Security: The Best Credit Card Reward?

Thanks to the Heartbleed bug and the treasure troves of card data falling into hackers’ hands via retailer data breaches, consumers are getting constant reminders that cards aren’t just vehicles for making easy purchases and earning rewards – but vehicles that thieves can take for a joy ride if they get their hands on the keys.Discover logo

That caution isn’t lost on issuers. In fact, Discover Card recently started spotlighting its card security benefits. While you might expect a rewards card to lead with its rewards offerings, Discover is leading with a reminder that it’s looking out for you – whether your physical card is misplaced or stolen, or whether you got burned in a retailer breach or website security hole.

Here are some of the ways that Discover is prepared to jump in if your card information is compromised:

  • Account monitoring: Discover monitors your purchases and will alert you to suspicious activity. It will also let you know if a merchant security breach has compromised your account. You’re not held responsible for unauthorized purchases.
  • Quick response: If there’s been suspicious activity on your account, or your card is involved in a data breach, Discover will reach out by email, text message or phone call. And it will overnight you a replacement card for free if necessary.
  • Fast explanation for declined purchases: If a legitimate purchase gets declined because it looks suspicious, you’ll get an art via email, text or phone.
  • Real live help: Waiting on hold and cycling through “Press 1” prompts are the last things you’ll want to deal with when your card has fallen into the wrong hands. If you need to contact Discover by phone about a fraud issue, you’ll be able to call 1-866-598-7835 day or night – and get connected straight to a U.S.-based fraud specialist.

If you catch a suspicious purchase before Discover does, or if you misplace your card, you can temporarily freeze your credit card via Discover’s website or via its mobile app so that it can’t be used while you sort out the situation. No need to sit on hold, waiting for your issuer’s fraud department to pick up, wondering if someone is using your card at that very moment. If it’s a false alarm? You can simply unfreeze your card by yourself.

Keep in mind that, when a data thief gets ahold of your card information, they can only get to the next level (credit accounts in your name) if you provide more information (such as your Social Security Number). So, after your issuer notifies you of suspicious purchases and removes them from  our account, remain on the look-out for phishing emails. If you get anything requesting protected information about your Discover account, you can forward them to or visit for more information.

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