Torrid Credit Card Review

Torrid is a great place for hot plus-sized fashion, but think twice before you use their credit card. Here’s why…

Torrid has 2 different reward programs – Divastatus & Divastyle

Divastyle is a free customer loyalty rewards program available to everyone, you do not need the Torrid credit card to participate. The benefits are generous – you get access to exclusive shopping events and special offers. After you sign up you earn one Divastyle point for every dollar spent. After you reach 250 points, you become a qualified member for a full year and will get 5% off on all your purchases at Torrid!

Divastatus is a different program that is only offered to Torrid credit card holders (which I’ll explain in a moment).

Now let’s talk about the credit card offer…

What type of card is it?

This is not a major credit card, it can only be used at Torrid stores and on their website. It is issued by Comenity (formally known as World Financial Network National Bank or WFNNB).

How’s the customer service?

I’ve actually haven’t heard any reviews yet (good or bad) of the Torrid credit card’s customer service. However, there are a ton of negative reviews online about the issuing bank (one of the most complained about in the credit card world) so that is definitely a red flag in my book. But like I said, I have yet to hear from a Torrid card holder so I can’t conclude one way or another until I get feedback about their customer service experiences.

What’s the interest rate?

Obviously these things can change at any time, but at the time of this review the Torrid card application listed a 24.99% APR… this is definitely high and makes this card a poor choice if you ever carry a balance!

How do the credit card rewards work?

The Divastatus rewards gives a $10 rewards certificate per 200 points earned… so essentially that’s a 5% rebate. Aside from that, there are also specials and promotions and whatever the first purchase discount may be (which was 15% off the first purchase as I’m writing this).


It’s not that the Torrid credit card rewards are bad, but it’s just that the basic reward program that is open to everyone (even if you don’t have their credit card) is a darn good deal in and of itself. You already have the ability to earn 5% discounts on all your purchases without the Torrid credit card, so it’s a matter of whether or not you actually want to hassle with another credit card – that can only be used at one store – to get the extra rewards/perks it offers.

A better idea?

Believe it or not, there are a couple major credit cards on the market that give up to 5% rewards on spending at all clothing stores (like Torrid) and all department stores. If you’re going to get another card for rewards, you might as well get one that can offer up to 5% at every clothing store, right?

You can find more in Credit Card Forum’s sponsored listing of the best 5% cash back credit cards.

updated for Jan 2013

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madeleine fausset

Bad bad company!! Customer service lies,to you,,makes excuse after excuse,why they won’t take a return,I will contact my state about frud being done about this company,Fl

I have had a torrid credit card for two years now and I absolutely love it. I’ve built my limit up and the best thing is as long as you pay the minimum payment you aren’t charged intrest. That’s $25 a month. Could have been the time I signed up that they offered this. I’ve never had a problem with my card or customer service.

hay I seen u have had the card a wile so I was trying to find out can I use it any other store besides torrid

when i activated my card they sold me some credit monitoring service and said i’d get a $20 gift card if i completed the account set up that was supposed to be sent via email. i never got the email so i’ll never get the gift card, and now my card is going to be charged $15 a month! how do i get out of this scam?

So CAN I pay my balance off online directly with another debit card? That was my plan. I have a bank acct but I never use it and havent even got checks or anything for it. I assumed theyd take a c card debit with prepaid money on it as payment? Or can they do so over the phone?Is it free? Im confused and already spent around 129 dollars with my card,I have a 500 dollar limit but only use part of it etc. Planned to pay more than minimum.what IS the minimum even?

i too got sold this plan and am still within the first 30 day trial whereyou can cancel. I need it cancelled probably since no e mail or mailing from it for me either, and no gift card yet. I will cancel if no gift card soon. Its free the first 30 days, but why keep it if it is not letting me monitor credit anyhow? I also have to say that my incomes very low and I have Horrific credit but my limit started at 500. and is being increased. I wonder why? plz if anyone knows abt do they accept debit cards online or OTP let me know? thanks.


I got the credit card to get the 15% off in the store. I have not had any problems with the card just pay more then minimum balance as is a good practice for any credit card. Both my granddaughters shop at Torrid but the customer service in the store is what really keeps us coming back. The staff is so helpful and courteous to everyone. Like the clothes and customer service.

I was just approved for the Torrid credit card in store w a $250 limit. Funny thing is, the girl to,d me I was “pre-approved” meanwhile less than 3 weeks ago I applied online and was declined. When I called to recon they told me to apply in 30 days. So being pre-approved in-store less than 30 days after my last application for this credit card was weird. I suggest that if you apply for this card you go into the store and do it, better luck that way. I really like that this card has perks for cardholders as well as non cardholders. I pay I plan to pay in full as interest rate is high, that’s surely the not way you can save money and really benefit from the perks. I shop at Torrid often, so this is a card I definitely wanted to have.

When you apply in store you have a higher chance of being approved. This has happened to me with a few stores when applying online. I’ve made it a practice to just walk in and apply now. Quicker and always approved.

I have the Torrid Credit Card, too. The only thing I dislike is the APR rate. Besides that, I have had zero problems with paying my bill online. It only takes me two minutes tops, and it’s really easy to do. I would definitely pay more than the minimum payment to avoid getting extra charges, or simply pay it all off every month.

i have a torrid credit card and i have no problems using it i make my payment online thru my bank and i love the clothes there my bakance is @ 1,200 and my payments are low at 70.00 per month. as to my old navy visa that is very high and almost none of the payment goes to my balance only interest and i am never ever late but anyway i love my torrid card lol

GF got one of these, total ripoff! They don’t accept on line electronic payments, they accept checks on line for a $15 processing fee, they don’t accept cash or any other payments on the card in the store. The won’t even let their own employees get one of these cards! Avoid this credit scam or suffer the consequences..

That’s just not true. I pay mine online ll the time from my bank account and am never charged a fee. It’s easy. I never carry a balance so I never pay interest. I just get the perks.

Well I love my card. I pay my bill online and I do not get charge an additional fee. I pay my bill off once I get my bill so as far as the interest goes. No big deal. The staff is great and very helpful.

Amanda Mendez

I just got approved for the Torrid card but only for %350 limit…. The interest rate is indeed high but I plan to pay it off in full anyway and be done with it. Maybe if the interest was lower, but I desperately needed some spring essentials and was short on cash so it seemed like a good deal for me. I have yet to deal with customer service so I cant say how that is.

I have had the Torrid card for a year and only used the one time to get the 15% off. I’m trying to cancel it and there is no way to do that online. 🙁 That’s the only bad thing I can say. Good thing, they don’t send a ton of promotional emails like so many companies do. My inbox is cluttered enough! 🙂

I applied today for the Torrid credit card to get the extra 15% off they offer for first time holders. I will be paying off the balance in full and don’t plan to use the card again. It’s just not worth it since they have Divastyle.

Torrid has a great card and they also have rewards that change monthly so be sure too always check them out.