United MileagePlus Club Card Review

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Be warned… this airline credit card is definitely not for everyone. Light to moderate spenders who don’t have a particular affinity for United Airlines may be better off going with a lower cost airline reward card.

However, if you’re a United frequent flier AND a spend a large amount of money using thjis card each year the value of the miles earned could offset the high annual fee.

Disclosure: I do not advertise this card. All info about it is presented without warranty.

Benefit #1: More miles than their normal card

The United MileagePlus Club card costs $395 per year but it earns you 1.5 miles on all your purchases (except for United purchases, which earn 2 miles per dollar).Now obviously, if you only spend $10k a year it’s not worth paying $395 for a credit card. But think about… if you spend $50k annually, that equals an extra 25,000 miles every year. Considering that 25k miles is enough for a round-trip domestic flight, for the heavy spender this card could make sense.

Benefit #2: United Club Membership

If you want access to the United Club lounges, your options are few and far between:

A. Buy first-class tickets which come with access. Not all of them do. You have to be traveling internationally; domestic flights (including those to Hawaii) won’t get you in.
B. Buy a United Club Membership which will set you back this much money:
United Airlines - United Club Membership Rates 06-12 14
Apply for the Chase United Club Visa Signature.

Hmm let’s see… the credit card costs $395/year, while lounge access alone costs $500 if you don’t have status with United.

The choice is quite obvious – if you want lounge access all the time without having to buy first-class tickets, then the MileagePlus Club credit card is definitely the way to go.

By the way it’s worth pointing out that back in 2011, American Express and United Airlines parted ways. That means you can no longer use the Platinum Card ($450 fee) to gain access to the United lounges.

Benefit #3: Receive first AND second checked bags for free

two free bagsEven for those who don’t fly frequently, I’m a huge advocate of airline-branded cards that come with a free checked bag benefit. Because at $25/bag one way ($50 round trip), that savings will add up fast, even if you only fly once or twice per year.

You get this benefit for you as well as one other person on your reservation (so combined, 2 people can check 4 bags for free). That’s a savings of up to $200 per round trip!

Just like the 1.5 miles/dollar, this is another one of the benefits which can offset the annual fee, assuming you take advantage of it.

Benefit #4: The many, many benefits

As you can probably guess, this card comes crammed with quite a few bells and whistles…

  • Premier AccessThis is probably my favorite. When available you get to use designated check-in lines, exclusive airport security lanes, priority boarding, and your checked bags are among the first to be delivered. We all know time is money, so depending on how much you value your time, paying $395 to get all of this VIP treatment every time you fly could be a bargain.
  • No restrictions or blackout dates – It’s no secret that airline cards are sneaky when it comes to mileage redemption. Fortunately you won’t have to worry about United Airlines doing that if you have their Club Card. With it you can use miles for any seat, any time, on any United flight. Assuming the seat is available, you can use your miles at the Standard Award level to get it.
  • No foreign transaction fees – You won’t have to pay that 3 percent surcharge while traveling internationally.
  • No expiration on miles – As long as you have the card, you don’t have to worry about the miles you earn expiring.
  • Concierge – It comes with the dedicated Chase MileagePlus Club Card concierge service.
  • Purchase protection – Coverage for eligible items stolen or damaged within 90 days of purchase.
  • Extended protection – Get up to one year of extra warranty coverage for free on eligible manufacturer warranties of three years or less.
  • Price Protection – Reimburses you under some circumstances if the price of an item goes on sale after you buy it.
  • Return protection – Coverage for when a store will not accept your return.
  • Emergency card replacement – Get a replacement within 24 hours inside the US and Canada, up to 1 business day elsewhere.
  • Emergency cash service – Get up to $1,000 in emergency cash within 24 hours inside the US and Canada, within 1 biz day elsewhere.
  • Travel Insurance Benefits

Who should apply?

Really it just comes down to how much you will use the benefits. To summarize this review, the standout perks are:

  • 1.5 miles per dollar on purchases
  • United Club lounge access
  • Premier Access at airport, when/where available

I’m not claiming this $395 Visa card makes sense for the average vacation flyer (in fact, it’s probably a waste of money unless you’re either a true road warrior or just happen to charge a small fortune each month on the card). But if you’re a high-income business traveler with United, the card is probably well worth the annual fee.

However, there are a couple major downsides to contemplate:

  • The sign-up offer is lackluster given the lofty annual fee. Throughout the past year I’ve only seen them offer a $100 statement credit after first purchase, which is disappointing considering lesser airline reward cards offer up to 50,000 miles as a signup bonus.
  • The $395 annual fee is NOT waived the first year

My opinion? For most people it will make more sense to go with a different card or consider the lower-tiered United card; the MileagePlus Explorer.

Updated August 28, 2015

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i spend 400,000 per year on this card with my business so its a slam dunk on miles

The Chase United Mileage Plus card is a scam. It is impossible to use – even from the website. Horrible customer service. I have emailed and called and been told to call and the 1st number tells me to call the 2nd number and back and forth. The United call center is just robo choices and can not talk to a human being. I booked a hotel using United Mileage plus website and wanted to redeem rewards – gave them my numbers and have lots of miles. Instead, all they did was charge my card. Ready to call the BBB!

I got the fee waived the first year and just negotiated a $150 statement credit. Was surprised that they offered that much given that I never carry a balance and hence don’t make them any interest. But spend $50 k on it so I guess I am still a valuable costumer.

was this for the Club or Explorer card?

own a business and pay for everything with card. the 1.5 mile per $ get me numerous flights. The 2 bags per both of us saves $ every flight. The club access flight attendant counter saves time when flights delayed or cancelled. I.e. ORD problems in oct 2014. Priority bag claim gets you out quicker. better seats in club during 3 hour waits along with snacks and drinks saves $ at food court. I love this card

With respect to the waiving of the first and second bag fees, does this also apply to foreign(non-domestic) flights? If I fly thru ORD on the way to LHR,is the second bag free? Please advise. DG

If you want passes to the United Club, why not just go to eBay and pick them up for $15 or $20 apiece?

I attempted to access a star alliance lounge with only my united mileage club credit card while flying the alliance airline (not the united club card that ships separately). They rejected entrance. This means I also have to carry the United Club Card when I travel. I carry enough cards, and if this is the case, I would rather pick up the Amex Platinum, which gives you enough perks (free global entry, airline spending money, etc) to pay for itself each year. Will probably not renew.

If you don’t have United’s Club card,
you can not get into the United club with a domestic first class ticket.
It has to be an international first class ticket.
(Or use the 2 passes/year that come with the MileagePlus Explorer card).

what is YOUR “special” spend number in order to make this card worth it?