! I can’t wait to find out how difficult transferring the balance will be. Guess I got off easy from the previous posters.

My ‘new’ Barclays Mastercard had this surprise: a default interest APR of 30%. I’m saying goodbye to that card! I’m saying goodbye to all my credit cards as a matter of fact. This taught me a good lesson.

During the conversion on June 21st, on the day that you could not access your account info on the BofA web-site, but also could not activate your new mastercard, I had several curious fast food transactions from Georgia show up on my account. 230 dollars at Taco Hell, MCjanks, KFC, and others on the same day! BofA actually called me saying that they have detected fraud and said I would not be liable. However I just checked my online statement and the fraudulent transactions converted over. I called Barclay’s and the BofA customer service rep did not notate our conversation. Very curious that this happened on the day that BofA customers could not access their accounts online. Wonder if anyone else had similar experiences…

I just recieved my new UsAirways Master Card from Barclay’s and will cancel it as soon as I can open a new account with another company. You cannot contact anyone here is the US, I keep reaing about all of the lat payment fees that they charge bcaus they do not post the paymens in a timely manner – plus I DID NOT ask for this change. You cannot sign up for online banking because somehow they did not recieve all in the information from Bank Of America. I cannot wait to get ri of this card.

I just received a letter from US Air-my fee for new Barclay’s master card is $90. BofA will not be able to accept payment that I sent to pay off balance. I’m cancelling new card and I’m protesting the $90 fee they are trying to charge me. Send comments to Barclay’s Correspondence at P.O. Box 8801, Wilmington, DE 19899.

Barclays is horrible. They do not credit your account to release the available credit for 10 days after your online payment. This makes it impractical for those who pay off the entire balance each month. Had one and closed it and now my USAir BofA is switching to Barclays — I can’t win! Barclays executive office is not concerned about customers and basically uses American affiliates to gain their customer base to exploit with protectionist policies geared to garner them more money and fees without having to payout the frequent flyer points.

I am a volunteer living in Vietnam and doing all my banking on-line. I had intended to pay off my US Airways balance prior to the change over. But, when I tried to do so, I found that B of A has purged all my payment information. The new Mastercard web site cannot be accessed without a login — don’t have one! — and after waiting on the phone for over 30 minutes to talk with someone at Mastercard, I gave up. Glad to know that this was all instigated by B of A. They just lost a long time customer! And I’ll also be cancelling my US Airways card for the reasons cited by Lauri. What a screw up.

what is the annual fee.. i haven’t been able to find it anywhere… also I just got my card and it doesn’t look like the pic. mine is all silver and says world elite