The Stage Credit Card Is Still Dangerous

Stage credit cardThe last time I reviewed the credit card application for Stage stores, their rewards program was junk and likewise for the benefits.

So is it any better for 2013? They changed the program and it’s definitely an improvement. However there are still some fatal flaws to be aware of.

1st change: new rewards program

Previously, the Stage credit cards earned points but you couldn’t spend them. You would get a point for each dollar spent, but all there were used for is determining which so-called VIP cardholder benefits you did and didn’t get. It was very confusing!

For 2013 they’ve switched the program to something more along the lines of how most other reward credit cards work:

  • For every $250 spent, a $10 rewards certificate is given. That’s up to a 4% rebate for spending at Stage stores (Bealls, Goody’s, Palais Royal, Peebles and Stage).

2nd change: the benefits

As far as the benefits are concerned, these are pretty typical of what you would expect to find on any department store credit card:

  • $10 coupon on the accountholder’s birthday.
  • Christmas reward. The application doesn’t tell us what it is.
  • Advance notice of sales. There are also two personal sales days each year.
  • Coupons mailed out 6x per year.

For Stage accounts which spend $750+ per calendar year, the card is given “Platinum benefits” which are a bit beefier, but not much:

  • $20 coupon on birthday (instead of $10).
  • Complimentary gift wrapping and shipping, online and in-store.
  • Coupons mailed out 12x per year (instead of 6x).

3rd change: the payment terms

The credit card company Comenity is best known for two things (1) issuing/managing accounts for dozens of different stores, and (2) charging customers terrible interest rates.

And guess who the issuer of the Stage credit card is? You guessed it… Comenity.

Stage payment T&C

With such a high APR, this card is a foolish idea for anyone who doesn’t pay their bill in full each month. The 4% rewards will be a drop in the buck compared to the 24.99% in finance charges you will be paying.

Who is this card best suited for?

Other cards pay 3% at all major dept. stores so getting the Stage card for 4% isn’t a good enough reason. Especially since you can only use it at their stores and nowhere else.

Really the main reason to apply for Stage’s credit card will be if you want the coupons. But even that might not be worth it because anyone can go and signup to get coupons thru the email list they have. But since I’ve never signed up for it, I have no clue if the coupons are comparable to what comes with their credit card.

Last but not least, the only other reason I can think of for getting it is if your credit history is too scandalous to get approved for a major credit card.

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