Sony Credit Card Review

The Sony credit card has been around a few years now and it is heavily marketing to gamers and gadget lovers. The most recent development with this card is the fact that the Sony relationship moved from Chase to Capital One. We don’t offer this card on CreditCardForum but we will take a look at it in the review below. So, without further ado…

The Cons…

Like almost everything in life, there will undoubtedly be those who are not satisfied. The question is, are the complaints about Sony Card legitimate?

Upon doing further research it seems that people were either completely delighted by the credit card, or completely unsatisfied.  Most of these negative reviews I read were about the shipping time it takes to order products with their points from Sony Rewards.

Reportedly it would sometimes take up to weeks to receive the merchandise, but it sounds like this was due to a popular item being backordered. So if cardmembers are using the points from their Sony credit card to order the newest electronics, televisions, etc, I don’t feel you can blame the credit card if they are backordered.  Because anytime a new Playstation or other hot item comes out that seems to be the case for everybody, not just those with the Sony card.

The Pros…

The Basics
The Sony credit card is a Platinum Visa which is issued by Capital One. Unfortunately if you have bad credit you probably won’t qualify.

No Annual Fee
Fortunately, there is no annual fee. This is an absolute must with a rewards card. Because the whole concept of paying a fee to earn rewards rarely makes sense.

Interest Rate
Like any card, of course these are constantly changing, so I don’t want to say conclusively the APR is good, but for now at least it seems fair.

It’s not a spectacular rate, but it’s not horrible either. However it is important to point out this is a variable rate which is tied to the prime rate… and that will undoubtedly go up in the future as the economy keeps improving. So if you plan on carrying a balance, I would advise against using the Sony Card for that purpose because the interest will far outweigh the reward points you will earn.

The current promotion for the Sony Card allows you to earn 5,000 bonus points after your first purchase within 90 days from account opening.

Let’s face it… the only reason most of us ever sign up for a new charge card is to get one with better rewards, and why shouldn’t we? It’s out money so we might as well earn as much cash back and points as possible when we spend it.

If you are a regular spender on their electronics, the Sony Rewards structure could really benefit you…

5 points per dollar for purchases at Sony Store and
3 points per dollar on dining out and movie purchases
1 point per dollar on all other purchases

The Sony Card is a good credit card. If you have an affinity for Sony merchandise (and many of us do) and purchase a fair amount of electronics and games, then it is definitely worth considering. That being said, it’s always important to consider all your options before you choose a card. Sometimes, there are others which may earn you more depending on which categories they offer the highest cash back on.

Review last updated September 16, 2014

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Do not apply for this card !!!!!. My tv arrived damaged and it was a nightmare to return. After numerous calls it finally was picked up from my home. The” customer service ” department could care a less about any grief you experience. They publish one sale in their catalog and a different point system for the same items online. I was told the brochure price is a mistake and that the points published will not be honored. This card is WAY more grief then it’s worth . I will stick with travel rewards cards.

Over the years I’ve bought a dishwasher, camera, shortwave radio and headphones with it. Yes you can buy gift cards with it so it doesn’t have to be Sony stuff. I find it very worth while. Of course if you don’t use your credit card enough you won’t reap the benefits.

This is by far the worst reward program ever. They never remind you when your point is going to expire, which is 5years and I don’t have such long memory. A simple email will do but that seems too much for them to manage. They practically “stole” more than 10,000 points, $100 worth from me.
not to mention all the cancelling of order due to OOS. Sony used to stand behind their products. Not any more.
Capital One actually has better service. But I cancelled the card, done with it. Stay away from it if you can.

The worst credit card out and I have many other cards..

Stay far away as you can from this one..

Would you like to explain WHY?

Dalphia C. Furrow

I had almost 2000 rewards points. Now, I am seeing only 450 rewards points.
I just recently saw where about 1510 expired a couple days ago. According to what I read they do not expire for up to 5 years. You cannot get enough points to get anything worthwhile if you don’t save them for a period of 5 years or over. I am beginning to believe this is a scam. If my expired points are not given back to me, I will stop watching Wheel of Fortune and tell my friends, that Wheel of Fortune is rendering false incentives regarding the show.

The card switched to Capitol One, so I bet they are trying to end it with Chase cards.

The VALUE of points is just as important as the number of points they award per dollar spent. I’ve been using Hilton and Delta Airlines AMX rewards cards for as long as there have been rewards cards. Delta points (“miles”) will now get you about one third as much first-class travel as they would get six or seven years ago (almost a 70 percent loss of value). Hilton points have lost about 30-40 percent of their value. This is a big deal when you have more than a million points of each. About four years ago, I had almost 3 million points between Delta and Hilton. Ouch. (Those points came from 30 years of travel as well as cards. Also, Hilton now gives three points per dollar on their AMX cards.)

So what are Sony points worth today? About a penny in (highly restricted) purchasing power — actually a little less than a penny. So if you’re getting one point per dollar spent, you’re doing about as well as you’d do with a card (e.g., Discover) that gives you one percent payback. Of course, you’re restricted in what you can buy. Also, if you’re having points deducted periodically for non-use, you lose significantly as well. Realistically, the only benefit to me of using a Sony card for points could be that I wouldn’t spend them as I went — kind of forced savings like the travel cards. Also, I don’t feel as guilty spending points on something frivolous. The problem, though, is that if I save too long, Sony confiscates points. I’m interested in using points for items over $3000. The bottom line, regretfully, is that I can’t accrue the necessary 300K points fast enough. I normally wouldn’t accrue more than 40K points a year if everyone in my family used the card exclusively. That many points is just a drop in the bucket, given my goal.

If you’re interested in making a significant dent in the cost of a $300 gadget, a Sony card might be just the ticket. The problem comes in when you’re after a big-ticket item.

After being very happy with the Sony Rewards card for nearly a year now, something happened recently to change my mind. I’ve not been able to find any other reports of this on the Internet and Sony Rewards has yet to reply to my email inquiry.

I use my Sony Rewards exclusively to PlayStation Network cards, which I then use to buy PSN products, mostly RB3 songs not that it’s relevant. The PSN cards come in 3 denominations ($10, $20 and $50). As of late, the $10 and $20 and almost always “sold out”, which is a ridiculous notion since they simply provide you with a redemption code rather than a physical card.

To make matters even worse, after redeeming points for many $50 PSN cards (I don’t how many exactly, probably 5 to 10) the rewards site will not let me have any more, although I do have enough points and the item is not sold out. Instead I get a fleeting message that “Sorry, you have already purchased the maximum quantity you are permitted to purchase.” I refer to it as a “fleeting” message because it is easy to miss as it only pops up on the screen for a few seconds, and it may even appear on a non-visible portion of the screen (off the top of the screen).

I’ve not been able to find any mention of this message in the Sony card holder agreement or any text related to it in the Sony Rewards program.

After browsing through other possible rewards, I’ve found literally nothing else that I would want to spend my points on. If this does not get resolved to my satisfaction, I fully intend to cancel my Sony card and resume using my Discover card exclusively.

Revision: The “Sorry, you have already purchased the maximum quantity you are permitted to purchase” issue seems to have been resolved and I am once again able to spend my points on something I want.

After saving up points for just over 5 years for a big ticket item, I just logged into and discovered 10,200 points expired last month. KEEP IN MIND YOUR POINTS WILL EXPIRE and they won’t reinstate them. Shop for another visa card whose points don’t expire. There are plenty out there.

If youre just using it to win on The Wheel Of Fortune….whats the big deal?

Is it necessary to have the card to win on Wheel of Fortune?

Nope, it’s not.

I need this sony card to play along on The Wheel Of Fortune game show at night.

No, you don’t need. The contest cannot be tied to any obligation from your part regarding any kind of purchase. And a card with annual fee, is a purchase.

how do i find the Sony application to complete for a Sony credit card (to buy a tv}?

Alex Dreyfuss

Does anyone know where they ship these items from?

Alex Dreyfuss

I ordered an item on the site 2 weeks ago and my order was in the “Processed” status for about 10 days. According to the site, that means it is waiting to be shipped. I used their online support to state my grievance and got a response asking for my order number. I promptly gave it to them. Even though I was logged in and they should have been able to look it up. I sent two more e-mails. No response. My order later switched to “Shipped”. I don’t really know if I even believe that. But apparently they we just going to not ship it had I not said anything. Great card, terrible redemption service.

I see a lot of negative comments, but in my case, I’m very happy with this card. I’ve had it for about 14 years now. Experienced it switch from one bank to another. I have redeemed PS3, blu-ray players, games and an HD camcorder to name a few. ALL FOR FREE!! Never really had a problem with wrong items or delayed shipping. They do get out of stock every once in a while specially when it’s nearing a Holiday season, but that is understandable. Some comments here suggest Discover card but the advantage with the Sony Card is that it triples your points (sometimes x5) on certain purchases. Regularly on Holiday season it doubles your points when dining at a restaurant. This means more points for you to redeem. Actually I always get points more than I should be given EVERY MONTH. If I paid $2000, I don’t get 2000 points, I get MORE than that somehow. Does Discover card do that?

If we were rating the Sony Rewards Card, I would now give them zero out of four stars. The program has deteriorated to where there is little reward for using the card. Get a cash-back card instead. You can then spend your rewards on anything you want.

Disregarding the fact that the bonus points that could be earned on the Sony Rewards website have all but disappeared (as of February 2012, the Wheel of Fortune game is still available but there is no link for it on the Sony site), it is virtually impossible to find a decent product on the Rewards site to make it worth cashing in your points. The selection of Sony products is extremely limited. Prices on the site are higher than on many authorized Sony dealer sites (B&H, Amazon, J&R,, etc.). The rewards program still allows you to redeem your points for Sony purchases made elsewhere but they might charge a 15% premium and make you wait several months for the credit.

If you do find something you want on the Reward site, good luck trying to get it. A Blu-ray player was listed at a substantial discount to list price but was “out of stock” (despite the fact that it was available on the Sony Style website). When it was once again shown in stock, the price had magically returned to the original, non-discounted amount. I ordered a set of headphones at a price that was lower than I could find elsewhere but, after waiting two weeks for delivery, I got an e-mail telling me that the order was cancelled and that the item was “no longer available”.

I’m told that the problems are unrelated to the change to Capital One and that it’s all Sony’s handling of the issues. In any event, take your credit card business elsewhere. This one’s mostly crap.

The redemption operations truly is a JOKE and the customer service is horrible possibly ruining my Christmas. I finally decided to redeem a lot of my points purchasing about 10 ipod/iphone dock speakers to give out as presents this year. I purchased 4 that were pretty much one of the top of the line sony docks and the rest were good too but not as good. I decided to purchase early which was around Dec 2nd.

They delivered the wrong items sending all 10 mediocre ones about 10 days later and I am still in the process of fighting to exchange the 4 for the correct ones. They didn’t even show any sympathy that they messed up on the order and even trying to make me pay for the shipping back. I have proof they messed up and they still wouldn’t fess up. The points for the better speakers now show higher rate and they want me to also pay for the difference if I still want the better speakers.

It’s now a few days until Christmas and they still have no resolved my issue. I now have to get new presents for the 4 I was expecting the good speakers for or give them these mediocre speakers that were heavily overcharged.. Ugh

$50 offer is bogus — said I would get it after my first purchase.
That was in September — it is almost the end of December; I called 4 times.
The Capital One people are fine; the Sony Rewards people are bogus –no customer service. I think this is fraud and should be reported to the FTC.

I Got my card about 5days ago and i just an email from sony rewards telling me to link my card to the site to claim my $50 psn code

SUSAN ; I thought the same thing but when i got my billing the $50 WAS ON THERE. AFTER YOU GET YOUR BILLING AND YOU DON’T SEE IT IS WHEN YOU GET MAD AND CALL.

Has the worst customer service, without any warnings they will refuse to honor payments, I’ve just got screwed with a late fee because the wonderful capitol one Sony card declined to post the payment.
Closed all my credit card accounts with them, prefer to use cash than credit.

September 10, 2011.

I feel cheated. I redeemed my reward points for a $250 macy’s gift card. They said it has been mailed. I never received it. They said tough luck for you. We are not responsible for lost cards as mentioned in the disclaimer on the website somewhere.
Very fishy. I never lost mail. I felt like a fool. Very disappointed in Sony.
Not buying anything from them ever again.

I agree with “Disappointed Sony Rewards Member”

The Sony Reward website used to have a bunch of programs you can enter to receive free points. As mentioned above, you could theoretically get up to 10,000 an year if you entered all the daily and weekly programs. It was a fun website.

However, all that is gone now. Also, the forum was shut down. It was a very supportive community with tight knit communities. There were people offering prayers and well wishes for a member undergoing surgery. There were a few committed members that posted the answers to every program every chance and they were well respected and thanked. However, one day, the forum was shut down without warning on June 2. And it has been back since (as of July 2011). Way to just destroy a community.

Not happy with Sony Card, the reward program, and how the members where treated once Capital One took over.

Karen Stegemann

I was able to redeem my points when they said they were switching to Cap One.
I am so glad I did.
Kinda messed up that you cant get points at all from JEOPARDY, And they cut out points oportunity for watching Wheel.
Bet theres not going to be many dedicated watchers any longer.

Disappointed Sony Rewards Member

Chase is no longer the credit card connected to Sony Rewards. Capital One took over the evening of June 13, 2011. The credit card is just one of the point contributors. With Sony Rewards, you can accumulate points even without a purchase. You can redeem the points for Sony products from Sony Rewards Catalog or through Authorized Sony Dealers. One point is equivalent to a penny. Cardholders used to get $0.20 for Wheel of Fortune Bonus Round Puzzle, $0.20 for Flashback Moments, $0.20 Sony Pictures Television Question, and $0.40 for Jeopardy Category and Answer with a total of $1 on a good day. If you are not a cardholder, you get half of that which is $0.50 on a good day. At the beginning of the month, a cardholder can get $0.40 for updating the wish list while non-cardholder gets $0.20. For cardholders, there is no limit as to how many points to redeem. Non-cardholder with 10,000 points or over in the account can redeem 10,000 points or over. Non-cardholder with less than 10,000 points can only redeem 5,000 points maximum which is equivalent to $5. Even without a purchase, a member can accumulate a minimum of 10,000 in a year which is equivalent to $100.

Before the end of 2010, Capital One had an attractive credit card offer for new cardholders which was 20,000 which is equivalent to a $200 Gift Card on first purchase with no minimum amount of purchase. A lot of members posted this on the Community Forum. A lot of non-cardholders as well as Chase Cardholders signed up for it. Before the end of 2010, members who signed-up posted favorable comments as to how fast they got the 20,000 points. In March 2011, negative postings became overwhelming. A lot of members started to gripe as not getting the points promised.

Sony Rewards used to be a fun and the best rewards running. Not anymore. Since the hacking of PlayStation Network, Sony rewards and Sony Online Entertainment, Sony Rewards has been taking away points contributors like Jeopardy and Sony Pictures Television since May 30, 2011. These were cut down from 5x a week to 3x or 2x and 1x a week until Sony Rewards totally took them out. Total of 60 points per day gone and no news of what the rewards program is going to replace them with. Sony Pictures Television had a Forum, where members interact, voice out their complaints about the rewards program and help each other on how to navigate the rewards site. In May and up until June 2, people were unhappy with the program, confused on what was exactly happening. This was a friendly community where people vent their frustrations concerning points that were on hold for a long time for Cash Credit Mail-In Request. The Mail-In Request is for Cardholders who purchase Sony products from Sony Authorized Dealers. Members get reimbursed for the amount that is charged on their credit cards and get points as well. Since most of the postings were negative and unfavorable to Sony Rewards, this was taken out completely in the afternoon of June 2. The link to the Forum has a Notice saying “Our apologies, this page is unavailable”.

Sony Rewards is not reimbursing rewards members the cash that is due to them since May. Points are left on hold, for how long, nobody knows. They still accepting Sony Gift Card orders, although these are not being processed and points are placed on hold. E-mailing or calling Sony Rewards are not helping because the Customer Service Representatives has been telling members that it is taking a little longer because of the transition from Chase to Capital One. Capital One took over last Monday evening of June 13 and still nothing is being processed. If you are planning on signing up for the Sony Rewards, think twice before you do so.

Things to remember.

Prices for items on the site are such that every point you have is equal to 1 cent of the price of the item… So you spend 1000 dollars you end up with 1000 points which is worth $10 in sony equipment.

Prices that the items are listed at are often much higher than you can find the same item in your local Bestbuy… so if you spent the same amount of money on a discover card and took your year end cash back you could get the same product from bestbuy that you could have gotten on the sonyrewards site… only with discover card you would also have some money left over.

As some have said, items are often out of stock…. and this makes no sense as often a new item will be listed as out of stock the very day it is listed on the site…. If they never had the item to start with they should never bother to put it on the site it is a bit like false advertising.

Reverse auctions that they have are the biggest scams, they start at a price WAY above the street price for the item and it drops so slowly that it never becomes as cheap as the bestbuy… also a reverse auction item can’t be purchased with sony points only with your real money.

All said… you probably wonder why I have one… well because once in a great while they have something on the site called and “insider special”… and once in a great while they are very cheap and actual bargins… I used to travel a lot for business and generated lots of points using my sony card to buy plane tickets… so for me it works out as a reasonable deal (also Discover card isn’t accepted in a lot of foreign countries but my Sony Visa is so I didn’t have the option of Discover).

There is a major trick going between MBNA and Sony – I tried to redeem points and they are now saying that my points have expired after 5 years. No one indicated that they would expire when I signed up and there was no information given regarding the expiry of the points. The points are apparently worthless.

This feels like a scam is being pulled by Sony and MBNA – write to a national newspaper below and tell them your story.

I have not been able to logon to the website since October. Prior to that I had no trouble. I used to play the games on a daily basis to accumulate points and to see if I was a winner on Wheel of Fortune. Sony offers $50,000 to winners if they hold a Sony credit card. I got the card specifically for this reason. I had a computer technician examine my computer and he told me the site is blocked in this area by Sony. I called Sony support and was told it was my local cable company, since other areas are able to get it. I called Time Warner cable and was told it was Sony that was blocking it in this area. I am really getting frustrated with this “passing of the buck.” Is there anything I can do about this?

I have this card and they will give you the promotional time but they will accidently use your payment to another purchase that’s for a later time and then you will end up with an outrageous finance charge. I paid off all of my purchases except for one and they used some of the money I paid with to a future date and ended up with a $700 finance charge on a $64 purchase. I have documents to prove that I paid off my purchases in full and had everything updated on my account online. I spoked to a manager and she finally cleared it up but it’s still wrong! I don’t recommend this card, you have to stay on top of all the time frames and then make sure to have everything paid off in time but they will still find a way to get money out of you.

Would like to apply for a sony credit card but it keeps giving me other options. please comntact me re a card. thanks BJ Jones

You left out some of the huge benefits of this card, and the reason why so many people love it. First, you can get free points every day by playing the games on the Sony Rewards site. You’ll net $200-$300 in free points per year this way. Second, you can buy *any* Sony product from an authorized retailer (like, say, Amazon) and do a Purchase Order credit through Sony Rewards. After the Purchase Order is processed, Chase issues you a statement credit for what you paid and deducts the appropriate number of points. You’ll always get your desired item for cheaper than the points you would spend if you redeemed it on Sony’s website, and it deducts points just the same.

So go get a cash back card from Discover…

I also tried to redeem sony rewards points. However a large majority of items have been “temporarily out of stock” for months or are “no longer available.” I too wish now that I had a cash back card.

I just tried to redeem my points. I was told before a purchase that I could just call in if I purchase through Sony Style store. AFTER the purchase I called in and was told they are now moving to an all online system so I would have to print out forms and mail them in. Then it can take over 60 days to process. I now wish I had a cash back card instead of this. It sounded easy to redeem until I actually bought an item.

Be Warned. Not very convenient redemption.

Does that mean with no annual fee that there will only need to be a payment on the credit card, is if there a product bought on it?