2014 Southwest Rapid Rewards Enrollment Promotion Code

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Airline promo codes can be a transient thing, but they tend to be more stable if they involve an airline’s frequent flier program and especially useful if they offer extra bonus points on top of the sign-up bonus tied to the airline’s credit card deal. When combined, that can be a lot of points!

For 2014, there is a link instead of a promotion code for Rapid Rewards enrollment. Here it is and this is what you can get with it…
Rapid Rewards signup promotion for 2014

But wait, here’s how to earn even more points…

Getting 750 Rapid Rewards points simply for signing up an account and email updates is nice, but obviously, you need a LOT more points than that in order to get a free flight.

This is where a credit card bonus can come in handy…

Even though it’s entirely separate from the Rapid Rewards program, using credit card bonuses like that is icing on the cake that can help you reduce your airfare costs.

Another way to earn bonus points is to be on SWA’s mailing list. Rapid Rewards members are occasionally sent out targeted offers via email, which offer extra points for referring other people to the program.

referral email

Such offers will generally include a limit — the maximum number of bonus points you can earn, or the maximum number of people you can refer. However, if you earn the full amount of points allowed, it can give your rewards account a nice boost. Plus, earning new points resets the point-expiration clock, meaning recruiting just one friend can be a simple way to keep your points active.

Written or last updated April 2, 2014

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