Should the government get your credit card rewards?

Most credit cards offer rewards on purchases. Now what if those rewards were put in the government’s pocket instead of your own?

If Anthony Pollina, an independent candidate for the governor of Vermont gets elected, that may happen. Pollina propose creating a “Vermont credit card” which would be issued by Vermont banks. He claims the card would carry a low interest rate and instead of earning cashback or airline miles, that money would go into a local economic development fund. Pollina states he is not advocating Vermont citizens get this credit card to run up debt, but rather use the card in-lieu of their current credit cards.

Some argue it’s big brother stepping in and trying to find away to squeeze more money with a hidden tax. Others say it is an ingenious way to increase funding without increasing taxes. Whether you are for this or against it, no one can deny it is an innovative idea.

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i wouldn’t give mine!

Two words… HECK NO!

This is a good idea. I would rather do this than have increased taxes if my state offered it.

Big Brother? No one would be forcing anyone to get the credit card. It’s a way for citizens to actually do some good with their purchases rather than getting air miles they’re never able to use. Don’t want one, don’t get one. The current governor has been in power for six year and is bereft of ideas and calls any idea a new tax. Hopefully Vermonters won’t be fooled by him again.