Are The Children’s Place Credit Card Rewards For You?

The Childrens Place storefrontPicking out clothes for young children can be difficult, but fortunately The Children’s Place makes it a bit easier by focusing on just this niche, offering stuff for newborns, 14 year-olds, and every age in-between. So how does their credit card measure up?


  • The Childrens Place credit card carries a very high interest rate – 25.99% at time of writing. If the balance is paid in full every month this won’t be a problem but if not, the finance charges very well might wash out the value of any savings earned from the rewards program.
  • Although the card is issued by Citibank, it is not affiliated with Visa or MasterCard. The only place you can use this credit card is at their stores, which means it’s of limited use.
  • The website lists this number (1-800-810-3202) for cardholder customer service but when I called it, I discovered service is only offered Monday thru Friday, 9 am to 8 pm Eastern… so there’s no 24/7 service.


  • For purchases paid for with the Childrens Place card, a 5% discount is given. For a store-affiliated card, this is generous.
  • There is no limit to the amount of rewards that can be earned, so all spending at their stores will be earning the 5%.
  • As with most store cards, they usually offer a higher discount on the first purchase made. As I write this review, the application said it was 20%.
  • There are seasonal sales/promotions (sent via mail and email) to cardholders periodically.

Should You Apply?

I think the answer depends on how much you will be spending at their stores per year. If you only have one or two children/grandchildren and only expect to spend a few hundred dollars per year, it might not be worth the hassle. On the other hand, if you have a lot of kids to buy clothes for the 5% savings plus the coupons may very well be worth it.

If you think you spend enough for it to make sense, my recommendation would be to strategically time when you open the account – submit the Children’s Place credit card application right before you plan on making a big purchase (such as Christmas time or back-to-school) because that way, you will be able to milk the first-purchase discount to its full extent.

Other 5% rebate options?

If you are interested in major credit cards that offer 5% discounts at clothing stores, here’s another to consider…

Discover it® Cashback Match™ – 5% at categories that change each quarter like department stores, gas stations, restaurants, online shopping, and more.

This review was last updated August 1, 2016

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I have a few credit cards and pay them in full each month. I got this card since I shop there alot and I paid my balance in full. They claimed it showed up a day late and so I received a late charge, and then I got a late charge for having a late chage. They said they didn’t get returned mail from me so they assumed I received a statement showing the late fee. I called and spoke with them, they said they would take off both charges and I just needed to pay the interest. I paid the interest right there on the phone. I logged in the next month to make sure it was all taken care of since I had had problems and there was another $62 charge. I called them and they said that they previously only took off one late charge (even though they told me they would take off both and it was in the notes) because that is new policy. Because they did not take off the late charge as they had told me they would do, they gave me another late charge and interest. I went all the way up the management chain and they just kept saying it is policy, there is nothing we can do to help you, even though we have it in our notes that we would take off both of the initial late charges. The next level I had to talk to was the office of the president but you can only send letters. HAHAH. So I paid my additional $62 and cancelled my card. DO NOT GET THIS CARD. I have never had problems like this in my 15 years of having credit cards. Their service is horrible.

How can I cancel this credit card?

lakeila billizon

I want to cancel my application for the Children’s place card.

I love my Children’s Place credit card. One time I forgot to pay my bill. I called as soon as I realized it and they removed the late fee without me even asking them to. Sure, the interest rate is high but that is the case with most store credit cards. I shop at Children’s Place anytime I need kids clothes and love the quality and prices.

This is the WORST credit card. I used to love it & used it all the time. I stopped using it for awhile & than went back to use it. When I went to pay the bill (which I pay all of my bills online) my website sign in did not work anymore because after 18 months of not signing in it is no longer valid. The website tells me that I have to create a new login (no problem I thought). It will not let me create an online account because my credit card is the older type without a pin number on the back. I had to pay my bill through the mail which meant I was unable to pay my bill on time so they charged me a $40 late fee. What company changes their online account set-up but does not distribute new cards that are up to their new standards? I need to cancel the card but just do not have the time to call them M-F during their determined hours.

DO NOT get this credit card!! High interest rates.

Once I paid off my account in full, I had a statement balance showing $0 owing. Two years later I got the worst credit rating R9 showing they had to write off $4.00….yes that’s right $4.00 four dollars!! Now conveniently no one at Children’s Place or credit card company can locate my account information because it’s been so long, and I’m getting some bogus story on how they cannot send out a letter without an account number. So my credit rating is messed for 7yrs! If you can help cause this has been done to you…let me know what you did! PLEASE

What type of credit limits does the Childrens Place card give you? Can anyone share please?

I had a very bad experience with the credit card! when I forgot to make a small payment they charge me late fees, lower enormously my limit and charge the overdraft fees ….so from 60 dollars balance I end up to pay 238