Salute Credit Card Scam Still Affecting Customers

Do you have bad credit? If so, you have a bulls-eye on your head. Those with a poor credit history are regularly targeted by unscrupulous credit card companies. I’m talking about the ones that charge consumers excessive fees and rates – and in return – all they get is a lackluster card with a credit limit that’s good for nothing and a customer service department that’s just as useless.

Salute Visa GoldAn example of one of these unscrupulous offers is the Salute credit card from Urban Trust Bank. During the latter half of last decade, they mailed out “Visa Gold” applications to targeted customers with bankruptcies and bad credit. To say the fees were excessive would be an understatement…

  • Annual Fee: $150
  • Account Maintenance Fee: $72 per year (billed monthly at $6 per month)


  • Account Opening Fee: $20 (one-time fee)
  • Account Maintenance Fee: $228 per year (billed monthly at $19 per month)

Both offers came with excessive interest rates. To add insult to injury, customers regularly complained about the suspiciously slow payment processing, which could lead to being hit with late fees. And from the sounds of it, reaching the U.S. President on his personal phone might have been an easier task than calling Salute’s customer service phone number.

Nearly 4 years ago, the jig ended when they sent customers this letter:

“We must regretfully inform you that we are discontinuing your Salute Visa gold Program. Consequently, we have closed your account to new transactions and may refuse to authorize any new transactions effective immediately.”

That would be the end of it, right? Not quite…

The ghost of the past

During the past 12 months, I have still seen posts from past customers who are being haunted with dubious collections efforts of their Salute credit card, back when they had it in 2008. Purportedly a new owner of the accounts, Jefferson Capital Systems, has been trying to collect on these old accounts.

Now if someone owes actual debt from purchases, I agree that’s a valid obligation of debt. But what’s really sketchy about these Salute cards is that even after they were closed, they purportedly kept incurring the applicable annual fees and monthly maintenance fees. Per the letter that Salute sent out when they closed the accounts:

“If you have a balance, you will continue to receive monthly Salute Visa Gold billing statements and to be assessed an account maintenance fee as set forth in your cardholder agreement.”

So fast forward to 2012 and 2013. Even if someone 0riginally only owed $100, given the excessive fees and interest, that debt might have ballooned to as much as $1,000 or more over this period of time.

Aside from being morally wrong, this continued billing practice also clashed with the FTC’s ruling from 2008 regarding these types of cards (there are now rules about fees relative to the card’s limit). Fortunately, I have heard success stories of consumers using that as ammunition to successfully convince Jefferson Capital to drop their collection efforts.

History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme

I’m hoping 2013 is the last year I hear about Salute Visa gold card coming back to haunt people. But I must warn you, even though that credit card is out of business, the root problem of milking customers with bad credit is still happening today. Don’t get ripped off, if you have bad credit please choose an affordable card like this one.

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I have been receiving at least twice, once this past year and now another one that is trying to collect from this above card that I have never had. There should be some stringent measures taken to have this card and their affiliated collection company First National Collection Bureau to be reported to the appropriate government agency/agencies to close on them

I’m posting this twice just in case my reply to Sam was not noticed.

I’m reading all of these comments and I’m thinking that everyone needs to get in contact with the Federal Trade Commission and the Federal Deposit Insurance Commission. Jefferson Capital Systems and CompuCredit (an affiliated entity) were sued by the Feds back in 2008 for the same consumer fraud practices that all of you are describing here. Albeit it was for other subprime credit cards but what they are doing with the Salute card falls under the same category.

In 2007 I wanted to make my credit better. I looked on the web and found this site, I thought it was a legitimate site. I would make payments every month til sept 2014. Then one day i went to make a payment my account was closed…Prior to this I would email them and ask for advancement on my credit….no response. I would email this company numerous times about credit advancements and why my account was closed with no information why or what happened to my credit account. This compnay never gives their telephone numbers out. You never get a rsponce back when you ask a question. So today I get a call from their credit dept saying I need to make either 2 monthly payments of $200 to settle this or make payments of 40 every moth til the $600.00 is paid off..I asked to speak to the manager after the lady on the phone with me was rude and asked for the companies business number she gave me this number 1-800-348-3381 which was a recording to call this number 1-800-935-1139 which brings you right back to the creditor. I did some research on the net about this scam business and please look at these sites about their complaints.

Can someone please advise if they will garnish my wages?

I have this and its sister company Tribute Mastercard. Finally paid Tribute off a year ago. Just now got Salute down to where I can pay off totally this month $238. A couple years ago I stopped paying them since they are offshore and have moved their mailing address several times from St Louis to Atlanta and elsewhere. They continued with fees that jack the balance back up but when I paid off Tribute I heard no more. I quit but resumed payments because they reported to credit bureaus and although they are a scam credit bureaus listen to creditors first and they had reported me 90 and 120 days past due so it’s on my record. They have hurt me in so many ways but now Im paying off Salute and hope also the bills cease and the account goes to $0 like Tribute did. It’s such a shame such predator lenders can get away with this type scam by being offshore and we can’t do anything about it but pay unless you want your credit damaged. Their fees and billing charges continued after they closed the accounts 4 years ago or so. That’s how long it has taken to get them paid to their illegitimate methods of charging for accounts closed. What scum that company is and was!

They have to get a judgment and to do that they have to send or serve papers. If the judge rules in their favor eventually they could. They hurt my credit profile so I am slowing paything them off. But for them to garnish that takes time and they have to go through the legal process. I hope a class action is started too. But since they are off shore they don’t have the same legal process. I think they can only threaten but can’t garnish. Not for a stupid credit card bill. if they are legit then they have to first seek judgment then serve papers after a judgment. If they have not then ignore them and/or slowly pay them a little each month until u find out more.

I’m reading all of these comments and I’m thinking that everyone needs to get in contact with the Federal Trade Commission and the Federal Deposit Insurance Commission. Jefferson Capital Systems and CompuCredit (an affiliated entity) were sued by the Feds back in 2008 for the same consumer fraud practices that all of you are describing here. Albeit it was for other subprime credit cards but what they are doing with the Salute card falls under the same category.

I was just contacted on May 4th,2015 from a unknown number threatening me with a failure to appear if I did not call Urban Trust Bank and make arrangements to pay this debt. They were suppose to email me a paper to give electronic signature, which I still did not receive. And they are also suppose to mail me a copy of the same agreement. Even though it has been 2 days, I tried to call them yesterday about it and NEVER DID GET ANYONE TO ANSWER THE PHONE. My account was open in 2007 I think and if I understand right this kind of stuff comes off after 8 years in Ohio. Can anyone tell me who to contact on this

I just got a call today (July 8 2015) about an account opened in 2007. The person first told me it was closed after 2 years… in 2012.. I called back asking for a statement, she said Urban Trust does not have to provide me this until the court date. She is threatening my wages and credit. I Absolutely do not have the money. Do they call and garnish wages?

I can’t remember when I got my card and what happened exactly but I haven’t been able to use the card for many years now. I have been paying faithfully for years also, well I got my Statement this month and it said new balance is $66.23 so I go online to pay it off finally and it said my new balance is $76.18. I called them to find out why and was talking to a person and all of a sudden a terrible noise started and I was unable to find out why it went up. I am paying it off and hope to never have anything to do with them again. This is so wrong!

Salute is trying to garnish my wages without court order also with the state I live statute of 3 years on credit cards they are doing illegal collection practices! They have also called my employer about my credit and this is also illegal, they are also saying that they are a attorney and this is also illegal! They can not file a lawsuit on you in another state and use that against you in collections, they can only file it in the state that you live! They want you to pay or something to that and guess what the statue will start the clock all over again! So do not pay them a dime or sign any agreement with them! This group is a bunch of crooks and are breaking the law with this harassment that they are doing! Do some research and you will see what I’m talking about!

Today… 12/6/2014. Received summons or cival warrant to appear in court about this card. I paid regularly and then they closed. Said account was closed but still had balance. 100 ish. I tried payments but kept getting late charges and I would pay it in time. Now they are suing for over 500 plus court fees and process fee!

Can I ask what state you’re in? This week I started getting calls and threats they’re going to file against me.

Don’t fall for this illegal move that they are making!

remember statute of limitations! You and many others have that they closed your account in 2008, it is now 2015, look at your state laws!

Salute card company are thieves and they fooling judges and prosecutors to pass judgment on you. I opened a card that states that you top up the card at cash checking stores and you use what you top up .So I am spending my money and I see on my credit that I owed salute money .

They are thieves, I mailed 2 payments in December 2013 for January and February 2014 buthe they applied both payments to January, they called 7 or 8 times per day non stop harrassing me, and I am still making my payments every month. I will not give then another $,

I received an offer by mail for this card over six years ago. Very soon after, I realized I made a bad mistake. The website was always down,so could never make my payment on time. The customer service line was always answered by some one from India or some other country. I could never speak to a supervisor, or get my late fees or over limit fees incurred due to not being able to pay on the faulty web site. I finally cancelled and told them many, many times. I continued to get more bills with increased fees. Finally they stopped. Two weeks ago today, my wages are being garnished to the tune of $1,400 plus interest and attorney fees. My credit limit was only $300, and that is all I told them I was paying. I still got the crappy end of the stick. I will never apply for one of these modern day pirate cards again. Today, I only used a secured card from my own bank. Beware, lots of shady cards out there.

Do you know how to get the mailing address for Urban Trust Bank?

the address for Salute/Aspen is PO BOX 105555, ATLANTA, GA, 30348

I had this card in 2003 or 2004, so long ago I can’t even remember how or why I left them. Today I get a phone call from a Wayne Allen telling me that these guys are wanting to push a class action suit against me for breach of contract. To make matters worse, when they couldn’t get a hold of me the fist time, they called my wife’s ex husband. They are also saying the card was placed in default in 2009 which doesn’t sound right either.

A girl at work (a young mother of two whose husband is overseas in Afghanistan) received an invitation in the mail from First Premier Bank for their Platinum MasterCard. Their terms are 36% interest!!!!!, $49.00 a year annual fee AND a $175.00 a year servicing fee!!!! These blood-sucking low-lifes are targeting those people who can least afford it! How do they sleep at night? Thank God, Sheryl showed this offer to me and I pointed out the fine print. She is now establishing credit with the help of a local Credit Union.

I have been paying on this credit card for years and can no longer do so. I am 78, not working, and have 841 soc. sec. a month so I am not doing this anymore and getting myself upset over it. I opened this account so long ago I can’t even remember when.

It amazes me that there are companies out there that on purpose go after people who are already financially unstable. Under the guise of “helping” these people improve their credit scores by developing a positive credit history using their credit card, they end up pushing these vulnerable people down and making their situation even worse. How do they sleep at night? To think that 5 years later, they are still harassing these same people and charging them maintenance fees when the card isn’t even viable anymore. Yikes. This is definitely an “ugly American” example.

I was a victim of this urban bank, salute, card. I never used this card and ended up paying over 2000.00 dollars. I was purssude by a collection company by the name of Stillman, maybe they should check the people they work for out a little more thorough. They threatened me like no mans business and told me if I didn’t pay they was going to do this and that. To make a long story short, I ended up borrowing money from a family member to pay this debt and I’m still paying the family member. This company should be liable for all the money they stole from people and psy it back its just not right they r and have gotten away with this. I would love to get a lawyer and sue them and get a payoff to where I wouldn’t have to work for awhile. I sincerely hope they have been shut down and someone starts a class action, I would love to recoup my money.