Soft Pull Credit Cards?

"no thanks" to credit inquiries

Is it possible to apply for a credit card with a soft pull inquiry?

This is a common question because applying for a credit card is a bit of a gamble. If you’re rejected (because your credit isn’t good enough), you’ll still get hit with a hard credit inquiry that lowers your score and makes it harder to qualify for other cards.

Watching the mail for preapproved offers can help you aim for products you actually have a chance at getting, but who has time? Luckily, several services allow you to see your preapproved offers at a glance (with just a soft credit pull, which won’t damage your credit).

These soft-pull tools will help you browse offers you’re likely to get approved for. Remember: once you actually apply for the card, you’ll face a hard inquiry.

1. Capital One Card Finder Tool

This is a great service offered by Capital One that features Cap One products (a popular choice for those new to credit). You can see which offers you qualify for without it affecting your credit. While it may seem limiting to only see Capital One offers, they are one of the largest card issuers and have a wide array of card offerings – everything from high-end reward cards to secured credit cards. It can be a great place to start when you don’t know which level of card you might qualify for.

2. Chase’s Pre-qualified Offers tool

Chase is another issuer that offers a proprietary tool that lets you see your pre-qualified offers. You’ll need to provide your name, address, the last four digits of your Social Security number and some other info. Again, you’ll see only Chase offers, but the issuer has a wide swath of cards, from cash-back cards to perk-heavy rewards cards for travelers.

3. CardMatch (checks across many major credit card issuers) has a feature to match you with offers based on your credit score. Using this to check does not affect your credit because only a soft pull is performed.

I’ve seen this service tested with varying levels of credit (subprime, moderate, good and super prime) and the system results have been spot-on accurate. My friend with bad credit had no results available, but then my other friend with great credit was given two pages of offers.

Anyone can use this feature – regardless of your current credit level. And if you fall into the latter category you may be matched for exclusive sign-up bonuses that are higher than what the general public can get. That’s a choice feature.

Go here to use CardMatch and see your offers in 60 seconds

Soft-pull credit options — a summary

Capital One Card Finder Tool
Chase's Pre-qualified Offers tool's CardMatch

Updated October 2016

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I have both credit one and Capitol one….. Capitol one if a great card to have but…. if it was not for credit one then I would not have it…. with the help of credit one going on 5 year. I would not have a capital one card… my credit score was 495… and today my credit score is 740….. all from this card…. credit one is not the best card but it gets the job done….. I have personal loans car loans

The problem with credit one is the $99 / year fee AND they hit you with interest the day the charge posts. Most others give you a few weeks to pay w/o interest. High yearly fee and everything you use it for will cost you interest day one.

Credit One is by far the WORST credit card you can ever get. Please do research on these scammers. People saying otherwise is just damage control from their own company because they know they have an awful reputation.

Credit one gave me a unsecured card with a $75 fee that comes off the $300 balance right away. I pay on time and I’m VERY satisfied. With bad credit no one else would help without crazy fees, high interest rates, etc. Be responsible & you’ll have no problems.

I google the net using the same search to find this site. “Soft pull credits cards”
I got 4 credit cards in 2 days.
Card 1.- 350.00 VC
2 – 250.0 Bckle
3 – 300.00 Epress
4 – 2000.00 Ostok
Try google: Shopping Cart Trick – Get Credit Cards Without The Hard Pull
Good Luck

I had a credit card from credit one and I had paid in time up until I lost my job.I had the protection on it and thought that would help until I got back on my feet. Boy was I wrong I was still unemployed a year later my card had only been $500 limit by the time I got back to work and my balance had been $200 I owed 2875. When I was able to pay. Had I not had the protection they would have stopped the card at $800 which is still alot considering. I recommend if you get capital one don’t get the protection!

Was it Capital one or Credit one…?

There is many bad reviews about the Credit One card about how they scam people and such. I got the card about a year ago and I have been very satisfied. The catch is that you have to be responsible. Late payments, not paying off the balance every month and so on, they nail you. I use the card for things I would otherwise be buying with cash/debit and then just pay with every use. It is a good card for a responsible person, but lets face it, those that seek the credit one card are typically not those with reputations of being responsible. Those that post all the bad reviews, its it because they treat this card like they have with the other cards that they burned bridges with and now they are having to eat steep fees and interest. Pay your bill, build credit fast.

Exactly David, that’s the key for alot of these High Interest loans and credit cards. Work the system by paying off your balance early so that you’re not accruing any thing on it. I’m only using my Credit One for credit building not for anything else.

Rebuilding Credit

Credit One bank is a great one for poor credit