UK Readers: Need a Good Credit Card Calculator?

phone calculatorEven though we are a US-based company, we get a ton of visitors from the United Kingdom. They come to Credit Card Forum doing research about deals and offers, but unfortunately because we are geared towards the North American audience, we don’t have as many tools specifically geared towards them.

What’s the Difference?

Online credit card calculators for the US audience don’t work for our UK friends. What the difference between them? Well first of all, they use a different currency; British Pounds instead of Dollars. Secondly, cards over there don’t operate the same way they do over here. Things such as minimum payments, balance transfer fees, etc. are all calculated differently. Lastly, the cards offered here are usually not offered across the pond and vice-versa. So using an online calculator from a US site is pretty useless if you live there.

Calculators for UK Residents
Our friends over at the UK-based site recently came out with some calculators. So if you live in the United Kingdom, these are for you. They have a balance transfer calculator which is used for – well obviously you guessed – comparing and figuring out balance transfer offers. This one is useful too if you want to find out whether a B.T. or a low rate card would be the better way to go. They also have a credit card payoff calculator which can help you figure out how long it will take you to pay off a card. *Please note that these tools won’t give accurate results for US residents.

Other Countries
Live somewhere other than the USA or Great Britain? Well I’m keeping my eye out for calculators for other countries, too. Ideally I would like to put together a resource on here someday that links to calculators for every country.

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I thought they got rid of the pound and changed to euros???

Over there the APR is generally higher from what I hear.