Tractor Supply Credit Card: Personal vs. Business

tractor rutWith over a 1,000 locations, Tractor Supply Company is by far the largest chain for what they sell. In their own words:

“You can buy everything we carry someplace else, but you can’t find someplace else that sells everything we carry.”

Can’t argue with that, right?

But what I can argue about is using the Tractor Supply credit card. Take a look for yourself and you decide if it’s the best deal or not.

TSC Personal Credit Card?

The application says it offers deferred financing plans and monthly payment plans. The latter of which was advertising this:

Tractor supply credit card financing plans

Purchase ammountTerms
$499+ in purchasesPayments are spread out over 24 months
$999+ in purchasesPayments are spread out over 48 months

On both of these, the APR is 13.99%.

Regular purchases outside of those plans have a variable APR of 26.49%. And rewards? I don’t see any!


Whether you’re buying a $3,000 Club Cadet tractor or just $30 worth of John Deere parts, this card offers little incentive for you to apply. You probably would be better off with a good ol’ regular Visa or MasterCard instead.

TSC Business Credit Card?

On the brightside, this type offers itemized invoices and captures purchase order numbers. Obviously this is helpful if you run a business.

But this isn’t much better than the personal version of the TSC card when it comes to interest rates…

APR on business card

Now if you pay in full on a monthly basis then I suppose the interest rate won’t matter.

But if you’re like my buddy who runs a landscaping and snowplow business, he’s constantly having clients pay late and that leads to him carrying debt once in a while on his cards. If you can relate to that, try and find a business credit card offer that has a lower APR than 22% and just use that to pay for your purchases at Tractor Supply Company.

Written or last updated for Jan 2017

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I fell for this scam as well, bought my cub cadet, I’ve been paying over 60.00 per month in interest…not only Tractor Supply with Citibank but Sears with Citibank as well, I’m so upset with both cards and the money I’m literally throwing in the trash every month. I only wish I saw this coming I never would have used them. “m struggling to pay both cards down, 3-$400.oo per month each now, hardly any of it goes toward my balance! I have to stop the bleeding and will NEVER use these again. Same experience as Tom above….exactly! I haven’t used either one of these cards in over a year, and never will shop at either place. I always trusted both, never again.

I had no idea until today. Called the number on the card as my two promotional purchases oddly enough became due in December instead of December and April. I talked to two bitches, I’m being nice, one was a peon, and the other must have been the CEO, as she didn’t have a supervisor. I called tractor supply, they are checking into it. At least they were nice. I’m over doing business with a holes!!!

Tractor supply is BAD business! I had a tractor supply card and paid faithfully EVERY month. Got fed up with the interest (after a $65 payment each month only a couple of dollars came off- rest went to interest). I decided to pay them off and called in to pay the final payment of $1936 or so. I was told SEVERAL times that I was completely paid up. NO future charges or fees pending and that I was in the clear to close my account. Just received an email 3 months after closing saying there’s a balance on the account. Called and was told that they were charging me an additional $96. $65 for a “late fee”. And an additional $31 for whatever. They were so kind as to waive the $31 but I still have to pay the $65. So they make a mistake and I have to pay for it???? Seriously BAD business! I will NEVER own another one of their cards!!!!!

You are not kidding.. Absolutely the worst credit card I have ever had in my life! I made the big mistake of purchasing a piece of equipment from them using a promotional credit card offer at the store. I had my payment set up on automatic payments from my checking account. It was sent every month from my bank. I got a alert from the credit bureau that my credit score had changed. After investigating, it was Tractor Supply! Lets say your payment is due on the 20th of the month. Ok. But that date falls on a holiday, weekend or for whatever reason you don’t make the 20th. you make it on the 22nd. Too late. They have already contacted the credit bureau. You are a deadbeat. Now, when the bank sends that payment 2 days later, they contact them again, the credit bureau, and say you account has “improved”. I’m ashamed to say this went unnoticed periodically on my part . I just thought they were getting their payment every month. Not to mention the crazy high late fee they were tacking on. Could I have set it up to pay them earlier in the month? Sure! But jeezus, 2 freaking days past due? I paid them off. Credit card is gone. I wont even step foot in the store. Stay away from them. Want to screw up a credit score? Get one of these cards..

efrain Gonzalez

To me Tractor supply its my store. I found whatever I need