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tjx rewards mastercardThe T.J. Maxx co-branded credit card actually goes by the name TJX Rewards card. TJX Companies is the parent company of T.J. Maxx and also owns Marshalls, HomeGoods and Sierra Trading Post.

So, if the cashier asks you if you want to apply for it while you’re shopping at T.J. Maxx, should you say yes?

This review will help you make an informed decision.

Two versions

T.J. Maxx has two different versions – a store-only version and a general use MasterCard which can be used at merchant locations anywhere world wide that accepts MasterCard. Both are issued by Synchrony Bank.

When you complete an application you aren’t given the option of which one you want. The one you receive (if approved) will depend on your credit history.

So you risk ending up with a private label store-only version (which can’t be used everywhere like the version with a MasterCard logo). You’ll still receive the hard pull on your credit, however, which will temporarily lower your credit score.

The store-only version isn’t all bad — and can act as a credit-building card if you use it well.

Sign-up offer

You’ll get 10 percent off on your first online or in-store purchase made with the card. If you apply online, you have to use your 10 percent off coupon toward an online purchase. If you apply on a mobile device, you’ll get a 10 percent off coupon sent to your phone, which can be used in-store.

You’ll need to use the 10 percent off coupon within 30 days and must make the purchase with your TJX Rewards card.

Earning rewards

Both versions of the card have the same rewards-earning scheme.

At T.J. Maxx, Home Goods, Marshalls and Sierra Trading Post, you earn 5 points per dollar for all purchases. For every 1,000 points you earn, you’ll receive a $10 rewards certificate. That translates to a 5% rebate at these stores on your in-store purchases.

Rewards certificates are issued in $10 and $20 denominations.

If you have the MasterCard version, you’ll also earn 1 point per dollar wherever MasterCard is accepted.

Using your rewards

Rewards certificates can be redeemed in-store at all TJX’s affiliated brands. Or, they can be redeemed online at TJXMaxx.com or Sierratradingpost.com. You cannot redeem for gift cards.

Annual fee

Neither version of the card has an annual fee.

Annual Fee none

Interest rate

Interest rates are always subject to change, but as of Dec. 2016, the APR for both cards is 27.24 percent. That’s above-average for store cards, but not exorbitant in the field.


For shopping at TJX-branded stores the rewards are quite respectable. However, the interest rate is insanely high. The takeaway should be to pay your balance in full each month with this card.

Also, remember you are earning rewards specifically to use at TJX. So think about how frequently you shop there. If you think your rewards will languish, consider getting a more general-purpose rewards card that earns rewards everywhere — and allows you to redeem for straight-up cash back.

Now let’s talk about store cards in general…

When it comes to credit cards issued by department stores and other retailers, be hesitant. You’ll likely get a low credit limit and may even end up with a version you can’t use outside the store. Plus, Synchrony (prolific issuer of store cards) is not known for great customer service.

If your credit isn’t great but not terrible, look at credit cards for fair credit.

Why we gave it 2 out of 5 stars

This card was rated based on our standards for store credit cards.

The TJX Rewards card has a comparatively good rewards program. But it doesn’t have much appeal for those who don’t frequently shop at TJX brands – nor does it have any incentives to make you want to shop there more.

Empty starOffers introductory interest-free financing: The card offers no special financing.
Full starOffers ongoing rewards/discounts: This card offers bonus rewards on TJX purchases for the life of the card, and the MasterCard version offers rewards anywhere MasterCard is accepted.
Empty starFair interest terms: This card’s APR is above the average store card APR (according to CreditCards.com's latest retail card survey).
Empty starConsumer-friendly incentives: This card doesn’t offer any extras for loyal shoppers that aren’t already offered by TJX’s free loyalty program.
Full starCan be used anywhere: The MasterCard version of the card can be used outside TJX stores.

This post was written or last updated December 2016

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I’m livid about my T.J.Maxx account. I have an excellent payment history and started out with an $1800 limit. I spent a lot at Christmas and then paid it off fairly quickly. Immediately they cut my limit in half.

Then we moved, and I spent a great deal of money again. I’ve paid off half of it and now they’ve dropped my limit to only $10 over my balance. This, of course, makes it look like I use all the credit available, which affects my rating.As I’m currently working on getting a mortgage, this has greatly affected my ability to do so.

Clearly, they’re not interested in my business. I’ll be paying off the balance, but unless they make this right, they’ve lost my business. A terrible practice that I suspect is illegal. I’ll be notifying my state’s attorney general because I suspect this is fraudulent.

As a side note, I’ve spent over $7000 in the past couple of years. Probably not the best customer but still, I believe, valuable.

Does anyone know I just applied for my card got approved does anyone know if I can go shop today using just my I’d and my ssn

I do not recommend this card. I love TJ Maxx and shop there quite frequently. So, I thought this card would be prefect. Over the last few months, I have paid my balance early. My official due date is on the 25th but I pay every month on the 1st. They charged me a late fee this month! I told them that I have paid EVERY month and they said that it doesn’t really count because I am not paying on the due date. BUT I HAVE PAID EVERY MONTH!! Well beyond the minimum amount, I might add. This makes no sense. I get charged a late fee for paying my bill??!!

Unfortunately i am finding out now just how awful credit card companies are and how it really works.
I have a few cards that had promotional periods 2yr no interest..i did not know they add your interest rate according to your balance at the end of that promotion!
I also didnt know that they can reevaluate your credit at anytime and adjust credit accordingly.
I had 8k available credit on a card with an 1100 balance, making overpayments every month..we bought a truck, 19!! inquiries for the truck loan hit my score, the credit card company evaluated my credit and lowered my available credit to my balance – making it appear as a maxed out card on my credit! – huge effect! Also no grace period so i get paid once a month, i make my payments on the 20th when it was due just 16th, 4days, the hit me with late payments?!
I have paid steady for over 2yrs on time and made significantly high payments, say 100 on a min payment of 25..my payments now have nearly doubled my OVER PAYMENTS, per the change in interest and balances.
MY score went from a 720 to 580 with the inquiries and balance changes. So im screwed. No available credit, unattainable amounts due monthly and a smashed credit score due to uninformed decisions. If i knew then what i know now i would have not used them.
Keep in mind i did NOT over spend. I had a 35% utilisation on my cards and after their adjustments i have 80%.
Heart breaking. I was doing great and it was manageable and then as if over night BAM!

I use this card specifically for the cash back bonus to make purchases for my business. I have a credit score over 800 and have an over 6 figure combined income. The infuriating thing is I think they have a credit limit of $5000 max and don’t tell you! I have been trying to increase my credit limit since the beginning of time and they keep saying I don’t qualify as they don’t have enough history on me. If they do this to limit the amount of cash back bonus at least tell us they have a max limit. One month I actually paid my bill online. Waited two days and ran my charge at my surgeon’s office for $4000 because my Dr didn’t take AMEX or Discover. Waited a few days paid the $4000 and then let autopay do it’s thing when the bill came due. They can seriously lower your credit limit if you pay too well??? I’ll be watching out for trouble

Do not recommend this card. I have had it for at least 2 years and pay off my full balance every month. Last month I was a few days late due to oversight on my part and hit with a $35 late fee plus exorbitant interest. No courtesy extended to waive either fee. This month I made sure to pay my full balance as I usually do. On time. 4 days later they still haven’t applied the payment even though payments are supposed to process in 24 to 48 hours. I called customer service and they say that because I made an “unusually large payment” it will take 8 to 10 days to process! What!?? I made a payment using their phone system and authorized an AUTOMATIC and IMMEDIATE debit transaction from the same checking account I have always used to pay my full balance. Who in the 21st century needs 10 days to process a payment? What this means is that they are reporting to credit agency that I am using a high percentage of my credit and this hurts my score. There is something very fishy about how they are doing business. Another BAD thing about this card beside poor customer service, high fees and crazy interest rate is that it has a short grace period to make your payment. In short, late fee and interest for one late payment pretty much cancelled out the “rewards” I earned charging over a $1000 per month on this card for the last year. I’m not closing the account because that will hurt my credit rating and card has no annual fee but I have decided to stop using it. Synergy Bank won’t be making any more money off my use of their card.

I hate this card………the rewards are not worth it. I went online to make sure my balance was zero and it was. I went to make a purchase and it was declined. I called customer service and they said my payment will take five business days to process. WTF!!!!!! After I told the guy over the phone that I was at a car dealership trying to pay my repair bill, his supervisor released the payment. How does a payment take 5 business days to process? I will not use this card again after I pay off the purchase that I just made.

I too made a large payment on my balance to improve my score as well, & what do they do!?! They lowered my limit to just above the remaining balance, so it looks like my card is almost at max again, and my minimum payments went up, because of it. The card has already been shredded, & I will never use it again!!! I’m extremely infuriated with TJ Maxx and GE.

Stephanie Nichole

Great card for Maxanistas like myself, got a 2500 limit when I first opened the card which is pretty good for a store card. I don’t carry a balance so I don’t worry about late payments or the high rate. Besides you can set it up to make automatic payments anyway- how would you ever be late? I love the extra rewards programs they ocasionally run,this April they are giveing 5x points for Grocery stores and Resturants.

SO INFURIATING. I’ve had this card for two years now and it seems like every time I make a large payment, they lower my credit limit. I am never late on payments, and I keep trying to get my usage percentage down and they keep ruining my chances of bettering my credit score. I hate this card and I cannot wait to pay it off and get a new card. This is bogus.

Marshalls TJ Maxx Shopper

I opened my first TJX Rewards Card account in 2007 as a MasterCard under Chase. In 2011, TJX changed to GE Capital, and my old account was closed. In 2013, I opened a new TJX Rewards Card account as a MasterCard under GE Capital. I never had any issues.

In October-November 2014, TJX Rewards transferred its accounts from GE Capital to Synchrony. New cards were issued but accounts under GE Capital were maintained. After making my first payment (on time) to under the `new Synchrony management’, I have been slapped with a bogus late charge of $25. Not a good start for them. Hopefully, they will fix it when I call them tomorrow morning.

Frustrated with TJ

I just experienced the same thing. Have spent 2 hours on the phone and no one can tell me why my account number was changed….resulting in the late fee. Thankfully they waived the fee but what a total pain. I’m canceling this account.

I opened a TJMaxx rewards card to get 10% off my purchase. I had not even activated the card when another account popped up on my credit report from TJ Maxx. I called them noting that there were now two accounts appearing. They were not helpful, claimed I needed to call the credit bureau and did nothing for me to even investigate. Also- and I work in customer service so this is big for me – the lady was so scripted and uninterested in my concern that she spoke so quickly I could not understand a word. INFURIATING!! credit is a big deal. do NOT get this card if you care about yours. thank goodness I have alerts setup!

My minimum payment due is $0 and my payment due date is in 08/20/2014 = in five days. How can I know the minimum payment? Help please.

The reason it’s saying o due is because you paid your last bill right at the beginning of the billing cycle,so nothing is due for August….hope this helped.

I have a tjmaxx mastercard I’ve had it for 2years now && till this day I do not hav any issues with the card!

TERRIBLE customer service. Incompetent. They don’t have a good system for keeping track of rewards certificates and when you mention you have not received or used them and need them re-issued they send you on Mr. Toads Wild Ride. Will close ass soon as I get what is owed to me.

This card is a joke. I have a 760 credit score, mortgage in perfect standing, over $100K in available credit and GE gives me a $200 limit on this card! Unreal. I was using the card frequently and paying the balance in full each month and then when I requested a CL increase, I was denied. Really? I can get a Chase Sapphire card with a $20K limit but I can’t get $1000 on this POS? CLOSED.

We have a TJ Maxx/ Marshalls card and have had nothing but problems. They decreased our credit limit after paying regularly and much higher than the minimum payment. We ended up taking a hit on our credit because when they did that, our percentage of usage increased! Now this last time, we paid it off, and when I went to check on our account to make sure everything was still good (since I don’t trust them at all) I found that they had added a $2 “interest” charge after I had already paid it off! If I hadn’t paid it by TODAY I would have gotten a late charge of $35!!!!! The agent removed the $2 charge and we are back at a 0 balance, but if that had slipped by, I would have had a bogus late charge!!! They really are crooks!

GE is bad all the way around. They have closed several of my accounts with them because I dont keep high balances. I pay them off in full and they still close my cards, saying my credit is lower than ever, when actually its higher than its ever been.

BEWARE!!!! first of all i let the sales clerk talk me into getting the card…stupid….as i have always paid cash/debit, went to make my payment online, and filled out the information to do it…i entered the balance due, as i pay my cards off each month, and what i didnt see before i punched “submit”, (i didnt see it quick enough) as i thought i was paying only the balance, was a $6.99 transaction fee….this is more than the interest on the credit…what a rip off…i will close the account, and not get another card from any retail store…just heard that i have to change my e-bay pw because they have been hacked too…..so much easier to steal from people in cyberspace isnt it

GE is bad all the way around. They have closed several of my accounts with them because I dont keep high balances. I pay them off in full and they still close my cards, saying my credit is lower than ever, when actually its higher than its ever been.

How do i get credit increase

Looking for credit increase

Trying to find out what dept do i go to request credit increase

Credit lenders have online banking, and most have request increase next to where total limit is. It’s a link.

They’re running a promotion again… 5 points for restaurant and groceries in April. Thing is they did the same promo in Nov of 2013. I went on a trip & used that tjx card exclusively. I still have not received those points even after several phone calls. Whenever I finally DO get my points (which now they’re telling me were 3 points per$ not 5) I’m using them @ canceling the card. It’s not worth it.


I have just gotten a tjx rewards platinum master card with $1400 credit line but i still not known how long it should take me to pay back

The TJMaxx credit card is a good one if you like shopping at their stores. So far, so good as I have not yet encountered a problem with this store card. The high interest is given so it’s better to buy as much as possible only what you can payoff in the next month. I received a Mastercard with a $1,400 limit which is a pretty decent limit for a store card. My Chase freedom on the other hand have a $500 credit limit and I was declined for a request to increase it to $1000, despite having a good credit score and not carrying balances on my credit cards. Of all the store credit cards, I do not recommend the Target store card, I got approved for $200 and have not received a CLI in more than 2 years and they don’t accomodate CLI request either.

STAY AWAY! This past month I was charged $29 of interest for having a $409 balance. This is ridiculous. I ALWAYS pay my bills before the deadline and they have charged me a late fee three times. They seem to always find ways to charge me for something. And their customer service isn’t the best when you call in with your problems. They charge you interest on the average daily balance during the month and not the amount you owe at the end of your billing statement. I regret applying for this card. They have taken so much of my money that I didn’t even owe!

Had the same happen to me. Immediately pay my credit card in full. They took 3 weeks to cash my check and proceeded to charge me with a late fee. While all others receiving checks for bills earlier, cashed in a matter of days, why did it take TJ’s 3 weeks to cash and then charge a late fee? Especially paying in full and pre paying on additional charges incurred after their billing cycle?? Won’t be using my card there anymore, not worth the $10. Plus what happened to the clothes selection? Absolutely gone down hill. Burlington Coat Factory buy out from the vendors before TJ’s buyers could get to inventory? Absolutely no selection anymore, like shopping at a Target which I refuse to step into. Minimal inventory because they opened up too many stores and not enough inventory to go around. Macy’s is selling the same exact merchandise previously and sometimes at better prices.

This card is great for me 🙂 I was approved even though I have minimal credit history (in college) which is great for building credit. I never carry a balance so the interest rate is not a factor and they raised my credit limit almost immediately after my first on time payment. It’s a super easy card and you can connect the card to do scheduled payments so I never worry about paying late.

THIS CARD SUCKS> STAY FAR AWAY!!! I opened this card two months ago and I pay my bill early to open the credit limit and have the rewards – well turns ou there is a consequence for this. The company got a direct payment from the bank for $1000 and $1500 on two separate occassions. They refuse to release the funds or credit card for use for six days even though the money has been withdrawn from the bank. Pretty ironic they charge interest for late payment but do not pay me interest for holding my money hostage. I submitted a report to the BBB and hopefully they can help.

I would NEVER recommend this card. Sure the rewards are great but how embarrassing for the card to be rejected even though you have available credit. And talking to the supervisors did nothing except telling me the reason they hold the funds is b/c I pay early. What a scam.

If I just don’t use the card and don’t have any payments due will it charge me of anything or can I just cut the dang thing in half and stop using it?

I love the credit card itself; however, GE Capitol’s customer service surely “SUCKS!” I have had the card for 11 months and made all payments timely and the majority was made in full. This month, I received the bill which reflected a late fee and interest of course. There was no record of my September’s payment of $70.48 paid in full via their customer service. Naturally, I called to inquire about the discrepancy and was advised that they indeed had no record of my payment so I checked my online bank account while still on the phone with customer service and sure enough no debit on their behalf. When I challenged this the rep asked me for a confirmation number for the September’s payment well, unlike me, I had not noted it. In a haste, I demanded the late fee be reversed and closure of my account. They later sent me a letter of cancellation and as a result I called to ask for the account to remain open and they denied my request. They advised me that only one account per a 12 month period.

Dont get the TJ Maxx card. They are suspicious of payments over $1000 and freeze your account for 7-10 days after your payment posts and clears your own bank. A scam to keep your payments to a minimum and let interest accrue.

I so agree. I just filed with the BBB about this. They should be fined for this behavior. The fact they can charge interest for late payments but not pay me interest for holding my money hostage is disgusting.

We opened an account over-the-phone with them in Spring 2013, and included a purchase at the time. They got our address wrong, so we never got the first bill. The mail carrier finally recognized our name and knew our address by the time the first non-payment notice arrived. Totally screwed our credit rating, and this is right in the middle of escrow! I would never EVER recommend this company after this traumatic experience.

While I do shop at TJMaxx and will continue to use the card, it is REALLY, REALLY important to remember some things about this card. The interest rate is RIDICULOUSLY high at 26.99%. DO NOT EVER RUN A BALANCE ON THIS CARD! Do not put anything on this card that you can’t pay off each month. If you are a good paying customer, you can get a one-time mistake which incurs a late fee taken off. They will do that. I have excellent credit, but they apparently simply DO NOT give out credit limits higher than $10,000, no ifs, ands, or buts. They are rigid and can be difficult to deal with if there’s a problem. The problem is the fees and the incredibly high interest rates. Play the game. If you run balances each month, find a card to transfer it to. DO NOT GIVE THEM 26.99% interest on your balance! The only reason to have this card is to get the rewards back in TJMaxx store credit.

I just got this card and for the life of things nowhere on the site can I find my due date to make a payment. The automated teller says I have no payment due, but I know I have a charge on the card its posted to my account information online…so why can i not have more information as to when my bill is due and what the minimum balance is? I can already sense my late payment fee leaving my wallet.

Justin Maxwell

I have been shopping at all three of the TJX brands (Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, and Homegoods) for years now. The card is a great card to have for me. Yes, the interest rate is at 26.99% but after doing research on other cards, the interest rate is just as high, the key is to not purchase what you cannot afford, pay the balance off within the grace period of 30 days and get your Reward points, Credit 101. I have been with the card since it was backed by CHASE bank, which was a horrible experience. The TJX Rewards card is now banked by GE Capital, I have not had a problem with the customer service thus far and from the research that I have done (yes I do a lot of research), GE backs a lot of credit cards that I had no idea (Wal-mart, Banana Republic, American Eagle..and the list just goes on and on). The card is great for shoppers, but like with any credit card, you just have to know HOW to use your credit wisely.

I would hands down NOT recommend a TJX rewards card for a consumer. Let me begin by saying that I am a very frequent shopper at TJMaxx (by that I mean that I have spend more than 6500 in the store within the last 12 months). I received a TJX rewards card with a 2000.00 limit and have very good credit. When the charges on the card reached 1000.00, my credit line was automatically decreased to 1400.00. TJX cust service stated that this was standard practice. Keep in mind this is with an excellent payment history and not so much as a single late payment/missed payment, etc (I was told that they did not take payment history into account for credit line decreases). As referenced above, the percentage of usage on your card can cause a hit to your credit score, and this card caused a hit on mine once the limit was decreased. Despite talking to customer service, and despite still having a high credit rating (in the top 20%) they would not reinstate the previous limit….terrible customer service. DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU, BEING A GREAT CUSTOMER AND RESPONSIBLE USER OF CREDIT THROUGH TJMAXX WILL NOT GET YOU REWARDED! I have paid off my balance in full and now owe nothing. I will keep the card open so that it will not further impact my credit, but will never use this card again for purchases. Big mistake TJMAXX, not only will you never again earn profits from the incredibly high percentage rate you were charging me, but you will also lose the 195,000.00 I would have spent in your store over the course of my life, as I will NEVER shop at TJMAXX again.

You do realize that TJ Maxx is NOT your creditor. It is GE Capital. I think you are being ridiculous for stating you will never shop at one place again over their credit provider. I love shopping at TJ Maxx! The store I go to always has great customer service and plus I love their prices! I’m not going to punish a certain location because GE sucks. They are jerks, they are rude. They have horrible business practices for their customers and their merchants they serve.

They are not ridiculous with their choice. It’s THEIR choice!!

How long does it take to get a credit increase? I open the account with $500 limit but now its been almost a year with no increased limit (no late payments or missed payments either)

My mother and father over the years have spent tens of thousands between TJ Maxx and Marshalls. I got my clothing as a kid at Marshalls and am now in my late 40’s. I spend thousands per year but am thinking about stopping because I got involved with their credit card. I’ve cancelled the account after not being able to contact them by phone because an automated system wanted part of my social security number and I didn’t want to supply it, the customer service people finally reached were rude and unprofessional, the amounts they charge are usurious, and there are many other credit cards available that don’t have hidden fees.

TJ Max credit card is through GE Capital which I didn’t ask about before applying & receiving. As soon as I saw on the back it was GE & heard the foreign customer service rep who acted flippant & actually laughed at me when I asked if there was a ‘grace period’ since I missed the due date which was yesterday…… I knew I’d made a giant mistake. They are the biggest bunch of crooks. I’m looking forward to paying off my account, taking the balance down as low as it will go and cancelling the card ASAP. Do not get TJ Maxx’s credit card no matter what offers or perks they tell you about in the store.

I’ve had a TJ Maxx card for years and since I shop there pretty regularly, it makes sense for me. BUT, I always pay off the full balance each month. It makes no sense to use this card if you carry a balance.

Please, don’t insult my intelligence. I had the card for three months, made all payments of the full balance right on time, and even so they delayed posting the balance ON PURPOSE at the GR account to charge the interest. That card and that bank are a ripoff. I am an Amazon customer and I was considering their credit card until I discovered that the bank behind it was GE Capital.

i regret of having TJ MAXX credit card the interst rate is way so high..im trying to pay it off then i will not use it no more..cant wait til i paid it off.

I agree. I just noticed a rate increase of 26.99% on pg 2 (hidden away). When I called the svc center they said this rate was started May 2012. I spend probably 10000/yr. If this rate increase is how they reward their customers then I don’t want a part of this. I will take my business elsewhere.

Yeah actually when I signed up it was a lower rate – I didn’t realize it had gone up. i thought it seemed like my payments were getting higher. I can’t find anywhere on my online access where it states the terms.

How long does it take TJ Maxx to mail the credit certificates for earned points? I should be getting $60 free cash that I’d like to spend but how long before they send it???

What credit score are stores looking for to extend a credit card approval? I need more revolving credit because I have very little, and I am trying to improve my credit score so I don’t want to take the risk of being denied. If my score is a 609 is this an automatic denial?

Do not get this card the interest rate is crazy and I sent my payment on time and they said I was late charged me $35 I still have an open account but I am not going to use it again

Write a letter to corporate…if it helps. If not take your business elsewhere. There are alot of great places to shop…even eBay/Amazon with ease of returns.

I shop at TJ Maxx stores all the time. I love their kids and men clothes but don’t have many in my size 3x but I still shop in this store at least 3x a week and every weekend. and they will not accept me for their credit card.

Your credit sucks

I shop in your stores all the time I love your kids and men clothes you don’t have many in my size 3x or larger but I still shop in this store at least 3x a week and every weekend. and you all will not except me for credit.