Sports Authority Credit Card?

Q: I have a Sports Authority card and it says the issuer is Comenity (aka World Financial Network National Bank). Haven’t used it forever and go online to try and look it up and I can’t find ANYTHING! No website for payments, applications, nothing. No info anywhere. What’s up with this card?!

A: I did some digging around for you and was surprised at what I found out!

Let’s begin with the not-so-surprising part. The WFNNB you mention handles credit cards for a lot of different stores. Although I didn’t see anything on the Sports Authority website, I was able to find some info on the WFNNB site:

As you can see in the screenshot, the interest rate is listed as well as some other basic info, but that page doesn’t say anything about how to get the Sports Authority credit card or where current account holders can go to manage their accounts. Weird, huh?

So next I Google for results within the site only and come across this…

corporate credit application

It’s a corporate credit application for Sports Authority. This is for businesses only and is definitely not referencing the credit card that you have.

Okay this is driving me nuts. How can they have a credit card and not mention it anywhere?!

I went back to the Sports Authority site and to the page about payment methods accepted. Because if they have a store card, then surely it must be discussed there, right? Oh it was mentioned all right, but not in the context I was expecting to see…

store card not accepted

Yes, it lists “Sports Authority store credit card” under the “We do not accept” category.
Does it make any sense they don’t accept their own store card?! At first glance, not at all. But given all the clues above, here’s what I speculate is going on:

  • Their store credit card has been discontinued
  • Since it’s discontinued, they are not accepting it for new purchases
  • The reason WFFNB still has the cardholder agreement up is because there are still old accounts open which are making payments on a balance.

Remember, the above points are just my best guess – I can’t confirm anything since there is no information anywhere. But I’m betting that it was discontinued based on all that. If you want to call them, the cardholder agreement on the WFFNB site listed this for the customer service phone number: 1-800-322-1315 (but who knows if that number is up-to-date).

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I just recieved the sports authority card with a 750 cl. I am trying to rebuild my credit and have a card I can’t use I am trying to decide if I should activate it and let it sit on my credit in good standings with zero balance or not activate it does anyone have a suggestion? Will it help or hurt my credit?

since sports authority is going out of business do we still need to pay for the balance on our credit card??

I got the card before I found out you can’t use it to purchase items online. Not too long after that, I heard that the business is shutting down, so I never got to use it. Oh well

I just recently was approved for this card. I already am set up on Commentity’s website for balance info and payment options. I don’t see that being confusing. However, they still do not allow the card to be used on the Sport’s Authority website for shopping…which is STRANGE. As I have another Commentity card, with a different retailer, and it works online as well in store. I have not gotten my card in the mail yet…hoping it works in store, as the reviews are not promising! :-/

I have the card and yes does not accept the card. It works once in awhile at the store..

Here is the site to access your account:

Not entirely true. I just signed up and got approved for the card about three weeks ago. They definitely are still sending out cards, however, I was disappointed to learn I couldn’t use the store card on the store site. The ironic thing is Comenity Bank who owns Sports Authority’s card, also own’s another store’s card I would’ve preferred to have but declined for because of “too many inquiries”. At least the card I preferred to this one is accepted on the website and is one I actually had purpose for. Oh well, you live and learn, especially in my credit rebuilding game.

I’ve had my card for about a year, I used it for the first time to buy some raquetball gloves for $20. It works! When I asked how to make an online payment, no one knew?

Well, that’s just stupid. You think they would have at least mailed us something about this! Makes sense I guess.. when I tried using my card last year it didn’t work, when I had no balance on it, as in, a whole $500 to use!