Total Credit Card / Total Visa Card – Are They Any Good?

As you probably know, most smaller banks and stores outsource their credit card management to a third party credit card bank/issuer. One of which is Total Card Inc. (TCI) out of Sioux Falls, South Dakota… are they any good?

Who are they?

The company was originally founded in 2000 by four people who came from the credit card industry. Today they operate out of both Sioux Falls, SD (their headquarters) as well as Luverne, MN. Some of Total’s credit card portfolios under management are Plains Commerce Bank, Mid America Bank & Trust Company, Monterey County Bank, Affirm, and New Horizons.

What types of Total cards are there?

The Total Visa credit card option appears to be the most popular, but MasterCard is also an option.

How is the Total credit card customer support?

Something that stands out with Total Card is that they use 100% U.S. based customer support for their clients – they have over 100,000 sq/ft of space between their South Dakota and Minneapolis locations.

This U.S. based support is definitely a big plus for both the consumers, as well as the banks that partner with them. When it comes to credit cards, nothing pisses offer customers more than having to deal with a call center in India or the Philippines, so I commend them for keeping their support American-based… it keeps the customer happy, and that reflects positively upon the bank issuing their credit card.

Do they offer online payments?

Yes, Total credit card payments can be made at

Total Card vs. the competition?

There are a number of different companies that banks and stores use to outsource their credit card portfolios. The two biggest that come to mind are GE Money Bank and World Financial Network National Bank. Unfortunately, both of those are monstrous companies that are too big for their own good and receive a lot negative credit card reviews due to poor customer service.

So far, Credit Card Forum has not received any negative complaints about Total Card services or support. Therefore, they are one of the few credit card companies we rate as being good (though it could just be a case of none of our active forum members being cardmembers – if that’s the case then no news isn’t necessarily good news. But for now we will give them the benefit of the doubt.

Have an experience you wish to share?

Do you have a Total Visa card or MasterCard? If so, feel free to share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below!

Written or updated November 11, 2015

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Do like I do. Spend the money and don’t pay them. Fuck these idiots, you gotta screw them before they screw u

The trick to speaking to a live person is to press * then # for reporting a lost or stolen card. Very sketchy that you have to choose an option you don’t need just to speak with someone.

There is no option on any of the phone numbers they give you to speak with a live person. I had to call 1-888-257-1152 and not say or press any numbers and let it keep saying “That credit card number is not valid, please try again.” The recording went through this cycle 3-4 times until they finally said ,”Please hold for a representative.” To me this is sketchy and definitely unprofessional. I requested my 2 installments of $29.67 to be refunded and the 3rd installment of $29.66 to be cancelled. I then asked what number should I press to speak with a live person if for some reason I don’t receive my refund or if that cancelled transaction goes through and was told she didn’t know what I needed to press. I then waited to speak to a manager that might know the answer to a question that every single customer service representative should know. I’m still holding after more than 6 minutes to speak to a manager. I think they must be busy with other customers that figured out how to trick their automated system into letting them speak with a live person. Lol

Bought something on Amazon with the Total Visa card. I had about 200 left. My average transaction was 50-100. I decided to buy an item of about 150 dollars on Amazon. It declined the transaction. I call in and the lady says all is good. I decide to just go buy item again as the lady instructed me to do. Nope. I pay the bill in full. Just so i would not get dinged. I call the lady and she says Amazon is holding 300 dollars pending authorization. I call Amazon they tell me it was instantly declined by Total Visa and that they gave me the authorization number confirming it was Total Visa who declined it. Now the lady on the phone says that the pending authorization “by amazon” will be released in two weeks… Later I get charged an over fee and late payment for making a payment on time. Also I am missing 150 dollars which only one of the purchases I bought released. I asked her and she keeps rambling on about how every thing looks good?? Also they apprently have no record of this. They do not show you pending authorizations. Two months later still no 150 dollars. I am not talking about fees either I payed those seperate. Their system is automated with bugs. Your money goes missing. They decline every transaction from amazon, ebay, or any major retailer over 100 dollars. Once your transactions are declined they hold the funds for 2 to 4 weeks and charge you late fees even though you paid instantly online. Then your money goes missing. This company is literally a scam. Also you cant sue them because your online statement only shows what they want you to see. Tried to get my credit good from my teenage years. This card is NOT the way to do it. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED PEOPLE.

Every comment out here I bet u just didnt pay ur bill on time or not at all. I have this card and its absolutely no different from any other card. Ive never had trouble with it and have never pd interest because I dontcarry a balance and my bills are paid every month. Everything Ive read here in the comments about this bank is bs. Pay ur bills, stop whining, and tell the WHOLE story if ur gonna tell anythung at all. For those of u wanting to rebuild ur credit, this is a great card for that. And yes they report to the credit bureaus every month faithfully. I recommend the card myself!

First of all, I found the customer service with this company to be very poor. Had several issues when trying to make telephone payments. I made a $100 payment and the next day received a telephone call saying my payment was late. When I told them I had made a payment the day before and gave them the transaction code, I was told the payment didn’t go through. There were plenty of funds in the bank so I wasn’t sure what happened. I made another $100 payment at that time. I get another call that evening saying my payment was late and I said no, I made the payment must be an issue on your side. Regardless comma I’m new at this point it was a day past the due date and the payment had to be made so I asked them to make the payment for $75 and then finally $50 before the transaction went through. At this point I thought all was well. When I called to cancel the card for never getting a credit line increase Kama I was told the company does not automatically increase your line of credit; you have to ask for a credit line increase. So I did. The young lady on the phone told me my account was in excellent shape and that I would get a response in 2 to 3 days. Yesterday, I received an email telling me that my request for an increase was denied because I had a late payment in the last 6 months. That was the only instance that could even be construed as a late payment and while there were problems that I can’t explain, they have evidence that multiple attempts were made but for whatever reason did not go through. So, I cancelled my card and cut it into little tiny pieces. Another thing for perspective card holders to know is that when you pay using an automatic transfer from your bank, they can (AND DO!) hold those $$ for 14 days.

I started with a Capital One prepaid card and make sure all my payments were on time and always
more then the minimum amount due; even though this was a prepaid card, they raised my credit line by 50% without my having to apply. I have also had great experiences with Credit One Bank. I would suggest anyone with challenged credit try one of these other alternatives to the Total Card. card

So if I pay the $89 processing fee how long will it be before my card is activated and ready to use???

I’ve had this card since 2007, never received a credit limit increase. I try not to use it often, so for the most part I have everything but $10 used, and like I said I’ve never been offered or given a limit increase.

This company is an absolute nightmare and lord only know where they get their employees! An account was opened using my identity in November of 2014 and I have been corresponding with this company since April 2015. I was a victim of identity theft and other accounts were opened, including cell phone accounts. All of the other companies have been wonderful about helping me, but not this one. I don’t know what kid of company this really is, but DO NOT WILLINGLY use them!

I paid off my entire balance on my Total card. I then waited until it cleared, as of 8/18/2015 I had my full limit available after paying it off. I then went school supply shopping for my kids and got a few groceries all totaled about 100.00. later that night my wife took the card with her to put gas in the car so I could get to work and guess what DECLINED!!!!!! we know we are not allowed to pay at the pump, but after midnight is not the best time to be outside of a car!!! I called the card company today 8/19/2015 come to find out they had a block put on my credit card!!! their reason, a large payment (I paid the entire balance in full) and they are demanding that I show them my bank statement to verify I PAID the card and will not realease it until it was verified. now my problem is that I should not have to verify my information to them, and the payment cleared so where is the problem??? now I can not use my card and if I pay it off every month do I have to do this again?? this is beyound riduclase and foolishness!!

Two weeks to pay

They will hold all checks for 14 days …if you pay them they American at least ..but it takes being on hold for at least 15 to 30 minutes to get a person .. You write rgem a check and they hold them for 14 days. Bull Crap

I have had the Total Card for many years. They’re fine to deal with and my interest rates are much lower now. I needed them when my credit wasn’t where I wanted it to be. They give me regular increased limits. If you pay them on times they’re good.

are the credit increase high or low? for example $100 or $500

I don’t see any problem with this card at all! All these negative complaints are blah blah blah.. This card is for rebuilding credit so of course it’s going to have high interest and a high yearly fee, it’s not a big price to pay to bring your credit history up to a good standing. Hey people! all of you that are talking poop about this card, go apply for American Express and let’s see what they’ll tell you hahahahahaha 😉

I have not had a good experience with Total Visa Card. First, I sent in my processing fee. It was deducted from my bank account. I call to activate the card and the recording keeps telling me that once funds have been verified I will then be able to activate and use my card. It’s been almost a week now, they have their money but still says payment pending when I check the status. With ever number they give you, you can never speak to a live person. I have emailed then at the email address they give. They do not respond. This is ridiculous. I can’t even speak with anyone to get a refund. It’s crazy. Beware.

Hi. Did you ever get a refund I need one but can’t get a person on the phone

i just got aprroved but reading this i would like to know if i can cancelled it before i have it in the mail i live in New Jersey
thank you

Yes you can cancel. Please obtain a letter stating the account was closed for your records. Hopefully you haven’t sent the 89 to activate the account if so you’ll have to pay off the 75 annual balance before closing the account.

How does this card work it 225 limit ok but do the card renew every month an do it go up to 300 like the card said or what bc I don’t get it

I have the Total Card. When I first received the card the limit was 225.00 after making my first payment of 75.00 for the annual fee for the first year the limit went to the 300.00 that was agreed on when accepting the card. This is a good card to rebuild credit. Pay your balance of completely on a monthly basis on time. Try not to carry a balance to avoid the high apr.

Your credit limit is 300 but they take out the 75$ fee so after paying the 89 your really only getting 136 and than after 6 mo. If your in good standing your credit will increase probably 100

i got a total card onfeb they gave me 300 on the card now the queation if i dont pay them can they sue you or what

Just wondering, why would you not pay them? The purpose of this card is for people with little or no credit. By not paying them, you are only hurting your credit further. This is ridiculous.

They probably wont sue you but your credit will be terrible and good luck ever getting credit again ever its not worth it because all you really get is about 100 after fees

I admit I made a foolish decision getting this card.I was trying to buy something off E bay and card kept getting deactivated. So I researched the card and found this site and agree with the other reviews I read. Is there a good way to get rid of this card without the problems other people had.

My Bad Experience

This credit card company is a rip off! I am being charged fees from 2009 for a card I had paid off, and now they have Goldman Asset Management trying to garnish my wages. I know I paid them and now they are trying to get fee with fees!

Take the collection company to small claims court. Prove payment of the debt and sue the collection agency for harassment.

I was told by a representative at total credit that after I paid my 89.00 fee I could start using the credit card that day. I PSID my fee and went and called just to be sure and was told by automated computer i have to wait two weeks for my debit card payment to clear!

I have a letter from this bank and credit card showing account paid in full. I then cancelled it. Now, there is a deragotory comment on my credit report and no where to send this letter. I am protesting with all 3 credit rating companies
and if it is not adjusted, I have option 2, 3 & 4. Who do these people think they are?

I had bad experiences with Monterey County Bank. Closed all my accounts and would never do business with them again. Not recommended at all.

They sent my elderly Mother a letter stating she owed them 7,000 dollars. Even though my Mother is elderly she has a brain still and threw her arms up stating she could not believe this is legal. How many people really think they do owe something and pay them?! They need to be thrown in prison! being sued for $2080.00 from a balance of $89. They are theives.

My Bad Experience

This credit card company is a rip off.

Monterey County Bank is involved in many of these cards. They were fined by the FDIC for their involvement. Beware!

Can someone give their customer service number? Theres a collection agency calling me about a card that i dont have with this bank. The collection agency wont give me their address and calls me non stop.

Contact your attorney general, they can stop the calls and get the collection info you need

Cris A. Thorngate

This is the second time I have called (its more convenient) and got no where! I have been on the phone holding for 15 mins. Its only 4:45 there! I called the other day as well and the same thing happened! Now I am late! I think its a scam to charge you for late payments! I tried calling on the 7th and my payment isn’t due until the 8th. As soon as I pay this off, I am cancelling.

These people have the WORST customer service. The # on the cc leads you to a 2 choice auto system where neither choice is to talk to someone or help you find any info anyone calling would actually need. Find any customer service # on their “website” is next to impossible unless you just randomly start clicking on any option. I waited out the bogus choices on the phone to see if it would direct me to a person, and after asking me 3 times to enter info that I am not interested in, it decided to ring… only to tell me they were closed. If these people are professionals, they sure have zero idea about running a phone-based customer service. However, a single late payment by a day will get you endless harassing phone calls to your mobile, home and work #’s.

I continue to try to reach customer support only to get a message saying that I cannot call from my calling area. How the heck am I supposed to get in contact with a rep?

My biggest complaint is that there is no website you can go to in order to review current transactions. You have to rely on memory and/or receipts, which I don’t usually keep. In this age of technology, I have never seen a company so out of sync with the times. Also, couldn’t get through to customer service this afternoon to check on transactions, so I’m unhappy with that also.

These people are crazy!! They bought my account from another bank and I never carry a balance on this card. They sent me the statement for a $65 annual fee which I paid on 11/3 it was due 11/16 it was posted 11/18. They gave me a late fee so I mailed my late fee out on 12/5 they didn’t post it till 12/30. When I called they said “The mail is slow” and “South Dakota is not a populous state so mail is slow here”. Talked to supervisor and he said just pay the late fees online instead then. Load of Crap!!

Crap company too cheap to put all the data online and too secretive, there are not good instructions on how to reach a human on their automated line.

They called the house and left a robo message saying that this was not a solicitation, that they needed to speak to us urgently regarding business were were “apparently” conducting. We don’t have an account with them, so clearly they are a solicitor – what a bunch of liars! I left a message indicating my indignation and informing them that we are on the do not call list.


Are you sure you’re referencing the same company I discussed above? I haven’t heard any negative reviews for Total Card Services, from what I can recall.

I am absolutely sure they are the same company. I have reported them to the authorities. Their customer service is nonexistant. Their illegal debt collection practices will come back to haunt them. I will not be intimidated or threatened by THEIR ILLEGAL TACTICS. Not only that, I will sue them, as is my right under the law. I will expect my $1,000 from them in payment for their willful violations of the Fair Collection laws.

want to file a dispute against them

Please let me know how you filed a dispute against this company, as I would like to do the same.

Very respectfully,

I received a letter in the mail today that they were not renewing my card due to a delinquent payment or over my credit limit. This is funny since I make my payments 2 weeks early every month and I still ha credit available from my last statement. Where did they come up with their information???? Their customer service sucks and I don’t recommend them.

Anna Fay Shaw

I agree – the Total card is worthless if it cannot be used abroad. I found out the HARD WAY about this. I had NO idea it could not be used abroad until I went to Canada about 4 years ago and tried to use it. It was then that I found out I couldn’t use it abroad. It is a good thing I had another credit card, or I would have been SOL!!! Also, you cannot use this card at a gas pump — they say it is for your safety, but that is crap also. It is the ONLY CARD I know of that cannot be used at a gas pump!!! And until Mid-America Bank & Trust Company began funding for Total Card, you could not make an on-line payment if you had made on in the last 14 days!!! That did get changed, but nothing else. I am closing my account TODAY!!!

This card is crap, you cant use it abroad and on internet sales that have merchants out of the USA. you pay a yearly fee of $40 for what, nothing. their customers is terrible and i have this account for 5 years, why you ask, so i can build up my credit. now that my credit is good i am closing my account down. how can you be a credit card company in 2011 and do not accept international transaction.