Spirit Airlines Credit Card Review

Spirit Airlines parodyQ: Is the BofA Spirit Airlines credit card a good deal or not? (Updated for 2016)

A: Founded in 1980, Spirit claims to be “the ultra low cost airline for the Americas.” They’re mostly known for their flights down to Florida and the Caribbean. Personally, I used to fly them all the time because they offered direct flights to and from Detroit/Los Angeles.

I originally wrote a Spirit Airlines credit card review here several years ago. Back then it was issued/managed by Barclays and in short, the experience my family had with it was not good. I’ve dealt with many, many call centers and the Spirit credit card service department was by far the worst. They seemed to just read from a script. It doesn’t matter what you say or what your question is, these people didn’t seem to understand your issue or how to provide a resolution.

To add insult to injury, the promotional sign-up “bonus” wasn’t worth much. They claimed it was enough for free airfare (which technically is true) but afterward I saw fine print. They use language like “up to” and “off peak.” After we got the card, there wasn’t anywhere close to enough for the round trip ticket I wanted. In fact, a year and a half later – plus after it being the main credit card used during that time – there still were not enough accumulated miles!

That was then, but how about now?

Just to reiterate, those comments above were about the old Spirit MasterCard and were written around the end of 2009 and early 2010. Since then the credit card program has changed. Here’s a look at the newer version:

Spirit Airlines credit card details

  • Issuer: The card is now issued by Bank of America.
  • Name: Previously it was called the Free Spirit Onyx World MasterCard. Now it’s just called the Spirit Airlines World MasterCard.
  • Annual Fee: $59 per year. There is a lower-tier version, Platinum Plus for $19, but it only earns 1 mile per dollar spent.
  • Rewards: The card gives 2 miles per dollar spent. Admittedly this is much better than in the past, but I’m still not convinced it’s a competitive credit card offer and here’s why:

Complaint #1. You will be charged award redemption fees

Being charged to spend your reward points? This is not common among other frequent flier programs. The Spirit website lists these “non-refundable, per customer award redemption” fees:

  • $100 – Award ticket requested 6 days or less prior to departure
  • $75 – Award ticket requested between 7 and 20 days prior to departure
  • $15 – Award ticket requested between 21 and 179 days prior to departure
  • $0 (No Fee) – Award ticket requested at least 180 days prior to departure

Keep in mind, those are in addition to any applicable government taxes and fees you also will have to pay.

Complaint #2. Navigating the peak vs. off peak nightmare

Perhaps the biggest drawback of both the old Free Spirit MasterCard and the new version is the way this airline structures their mileage redemption.

You may have seen them advertise things like “15,000 bonus miles, enough for 3 round-trip off-peak tickets.” They reel you in with promises like that which are technically correct, but take a look at the complicated redemption maze and judge for yourself whether or not that’s what you will be paying: Free Spirit redemption (PDF file).

In my experience, when I would check for a round-trip domestic ticket for routes I typically fly (between the Midwest and the West coast) the required amount would often be 20,000, 25,000, or even 37,500 miles.

Sure, on short distances you may be able to snatch a low-mile deal but again, I urge you to take a close look at that PDF file and pay attention to all the date ranges they classify as “Peak” and “Standard” flights.


As mentioned I used to fly Spirit airlines all the time but now that they charge for both checked bags and carry-on bags and a slew of other fees, I have actually found it to be cheaper to fly the “regular” airlines instead. Plus, there’s less confusion when it comes to how far your rewards will get you. However, if you can figure out a way to travel without luggage and avoid all their ancillary fees, then it could potentially be the cheaper way to fly.

The bottom line is this: The Spirit Airlines credit card rewards have certainly improved relative to the past, but they still aren’t truly competitive. For the same $59 annual fee, you can also get 2 miles per dollar spent with the Capital One Venture and it charges no foreign transaction fees (which can be a huge savings if you travel outside of the US).

Plus, you can use your rewards to pay for any travel purchase (including the purchase of Spirit airline tickets). Your rewards are worth 1 cent each, always. I just think most people would be better off with a different reward card, whether you choose one like Venture or another with no annual fee that earns slightly fewer rewards per dollar.

To compare the Spirit MasterCard to other airline-specific card offers, here is a list of the top travel credit card deals.

Updated September 2016. Note that the the Bank of America version was launched in spring of 2011. Older comments are referencing a different issuer.

The responses below are not provided or commissioned by the bank advertiser. Responses have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by the bank advertiser. It is not the bank advertiser's responsibility to ensure all posts and/or questions are answered.

DO NOT GET THIS CARD!!!!! I wish BOA would close, I never ever ever EVER want an Account with BOA, I would never bank at thier establishment to slow…… It all started after they sent me a How we doing Questionaire…… My card was blocked in Los Angles for a 24.00 charge at Walmart of all places. Mind you I paid for the trip with the Spirit Mastercard…. Hmmmm so then they sent me one of their add a user letter, as soon as I added 3 users, the shut the card down right before Christmas. Imagine that, but there is more, so I continued to pay down the balance and they charged me interest on a CLOSED card, how do you charge interest on a closed card thats not active? This is a scam a shakedown

I would like to see people of this MasterCard all unite and file complaints with their State Attorney General Consumer’s Affair Office to launch an investigation into Bank of America and the Free Spirit MasterCard. It is a complete scam. There are blackouts and are done so purposefully because they know when certain area’s have off from school and where the main places to travel are. For instance, in November, during teacher’s week in NJ, you cannot get a non-stop flight from NJ to FL. The only option is a 10hr layover fro 50,000 points roundtrip per person. However I can fly my entire family of 5 non-stop from PA to CA (3,000 miles away) for 75,000 points round trip for everyone! how does this sense? How come I can’t use my points to fly non-stop from NJ to FL this week? Why because Spirit will sell every seat. I am calling on everyone to boycott the card, complain to BOA, call Spirit Corporate, call you state Consumer affairs. This is FRAUD!

I booked two freq flier off peak tickets for May 2017. It cost $172 because of various fees (seats, baggage, govt fee, and add on of $30). This was a savings of $124 over a regular booking. This seems like a lot of fees not covered by the program. Given the relatively low level of off peak travel times, I agree that they are deceiving people by marketing it as three flights for 15,000 miles.

I am a Spirit Credit Card Holder! I have to pay to be a $9 fare club member fee and pay an annual fee on the credit card! I went to book a one-way ticket to Boston Mass the price was $55.19 when I opt to use my miles it was 15,000 miles plus $43.10 what the the purpose of this credit card?

Terrible card. Their should be a class action lawsuit against them for deceptive marketing practices. The 15kmiles don;’t get you jack. I returned my card and closed account immediately.

Tommy I totally agree! This is what you get when you deal with bank of america! The bank responsible for the market crash of 2007!

Hi, I agree and sought a Florida attorney who already won against Spirit Airlines. I am hearing Bank of America is exempt from lawsuits and Spirit makes it’s so vague they can’t be held accountable. BUllshit! We need more people to get together to sue for fraud. It says right online no blackout dates. I can’t use my points to fly to florida non stop from AC, NJ without a 10 layover and 50,000 points round trip per person, but let the same week I can fly my entire family to Los Angles from Philadelphia for 75,000 total for all 5 of us??? The airline purposely knows it’s teacher’s week and kids are out of school so they will sell all the tickets. Bank of America will not help at all. I am seeking another class action lawsuit attonrey.

Don’t get sucked in…

I’ve had this card for 2 years. Spirit miles are totally not worth the hassle of collecting them. Go with a cashback card instead. $59 fee per year is ridiculous annual fee for what you get.

Worried about your credit score impact? Just get another card that has no fee. Also, BoA occasionally charges a “minimum interest fee” if you aren’t regularly using the card. It’s a small fee but it just makes you want to get rid of this card faster.

I am having a similar experience. The mileage chart they publish online : http://www.doublizer.com/awards/fs_chart.pdf?_ga=1.245967556.1521708930.1464742237
… has no basis in reality. If you search for dates, all of them will mysteriously be considered ‘peak’ and can only be redeemed for the highest possible amount of miles. I did talk to a support rep who indicated ‘there have been no off peak times published yet – check back later’. I wonder if this is even legal (advertised vs. actual mileage rewards needed) . Unlikely to renew the card as it is unusable if you do not know how much things ‘cost’ in miles.

There is an off-peak schedule and I have already used twice in 2016. In 9/2016 – one way flight to Punta Cana (for three people). In 12//2016 – round trip flight to Puerto Rico (for two people).

The off-peak days in 2016 are 1/13 – 2/9, 4/13 – 5/24, 9/7 – 10/4, 10/25 – 11/16, 11/30 – 12/14.

Spirit has dropped my mileage credits after 8 month of accumulation. I cancelled the card before they could hit me with the $59. fee! That’s the only good news. Never used the card!! SPIRIT SUCKS!!

How did you cancel it? Im about to recieve mine and I am already ready to cancel it after I use the 15k miles

This is the worst reward system ever. They will not notify you on any possible expiration of your reward miles and leave it to happen with no proper warning. Their customer service is horrible and they wouldn’t offer any help or solution to your problem. I am closing that card immediately

True. You do have to manage your expiration dates yourself and if you lose the miles, you have to contact them to get them back and this can be done because I did it. Admittedly, lesson learned was to use the card at least once per month if only for a $5 purchase at McDonald’s.

This is the most horrible airline. Customer service is even worse, not even in this country. I have had a Spirit credit card for ten yrs, with perfect credit, and not only do they rape you on miles/with fees, they also will not offer any customer support or assistance. I am canceling this card the minute I get home and WILL NEVER FLY SPIRIT AGAIN. The other two families flew with Delta for $210. with free luggage. I paid twice the amount with no luggage and was charged 200,000 miles. We missed are departing flight, and even though we checked in they canceled are return flight and recharged me.

I tried to use my Spirit miles to book a flight from Detroit to Dallas last night.
The trip is 2 weeks later.
Surprised by the fact that it was cheaper to not use Spirit miles.
Same flight, without miles, $53.09.
With miles,
Free Spirit Master Card Holder, 2,500 miles + $80.60
All members, 10,000 miles + $80.60.

Same thing happened when I tried to book a flight from DFW to LAX, it is cheaper to no use miles for the same flight.

This is true sometimes but not all of the time. You must research your options and do the math.

Having to travel with a student, I saw there were no Off-Peak periods when school was out, including the entire summer, Thanksgiving through New Years and any time where there could be a spring break. I tallied up all the Off-Peak periods which came to less than 3 months. Standard times are more frequent but cost 4X the miles of Off-Peak, so your miles don’t go very far at all. The real clincher was the statement that these Miles seats may not be available on any particular flight, which I interpret as not being available for the flight I would want.

Can you use Free Spirit Miles for anything besides airline tickets? Like hotels, cash cards, etc?

Very interesting comments and replies to this topic. I’ve been a new frequent flier with Spirit and so far, I’ve yet to pay more than $80 for flights from FLL to DFW (I only fly with a backpack, which also helps). I read all the fine print and fly when the prices are low. I use the website to gauge all prices, then I go to the airport buy my tickets there and save about $35 because I don’t have to pay the “passenger usage fee”.

That being said, I have been looking at getting this card, and as usual, lots of fine print to read. It seems that people have had success with this card because it seems, they read all the fine print. I get the impression that most people who’ve had problems seem to not read all the fine print.

To the ones who’ve had success, thanks for the info. I’m still not sure if I’ll get the card, but at least I know it’s possible to have good luck with it.

I just love the spirit mileage program. Where else can you get a round trip ticket from Chicago to Fort Myers for $11.20. If you purchased one of those under the seats piece of luggage, there are no baggage charges. It’s really an incredible deal. The flights are typically on time, the service, while not the best, is decent and the destinations are great. I typically do not have a problem finding the Off-peak fares. And yes, as with any airlines, the closer to the your date of departure, the more expensive it is. As someone mentioned above, it would behoove you to learn how to play the game. It’s fun and inexpensive!

Absolute bait and switch. I’ve had the MasterCard for almost a year and accumulated 88,000 miles only to find out that even with two months advance notice i was not able to find an “off peak” reward flight from Atlantic City to Fort Lauderdale for anywhere close to the 5000 miles its supposed to cost me. If you read the mileage chart and the website you would think that by choosing to fly on off peak days you’d benefit by using less miles. What an absolute lie. When i called the help center it took me 3 attempts to speak to a human being. What a waste. Avoid this credit card at all costs!!!!!!!

Totally agree! I would like to start a class action lawsuit. There are no flights for the listed amount of points they push to get you to sign up. I want to cancel this card but now I am stuck until I use my 117,000 points. I also hate that when you do fly on Spirit with this card you get absolutely no perks. This card is a total waste. I hate this card.

Applied for card in June, got card early July, made 1st purchase right away yet the 15,000 bonus miles will not be available to use until late August, too late for summer travel. This “wastes” almost 2 months of my free 1st year, will not pay to continue this card, or the $9 fare club. Everything is too difficult to use and the website is of no value in explaining anything.

*********** Best Airlines *********

I applied for their Spirit CC and was awarded 15,000 miles. I used that for 3 tickets from DFW to LAS. No issues with the flights or any problems. Have been using the Spirit CC for normal monthly charges and have accrued a ton of miles. Booked 3 tickets from DFW to Cancun, DFW to Orlando, DFW to Los Cabos, DFW to Atlanta all with 15,000 miles each trip. Have never had any issues flying Spirit Airlines.

Still have racked up some miles and will be booking 3 tickets from DFW to FLL. Will also be booking 6 tickets for my family members from ATL to FLL. All for 5000 miles per ticket and $26. No other airlines allows you to travel for that cheap.

My sister booked 6 tickets from ATL to St. Thomas for under 200 and 5000 miles per ticket. She didn’t have enough miles, but was able to puchase 8000 miles for 200. Normal tickets would have caused over $2500. No other airlines can provide that much of savings.

Spirit is the best. Now if the can expand to add my favorite airport (CLT), this will be my only airline. Just love the accumulation of 2X miles per month. It adds up so fast.

Did not need card anymore and made decision after a $59 yearly fee showed up. Called BofA and tried to cancel but was told I had to talk to Spirit… very disturbing to not be able to cancel completely with BofA when it is they who send the statements…. I let it go a month, got a late fee and looked on this blog and got number to call….Thank you to someone with post above! Number I called 888-884-4950, talked to Jessica and she removed charges and canceled account since I had no balance prior to yearly fee. 🙂 Whew!

The card is issued by Bank of America, so you can cancel the card at any time. The $9 fare club is also $59 per year and that is “issued” by Spirit so that might explain the confusion.

BOA is NOT the owner of the Spirit card!
Yesterday I went to my local BOA to aks where are my bonus miles. After a 15 min research, the manager told me that they only “service” the card but do not “own” it. To my question “Which bank does own it?” she answered that they did not know and the only way to contact that bank was to use the number on the back “and press 0 five or six times – that is how we get in touch with them”.
Something is rotten in the kingdom of BOA – about the rot at Spirit we all know…

can anyone tell me what is considered non peak hours? Thanks

Totally useless, I was charged a late payment fee when the payment wasn’t late. Promised a refund and never got it. Canceled the card. Beware!

Last February I cancelled my Spirit credit card. The bank gave me credit for it.
Spirit now is charging me 69.95 without any explanation. This transaction was charged after such credit card was cancelled.
When I try to contact them, I got different phone numbers but neither one was the right one in order to solve my problem.
This company should be investigated by the government.

Hey Josue.

The reason why this Rip-Off company is charging you $69.95 is because they are charging you for their annual $9 club fee. When you sign up for the $9 Club it costs $59.95 the first year, but what they dont make clear is that they automatically renew you each year after at $69.95. This company is a rip-off. The only way you would save is if you dont have any carry on, no checked bags, and dont care where they sit you. Whenever I have priced spirit versus the other guys, I have always come off as cheaper with the other guys.

Even though I opted out of their credit card offer in a timely manner, they continue to send billing statements. They are hooked up with Bank of America, will not answer their 1 800 number. I will not pay their strong arm tactics or finance fees. BEWARE, stay away from their credit card offers. My State Atty. General will be notified


I agree, card is a total rip off,been using the card for months, spent
thousands of dollars, but my free spirit account doesn’t reflect the 2
Miles per dollar spent on the card, in flight miles.
They claim it may take 30 to 60 days to credit your account, we’ll that
doesn’t do you any good when you want top plan a trip within the next few
months, I will do nothing but deter people from getting the card, or flying
with spirit airlines, if they can’t maintain something as simple as a credit
card agreement, how well do they do maintain their aircraft.

Totally not worth it. Stay FAR AWAY!

****** IMPORTANT *******
After hours on the phone i have located Useful Phone numbers for this credit card and these people were amazing once i actually got to them, Be polite and they will take care of you, They actually speak english….
888-884-4950 – Credit Card Customer Service
800-825-5770 Online Banking for Credit Card
That,s all i have and i was able to resolve my issues
****** IMPORTANT *******

Thanks very much! This phone number is very helpful!

THANK YOU SO MUCH. The phone number worked like a charm! You have no idea the amount of time and frustration I have spent trying to get help with this Spirit World MasterCard! I am eternally grateful to you!

I discovered your blog site on google and test a number of of your early posts. Proceed to keep up the excellent operate. I simply extra up your RSS feed to my MSN Information Reader. Looking for forward to reading extra from you in a while! cgbdeeadaeea

I flew Spirit Airlines incep, and once was enough. The initial flight was fine but the flight home was horrible! We were delayed 6 hours! Also they offered this Spirit credit card which is even worse. They tell you you get so many free miles and so many free flights but you have to make a purchase to do so I do t remember exactly what the purchase amount had to be to get the flights and miles but u never did it and never it my promised miles and free flights. I never thought anything of it again because it wasn’t really that big of a deal but this evening I was going through my mail and I have $59 bill for the credit card I’ve never used! It’s an annual fee that I was never informed of. Good thing I opened it because the eve lope looks like it could be junk mail! So I could have easily missed it! DO NOT GET THIS CREDIT CARD! I called to cancel my account and to see of there was anything they could do about the charge and I was on hold for almost an hour and then the represetative told me to “take it up with the airlines”. So all in all I will never fly spirit and never bank with BofA

I just cancelled my card, just try and get an off peak fare and use your miles no matter how far out you try to book it is never available. I was told by airline crew that I could get 3 off peak fare tickets 15,000 miles by signing up, again what a load of crap. just try using them. I will only use them when forced to. They even charge you $25 for a carryon.

Just cancelled this card !!! Was just informed that I lost my accumulated miles 12500 of them due to the fact that I did not make a single purchase on the card for 3 straight months therefore I lose my miles after $10,000 dollars in purchases I have nothing to show for it! When I asked them to reinstate them they said no! When I told them I did not know or I would have used the card at least once a month they said well you can start all over again! Besides it is in the contract you signed ……somewhere in there! When I said why was I not informed by e-mail that I was about to lose my miles and all it would take is a purchase ……they had no response…. I feel as if I have been ripped off …..mugged by this Piece of S_ _ _ company.
What terrible customer service and a huge rip off

I had the same experience, I missed a month not using the card and they cancelled all my free miles. Canceling the card was very time consuming and I had to literally go to Bank of America. I was very disappointed and vowed never to apply again but I did so last week and hope the service has improved. If not I will cancel again and never fly spirit again.

I lost my miles too but I got them back. I was told I had to make purchases of a certain dollar amount over a certain number of months. I followed the rules and I got my miles back. It helps to have written documentation of the reinstatement request, their response and proof of your compliance.

Plan well in advance, and use the off peak miles for a one way and use another program for your return… Southwest or another that gives you a free bag w/card like United. If you have Fed Ex ground account ship your stuff to your hotel/destination so it arrives on time and you don’t have to pay for a carry on or risk losing your bag. That’s how you dooze it!

Can you redeem points to help pay off your credit card bills with spirit?

Worst card ever! Poor customer service and i was lied too by sogning up up for this stupid card!

I too admit that it can be challenging getting the value out of this card, but it DEFINITELY can be done. The most important consideration is that it only really works for discretionary travel that can be based around the limitations of the offpeak schedule. However, that being said, I have flown to Cancun from New York multiple times for 10,000 miles and about $80 in fees. No other airline (that I’m aware of) can come close to that. Add to that the two miles per dollar earned and it’s the only card I really use. Occasionally its promotions are outstanding, like last year’s that returned your reward miles to you (for four people in my case).
A few things I have learned: it’s 15000 miles (offpeak) to Colombia and Costa Rica from New York but only 5000 from New York to Fort Lauderdale and then another 5000 to those destinations. Sure it’s more hassle to book the flights separately but it saves 5000 miles per ticket. I fly with my two kids so save 15000 each trip with that alone.
Most annoyingly for me, when you book online (currently the way to do it) the accuracy is spotty and inconsistent. It may not show a low mile reward but clicking on different days often reveals one for at least one flight that day. Or checking for a few days may find a low mile flight that wasn’t previously available. Sometimes I have to book a one-way to my destination, then the return in two parts.
If you book out of the country one-way, you need to purchase a return also and you cannot check in online. You will have to go to the counter and show that you have a return ticket to the US. Often there’s a dedicated line for this but not always.
I never buy bags. I have an “underseat carryon” that meets Spirit’s requirements and have never had an issue. I also carry a tote bag (that can fold) with food because food doesn’t count as luggage (per Spirit’s website) and it’s always handy to have on my trip. I put jackets in it for going through security, for example. And for what it’s worth, you can fit a bag under all Spirit’s seats including the aisles, which is not true of many other carriers. But if you do buy bags, booking multiple flights becomes way less worthwhile (have to pay per flight).
As far as service, Spirit has been perfectly adequate for me. The last time I flew American I was stuck in the airport for two days coming home due to “mechanical problems” that somehow kept repeating.
Travel is a drag. I fully understand that many if not most travelers can’t or aren’t willing to add to that by dealing with these considerations. In addition, Fort Lauderdale immigration/customs can be nightmarishly long and Spirit’s short layovers don’t always allow time to navigate them and still make the connecting flight. But I don’t work and I want to travel. Now that I have the hang of it, it’s totally worth it to me. Next month I’m flying to Orlando for 5000 miles and $25 per ticket. Obviously a direct flight would have been immensely preferable. But otherwise it would have been over $250/ticket. So to me, it’s a good return for the extra hours spent, not to mention that it enables me to go at all.
Also, while I agree that Spirit’s regular fares often aren’t low enough to make up for the restrictions, sometimes the $9 fare club can pay off. I flew from New York to Myrtle Beach for $40/ticket roundtrip. And on short notice it’s often the only carrier I can find whose fares haven’t skyrocketed.

I appreciate your absolutely mature and seasoned traveler’s perspective — many folks don’t realize that you need to plan well in advance in order to avail of the cheapest fares out there, not only on Spirit, but on all airlines!


That was really helpful information Audrey. All your experience with how to travel the maze so that this card makes sense for leisure only travel booked over 180 days in advance. Thanks for taking the time to spell it all out.

I too applied for this card on a flight from DFW to New Orleans. At first I found the card to be a disappointment. As others mentioned, it was difficult to find any trips that I had an interest in for the “bargain” air miles. Furthermore, my personal flight experience with Spirit has ranged from perfect trips to non-existent when flights were cancelled a few weeks before trips, and I had to start all over finding last minute, high priced flights to my destinations with other carriers. That said, after researching on how to use Spirit and not get burned I have had more success in flying with them. I have even identified those elusive flights to use our air miles on. Most recently, I booked DFW to Cancun for family of four with 2,500 miles per person (not 25,000)and no extra booking fees, etc. I did it online, and had absolutely no difficulty in doing so. I have also purchased so amazingly cheap tickets at the Spirit counter at DFW airport. The comment regarding lower fares are typically available at the airport is true. If you are in close proximity to the airport you might try it before purchasing online. Go EARLY for all flights. Add bags online before hand. Get your seat assignment for free at the airport. I have received the “big” seats even on their flights at the airport for free. DON’T book a flight with spirit that only flies ONCE A WEEK to your vacation/ wedding/ or important event destination. If your flight is cancelled, they are going to put you on the next available. You do the math, if they fly it once a week, you are flying out one week later and missing whatever you were going for. Destinations with frequent flights have worked out fine for us. Hope the info will help someone. Good luck.

The spirit MasterCard is the worst don’t pay the 60 fee if you want to fly across country you need get this 44000 for the R/T flight are you kidding. Checked with the spirit res dept that’s the exact figure so the 15000 free when you first use the card is worthless unless you first fly 3 R/T flights across country sure you can fly local like phila to Orlando for free but add the 60 fee plus 25 processing fee it’s not worth it. Don’t get the card period

We stumbled over here different web address and thought I may as well check things out. I like what I see so i am just following you. Look forward to looking over your web page again.

this visa sucks

this guy was on Sunday moning show on 3/24/0214….what an ass…he reminds me of the pompous CEO of Golman Sachs.Don’t put together a program that a World class decathlon contender couldn’t navigate. Lies beyond belief with the rewards end of it.Talking to India/Phillipines…..charging for water $3….now implementing overhead bag costs…this guy is a moron…ps morons extend to people who create wealth too…dude.Pompous goofy ridiculous talking idiot. we are here to create simetry not discord….If you are in it to make cash great ,but do not resort to bogus ads/come ons like a USED CAR SALESPERSON….please do not tell me this guy thinks he is creating a better World…. Why not just say who you are and we will respect you more…maybe. It is all unnecessary…nobody is telling you what to charge and nobody is expecting you to give away the farm….but we also want to be treated accordingly….YOU MAY BE MAKING MONEY BUT YOU MISSED THE POINT OF “BEING ” I do not care what the fares are…I have to make a decision there …but I don”t like the attitude of the company and when I saw the clip on TV it all made sense..he has successfully shown himself through it….and it SUCKS…wouldn’t fly them unless no other choice…and even then not sure…All the best MR.SPIRIT

Spirit World Master Card is the worst !!!
Just had their customer service on the line and they clearly show on their online charts Off-Peak Travel for cardholders is 2,500 miles for 1 way travel within Region #1 . There is availability when you try booking online but they are charging 25,000 miles. When you phone and speak to a representative they tell you the 2,500 miles seat isn’t available but I can but a 25,000 mile seat on the exact same flight .
WHAT A RIP-OFF !!!!! Spirit is bad enough but their Free Spirit Card thru Band of America is more deception !!!

AGREE! The ad on the checkout page indicates that if you apply, you can use the card “immediately” and “now” to pay for the flight. It is not possible to do so, as you have to have a security code from the back of the card. I called SPirit and Bank of America and both said the same thing. The ad on the checkout is a LIE!

The worst scam ever. Impossible to reach someone on the phone. Tons of fine print and restrictions – peak/off peak make getting your free or cheap flight next to impossible.

Run don’t walk away from this one – the worst I’ve ever encountered!

At first – I admit – I was having a terrible time getting my 2500 free spirit bonus miles. Read through the complaints and found one that helped…I called and spoke to a very nice customer service person who helped direct me to the correct location to redeem…1-801-401-2299 OPTION 4 THEN OPTION 8.

WEBSITE IS – marketing.spirit.com/redeem will lead you to the correct location. Enter name first and last. Then your Spirit Member number and the certificate number. Last, your email and where you received the voucher. HIT submit and it’s processed. Sometimes it just takes a little more looking and a deep breath! Good luck fellow voucher friends!

Thanks so much for phone # and option #’s! Was trying to use my airmiles for a ticket for my Mom and could not figure out how to do it online, could not speak to an actual person until I found your info! Lady was so nice and stayed on the phone and walked me through the whole reservation process! Website is not user friendly, for sure! And she spoke English fairly well, well enough to understand!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU fellow voucher friend-

-after hours of fooling around with websites & no luck with phone options to get my 2500 free spirit bonus miles — I was reading through complaints & there you were with all the correct information. The deep breath worked!

marketing.spirit.com/redeem was the exact site. Entered first & last name. Membership #,certificate #,email & where received voucher. IT WORKED!

I just became a fan of reading complaints for help! Thanks,again

Thanks,I will give that a try

OK….they got me too….they suck….filled out an app on a flight from Bos-FLL and it’s no where to be found….where’s my info??? This airline just plain “sucks”…he Spirit agent could not find anything after being on hold for awhile and then sent me to BofA to fill out a new app…shame on BofA to get involved in this circus…Spirit why don’t you give up on all the BS and just charge a little more for flights…all of these other comments posted here are true…Spirit Air does suck! Oh ya, I’m not getting this worthless card and I’ll be saving $59.95 a year

OMG … 2 years later and the exact same thing happened to me. I filled out the in-flight Master Card application ….with ALL my private information … and it seems to have disappeared. When I called, waited on hold for over 20 min., called the next day and switched to 2 different people who had the same response … we don’t have your information on file. So what did the stewardess do with it??? Not only frustrating, but very worrisome as well!!!

I signed up for the card thinking 3 round trip tickets would be a great deal. The card was issued to me with my last name spelled incorrectly. Since they link it to your frequest flyer account, I could no longer check in online or pay for my carry on online for the lower rate. The name the flight was booked under didnt match the account. This is before I even activated the card. So after paying the higher baggage fee at the airport, I called the customer service number. The first attempt I was on hold for 23 minutes then disconnected. The second attempt I was on hold for 27 bminutes then disconnected. Attempt 3 I was finally able to speak to someone, but only after I activated the card. I ended up cancelling the card immediatly. How can they issue a card to a name that doesn’t match my SSN? The fine print around the miles used to encourage use of the card, and sub standard customer service sent me running.

As I sit waiting for my return flight, I would like to share my less then pleasant experience on the the first leg of my trip.
Firstly Spirit claims to be a low cost airlines. This is true, but only if you fly with less then the basic necessitys. My $110 round trip to Florida was also accompanied by a $30 luggage fee, each way. True, most airlines charge for check-in bags, but Spirit’s also charges for carry-on. When I got to the airport I was told that check-in bag weight can only be 40 lbs, 10 lbs less then the other airlines. I had to remove items and ultimately discard them.(they were not allowed through security) Inorder to choose a seat of your choice, you must pay an addition of atleast $10. Not willing to give in, I sat in the back of the plane, in a middle set. I had an 8pm flight, and after 1 and 1/2 hour delay, instead of getting some sleep, the flight attendants were chatting loudly right behind me. To add insult to injury, they don’t serve any complementary beverages or snacks. Learning from my mistakes, it’s unlikely I’ll be seeing any of you on Spirit flight anytime soon. (Unless you’re flying to Atlantic City this afternoon.)

Spirit does not charge for 1 carryon that can fit under your seat. It is cheaper to pay for the bags on line. If you wait until you get to the airport, you will pay a lot more.

The BOFA Spirit MasterCard works pretty well for me.
My family can travel from/to Floria and from/to the Caribbean for 5K miles round trip per passenger. This is a great deal when you family group trips.

I don’t know about any other reward cards that allow to do that.

Chase British Airways card. It only costs 9,000 miles R/T from Florida to most of the Caribbean using British Airways Avios, and the card comes with as much as 100,000 miles as a signup bonus(which I got back in Nov.). Or Amex Premier Rewards Gold. Can do bonus transfers at times as high as 40% to British Air and get flights from Florida to Caribbean for as low as 6K miles at times–plus the card comes with 25K mile signup bonus. My wife and I flew from Miami to Cayman Islands for 7500K R/T each in Jan. using a 20% Amex/BA transfer. And all these flights are at convenient times on a much more comfortable American Airlines.

Oooh, I like both of those. Which would you be more comfortable in? I know that you like wearing tights and those types of tops, but the maxi would be extremely summery!

The CFPB has been an issue of major contention, and the credit card complaint hotline is the latest part of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau which is causing a row. The hotline would essentially take calls from concerned consumers, and the agency would compile grievances about credit card companies. However, that is the kind of information is effortlessly misused, which is why banks and card issuers want some restraints placed on how it could be used. I found this here: http://personalmoneystore.com/moneyblog/2011/05/16/credit-card-hotline/

Look … You get what you pay for, an not a bit more.

Sure, there are blocked dates, and sure, it might be difficult to get the city and date and time you really want. But … I can fly from Detroit to Fort Lauderdale for 2500 miles each way. How can you beat that?

This card worked fine for my family and me. In April 2013, FIVE of us flew from DTW to FLL. Sure, it was a very late flight from Detroit and a very early return flight from fort Lauderdale. BUT!!! We flew for 2,500 miles each way. So, 10,000 miles for FIVE ROUND TRIPS! Try THAT with any other credit card.

So stop complaining. You can’t always get what you want, but if you understand the rules and limitations you can get some fantastic deals. If you want your exact date and time, well, then you may be SOL.

Oh, regarding their operators. In March 2013, I made several calls inquiring about combining the $9 fare club with miles (can’t) and other questions. Sure, there was usually a wait, however, I found the operators to be extremely pleasant and patient. BTW, I booked the flights directly on the website. No problem.

I’m trying to book a flight with points for myself and my wife but can’t figure out how to do it online. On one of the pages you have to enter each person and their number. I’m the only one in my family with a number. Help!!!

Each person has to get their own number. Found that out too. You have to select USE POINTS at bottom of flight select screen to use points instead of money. Also you must be logged into account.

You’re saying it cost 2500 miles EACH way. Then you say it costs 10,000 miles for 5 R/T’s? This must be the new math. Five R/T’s at 2500 miles each way is 25,000 miles. “Try that with any other credit card”–Try the Southwest card. It gives you 50,000 miles. I’m flying from FLL to Boston for 9500 miles R/T. One credit card would get me 5 R/T’s plus miles left over. It cost my wife and I 10,000 miles each for 2 R/T’s from FLL to Puerto Rico over Thanksgiving weekend. We got 2 of their credit cards which not only got us 100,000 points, but also their Companion Pass which allows one of us to fly free, unlimited, with the other person–for 2 years! Also, no blackout dates, tons of award availability on ALL flights, no need for crazy red-eye flights, no bag fees, can cancel your flight up to 10 minutes before departure with no penalty, if the fare goes down you can cancel and rebook at the lower rate without penalty. Oh, and SW’s seats aren’t filthy like Spirit and you get free non-alcoholic drinks on board.

This card was worth $59 a year when I was traveling from ACY to EWR a lot when my Dad was sick. Being able to jump the check in line and board before every one else did was great. Redeeming points was always a problem but I believe you can now do it online vs. having to speak with a CSR. I’m dropping it however because they want an additional $60 a year to be in the $9 fare club. Simply not worth it to me.

Spirit is such a sleazy airline. My wife and I were on a 4 hour flight to Las Vegas a few months ago. During the 30 minutes before landing the crew mentioned the Spirit credit card, and how just by filling out the application we would be given vouchers for free flights–in addition to the numerous free flights we would get by being approved. But to get the free flight vouchers we had to submit the application to the crew before we landed. By this point we were about to land and no one would have time to read the fine print. We filled out the applications and got our “free” flight vouchers. When we finally got to read them out our hotel it said the “free” vouchers were only good if you got approved for the credit card plus some other ridiculous terms. A couple of weeks later we both got letters saying we were denied. In the end all we got was a couple of hits to our credit reports. Funny we were denied as we both have several Chase and Amex cards.

I applied for this card in-flight to receive the bonus mileage offer. I received a call a few weeks later saying I was approved. One month later after I had not received the card I called the credit card company and they had none of my information on file. Either they lost my information or my information is in the wrong hands.

I had the same story they pulled my credit report and lost my info

Does anyone out there have a phone number that works? I have read some comments that say they talked to customer service. How did they accomplish that? I would like a real live body even if it is in India… The 801 number is in Utah and it is in Utah and totally worthless plus did you know it is not toll free? I agree with all the 100 plus comments I have read thus far plus I have complained to BOF. Thank You

** HOW TO REACH A LIVE PERSON WITH REGARDS TO SPIRIT MILES : 801-401-2299 PRESS 4 THEN OPTION 8 *** Hope that helps people out !

Horror stories galore when it comes to Spirit, but mine has not been terribly bad. My mom & flew for the first time with Spirit last month, we went to South American destination. We paid $500 a piece round trip with one stop in Fl., paid baggage fees online & kept an eye on the weight of our check-in luggage & no extra fees were tacked on.

**TIP** If you live near an airport go to the Spirit counter & purchase your ticket. You will save anywhere from $30 to $100 on your ticket. The reason being that you are not charged a certain internet reservation fee if you purchase directly in person from them. I know this is not convenient for most, but I live 15 mins from the airport & it was well worth it.

I also applied for the BoA card, within the month I received my 2500 miles for just filling out the application out, also received my Spirit Mastercard in the mail, & I will wait for a billing cycle or two to get the remaining 15,000 miles.

I will keep my fingers crossed, think positive & pay attention to off-peak restrictions, trying to travel on those dates & see what happens. Oh I did have to call Spirit to merge my Free Spirit acct #’s, one from when I initially signed up online to redeem the voucher miles & the acct # I got from my Mastercard, it was no big whoop.

Will report back in a month or two.

Excellent suggestions and directions from Wilt Chamberland…I just got through to Spirit and the service rep was very helpful…I ended up with over 22000 miles for the credit card application and extra bonus…and he merged my old rewards account into the new one…

THANK YOU FOR YOUR COMMENT…helped me greatly. I too hope that everything works out…happy traveling!

What a sh**bag outfit…..my previous acct was closed for some reason….with 50,000 air miles on it….they refuse to reinstate miles saying acct no longer exists!!!….now I’m on vacation and go to use my card and it’s declined…1x,2x,3x 4x’s…..I call…am told by a customer service asshole…I should pay my bills and the acct wouldn’t be shutdown down!!!!! I tell them acct was paid in full prior to vacation so that there would be no problems with card!!!!! I get back….call Spirit Mastercard and am told…oops…we applied your payment to the old acct…..what the one that didn’t exixt and couldn’t restore 50,000 miles too!!!!!! but managed to apply a payment too!!!!!

I am hoping someone can help me!! I recently got suckered into filling out a Spirit Airlines Master Card which I have yet to receive. I stupidly turned over paperwork to a flight attendant and went on my merry way. That was on October 20th… Still no card. When I call # on paperwork and online and can find no trace of a card. I am very uneasy about having my personal info. out there! Has anyone else experienced this? Also, does anyone know a “real” number I could call to get some answers? All numbers lead to BOA and they have no information for me.

I just had the same issue with them. Went to book flights according to their “chart” which said 2500 miles, one way, non-peak. Well guess what……that is according to “availability”. So I checked Jan, Feb, Mar, April, May, June, July, Aug, it quit after August. Guess what……………no change!!!! Every month said the same 25,000 miles, premium for everyone of those months. Who wants to bet there is no such thing as “non-peak”????????????? Totally one big farce!!!!

I second this!!!

Also we flew Spirit Airline nd it was the worst flight ever..We ha a 6 hour layover ad here were 6 of us sitting at the airport all this time. Nothing ever offered for all the yime wasted or all the extra cost to sit in a airport..Lousy service ever

I have a Spirit card and never again..After a year I got a fee of 59.00 which I fought and they cancelled the fee and my card…Never told that the balance on the card had to be paid by next year..again 59.00 fee changed. NOW my card is closed and they are charging me this fee and my card is CLOSED.. Now figure..I am still fight fee but getting nowhere….what a pain this card has been since start..I had so many points but never could use them to fly, either the time was no good the hours were terrible,,,,,so big lie there too…..

When you display the cost of available flights in miles, some flights will come up with a lower mileage redemption option linked to ownership of the Spirit Mastercard. For the flight I was looking at, 5000 miles instead of 20000 miles. However, you have to apply for said card, and you can’t get the flight at the lower redemption until you actually have the card. But I already have said card. And there is no way to deal with that conundrum. When you call their 801 number (and you have to pay for the call) you just get caught in a tangled web of voice prompts. So like everyone else here, I have miles but it seems there is no practical way to redeem them. In the end, I just paid cash for the flight ($50 going one way, $150 coming back). Cheap enough and I guess there’s a reason.

Spirit is the worst!

Their continued existence is a mockery of decent business practices and corporate social responsibility. It’s time we do something about it!

Join Us!

I recently flew with Spirit airlines. I was offered the BOA credit card for the Spirit certificate for 2,500 Free Spirit bonus miles. I’m not one to activate a credit card unless I understand the small print. I did NOT activate my card. I tried to get more information from Spirit. I tried for several hours and a few days, tried every site for Spirit. No real people etc. I am really glad I went to this site. Most people who left a comment were right on. I just want to say THANK YOU!!!! I went on everyweb site listed on the back of the certificate of FAQs. Not one answered any questions. I will NOT activate this card. THANK YOU ALL AGAIN!!!!!!

I should have gone with the other choice. The BOA “Mickey the Loanshark” Card.
It’s hard to believe BOA could tarnish their reputation further. The cc bill mysteriously started going to an ancient email account, which led to late fees. At cancellation, surprise!, I never found one segment of one flight that was available at a decent rate. The final surprise? The mysterious reactivation of the card the following year. I’m sure the employee who envisioned this fiasco of a product was given a nice bonus. BOA is currently ranked last in consumer opinion, and with that ranking, is vastly overrated.

DO NOT GET THIS CARD!!!!!!!!! It is just horrible, my miles were removed after applying for the card….didn’t use them in a 45 day period. Now just tried to get a ticket for my daughter to fly home….would not let me put her name in the ticket..and NO CUSTOMER SERVICE with Spirit !!! This is surely a scam ..anyone will to start a class action suit? I am so angry…got this card last October and nothing but a pain !!!

I will support the class action suit as well I just did this search because I had the same problem they told me that applying for the card would give me 2500 miles and it never did. If that wasn’t enough they denied my credit, thus lowering my credit score and my credit score is over a 700.

I hear their is a class action suit going on with Spirit! Sign me up now!!! They play the customer into spending hundreds of dollars on supposed “low-fares”. It’s all a scam. I have been on the phone for 3 hours trying to redeem 3 simple certificates from our last flight. The customer service rep was extremely rude and the flight attendants lied when they stated we could redeem these certificates for miles. Someone should sue this airline.

I would do it. I’m pissed of at spirit in general. They are the worst people to fly with! They lost a lot of my 3 month old personal belongings and her stroller(expensive) took a whole lot of damage as they seem to toss everyone’s personal belongings everywhere.

Stay away from this airline. I wouldn’t dream of applying for one if there cards. Took a flight to Atlanta, which was delayed 1 hour because they overbooked, the an additional two hours after boarding,for reasons they never disclosed, dispite asking the stewardess multiple times. Also, during the first hour wait another one of there flights was cancelled 15 min before boarding, leaving passengers with no other flights that night. Worst airline ever!

Sure wish I had read this blog before getting the Spirit Mastercard. I have spent 3 of the most frustrating days ever trying to see who can award my free 15,000 miles for opening a new account. I made my purchase to qualify as directed but never got the points. Now I was told it would be done by next Tuesday, July 23. It is a full time job just getting the miles awarded so then you can jump through the hoops to try and redeem them. Have you ever heard of a customer service points dept that has no line to connect customers with a problem? Well, Bank of America has one. I am very unhappy and will be canceling this card before any annual dues come due. Their call center is located in South Carolina but they will not tell you the city or town when asked. Makes it more difficult to file a complaint with the BBB. Beware of this program!!!!

Did you ever get this resolved?!?!?! I’m having the same issue.

I signed up for this card in November. They sent the card 2x to my supposed address. Never came. 3rd time it did. They told me i would get 3 round trip tickets after 2 billing periods. I use this card a lot. I wanted to use this card later in the year. I keep getting tossed around to different phone numbers that are automated. Id there a number for a live person? I got to free spirit and get number trees but never a live person. i called Bank of America who said they couldn’t find my account but finally after saying Ill cancel today if you don’t find it, by magic they did and told me my miles . Bank of America told me to call spirit direct to answer questions about the miles program. IM FUMING. Ids this a bait and switch or what? ANYONE?

Almost as bad as a scam. To use your miles, you will need to catch that one in a blue time opportunity. The off-peak period, zone and mileage will all need to align – next to impossible. Also, when you think you have enough miles, according to the table of zones, peak schedules and miles needed, you will get a completely different mileage requirement though online booking. Try calling the customer service – it is completely automated!!! It will direct you to book online.

Long story shot: too much bs. I am cancelling the card


I have used the Spirit credit card for years and I have saved tons of money flying to Florida and back. For example, this coming winter my wife and I are flying to Fort Lauderdale and back three times on Spirit. I am paying five to ten dollars round trip per ticket. No other airline comes even close to that offer.

I have a secret method anyone can use. I read the rules carefully and plan ahead for my travel. It works wonders.There is always the alternative to fly on a legacy airline. Also,flying first class helps as well. I would rather save
about 70% on my travel costs. Millions of people feel the same way.

What are you smoking man???

you definitely are smoking something!! I flew for the first time last week to Vegas for a mini-vacation with husband and daughter (who turns 21 this week). On the flight out they told us if we all three applied for a mastercard we would get 2500 points each (enough for a one way ticket). I tried to register all three tickets on-line and it stated they were invalid. I then tried to call and they stated that I was giving them the wrong number. Which is b.s. it states “”certificate number XXXXXXXXX” on the certificate and they say all three are invalid. It’s a huge scam. Spirit airlines sucks – they make their money by nickel and diming the customer. I have no problem flying cheap – but don’t play the customer by charging for EVERYTHING (except using the toilet!) I’m sure that one’s coming.

Alejandro Ariza

I have been trying to find out how to get the off peak periods online to use my points about 25000. I cannot find it anywhere online. I call the customer service line and every time I select an option it tells me there is a new number. I have called so far 5 different numbers and the options are the same. when I select 0 to talk to an operator it says that spirit charges for the call and goes back to the first option in the same loop. If you are on a spirit flight and they offer you a credit card do not accept the slip, its a free trip you can never get. I am now calling the credit card to close the account.

I just printed out the flight off peak, peak routes with mileage amounts. It is on the website. There are transaction fees but if you know way in advance of your dates the more of a benefit you get.

Spirit credit card rewards are deceitful and misleading. Reward points are so high they are virtually unusable. And if you miss a month of charging on the card you lose all your miles. They charged me yearly fee TWO months early and when I called to cancel they told me I had a balance for that month so I HAD TO PAY THE 59 DOLLARS even if I wanted to cancel. (I pay off the amount on time every time) I said no way would I ever pay and they were dishonest. Finally told me that if I paid off card right then with bank routing number would take the 59 dollars off. I SO ENJOYED putting that card through the shredder!

$36 flight costs 10,000 miles + $77.10 if I use my miles….WHAT??

On a Spirit flight 8 months ago I was told if I applied for a Spirit Mastercard I would get 15,000 free miles – “Enough for 3 round-trip flights anywhere”, plus another 2,500 miles for turning in my application during the flight. After making sure I used my card every month to keep from losing the miles (I was saving them to use this summer), I needed to take a flight from Tampa to Ft. Lauderdale. The 7:40 AM flight was offered for $36.00. “Hey, I can get a free flight and hardly use any miles”, I thought. Yeah…. Riiight. When I clicked on ‘Book with FREE Spirit miles’ it came up at 10,000 miles + $77.10. So for an extra $41.10, they’re willing to take away 10,000 of my miles? Unbelievable! The Saturday flight – usually $49.00 – was offered for 25,000 miles + $102.50.

As an infuriating prelude it took me over three hours (NOT an exaggeration) to get hold of a human being just to combine my miles onto one account – they issued the credit card miles with a separate Free Spirit number. Spirit wants you to do everything online but have no online option for merging miles (or for solving other simple problems), and all their phone numbers tell you to go online or ask for flight numbers, etc, with NO option to speak to a human and hanging up on you after you waste your time listening to multiple options/messages that don’t apply to your problem. No online help or chat, either. Gethuman.com said call 801-401-2220 and press 0, then 2, 5, 7, and 3 (took 3 tries but it worked). After 19 minutes on hold I finally got a reservations ‘specialist’ who told me I had to call the Free Spirit Center at 801-401-2210 and press option 7, then 3, 3 again, enter my phone number, then select ‘Change Name’ or ‘Update Contact Info’. I had already gone through all these options on my own 2 or 3 times and then the system hung up on me so he offered to hook me directly to a human but when the phone picked up it was the same option menu! I can’t remember ever being so mad, but being a masochist I pressed on. After hold times of 13 and 17 minutes my third ‘specialist’, named AL (had to ask him 3 times because of the thick accent) actually connected me to another human (also named AL – what are the odds?) who solved my problem! AND he gave me a phone number for the future guaranteed – he insisted repeatedly – to be answered by a human. You guessed it. 801-401-2220. He didn’t have much of a personality, so maybe it sounds human to him.

And what’s with the 801 phone numbers? All the 800 numbers have recordings giving you an 801 number (801-401-2200, 801-401-2210, 801-401-2220, etc.) “To give you more options and serve you better”. I thought maybe it’s a new toll-free exchange, like 866, but turns out it’s an area code in Utah – which makes sense since Spirit is based in Miramar, Florida and the call center is in India. After 18 calls and over an hour of hold time total just to solve my simple problem, I can venture a guess that Spirit has discovered a new source of revenue in the form of a cut from the phone company.

Until today I actually liked Spirit because they had low fares and were upfront about added costs.

Hi Kurt–I am intrigued that you were told “3 round trip tickets,” as you are not the only one. I am a lawyer and have a good deal of interest in this issue. Under no circumstances would you pay me a cent or more. This is a LEGAL ADVERTISEMENT but I am for real (you can check me out online).


Mark Schlachet

Very open advertisement… nice going.

I am ready to be part of class action suit. Same problem as everyone above.

I was told this as well..nothing yet.

I flew Spirit for the 1st time this year & was offered the miles for a round trip flight plus a one way flight if I opened a master Card act. I opened the act & never got the card (thank God),as well as not receiving enough miles needed for even a one way ticket. When you try to contact Free Spirit they do not give you the option of speaking with a customer service rep. I eventually figured out how to get in touch with a real person I THOUGHT! I have been trying to speak to someone for about a hour and a half & just decided to let it go,it was not worth the effort or my time that I have wasted WARNING…don’t be fooled by this,read the reviews & they all say the same thing pretty much,it is a joke!!!!!

After trying to find the correct numbers to activate the 2500 air miles within 30 days. Tried several times. Can’t find their phone number easily. Started reading the complaints and decided to not activate the credit card. Sounds like a scam. They give very low fares and make large charges for baggage etc. My flights were on time and baggage arrived with me, seats were without any leg room, but the plane arrived safely and for that I am thankful. I will not activate my credit card.

Yes for the worst credit card ever!!!! I have had several credit cards and this one is by far the worst. If you are doubting me, call customer service right now and watch the clock. I have waited for 85 minutes and gave up. The sales they offer NEVER applies to you or the dates you want to use. Its to the location and dates they offer. I paid for my first year (annual Fee) and I have been trying to cancel my membership, but it is impossible to reach them They keep sending me statements saying that I am late for my new year membership fee. I call, call, call and they never pick up the phone. There are probably no people being paid for customer service. I just cannot believe it is a Bank of America card.
If the only credit card you can get is this one, I would not even bother. It will bring you so much stress and regrets.


Flight and credit card deal? Just lube up and bend over!
The worst cheats, snake oil salesmen,and service in the industry. The CEO and his Associates should be tarred and feathered and then put in jail.
The planes are old, dirty and unsafe. The pilot was late boarding and looked drunk. Less leg room then a slave ship. If you add up all the additional fees, it costs more to fly then any other airline.
This airline is a disgrace to the industry and that’s really saying something. I’d walk before flying or dealing with them again.
Take heed and tell your friends.

Spirit not Sprint. However, I understand the mistake.

Someone should sue these people for false advertising. 98% of itineraries and dates I looked at are blacked out. Incredible a legitimate company is doing this. Shameful.

Another rip off! The have blacked out all flights from Las Vegas to Detroit. I have 59,000 points I can not use.

I am so confused. I got the card with all these free miles and when booking the flight I can’t figure out how to redeem them. I called customer service and they told me the where the schedule is. That doesn’t help me figure out how to use the miles. He really didn’t address my questions. He just kept repeating the same information. I did everything to book the flight except payment. Seems like to much work to use the miles. Any advice to know how to use the miles would be appreciated. They charge $25.00 per ticket to book over the phone. Help!!!Please

My wife and I applied and got the Spirit World Mastercard in Sept. 2012. We each received 15,000 points.

In November I got an email telling me that if i went onto their new online site and picked off peak trips, the points would be redeposited into my account by end of March!

I went onto site, find a round trip from Fort lauderdale to San Juan, Puerto Rico in december, booked it easily on lin for a total of 10,000 points (5K each), spent a total of $140 for luggage, a seat etc, ($70 each), took the round trip with ZERO problems, was a good Airbus, had enough leg room, making sure to select isle seats as i am 6’3″, brought sandwiches to eat, bought two sodas for $5.

I called their customer service today to confirm that the points were going back to my account in March and he was courteous, helpful, and as good as a rep from the midwest that spoke perfect English! He even told me to apply again and gave me a # to use for the application.

Bottom line, no problems and incredibly cheap flight with the points going back into my account in March.

True, we packed carefully not to allow our luggage to go over 40 lbs, but the backpack that i brought was no charge and could easily hold 25 additional pounds.

Bottom line is, if you stop complaining, understand what is and what is not, and go with a positive attitude, Spirit did what it advertised to me.

I have also been asked to apply for additional cards, as BOA has a reputation for giving cards after you already have one!

Thank you Spirit.

I was enticed with the 15k miles/3 r/t ticket sales pitch as well. When I went to cash-in, there was only one (1) week available in all of the 8 month advance booking window. Good thing I snagged it immediately because 4 days later, even that was gone. If the first year of membership wasn’t free, I would’ve been pissed. I certainly don’t plan on renewing. Normally, I think many of the class-action lawsuits are frivolous for the benefit of predatory lawyers, but if there ever was a worthy case, this would be it.

Stay away – worst credit card ever! I cannot get off it – I am now on hold just trying to cancel this card. I was told that a flight to Minneapolis would be 70,000 points. They said the card provided three free flights. What a joke! Stay away!

I just got a bill for a $59 annual fee and I have no intention of continuing this service. I am not paying it. Spirit is dead.

Am I ever glad I decided to tell Spirit where to stuff their card!
Several years back I decided to get a Spirit Airlines credit card so I could get in on those cheap flights to Vegas. Well I applied just knowing I was going to get that card in the mail in a few days. Well days turned into weeks and after maybe 6 weeks my wife said, Hey they should have sent you your card by now!
So I got on the phone and talked to a rep who checked my file and app ten said Oh Sir..Your card was ent out weeks ago.
Just on problem with that it turned out..They sent it to my listed address but sent it to Miss instead of Michigan. I guess listing the Zip COde on the app was just to much info for the credit division to digest I guess. So after being promised that they were sending another card out immediately and cancelling the other one out I told my wife to pack her bags…We were going to Vegas. Well after another 4 weeks I called Spirit once again to ask where my card was and I got the Oh my you didnt get it yet!?
We just dont understand sir why you didnt get it yet, you should have received it weeks ago!
Well I finally got the hint. I’m hispanic and they didnt want or need my money so off I went and told them where they could put their credit card. I got another card and am more than happy to fly Delta everytime I go to Hawaii or Vegas as well a Florida to visit relatives….Spirit…Dont need em!!!!

Tristan, seriously? You think they treated you badly because you are Hispanic? You might be a little hypersensitive to this whole race thing, at least in this case. Sometimes bad customer service is just bad customer service. I fly Spirit all the time to and from Dallas. I find that half the flight is usually Hispanic passengers and about half the staff working the flights are Hispanic. I’d say if anything, Hispanics are probably a favored target market for Spirit. Spirit is a no frills airline with very little customer service so we know not to expect much.

I have the card and fly Spirit often. Yes, they have their negative, but as for the current card and miles program…they have solved the problems. You may use your miles on their website without any human contact. I recently flew my wife and I from FLL to ORD using miles. The cost was just under $100. That included my $50 round trip luggage charge. Plus, using the card last month, I more than replaced all the miles I used. So far, getting the card has been a great deal for me.

How do you redeem the miles when you are purchasing your tickets? I called and they told me where the chart was with peak and off peak miles. It has a place for frequent flyer miles at check out but not Spirit credit card miles. Customer service was not much help. Would you mind giving me some advice. I am ready to give up. Thank you…Ms. Clendennin

Horrible customer service. Expect to be on hold for close to an hour. The benefits do not outweigh the cost.

I was perplexed when I was DENIED their credit card although my FICO score included with the rejection letter was 798. After reading these comments, I am so grateful I didn’t receive this worthless card. Think I’ll just drive.

I just applied for this credit card and I pray I do not have the problems I am reading about here. If not, I will quickly cancel the card. Spirit needs to step up to the plate.

I would not activate it! I couldn’t even find the website to redeem my certificate, that you are suppose to go too, if you want to received your 2,500 bonus miles. Sounds like a nightmare to me!

Total rip off. I tried to book a ride from Detroit to Vegas on dates that were listed as “off peak” (15,000 reward points one way] But it came up “premium”, at 37,500 points each way. Called their number and was told each flight has so many seats for reward points, after which time all seats cost 37,500 points. He could not tell me the number of seats that are used and to top it off I went up to seven months ahead, and you got it……. every flight was 37,500 points.

I signed up for and received a Spirit World Master Card. I did this while on a flight to get the extra 2500 miles. I no longer want the card. Will it hurt my credit rating if I cancel the card now and never use it?

Thanks in advance for your reply.

Did you ever get an answer to this question? I think I’m going to cancel mine too.

Order Magazines and just use Spirit when it is a cheap ticket.

The worst company ever!!!!! They delayed our flight for 5 hours and saying nothing. There was no one there to say something. Just horrible! Hopefully the flight doesn’t get cancel!

it did get cancel though,I was in that same flight and had to stay 2 days in Florida waiting for the next available flight,horrible.

I travel frequently between Atlantic City and Fort Lauderdale to my home in Florida.The Spirit card has been great! Yes, you do have to pay $ 75.00 a year but unlike other cards which require $ 25,000 in purchases for a round trip ticket, sometimes you can get a round trip ticket for one spending one tenth of that amount. It is a great deal!

Yes, you do have to pay attention and plan well in advance. I recently booked my wife and I for three round trips to Florida in the next six months. In each case we were charged $ 5.00 per person for the round trip ticket. It costs us only $ 2,500.00 in purchases for each ticket. Show me another airline that will come even close to doing that.

Does Spirit Airlines have problems? Sure, but lets also give them credit for some great deals and not compare them with airlines charging over twice the price.


Jeff, you must not have anything better to do but to chase your free miles of no avail. For those who still work (not retired) have to stick to schedules and there are no flights to avail.

I don’t really know where to begin. i am sooooo freaked out at this point. and i am guilty of not reading the fine print. but this is the story. i opened up my card October 2011. used it as directed. about 1 month ago i went on the spirit site to book a flight and realized i didn’t have any miles???? soooo the phone calls began. apparently there is suppose to be a spirit free miles number on the credit card. i had no such number. back and forth with the credit card and spirit no one knows how or why and who is responsible. but after 4 days of phone calls and holding on for hours at a time. i finally go through to a supervisor with Bank of America. said they would fix it they had to issue me a new credit card. same number but i now have a free spirit number. so we will see. but in the mean time i wasn’t able to use my free miles and had to pay for my flight memorial day weekend and believe me it wasn’t cheap!!!! I’m pissed!!!

I have booked a Spirit Airlines flight using their frequent flyer miles and paid $5 for the reservation. My Spirit M/C expires one month before my flight and I want to cancel it. Will that invalidate my flight even though it is booked and paid for?

I would like to know about this case too since it will be the same for me next month.
Thanks in advance.

Tomas Sinisterra

I signed up for 2,500 free Spirit bonus miles back in October 2011, and kept the certificate number just to check if it was true. Sure enough, 3 calls and 5 months later, they have not posted my 2,500 miles on my statement. Good luck trying to find a customer care phone number, you have to Google it, and even then, the company policy feels like it’s just to take calls and not take any action.


I am a class action attorney who has received complaints that Spirit Airlines has promised customers 2500 airmiles if they applied for a credit card, and then simply does not provide the promised airlines.

If you live in New York and this has happened to you, please contact me at [email protected], if you are interested in taking part in a class action lawsuit against Spirit. It will not cost you anything.

Olga and Edwin Sierra

I being unable to use the 2500 free spirit miles because the credit card was denied, but the say I can use them regarless. Also my trip was a caos, because they told me my hand bags were to large and I had to change as much as I could in smaller and open shopping bags or else I have to pay. I was going in a short trip to see my mom to P.R.When I got inside the plane everyone was having the same small travel bags I previouly had.I asked some of the passangers if they pay to bring them in and they denied having to pay extra for it. I was very dismayed that I have to leave some clothes and gifts I bought and later on send them by mail.

I live in FL, have two 2500 Free Spirit bonus miles and have not been able to redeem them. Is your suit just for NYers?

charged me $59 fee for the 2nd year, but cancel all my 30,000 miles because i have not use the card in the last 3 months, horrible service, they deserve a law suit, put me in

Same thing with me. It’s impossible to get to the link and it can only be posted using this link. Keep trying and I’ll do the same….they want us to quit trying…..

It is so funny how we get caught up in what appears to be a deal. Then turns out to be a nightmare! I’ve been a $9 club member for several years. And yes, there was a time when 2 passengers could fly for as low as $108 round trip from NY to FLL with all fees included.

Then they started charging for luggage; it still wasn’t too bad. Then shortly after, they started charging for overhead carry-on and added other fees. At this point, I wondered if traveling with Spirit was still worth it. But yes, I continued. Also, sale fares were increased from $9 to $19 from & to NY/FLL. This increased the round trip sale price for 2 to about $240 total. Also, bare in mind, these prices are for selected days only.

The Barclay credit card was better than the BOA card because redeeming miles was not as expensive. But pity on those who needed to deal with customer service! I have nothing against Indians, but they have extremely horrible customer service skills. They are robotic and VERY non caring individuals. I dealt very little with them before the Barclay credit card. Then a little more when they cancelled with Barclay and introduced the BOA card. I didn’t trust them, so I opted not to sign up for the new card. I did continue traveling with them, and did manage to use my miles. Using my miles, I paid $180 for my wife, child and I round to and from NY/Puerto Rico. I was content.

At present, I am still a member in the $9 club (which cost $59.95 a year). But recently, they have up’ed their sale fare price NY/FLL to a minimum of $28 each way. This would bring the total sale price for a round trip for 2 to approx $280. Though this may still sound like a good deal ($140 per person round trip) to and from NY and FLL, it’s not! After you take into account all the aggravation you’re likely to go through (and yes you will) and the constant pressure to sign up for their BOA card (which is absolutely worthless), you’ll wish you never flew with them.

Avoid the card at any cost. Redeeming miles on the BOA card is absolutely ridiculous and, when you do the math, it almost is a scam. You know what I find absolutely hilarious with these idiots at the call center in India? If you have a problem and need to call them, the chances are that you’ll get no resolution and as a result, you’ll be obviously upset. Then after asking you if they are able to help you with anything else, they’ll ask you if you would like to sign up for their credit card …(blah, blah, blah). How dumb are these people? Think about it: “we are sorry we lost your luggage, would you like to sign up for our credit card?” Or “we are sorry you were charged a $175 cancellation fee, would you like to sign up for our credit card?” or “we are sorry we lost your dog…” You get the point. LMAO!

Before flying with Spirit, do your research. Read the reviews. Avoid them and their BOA card. AVOID!

Actually, BOA is not the issue, it is Spirit iteself. BoA does not have control on your points, those are with SA.

Worst company possible and a total rip! I booked 8 days ago and there is no email or website confirmation of my flight… but there is a charge on my credit card. Three emails and three phone calls to SpirtAir resulted in no response or dropped calls. One agant did say “We have no record of your booking…”

I use Spirit airlines and responded to an ad on their web site (spirit.com) to open Bank of America Master Card and get 15,000 miles = 3 free round trip flies anywhere in US. My believe is to have less credit cards for many reasons, one of which worsening of the credit score. I still applied to this card because the offer for 3 flights was too good to pass. As I received the card and called Spirit to redeem the 15,000 miles I was told that:

1. The round trip only for non-peak season (before Feb 15th and after April 27th). If I fly during peak season, it’s only for 1 way, non round trip.
2. Can only be redeemable by me (can’t even apply to a child)
3. There are “redemption fees” for using the miles if used for flights before 180 days from now
4. During peak season – even for the 1 leg they the do cover, it’s only for hours of 5:30 am or 11:50 pm flights (from Chicago to Florida). I fly with 3 years old which means I can’t fly during these hours. They DO NOT cover the “normal” hours during day.

Amazing that false advertising like this still exists in the USA. Even during the limited off peak, there are only a few seats per flight that are “off-peak”. These seats seem to fill up the first few days that they are offered, 7 months in advance. I have 60,000 points and can get one OFF-PEAK round trip flight in zone one AFTER paying $30 on top of that… my fault for not heeding the complaints before I got the card….

You are exactly right about the false advertising. I attempted to redeem some of my points tonight OFF PEAK for 9/15/2012. Although there were plenty of seats on the 6:45am flight, I was told that there were NO seats available. The “REWARDS” on this card are a joke. In small print it says – points are one way only. AVOID THIS CARD AT ALL COSTS. MY “REWARD” will be cancelling it.

I got the Spirit Mastercard several years back when it was with Barclays bank. I have to admit the features for using this for my small business were great in that I could give card to my employees and monitor their spending individually and set monthly limits and other controls for each of them individually. That’s where my praise ends.

When I joined, I was told (and it is in the documentation that I have) that I would receive 5% rebate on airline tickets I bought with Spirit on the card. I never received that and Spirit says it is a Barclays issue but Barclays says it is a Spirit issue. Go figure.

Then I had a bunch of travel problems on Spirit, not the least of which was when I donated about 100,000 miles for a charity to take a videographer to Lima from Los Angeles. Spirit denied boarding to her in Ft Lauderdale, halfway through her trip to Peru, as there was a baggage embargo to Lima. Yes, this was on the Spirit website, but not in the ‘baggage policies’ section… it was in it’s own section at the bottom of the page titled ‘Lima baggage embargo’ and was not referred to any place else. If they were intentionally trying to trap people, they could not have done a better job. My donation of miles escalated into what I felt was an obligation to buy her ticket to Lima… $1,500 cash. Spirit would not even consider giving me back the miles for the flights that were not taken.

Then about 6 months ago, I get notices that my Spirit mastercard is becoming a Juniper card. What I didn’t realize is that now that I am no longer a Spirit Mastercard holder, that the balance of the miles I had earned (about 70,000 miles still unredeemed) would expire with 3 months of inactivity on my Spirit flyer account.

And so went the balance of the miles I earned with Spirit. I spent almost $200,000 on their flippin’ card and never so much as got a flight back (well, except for LAX to FLL, which was one-forth of the trip), at which time a charitable videographer and all her luggage were left standing at the curb in a strange town, alone.

You can’t swing a dead cat on the internet without hitting a complaint about the customer service of Spirit. I have to admit that their cheap prices did sometimes catch my eye, but I have finally controlled those urges and I don’t even look at them any more. There are a lot better ways to get to Cancun.. ways that won’t leave me needing a few shots of tequila when I get there just to settle down my frustration at some new issue I would have with them.

Just got my statement which included a whopping $39 Annual Fee. I immediately called and after a few minutes got through to rep (Yes in India!) who said okay we will just cancel your card. What’s funny is this is the best customer service I ever received from them. I have always waited forever on the phone or while their website has been down.

They are not flexible whatsoever and if you have been on one of their flights you know you are making sacrifices before you ever step on the plane.

Anyway, goodbye Spirit!!! and good riddance.

I recently tried to use my Spirit Miles for a trip from Cartagena, Columbia to Los Angeles. I called the reservation desk in India two months in advance and was told by “Timothy” that there were no Spirit Miles seats available. I went on the Spirit Airline website and found that there were 71 available seats on the plane for those who would pay for them. I’m glad that “Timothy” didn’t book me on this flight because it disappeared from the flight selection list a week later. I got the phone number for Spirit Airlines in Florida from a useful website and called to complain. There was no number to punch to get a human on the phone. I did email them and got a form letter response that barely addresses my complaint.

I have accrued 85000+ miles on my Spirit Card and I have decided to cut it up because it isn’t worth the space it takes up in my wallet.

I am so angry at this airline – I have accumulated 40,000 miles with their credit card and was informed today that a) it takes 10,000 miles to fly to Costa Rica, my destination next spring since it is “zone 3”; b) since I am traveling in a “peak” time – which appears to be the entire summer – I have to use the entire 40,000 miles for one roundtrip to Costa Rica. I have been to Costa Rica twice in the past 3 months via Spirit, and when the airline attendants were hawking the card from Ft. Lauderdale to Costa Rica they never ONCE said anything about extra miles for international travel OR peak periods.

Where is the class action suit against these tactics?

I’ve had pretty good experiences with the Spirit card. Before getting the card, Spirit often proved to be the best value option for flying from DTW to Florida airports. Flights are undeniably no frills and the extra fees are insane. But when paying for 4 tickets, I don’t often splurge on higher rates just for free soda and peanuts.

I’ve used miles for travel in February, October and December with no issues. I only use the Sprit card for Spirit purchases and one monthly payment to keep the card active. But between the 3x miles per dollar on Spirit purchases, low 2500 mile redemption level and the occasional trip to LAX (2000 miles each way), the miles keep racking up.

Not thrilled with the $9 fare club being removed or the Indian call center. (Although I will say that they were very helpful in rescheduling a trip booked on miles–at no cost to me–when the itineraries changed. Even changed the arrival city with no additional points / cash charged.)

As far as the airline goes, you know what you’re getting from the start. But as long as I continue to have success using my miles, I’m a happy cardholder.

I’ve accumulated 10,000 points and today decided to use those points for a flight; a flight somewhere that I’d never been that is within Zone II for a non peak round trip flight. I spoke with the over seas agent politely (as I usually do with all customer service employees since I manage a customer service sales based company), and perhaps as a result of fielding angry customers all day, she had a hostile attitude from the onset.

She informed me that the destination that I wanted to go to was a zone III flight and required 15,000 points (chicago to san juan). At that moment, I was looking at the website and even printed out the matrix that showed the flight was zone II, yet the woman was insistent even when I verified the link which showed it was a zone II off peak flight on the grid. So I called back later and another employee informed me that I was qualified for the free flight with the 10,000 points to San Juan.

As such, I was going to take it. But having read horror stories about Spirit mile redemption, I asked her for details before booking; such as will there be extra fees. Only because I asked, did she disclose that there was $110 fee and there would be a $175 cancel fee if I decided not to take it at a later date. Immediately after informing me it would be a 13 hour flight due to an 8 hour layover each way, she insisted I take the flight; I was hesitant due to the amount of layover time and because I was getting conflicting information from employees.

So I asked her to explicitly verify that I had enough points and wouldn’t have to pay more, and why other employees told me otherwise. Only than did she say that I needed 15,000 points and would only get credit for one way; and have to pay for my return. She deliberately left that information off; likely because had I accepted her insistent offer to book, she would have asked me for the $400 one way along with the $110 (security and booking fee); had I said ‘no’ she would have charged me the $110 and the $175 cancel fee for nothing.

After reading the reviews (before booking) I wasn’t surprised and was cautious; however I think its odd that a customer service organization would so blatantly try to deceive their customer base. I will be sure to use the points one way or the other, at a marginal cost to me and without any additional hidden charge… even if it means going to some random place with an 8 hour layover, just so that I can use a seat, causing them the opportunity cost of a paying customer.

Was spending a lot of time in the Atlantic City area when my folks took ill down in Florida. First Mom then Dad. Lots of back and forth flights and they were the only option. Since there was line cutting benefits to having the card I got one. Amassed a quarter of a million points and even though they said I could fly for as little at 2,500 points, A QUARTER MILLIION NEVER SEEMED TO BE ENOUGH!)

About a year ago they decided to swap out from the Barclay Bank card they issued me and wanted me to sign onto another card of theirs. Listen folks, I have really good credit, BECAUSE I DONT OPEN LOTS OF RIDUICULOUS NEW CARDS. So, looks like my quarter million points are about to expire. If anyone can give me a reason or way to transfer to a good (or even somewhat shady) cause, I would be happy to.

Do not get a Spirit credit card! Sure they promise you 15,000 free miles for signing and you get the free and earned miles, but don’t try to use them. I have 47,000 miles and am trying to book a trip 6 months and 1 week from today, in April 2012. I talked to someone in India whom I could not understand (another issue that sticks in my craw) and he tells me there are no available seats for the week in April I want. As a matter of fact, he tells me there are no available seats in the entire month, nor is there in March nor is there in May. Of course he was wiling to book me for cash! What a ripoff. I am canceling my cards tomorrow and filing a complaint with Bank of America because there is no way to contact a customer service representative at Spirit. And, you are right Baldanza….not only are you obnoxious, you and your airline do suck! The worst customer service this side of Verizon! And you think you are giving customers bargains? After all the add-ons, do the math. Horrible company.

I was disappointed when they changed from Barclay to BOA as I lost my “free” membership to $9 club. I do not plan on renewing the card when it expires as the “salesperson” misled me on the services with the transfer. Also, using the miles is somewhat tricky since you have to know months in advance when/where you want to travel. I agree with the others who say that the rewards program is a scam and Spirit is not a low cost carrier since they charge for every service they provide.

In my opinion, this Free Sprit Card is almost fraud. I got my 15,000 + miles. But when I tried to use some of them on Spirit airline to travel and after telling the rep that I knew nothing about how to use the benefits, we chose a flight, he charged my free spirit mastercard for a trip, both airmiles and a fee. So far, so good. Then he asked if I wanted to reserve a seat. That would cost extra cash. He said I could avoid the fee by waiting til the day of the flight to get my seat. He asked if I had bags to check. I told him I only had carry on luggage. When I later learned that the carry on luggage also would be charged (and now the total charges would be more than an average regular ticket with the competition…for this supposedly free seat) I asked him to cancel the whole thing. Nope. That would cost me a cancellation fee even greater in cost than the ticket. So, people. BE WARNED. I believe there is nothing even remotely equitable about the business treatment you will get if you fly Spirit airlines with their alleged free airmiles. I have cancelled my card.

I have approximately 15K miles with Spirit that I have racked up over the past year. I went to check the awards chart to see what my 18 round trips 15K miles gets me and found out, that unless I have the World Master Card my award is minimal. The award program is a joke. It’s taken me some 18 round trips just to get to 15K miles, yet all I have is enough for 1 measly round trip, with any other airlines 18 roundtrips between Boston and Miami would have probably given me at least 2 round trips. I was considering getting the Master Card for the sake of using less miles (5K) for the ticket. After reading some of these customer service experiences I will not touch their credit card.

Good thing I have good credit and would qualify for the Spirit World Master Card, BUT POOR PEOPLE WHO FLY THIS AIRLINE AND HAVE BAD CREDIT, THEY ARE TOLD THAT IF THEY ARE APPROVED THEY WILL GET 3 FREE FLIGHTS (15K MILES). SPIRIT SEEMS TO PREY ON POOR PEOPLE WITH LOW CREDIT. I would not be surprised if most people who fly Spirit are probably lower income and have bad credit or low credit and if they qualify, only qualify for the “platinum card” which only gets you 1 free trip. TALK ABOUT SUCKERING YOUR CUSTOMERS.

I was happy with my Free Spirit Mastercard. Customer service has not always been helpful, but I have flown Spirit 13 times in the last 6 months, and though their seats are small, I have gotten plenty of free flights (during their OFF SEASON), and have learned to work their system to my advantage. People at work will tell you I’m addicted to flying Spirit. The truth is, with all the points I’ve gotten with them, it is indeed cheaper to fly than to stay home. I would love better treatment, bigger seats, etc…but my goal is to get to my destination and have fun there. I’m a light packer, so I never pay for extra luggage, and I just sit and look forward to getting to my destination. I think most of you are upset because you haven’t read the fine print. You really do get what you pay for, but once you learn the rules, you actually get a whole lot more than they would like to offer you. GET SMART PEOPLE! Don’t be ignorant like everyone else.

Everything written here is absolutely – 100% – true. I have had the exact same experience, and cancelled my card after 1) not getting the free miles promised, 2) with an excellent credit score – 791 – told that I didn’t qualify for the premium card and 15,000 miles (as above), 3) was charged a late fee when I cancelled, and the Indian told me it was cancelled, 4) tried to use my “reward miles” from the previous $9 club and told “off peak” is not an option with the $9 “rewards” program, so each one way ticket is 15,000 points, and you have to pay for it first, then wait for the “refund”. And, there is MORE – just too much to write about. NEVER use this airline- by the time you pay the baggage fee, the carry on fee, the fee to cash in points, and all other fees, they end up being more than the other “major” carriers. THEY ABSOLUTELY SUCK!!!!

jim u must be related to give a good review 1 out of 50 hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm not good odds

Most of you complainers are so wrong. Read your paperwork first. Spirit has been good to me. I get my free flights (as available), and I get my points as I use the card. So, what your problems are is strange to me. Get a life.

BY FAR THE WORST – Highest interest rate of all my credit cards and – if you do not use their card monthly or fly Spirit every 3 months your miles expire. I just had 21000 miles go away and I have had their card for a few years. No customer service – uncaring airline – a total joke. Next time I find my self with time at an airport where they are hawking their card i think I will plant myself there with this websites address in hand.

Do not get this card. All the negative comments and experiences are 100% accurate. I signed up for the card in Oct 2010, used the card and never got the 15k in miles. I’ve called and called and get the run around from both spirit and barclays. It’s now May 2011 and still nothing. Has anyone looked into a class action lawsuit on this? If so, please let me know.

I have a great creadit!!!! Score 775 – Recently refinanced so I know where exacly I stay with these numbers. When I applied for the card I received there sub-card with only 5000 miles bonus, When I called and asked them why ….. I was told that my credit is not good enough. I have cards with United, BA, AA…. I CLOSED MY ACCOUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rewards program is a total scam, the times you can actually use your points are so limited it totally does not make any sense. Going to cancel asap

TERRIBLE , TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!! I have gotten great fares in the past before they started charging for bags and seats. I have flown to Florida many times for $9 plus tax. My total flight round trip non stop was $32!!!! I wanted to book a flight in May during off peak time. I called 3 days in a row and got 3 different fees. It should only cost 5,000 miles round trip. They told me at first there were no flights available. Then another person told me there was the exact flight I wanted but it would cost me 50,000 miles because it was a PREMIUM seat. Out of pocket with tax and bag charges it was going to cost me $201.02 plus my miles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!
I’m done. Oh and by the way. I couldn’t understand ” Shawn” or Lee”. I wonder what American name they will pick from the list the next time someone calls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT GET THIS CREDIT CARD YOU WILL NEVER USE YOUR MILES. EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I applied for the Spirit credit card for the 3 free round trips and the additional 5000 miles. Were you told that there is a gray card which I got) and a black card (which my wife got). It depends on your credit score. My wife and I are both over 800. Both don’t give you the same offer, which no one told me. Also, my miles were never posted, nor was the additional 5K miles. Every time I tried to register the 5 K miles bonus it came up as invalid. Their customer “service rep” told me that I entered the certificate number wrong. I entered it correctly at least 4 times. Also, I’ve never gotten the correct miles posted from all of my previous flights and customer service told me that it would be corrected. After many many months it’s still the same.
Try to book your free flight and you enter “Alice In Wonderland World”. Spirits’ website and customer no service is a nightmare. I am going to cancel the card even though it will affect my credit. Between their baggage prices, new weight limits, seat fees and carry on costs it’s less and less a savings to use them.

Well, I’m still thinking about applying but not sure if it is worth it or not, may just use the few miles i have on a flight to fll and see if any cheap deals from there.


Well, I’ve got to say I’ve made out like a bandit with this card. I took it out last February after going to the website to check fares. I didn’t book a flight, but I took the card and got 15K miles and no fee for the first year. Then in the Spring they ran a 10x points bonus and I racked up an extra 25k points. They also gave everybody a 5k bonus after their pilot strike was settled. I booked an off peak ticket from LGA to Guatemala with a stopover in Fort Lauderdale. I used 30k miles to get “big front seats” which also included 2 free checked bags–and I had never actually flown the airline before. My only charges were $55 in taxes. I hope they do another 10x points bonus this spring…

I plan to keep it another year, pay the $69, and try to use up my other 15k points before next renewal.

does anyone have a true number to call Spirit Airlines where someone will answer, even if it is to be put on hold???


Odd that the comment from Spirit doesnt include a decent number to call Spirit Airlines so that customers can get problems resolved. I really smell a rat here.

i signed up for the credit card to get the miles to give me three free flights. later they sent me a card and said I only qualified for one free flight. I asked why, they said I had a bad credit rating. I just looked at my credit rating which of three scores the lowest still qualified for the excellent rating. My hightest score was a wonderful 818, median was 778 , lowest was I think 760 plus. I own two homes, all paid off, cars all paid off, huge savings and checking accounts, no balances on any credit cards. I retired early because i have so much money and they want to say I have bad credit as an excuse to take away my free flights !!!???

Yes, this airline appears to me as nothing but a rip off oriented business with bad claims, horrible service and I do mean horrible. I had to drive to the airport just to talk to a person about getting my luggage back. Nobody answers the phones and even at the busy Las Vegas airport it was hard to find someone to talk to. I did find a sign saying they would be back later in the day. Unbelievable, absolutely unbelievable but also so insulting to learn they think I have a bad credit rating when infact I would bet my credit rating is higher than 98% of americans. I am so disappointed in this company.


Saw a $74 fare to Panama. Chose flights for my husband and self and then tried to proceed to pay for the reservation. I could not access payment, called Spirit and got the predicted non US English speaking Indian who told me her screen showed $99 for the fare. In addition, it cost $40 for her to make he reservation. My basic fare of $160 ended up costing $300 because I had to reserve through Spirit.

I called the tech dept only to be told:
1. I didn’t download the NEW software at the bottom of the page. Did that, still didn’t work. Downloaded it to all the avail. websites, still didn’t work.
2. It was my computer, theirs worked fine.
3. Tried to make a reservation on 5 different computers. None worked.
4. Asked where I could complain and was told “There wasn’t anyplace to complain.”

Seems it is a scam to force you to reserve via non US English speaking people and gouge you for the extra $$$$.

Hi – If you’d read the offer details in full before signing up, you would have known about $1/$ 3 pts per spirit purchase. Also, you would have seen the annual fee. The application clearly says that by applying it depends on your credit worthiness which card you get. You may or may not get 15,000 pts upfront. You could have called customer support (yes, they’re foreign, yes, it’s a PAIN to talk to them and their hold time is long) but for a $20 flight….. I’m okay with that.

Yes, it’s terrible they cancel routes, but all airlines do it from time to time.

I think it’s that people don’t look into programs, not the cards that are the problem.

Think, gather, and PLAN how to use the card in advance before signing up for the card and take the hit on your credit report (not by carrying balance — because if you do…. that’s nuts) by opening more credit line & a new acct.

Ask people what the financial application disclosures mean before just signing up, too. Friends or friends of friends may have bank knowledge, or even go to your bank and they can put it in English.

If you’re “told” something, you need to get it in writing. The SpiritCard M/C clear says you have to have a transaction per month for automatic $9 fare rates.

I’ve been called three different times from their fraud department authorizing charges that seemed fishy. They’re obviously VERY into PROTECTION. One was a cellular phone charge for $398. I bought a new Samsung Tablet at Christmas time & paid some of the 1st bill. Normally my cellular bills are cheap because I work for a cell phone company & only pay a small small amount due to free min/text. I hadn’t even barely signed my copy of the receipt before I had their call & was taking down an authorization number to call back in with!

So look into programs…….. then make good decisions folks. This Spirit Master Card is a life saver, and I cannot WAIT to use up my points on a tropical vacation after I finish school!!!! =) Even with international fees and everything, it’s going to be so inexpensive!!


My fiance and I have had good experience with Spirit Air and we have the Free Spirit Onyx World MasterCard. It states that you get the 15,000 miles after you make your first purchase AND that it could take up to 45 days to show on your account. It was probably took about a month, but we did get those 15,000 miles (which HELLO people do your research before you sign up for something! If you would have looked into the program first, you would see that 15,000 miles is NOT going to get you a round trip flight during peak or premier times to anywhere!). And yes, in the fine print (but you’ll find that with ANY airline awards company) it does say that 15,000 miles is for about 3 ONE-WAY tickets during off-peak times. So right, it’s not an ideal awards card for you if you ALWAYS want to fly during spring break and the holidays, but it works for us because we’re flexible in our travel times and Spirit flies where we want to go.

We knew signing up that we weren’t going to get a free flight right away but after buying our honeymoon tickets through Spirit (getting 3 points for each $1) and spending about $1500 on the card each month (only 3 months so far) on all of our other expenses (which we planned to do to build up our credit history), we now have enough points for a free standard round trip flight. And that is what we expected to happen!

I feel like all of you complaining about the Spirit Airlines credit card didn’t look into the program before you just blindly signed up for a credit card. Which to me, looks a lot more like your fault than Spirit Airs. If you’re griping about the fact that you only get $1 per mile, well guess what? MOST basic flyer award cards are the same way! I’ll agree that Spirit’s off-peak, standard, peak and premier flying times isn’t ideal, so if (after you’ve looked into it which is very easy to do on the website…you can see where Spirit flies AND how many points it takes to get to EACH place based on the date and distance) that doesn’t work for you, then get a different rewards card!

So for people looking for someone with a positive Spirit Air experience, I’m one of those people. We’ve gotten what we’ve expected out of Spirit Air because we did the research and knew what to expect.

(I’m merely commenting on the frequent flyer program, we have not experienced customer service in regard to fraudulent claims, service fees, annual fees, etc… so I can’t comment on those aspects of this card)

OK, I signed up and did get the 15,000 points, plus on occasion there were promotional to earn extra miles and I did receive them as well. I believe many of the statements posted on here are well founded. have two credit cards issued with Barclays and have had problems with both cards when it comes to disputing charges. They make you provide documentation typically more than once and then find in favor of the merchant even if the charge was not authorized. So I don’t charge anything with the credit card that may be disputed online later (i.e. online purchases).

You get what you pay for with Spirit and sometimes they don’t have the flights available when you use your frequent flyer miles or else will upcharge to premium. Never the less I will keep my spirit credit card!

I have had a pleasant experience with Spirit Airline’s credit card. Signed up for the Onyx, activated it, used it, called and asked that my billing date be changed to 3 days from the date of my call to get the bonus miles credited immediately, that happened just as I asked, got the bill, paid the bill, got the bonus miles, and booked a free flight from Ft. Lauderdale to San Juan yesterday. Big Front Seat, taxes, and one bag: the flight cost $42.50.

I read the fine print before I did any of the above, and knew exactly what my bonus miles were good for, and called to make sure I could do that. I booked the flight through their call center in India, and then booked a fully paid flight simultaneously online to get the other Big Front Seat.

So far, so good.





Fernando R. Ortiz

Why the people from Puerto Rico are excluded from Spirit Airlines Master card?

Run, Run, as fast as you can AWAY, from this Spirit Mastercard. Horrible service, with all of their supposed great deals, you end up paying somewhere, somehow with this card. Many problems, too numeroush to try to explaint. Get rid of it!!!!

I also had horrible customer service.

On my last flight with Spirit, the flight attended talked me into applying for the card, so I did. I wanted to revive 3 FREE TICKETS (or 15,000 miles), she told me I will get. Well, I NEVER GOT IT. Called to complain, my call is being rerouted to a foreign country. The person told me that I will recive the promised miles but never recived.
From what I have read above, I am not going to use this card, pay my upcoming bill, and canceled the card.
Too bad, I like the airline, hate the card.

Free Spirit mastercard is a hoax.Everytime I call to book a flight for a free ticket using my mileage credit, they have no seats available.I advise everybody to not get this card.THey should be in trouble for advertsising free tickets if you sign up.You can never use the miles..



I just applied to the credit card hooked by the $125 off, but after hearing all this comments about it I don’t really want anything to do with it. they havent given me a dicision yet since they need it more time. I have good credit score so more like it I will be approve. how can I cancelled or do I get the chance to not activate it?

I just had the most mindnumbing experience with Spirit. I was all set to book a flight at perhaps 10:30 or 10:45 at night. I only got it booked at 12:05 due to an absurd fiasco with their phone centers and credit card.

I’d selected the flight 1.5 hours earlier and only had to pay. Then, they offer me a Spirit card for $125 off, a supposed free flight, and of course way cheaper baggage. So, I figure, what the hell. It said that I had would need to USE the card for the flight. I was approved, but, as far as I could tell it never gave me the card number or the number that’d be on the back. And, to book the flight on the Spirit card, they required that info. So, they suckered me into opening the credit card account, but I got no $125 off the flight because I had no way to use the card to book it!! Then, of course, I called to see if I really had to use the card (which it said I had to) to book it, and if so, how did that work if I didn’t have the card number or security number on its back? Shortly after I got on the phone with the first person, the session timed out and I lost the $125 credit. I could not understand 3 of the 4 people I talked to on the phone and felt bad because I had to tell them so. I think I understood a total of about 3 complete sentences due to very thick accents, which made the situation all the more maddening. I was transferred to one person who told me she wasn’t the right person and I had to call the credit card people. Finally, over an hour after I first called, I talked to the credit card person who was supposedly the right person. She said they can’t give me the card number and it’d take 7-10 days to get the card. So, I’m supposed to use a card I won’t have for 7-10 days to book a flight!? And, of course, the credit only applies/shows up electronically when you’re first applying for the card and it timed out long before my 1.5 hours on the phone with people who I couldn’t understand.

Ultimately, I canceled the card and gave up. I can’t imagine how they can get away with this or why they would have this promo if you can’t even really use the card for the flight it’s promoted to give you $125 off on. Very bizarre and maddening, and what a time suck.

I opened a CC thru their website. It was approved immediately. When I received the statement for the month of August, they are charging me $39 annual fee. It clearly states in their TERMS and CONDITIONS that for the ONYX Card they first year’s AF will be waived and for the Platinum card, there is no fee. So I called Barclays and the nice lady Danielle told me they gave me a different card, which is not the ONYX nor the Platinum and for that card, there is no waiving fee. She told me that was part of their Terms and Conditions so I made their read them. She apologized because on the T&C there was nothing about a “third kind of card” yet she couldn’t do anything about the Fee (I had to LOL). Manager didn’t want to talk to me, and so I am left having to pay for a fee on a credit card i didn’t sign up for!! Their “mistake” yet I have to pay for it???? Bad bad ways of doing business. It’s good to steal $40 off a ex-loyal Spirit customer, but bad because I won’t be spending the nearly $1200 I used to spend every year on trips to Colombia with this company. Sad, very sad day!!

Will someone say something positive about Spirit’s credit card , their customer service or its value…..?? I really want to sign up for one.. I have had straight forward ,, you get what you get on the flights from Spirit Airlines…I would expect the same from the credit card…no?

Horrible service.
Cannot redeem miles for a free ticket
All avenues set up by Spirit to have issues resolved, go round and round…..

Cancelling ASAP

Edward M. Lewis

When I signed up for the Spirit Master card, I was under the impression that after I booked a round trip ticket, I was to receive Three Free Round trip tickets. I called customer service and was bounced from pillar to post by a non-english speaking agent. To date, I have not resolved the problem. I will cancel the card after it expires.

Spirit Airlines credit Card by Barclay’s Bank has the worst customer service I’ve ever encountered in my life. Their customer service reps are rude and definitely don’t care about the customer. I will never get another credit card issued by Barclay’s Bank again. Stay clear – you’ve been warned!!!

can i Please have any number where i can call them right now to cancell my credit card.

I have had also problems, they being charge me for services like, credit proteccion and insurance (just in case I lost my job, they pay the due amount.)
Since I open my account, I being charge.
the problem is that I never ask for this services, when I call to complain, they tell me That I ask for those 2 services, so I replaid where you have a document sing by me, or any probe. they say in 6 week I will recibe , so far nothing.
Also I have to call those 2 companies to cancel something that I never ask for in first place.
when I dispute this charge whit the credit card. to give me my money back. they don’t want to her me.
Look to me that the credit card insted protect the costumer protect the companies, and give the impression they work toghether to scam there clientele.

Iapplied for credit card 40 days ago why haven’t I heard from them?

Barbara Goszka

I have had the same horrible experience. On May 15th, I applied for the card. I never received a new membership package which means I never received a card. But I did on July 12th, receive a computerized phone call stating that my account was overdue by $80.95. Because I didn’t have the package, I didn’t have phone numbers. It took me almost a half hour to find a phone number on the web. And, yes, the service is foreign and unhelpful. I do feel sorry for the person that answered the phone because my frustrations were vented on him. He tells me that the overdue amount is annual fee and overdue charges. I never received a statement and where were these charges hidden on the initial application? I feel that this card is a scam.

I have had the same terrible service. I called their “Customer Service Number”; got the same unresponsive, unhelpful “service” in India. I had set up a pay online option, using my Wachovia bank account to make my monthly payment. The Barclays bank said they couldn’t find the account: I use this account to pay for 3 other cards and numerous online purchases. This can only mean to me incompetence on Barclay’s account. The “service” person I talked to in India said the payment was refused and the problem was mine, not theirs. I finally had to use another debit card to make the payment. The Spirit people had the nerve to charge me $39 twice for returned payments. Now I see $890 in unexplained purchases for the month of July, with no explanation given in the monthly activity report. I am going to have to dispute these charges and I don’t look forward to talking with these wankers again.

Also, their so called bonus mileage of 15,000 miles for 3 free trips has never shown up on my account.

Kattia Chaves Herrera

Ms. Pinson,

I decided not to activate the spirit airlines card I received in the mail. Is spite of that, I received an electronic bill for annual fee. I called before the bill was due in order to clarify that I was not interested in the card. The person who helped me told me he had cancelled it and I was not going to receive any more bills. He told me I did not have to worry for the annual fee because the card had been cancelled after my request. Cancelling a card that was not activated in the first place is against credit history, so I discussed the situation with your representative, who assured me the situation was corrected and I had nothing to worry about. Once again I received this month another bill. I spoke this afternoon with Alice followed by Ali, who told me I owe now late fees. I can not believe this is happening. Their supervisor could not talk to me after my request. Please, help me correct this situation. I was told on the phone by Ali, your representative that I owe $81 now for late fees plus annual fee! How come? This situation does not make sense. Where is my right to accept or not a credit card? Where my previous conversation where I was assured everything was clear and clarified ended up? Spirit offered a discount if I applied for the Spirit credit card while I was buying my flight ticket on line, it never happened because very conveniently, credit could not be approved right away, but long after my trip was done, I get the card in the mail, which I decided NOT to activate because it was undesired after experiencing the dishonest hook. Besides receiving a bill WITH NO activation occurring, I am also charge for the annual fee that is advertised on line as free for the first year! Please, help me as soon as possible. Help Keep America Honest! I request this situation to be corrected ASAP. It is attempting against the good name of Spirit who finally is not even the company that deals with this cards. When I called Spirit costumer service today, I was told I should called after June 12 since they are very busy working on flight booking. So, Ms. Pinson, I am asking you to please take care of this situation for me.


Kattia Chaves Herrera

On behalf of Spirit Airlines, I regret to hear about your experience. But I’m happy to say that much has changed since your experience with the FREE SPIRIT MasterCard program.

***JANUARY 8, 2010: NOTE BY ADMIN***
I appreciate your response Misty, but about 80% of your post appears to be nothing but an advertisement for Spirit credit cards, so I have to delete most of it (except for the first and last sentences, since those are not promotional). Your commentary is welcomed, but please refrain from advertising.

Regarding your “much has changed” statement, unfortunately that doesn’t appear correct. I just called your customer service less than 2 weeks ago (I believe it was December 26th or 27th) and it was the same terrible Indian call center, people just reading from a script. You may only have to pay them 1/4 the hourly rate you pay an American, but the Indians take 4 times longer and the issues are still not resolved. In addition, all that does is anger customers such as myself, and in turn I will never buy another flight on your airline again. Sure, the Indian CSR that dealt with me probably saved you a couple dollars, but you’re now going to lose out on a couple thousand dollars in annual airfare purchases from me and my family, because I’ll make sure we never fly Spirit again.

Again, I’m sorry about your experience, but would be happy to assist in reviewing your particular situation with our credit card company Barclays. I can be reached at [email protected].