The $23,148,855,308,184,500 Credit Card Bill

outrageous credit card billWhat is the biggest credit card purchase in history? Here’s the answer… sort of…

Imagine opening up your monthly credit card statement to discover that you owe $23 quadrillion dollars! Well, around 13,000 cardholders of Bank of America’s prepaid cards saw exactly that – an amount that is more than the entire planet’s GDP! Of course, there was not an actual purchase of that amount, but rather a glitch which caused these accounts to reflect that amount. A New Jersey man discovered this when routinely logging on to his B of A online accounts to check his balances. He first fled to the gas station where he last bought a pack of smokes to inquire on the charge. They had no idea what it was, so only then did he call Bank of America’s customer service, where he was on hold for more than two hours before they were finally able to resolve the problem. Visa responded by saying it was a “temporary programming error” in there systems… that sure is one heck of an error! They claimed they have correct the problem and refunded the overdraft fees associated with these errors.

Reported July 2009

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yep thats a error but what happened 2 da man

Looks like Uncle Sam’s CC bill


LOL WOW! I thought only black cards had those kind of credit limits!

If this is the biggest credit card bill than mine is the second biggest lol

It would have been better if they mailed out the actual bills with those numbers printed on it. Hehe

Darrel Steiner

I saw this on CNN. They really should give that guy a free Visa gift card or something for all that trouble.

Shankor Bhawal

WOW!, Its really happened? What a programming error.

And I thought MY credit card bill was high!