Toys R Us Credit Card (2013)

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A Toys R Us store in Japan

Last year the Chase Toys R Us card was switched to issuer GE Capital. With that change came bad news…

As with many retail chains, there is also a branded Toys R Us credit card. Previously issued by Chase, the newer version issued by GE Capital Retail Bank is mostly a move in the wrong direction…

Sky high interest rates

When Chase was the issuer, this MasterCard had a variable rate ranging from 15.24% to 19.24%. But now it’s significantly higher… 26.99% for new accounts!

excessive interest rate

This has got to be one of the most outrageous retail card rates I’ve seen. You would be better off with a different card.

Did you know that Toys R Us originally started out in 1948 as a baby furniture store in Washington DC? Of course today, they are among the largest chain of toy retailers in the world – over 1,500 stores in 35 different countries. Besides Toys R Us, the company also owns Babies R Us, KB Toys, and FAO Schwartz.

New vs. old rewards program

Here’s how the old Toys R Us MasterCard rewards program worked:

  • 4 points per dollar spent at Toys R Us and Babies R Us
  • 1 point per dollar spent elsewhere
  • 1,000 point = $10 savings certificate that can be spent at any Toys R Us or Babies R Us.
  • A maximum of 3 savings certificates can be earned per month. For example, that would mean spending $3,000 on regular purchases (3,000 points) – OR – $750 at their stores (3,000 points) in a given month would max out your rewards.

The new rewards program is the same except for the following:

  • 500 points = $5 savings certificate
  • No cap on the number of certificates which can be earned per year.

The credit card application wasn’t on the website at time of review.

The customer service nightmare

I had to jump thru MANY hoops to find out the above rewards info. Why? Because the application wasn’t on their website yet due to the switch, nor was the Toys R Us credit card customer service phone number listed (FYI it is 855-389-2359 if you’re looking for it). Here’s what I had to do to find out how the card’s rewards program worked:

  1. No phone number on website, so I called a local Toys R Us store and they couldn’t tell me (she said they hadn’t received pamphlets for it yet due to the change).
  2. Next I tried calling the customer service phone number for a different GE credit card (the Bebe card) in hopes they could transfer me. When I did that, after pressing a bazillion buttons, I got the response “due to high call volume we are unable to assist. Please try again later.” and the system disconnected my call.
  3. Called and asked them to transfer me but it was to Chase (the old issuer). That person then had to transfer me to GE.
  4. Finally I got connected to an automated system. It was worse than any I have ever experienced. It literally took me over 6 mins of pressing buttons before the system finally would transfer me to a human.
  5. I finally spoke with a rep. In her defense she was polite to me, but the language barrier made it a bit difficult to get my questions answered.

This process took nearly 30 minutes! I had to do all that just to get the rewards program information. Why? Because while the card was being converted, neither the store nor the website had the details up.

Aside from learning about the rewards thru this ordeal, I also learned this credit card has terrible customer service!


Well for starters, after that customer service fiasco I would never apply no matter how great the credit card was! That aside, before you apply for a Toys R Us credit card it’s important to run the numbers to see if it makes sense for you. Basically you are earning 4% at their stores, but only 1% everywhere else. So unless you plan on regularly spending a lot of money there, it probably isn’t worth getting.

And the APR? Don’t even get me started. Paying nearly 27% interest means this card is a lethal weapon for even the occasional balance carrier.

Best alternatives for 2013?

The rebate on their card is good, but honestly, do you spend enough at their store to warrant getting the card?

Think about… if you spent $1,000 per year at Toys R Us, their card would have only earned you $40 in rewards. Is that really worth the hassle?

For good alternatives, here are some different routes to go:

  • For high rewards on categories check out these 5% cash back cards.
  • For 0% financing on toys the Chase Slate with Blueprint is a good option.
  • For the best of both worlds check out this card from Capital One…

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Do not apply for a Toys R’us card. You have been warned. Its a mistake. They will watch your overall debt and when you make a large purchase running up the card balance some -they will spring the trap and raise your rates to the maximum.

Unfortunately I applied for this credit card on Nov-2013 as they offered some reductions. There comes the train of issues. They did a hard check in my account and gave only $500 limit eventhough my credit score is good. They didn’t send me the card and which maid me call the customer care and pay over phone. Finally after talking to customer care over phone from the store they some how managed to send the card to home account. Then they charged $25 for late payment. I called the customer care and they waived off the money. Thus I had -23.81 in my account. But to my surprise they removed the charge after 1 month which is not acceptable for me. I called them several times but failed to reach a live agent.

These people are simply looting our money simply thinking like there’s no one there to raise voice against them. Please don’t take this card.. please…

Dude.. I am not a large amount interested in reading, excluding one way or another I got to read loads of articles by your blog. Its amazing how worthy of note it is for me to visit you vastly often.

Gloria Roussel

This is a terrible card.From now on I will order my legos from the company.

Toys R US credit card is on of the biggest consumer scams I have ever encountered. I have worked for other financial institutions and this by far is one of the worst. The reward program for this credit card has been rated as one of the worst in the industry by consumer groups. It is not really even a rewards program; they send you rewards rebate certificates that expire within 60 days of receipt. You have to use your rewards at Toys R Us. The GE credit card is one of the highest interest rates in the industry also. To even make the situation worse I purchased a gift with the rewards certificate(s). The gift that I gave my friend with a gift receipt was returned because they already had the toy I purchased for them. They tried to return the toy for exchange and/or credit gift card. They were told that they could only offer $3.70 dollars for a $40.00 toy that I purchased. My friend was told that the purchaser had used rewards certificates and that they can only give the net value of what was actually paid for the figure. I used the $40.00 rewards certificates towards the toy and the remaining amount which was tax ($3.70). I paid the $3.70 with cash. My friend told me about this and it was a total embarrassment to me. I ended up purchasing another gift for $100 just to make myself feel better after this ordeal. I called the store to explain my situation and was told without any remorse that this is corporate policy. They told me that I purchase with rewards and that the true amount I paid was the tax. Therefore they can only refund or credit that said amount. My conclusion is that this reward program is not on only a scam but likely illegal in the state of California. Rewards certificates that expire, high interest rates, returns purchases with rewards are valued only at net value if the buyer paid cash or credit for the balance. Why would anyone even want to use such a credit card? I decided to never support Toys R us again and I urge all my friend to do so. I use to spend 3-6 thousand dollars a year at this establishment. I buy toys and donate them to toy drives. Never again! Readers of this forum; understand that G.E. is a bad credit card but it is Toys R Us that put all of these policies in place. They clearly know that these are issues but choose to ignore the consumer. Consumers should know that Toys R Us has no place in this the toy/baby product industry as a retailer. Boycott them and purchase elsewhere. By on Amazon or Target(credit card offers 5% rewards on all purchases!) it is usually cheaper and you will never have any issues with returns.

Ok I just wrote a whole review, and because I didnt add my email, it didn’t go thru, and did not let me go back and add it!
So why do I have this stupid card? I have no idea! I went to book a trip to Cancun before Sandy, and I had a $20,000 credit limit, 0 balance, and wanted to book a $7500 trip for 9 people. Called Expedia, booked it, gave credit card number, and they would not authorize a large payment like that! (why give me that limit then?) went to Cancun, tried to use that card, and it was closed because I was using it in another country! Really??? Thankfully my husband had his American in Distress card! Then they cancelled it again because I was using it at a store that was fraudulent (assuming Target, but they wouldnt tell me?)
Then my purse was stolen last week, called to cancel it (thankfully my daughter had the other card with the phone number on it) So I wanted to pay my bill online, wouldnt let me log in???????? Finally got through to a human, and said I would like to pay my bill, but the computer voice said I ad a zero balance but my minimum payment was $25. He said oh thats because its closed! I said so if I dont pay my balance will I incur a late fee? He said oh yes because your “real” balance is $1801! He then said he would waive the $10 phone payment fee! I said well since it is impossible to do it any other way, you have to do it that way! He said yea, you can’t view your account or anything!
Oh and I have to wait almost 2 weeks to get a new card! Again why do I have this card?
I think when I finally get the card in the mail I won’t even use it again. My PNC card was also in there, and that card is so much better, you can speak to a human easily, and you can pay your bill at any branch!

There needs to be a class action lawsuit filed about how GE Capital violates the current credit card law with regard to stating promotional balances just have to be paid off on time to avoid finance charges but will charge you finance charge on your current nonpromotional balance. I overpay my bill every month for my nonpromotional balance and they still charge me finance charge. They can’t charge me finance charge for promotional purchases, ignore that I’m paying off my current nonpromotional balance in full every month and charge interest. THIS IS AGAINST THE LAW. Customer service personnel are beyond stupid, menu is one that constantly reiterates “you can say…” dictating what you can call about, and online email has had technical difficulties for two weeks. Maybe consumers should scam better than ToysRUs and GECapital.

I received my credit “approval” in December – my first (only and last) purchase was for bikes for my granddaughters – one bike arrived after Christmas (ordered three weeks before Christmas), the customer service in the stores is non-existence and I have now paid $60 in “late” fees for a $90 balance. They change the due dates and do not notify by either snail mail or electronically. I have never experienced such horrible service anywhere.

If you can find a human, they are rude and incredibly uninformed.

This account would have basically been paid off if they had not scammed me with unfair “late fees”.

I will be posting negative comments about this rip-off game in every venue possible, and I certainly will NEVER NEVER recommend them to anyone for any reason.

I am quite certain they are violating federal laws and they absolutely should not be in business.

Don’t try to pay your bill in the store, the store doesn’t take credit card payments. We got a late fee because of this. Then when I called the support to get it reversed I fought through 6 (literally 6) voice menus before I could get to a customer service rep. In two of these it literally said ‘I understand you want a customer service representative but I need more information’. When I got the representative they seemed to be automated as well, they paused for 5-10 seconds before responding to anything I would say, including ‘hello are you there’. There customer service is the worst I have seen in the industry. My wife wants to use the card, so next time she gets to call them to fix it when there is a problem. 🙂

The Toys ‘R’ Us credit card has become the worst credit card I have seen and unfortunately have. The rewards are almost unusable, and substantially similar to what you get from just registering for the free in-store member rewards. When you receive “rewards” from making qualifying purchases on the credit card, they are just promotional codes that you cannot use with other offers or promotions. Plus, they expire within 60 days of receipt! If it were possible to cancel this credit card without negatively impacting my credit score, I would do it in a heartbeat.

the rewards dollars you earn CAN be combined with promotions and sales, I work here.

Carried 0 balance on Toys R Us card…..made a purchase last night Dec 20 2013 and store gave me 60 dollars reward money…..WHAT? So have been searching and searching to find info on this rewards card. Don’t like shady…..this looks shady.

Thank you for this discussion. I read this a few months ago and finally got around to reading my Toys R Us statement. Yes, my interest rate was 26.99%. I had been carrying a balance on the card, which cost me almost $900 to date in interest. I called customer service immediately closed the card and have been making aggressive payments on the balance. I am so shocked that GE would have such an outrageous interest rate. I mentioned the reason for closing the account to customer service and they were very nonchalant and desensitized to the fact that their company is greedy. She tried to convince me to keep my account open until I use all the reward points and coupons and I was not having it. I wanted that account closed immediately. I will never open back the toys r us card, nor step foot in their store anymore for that matter. I will shop elsewhere or go without if need be. Anyways, thanks again for this page, I am getting my credit card situation to a healthy place.

We’ve also had the toys r us card for many years. We noticed the changes when GE took over and slowly,, started using it less. Eventually, we stopped using it altogether, taking advantage of another card which offered better rewards. Today we got a notice issued by “R”US Mastercard;

Our records indicate that you recently attempted to make a purchase using an “R”US Mastercard issued by Chase Bank. Your “R”US Mastercard account was transferred from Chase Bank to GE Capital Retail Bank…

Then it goes on to say

If you have not recently attempted to make a purchase using an “R”US Mastercard please call us immediately

So naturally, my husband and I are concerned that someone may have had access to our credit card because, neither of us have been using it. My husband called the number they listed 3 times in a row after getting the runaround from the crap automated system. Is it really so hard to provide human customer service??? He just wanted to talk to somebody, kept repeating YES. NO. I WANT TO TALK TO SOMEBODY. Ridiculous. The third attempt and a human answers. My concerned husband tells them, I got this notice informing me that someone has tried to use my credit card. Customer service’s reply was, just ignore that notice. We wanted ti be sure you got your new credit card. My husband’s reply, “I’d like to cancel this account.”

BS. Don’t piss off a customer who is already unhappy with you. I won’t miss them. And best of all…no need to worry about anyone attempting to make a purchase on that card.

I couldn’t find my bill therefore I did not have my account number. After giving them all pertinent information, I still could not get it. how can a social security number be less secure than their account number. Blah blah company policy! The customer service was disappointing. very unfriendly and unsympathetic! Ended up canceling my card. Will not be missing it at all. My son will have to get his toys and games elsewhere where it is easy to: 1) get access to your account after providing security issues and 2) where phone people have good communication skills and provide good customer service.

Well, there’s no “grandfathered” in for old accounts at a sensible interest rate. EVERYONE’S interest rate is going to be 26.99% even if you have great credit, never have paid late, never gone over your limit.


I am another one who won’t be using my card.

I really had a very bad experience with customer service of TOYS R US credit card, they are so complicated, it 45 minutes to catch the representative and policies of GE BANK are totally fraud, they are thief. How GE BANK is surviving? I will be so happy when GE Bank will bankrupt….really the Toys r us credit card and GE bank both are blood sucker. Please don’t apply for their credit card.

I am very disappointed with the changes to the card. Just like previous users I would save up my gift cards for Christmas and by all my presents without having to pay for the presents. The rewards coupons are a joke for the credit card. I voiced my dissatisfaction with the store and all the person behind the information desk could do was nod at me and say that other people are upset as well. Duh then make a change. I have decided that since my kids are older and they like to shop at game stop for their games I am going to switch to a BJ’s Wholesale card. They give you 4% back on the card for BJS purchases and 1% on everything else and their rewards are good for 180 days. Well good luck for those people who are keeping the Toys R Us card.

Yes, I too was pissed off about the change to the GE bank. My hubby and I have3 yr old girl. I reg. at Babies r’ Us for my shower. I shop there anyway, so the card I got back in 2003 (b4 baby) was great. used it for everything. Hubby is big time gamer, and buys video games, Transformers, and game systems. Loved the card…THEN!!! Now u only get $5 “rewards coupons” and they expire in like 30-60 days. The Chase plan was great, we got several $10 gift cards every month, sometimes 3-4 cards at once. (thanks to 2 old cars with many repairs!!!) but i still buy my child’s diapers at Babies/Toys r us, etc. if good sale w/coups. I called the GE bank,finally reached a supervisor (same prob on hold like other ppl here) and she told me they “no longer give out $10 gift cards” they changed banks, and changed the rewards! The lady had no sympathy for me, even though a $10 gift card NEVER expires, and u can use it on ANYTHING in the store clothes, diapers, toys,etc. Also that I’ve been a loyal customer since 2003!!! They are screwing us over now!! I asked her for a phone# for toys r us/corporate but she “didn’t have one,” only gave me the corporate address…

All is lost. seems like a waste now. we were saving the gift cards for an expensive purchase for my dtr (i.e. a Power Wheel or outside playgym).
my advice, look else where for rewards…

Disgrunted shopper

I agree with Amy. I loved the gift card rewards. The $5 rewards coupons are a joke. I redeemed $20 worth of them today on a $24 purchase and it took 2 associates and 1 manager to finally override the system to take the coupons correctly. I never had this problem with the gift cards. With the higher prices at Toys R Us compared to other big box retailers this is just not worth it. The GE Card will not be used again.

I previously had the chase credit card and had no problems with it. Rewards came every month and while somewhat restrictive (could only be used in-store and not online), it always matched what I should have received. My rewards were capped at a maximum of $30 per month. Since the switch to the new provider, I had to wait 3 months for my first reward certificate and it was woefully inaccurate (but redeemable online). So far, I am out about $100 in rewards. After going through a phone maze to get to the right person, they took my information and said that it would take someone a minimum of seven days to review my account and see what I’ve been issued and what I was due. What?! Seriously, seven days? Why isn’t that info right on their screen? You also have to call ToysRUs directly and not the credit card (my first mistake), so this shouldn’t have been rocket science since they are largely just managing the rewards. I will be canceling as soon as I get what was due.

Anonymous Person

Go someplace else!!! I cleared up my account balance except for $3.00 that couldn’t for some reason be taken care of….an interest on something I had purchased within the past month. I was told to call back in a couple of weeks and they would waive it, no problem. Well, I lead a busy life like many – who has time to call these companies back! I registered online today because they had changed to G.E.. Come to find out I owe about $72.00 now because I had late fees that had added up on the $3.00 that was going to be waived. What do I have to do to get rid of this card??? I asked for the supervisor, which took about 10 minutes. Well she could only waive $15.00…..Gosh, for about $50 I can pay off everything…but????? will it be EVERYTHING????I won’t be using this card anytime soon – GO SOMEPLACE ELSE. This is a multimillion dollar company. Give me a BREAK….better yet go CASH – what a concept.. buy LESS America, and when you do buy AMERICAN, and pay cash when you can! Best to all out there!

I had the Toys R Us credit card with Chase for years and years, paid it off and haven’t used it in what seems like forever. So I got the new cards in the mail, registered online for their website, but only after it locked me out and had to call Customer Service and go through 10 minutes of telephone trees. The whole reason I wanted to register was to see if there are any decent balance transfer offers, etc. Lo and behold, no information on balance transfers at all on the website. As a matter of fact, I couldn’t even find info on what my interest rate is period. So I looked at all the papers that came with the credit cards, the letter that came separately announcing the change, and I still can’t find this information anywhere. Ridiculous. Guess this card will stay at $0.00 balance because I sure won’t be using it. Too bad, because I have a very high credit limit on this card. Their loss. I don’t have time or patience for this kind of customer service and lack of info.

It would be helpful if GE had the simple ability to add an alternate ship to address to the account. Too complicated for them I guess.

GE BANK sucks….

The old chase program did not cap the credit card reward program as stated above. The new one you will not get the reward cards in the mail as you did with chase. In fact they did away with that type of reward and rolled it into the store reward program. Now you need to wait 8-12 weeks before seeing your rewards and the rewards will expire in 60-90 days. The Customer service at chase was top notch as well as their fraud department. I too have no positive feed back about the 3 different agents I spoke with about the new rewards program.

This will be the shortest credit card activation I ever had.

we have had a toys r us card for many years. now that it has changed. they tacked on a $90 charge after we canceled it. it was a great card in the past, but we are so out of this card. and the operator was very very very rude, please be very cautious with toys r us now unless you like shelling out $90. you definitely don’t owe. there are far too many charge cards to pick from. the perks really arent worth this hassle!

I’m having trouble all the above is true…especially some other country, people work as customer service having trouble where I can be contacted the GE bank. Last month was ok i saw my account. But now it wasn’t showed up my account on chase… how to pay this shiitt, won’t be late I wont ever pay late, but this matter it gonna be…never get a Toys R Us credit card, sucks….