Rush Card a Scam or Not?

Q: I have bad credit and want a credit card. Is the Russell Simmons Rush Card a scam or ripoff? That’s what I was told.

A:  Launched in 2003, it’s been around almost a decade now. But before we talk about what the critics are alleging about the Rush Card, review what it does and doesn’t offer:

What is it exactly?

If you apply for a Rush Card you will get a reloadable prepaid Visa card. This is not a credit card – you can only spend what you’ve loaded on it. This is not a bank account either – though it does offer a few bank-like services.

In a 2011 interview with Forbes, Russell Simmons reportedly said this about who the card is for:

“It’s not for the 60 million underserved Americans who cannot get a bank account, it’s for most middle class people. It’s half the price of, probably a Bank of America free bank account to operate.”

Is that really an accurate description of the Rush Card? Take a look at the fees below and decide for yourself. I have included what are probably the most common fees. There are others, like fees for international transactions, but for simplicity sake I will stick to those which are probably the most common.

Rush Card vs. Bank of America: Who’s Cheaper?

 Rush Card
(pay as you go)
Rush Card (monthly plan)Bank of America (eBanking plan)
Setup FeeA one-time fee of $3.95 to $14.95, depending on which card design is chosen.A one-time fee of $3.95 to $14.95, depending on which card design is chosen.none
Monthly FeeNone$9.95$8.95, but free when you enroll in paperless statements and use Bank of America ATMs to do your banking
Statement FeeNone for online statements, $1.00 per month for paper.None for online statements, $1.00 per month for paper.None for online statements, paper provided for no additional charge if you are paying the $8.95 monthly fee
ATM Balance Inquiry Fee$0.50 each$0.50 eachNone at Bank of America ATMs
ATM Withdrawal Fee$1.95 eachNone for first 2 per month, then $2.50 each after thatNone at Bank of America ATMs
Cash Deposit FeeNone from Rush Card, but their 3rd party load partners (MoneyGram, Western Union, and MoneyPak) typically charge up to $3.95 to $4.95.None from Rush Card, but their 3rd party load partners (MoneyGram, Western Union, and MoneyPak) typically charge up to $3.95 to $4.95.None at Bank of America ATMs
Direct Deposit Fee (i.e. payroll and govt. benefits)NoneNoneNone
Paypal Deposit FeeNoneNoneNone
Money Order/Check Deposit FeeNone, but mailing them in will require postageNone, but mailing them in will require postageNone, when deposited at a Bank of America ATM
Purchase Fee$1.00 per transaction (with a max of $10.00 per month)None if you press "credit" after swiping card. If you select "debit" and enter your PIN, you will be charged $1.00 per transaction.None
Online Bill Pay EnrollmentNoneNoneNone
Online Bill Pay FeeNoneNoneNone
Card Replacement FeeNoneNone$5.00
Plan Change FeeNoneNoneNone

As you see, Bank of America still appears to be a much better deal than the Rush Card. I’m not sure how Russell Simmons came up it being “half the price, probably” unless he is making the assumption that account holders will regularly be paying overdraft charges, too.

What’s fact and what’s fiction?

Is there a Rush Card scam going on or is this a product that really will save money? Well in all fairness, if you don’t have a bank account and use paycheck cashing services instead, then the Rush Card can save money (versus chucking over a 2% to 3% fee every time you cash a check). Furthermore, if you frequently overdraw your checking account (and pay overdraft fees regularly) then the Rush Card may end up costing less than a checking account. So this card is not a “scam” or “ripoff.” The card is operated in a 100% legal manner and in their defense, they do disclose the fees upfront.

That being said, people heavily criticize it because of all the fees. Is it the most expensive prepaid card on the market? No, there are some others which cost more. But on the flip side, there are also plenty of others which can cost a lot less. For example, the American Express Serve (a prepaid card) has almost no fees if you are just looking for a reloadable card to make purchases with.

Rush Card fees

 Unlimited PlanPay As You Go Plan
One-time card-loading fee$3.95 - $9.95$3.95 - $9.95
Monthly fee$7.95None
Transaction feeNone$1.00 for each PIN or signature purchase up to $10 max per calendar month
Card-to-card transfer fee$0.99$0.99
Out-of-network ATM withdrawal fee$0.50$0.50
Over-the-counter withdrawal fee$2.50$2.50
Maintenance feeNone$1.95 except where prohibited by law
Paper statement fee$1.00$1.00
Expedited cash fee$30.00$30.00

Your best bet, however, would be to get a low cost or free checking account and use the debit card that comes with it. Even if you have awful credit and have burned bridges with past bank accounts, there may still opportunities out there. Many banks offer “second chance” checking accounts for bad credit. Another option would be to go to a local credit union – many have lower fees than banks and are more willing to accommodate a bad credit history.

Written or last updated for November 205

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Paula and Corey

I like how ive been searching the internet for the last hour and it seems every time someone mentions the cheap ink being used and numbers fading THERE IS NO RESPONSE FROM RUSHCARD. On other sites aswell you guys respond no problem to most complaints but i have yet to see any attempt at resolving any kind of issue having to do with how ridiculously quick the numbers and name fade. You guys are obviously aware of the situation, the least you can do is make it easier for customers to access the information on the card. I would suggest having some common sense and start providing customers with better quality cards. Unless this is all intentional so that one is forced to continuously order cards.

Terrible I clicked a ad on facebook that said sign yp and get $50 and now i only get 25 if i deposit cash and 25 for direct deposit i deposited cash last week they said it will post immediately its now been 5 days and noting and im out 10 for the fees to deposit the cash total scam and wish i knew who to contact to report this scam

I highly recommend you stay away from this “company”, they’ve got the WORSE customer service I’ve ever come by!! They flat out refuse to help you even after THEY messed up! They disabled my card without telling me they were going to, they didn’t mail me a new card almost 4 days later and only because I called to find out what was going on with my card. Now I have money in my account I can’t take out for 5 to 7 days which is when I’m supposed to get the new card, but I’m not holding my breath. You better believe as soon as I can get my money out, I am DONE with Rush Card!!!!!

Crystal Robertson Lara

I am dealing with my card being blocked. . I did realize that I have two different numbers to call rush card ..N for all the people waiting on income tax return I’ve been waiting 3 years still nothing .. I think I’ve been given a fake rush card can someone please look on the back of their card N tell me what number does it say to call customer service. .thank you

I see a lot of lying. Especially the guy who had a $400 ATM withdrawal that “caught up” days later. The money is debited from your account IMMEDIATELY. I’m an Army Reservist and I get my checks 4-5 days early EVERY month. I also get my regular job paycheck at least 2 days early. They only charge a $5 monthly fee, and a $2.50 ATM withdrawal only from machines that are not on their network. I LOVE my RushCard. You can’t spend money you don’t have, so there are no overdraft fees. Regular banks will completely rip you off.

DONT mess with rush card. The customer service is in a foreign country, the dont speak english. They dont own the banks that fund the company so any money issues you have will be a lost. They don’t help get your money back on disputes and fraud. Follow me on twitter @princeradio_ra for more on rushcard. I am going to make sure people looking to get established dont use rush card. USE GREEN DOT. theyre safer and they give you the money back if you have issue you dont have to fight for your own money.


Green dot may have been the way to go in 2015 but not now. I have the same issue with green dot. I can not get a human CSR on the phone for a dispute/ fraud. Nor can I get them to respond to an email. Which they state they will call or email within five days. Well it has been 14 days! I submitted all requested info and a Police report!

**********ATTENTION FRAUD ALERT************

kenji thompson

Had the card for a couple years. Cutting it tonight after i make sure no deposits hit the account. I had to take care of that with my payroll department. I had $76 in the account on 5/29 on 5/30 they overdraft me $323. They said on the 22 $400 was drawn form an atm and it just caught up with the account and took my $76 and overdraft me the rest. They say its prepaid and u can’t get a negative bal. But believe me its a scam. They could take that $76 and shove it up there ASS but i bet they won’t get that 3something.

My account got compromised around the time u wrote this and yes they are denying me what are you doing about it I was going to look into suing them

In dealing with the same thing. Did you ever get your money back?

overall its ok, like any bank or whatever you’re never be 100% satified. I do like the fact that I get paid on Wednesdays instead of Fridays. I’m not sure with the refund check this my first time I’m so I’m looking forward to early payment as well. I did have a problem with a transaction of 64.00 one day and my ex stole my card and used it at the liquor store and I tried to get a refund and they took me through so much to get it and end up not getting my money back. They will replace your card but i have two cards in case something happens to the first one ill transfer all my money on to the next one.

I hate rush card with a passion I’ve had more trouble with this card company.
l wouldn’t recommend this card to anyone at all I lost way to much with this card.
Plus half the customer service reps can barely speak English.
Its a shame that people ” not mentioning any names” prey on the less fortunate.

This place is a nightmare. Have spoken with 10+ people today and no one has any idea what they are talking about. Can’t speak English, can’t hear me. I can not believe I am literally fighting with these people for my money.

On the 10th of November I requested a new card be expedited to me so that way it would be here by the time I received my check on Thursday. I misplaced the old one. I receive my new card 11/13/14 called to activate, everything went ok, no problems. Later that night I tried to go to an A.T.M. but the A.T.M. said it was unable to process this. I called rushcard and spoke with a representative who advised me that they were having maintenance issues and that I just needed to re-activate my card and then to wait an about hour before using the card. I waited the whole hour then went back to the A.T.M. and again my card was not working! I called rushcard again and again the representative said they were having maintenance issues and I needed to re-activate my card! One more time I was assured that I needed to re-activate my card again and it would work. It was almost 11pm by this time so I went home and thought I would try it in the morning. This morning (11/14/2014) I went to the A.T.M. again and this time it was saying that my card was invalid! I called rushcard again and a lady told me that this card I have here was the old one not the new one. I preceded to tell her that this card was the one I barely received not the old one, I lost the old one! Then she tells me, well it looks like they issued you a new card today and you will be receiving that on Monday! I was so infuriated at this time! I told her no this is ridiculous, this is why I ordered my card on Monday to be expedited, so it would be here on time, and now your telling me I have to wait! I have 2 young boys and I am single mom. I had a lot to pay for today, including groceries and I really needed that card! I told the representative that I wanted to speak to a supervisor! She transferred me just for that person to tell me the exact same thing! I then asked to speak to someone above him and of course that lady (Rhea) said the same thing! Rhea informed she would waive the fee for this card but why should I have to pay for the first card when I couldn’t even use it, and why should I even have to wait for another card when I ordered mine to be here on time, they were the ones who messed up! All in all I am so unsatisfied with their service! I never requested another card to be sent, I only needed this card activated and now me and my babies are screwed, thanks to rushcard!! All I know is I am taking my business elsewhere! I can’t wait to receive my money so I can just cancel with rushcard! I was warned to not get a rushcard, but it was convenient at the time, and of course I didn’t listen! It would of saved me all this trouble!!

Russell Simmons needs to be ashamed of himself! This crap is nothing but a money trap for people who for some can’t reason get a bank account, which I don’t get because you CAN get a bank account even with bad credit! He is just as bad as Magic Johnson promoting that Rent a Center bullsh!t to people who don’t have money (if you can make payments for overpriced furniture an appliances then you can go and buy used until you can afford). Yes, these stars are GROSS in their underhanded tactics to get money, but people BE SMART, do your homework before you get taken for a ride.

I got the Rush Card because I thought it’ll be convenient for online shopping and paying bills on line. On 9/29/14 I attempted to pay my phone bill of 60.00. Before work I went to the nearest currency exchange/western union to add the $60.00 to my card so when I got to work I could just pay online (something I have done numerous of times). I’m at work and for some reason my transaction won’t go through. I call customer service and the first guy told me that because I was enrolled in “Pay as you go” I’ll be charged an additional $1 for every transaction and because I had only added $60.00, the payment won’t go through because I needed at least $61.00 on the account. This is the very first time I’ve heard of this considering I’ve had the card for over a year now and as I stated before, I have done this same thing before and have never been charged an extra $1. Of course I was livid because first off, I had to pay an additional $4.95 in order to ADD MONEY to my card in the first place. So this guy is telling me I have to basically pay $4.95 AGAIN in order to add only $1 to my account so I can pay my phone bill. Excuse my language, but that’s bull *&%$. I spoke to a women after getting frustrated with this guy and she started telling me about all these fees and quit frankly, I zoned her out. I’m so pissed off at this moment because I have no phone. I promised this women, that as soon as I get off work and get to the nearest currency or western union I will be withdrawing my money and cancelling my card. I will NEVER and I mean NEVER use Rush Card again. In my opinion this entire company are scam artists and use these hidden fees whenever they want. Ripping people off every chance they get.

I have had my RushCard for years and have never once had any problems. I know that the ATMs at Circle K and 7-11 have a 200 dollar a day withdrawal limit, but if you use a moneypass ATM at USBank you can get 1,000 a day I believe at least I have gotten 700 everytime I get paid for my rent. Don’t understand why you all have had so many problems. The only reason usually for blocking a card is if they feel it is being used fraudulently or mine was when I moved from Washington to Arizona, was for my protection and they unblocked it as soon as I called them and aloud my purchase to go thru at the store I was in at the time. If they feel there’s more activity than usual or purchases that don’t seem legit they block it. I would rather have them do that than someone else to have my money. If you call them and are decent on the phone and are respectful you should not have a problem getting a block off. I have had my Rushcard for 3yrs with no problems, even give you ten bucks if their systems down when trying to make a purchase, I have absolutely no monthly charges because I use my card numerous times a month so my fees are waved. They are a great company and I always get my money 2-5 days early. Thanks R

why are you just getting a card for taxes, you should have had the card already, had my rush card for 3 years, get my taxes for 3 years 5 days eariler, paycheck 2 days earlier and ssi check 5 days earlier, always!!!!! never have a problem, was in the target scam, issued me a new card and transfered my money over!

Me neither Iris I love my RushCard obviously they are not talking properly to customer service or they are being dirty and scandalous.

I have had a Rushcard for 5 years now and the only problem I have had with them is. When That target scam happened. Since I used my card at target. They sent me a new card. They didn’t shut off my old card until I activated my new card. But as for Taxes. I have never had a problem. I never have to send in paperwork and I get my refund in like a week and a half. I get my paycheck 2 days earlier than everyone else. And I never have a problem using it on vacation. It’s 5.95 a month. Plus Atm fees unless you got to an ATM in their network.

Does anyone know if Rush Card does Tax Refunds early as well? I wish I had just used netspend. They pay you up to threee days early including tax refunds

Kenny Hendrick

This is ridiculous that a scam like this can occur with a legal physical address and the rip-off enterprise is sold in Walgreens, Family Dollar, Walmart, and gas stations alike.

I put $400.00 + on a card, went online and my card was activated using “Springfield Computers” (because that’s what our sign says and that’s where we are located). The next day I wanted to find out some information about the company and called them. During the conversation the person at the other end told me I could not reload the card because it’s not under a personal name. I pointed out that all my information (including social security, address, phone, etc.) is my personal information and that the only reason I had put the card under the name Springfield Computers is so that I can send others with the card to purchase supplies for the store sometimes (I haven’t driven in over a decade). I was then told that a check would be sent back to me and asked what name did I want the check to be in, I said my name, of course (legally the business is owned by a woman and the company name is her name with computer repair at the end of it.

So a considerable time later we get a check…not under my name, but rather under the name that Rushcard had approved online. I naturally call up to find why this occurred and was told another check would be sent to replace the one I already had.

About two months later it occurs to me that RushCard Live had not followed through with what they had stated formerly, and upon calling them I’m told that a check cannot be sent in my name until I first fax them a copy of a state id, social security card, the actual debit card, and a copy of the original receipt!

So I did that the very same day but never did I receive a proper response as to why nobody from there office bothered to inform me of this requisite that hindered them from following through with their initial affirmation.

Here’s a copy of some of the faxes I sent them:

FaxZero. com
To Me
May 1
Dear Kenny Hendrick,

Your fax to Rush Card Refunds Dept. at 8669636230 has been sent successfully!
Successful delivery of your fax was confirmed at 2:37 PM Eastern Daylight Time on May 1st, 2014.
Your fax included 1 page of coversheet with your text and 2 pages of attached documents.

And here’s another sent via a different agency:
To Me
May 1
Dear Kenny Hendrick,

Your fax to Rush Card, Rush Card at 8669636230 has been sent successfully.

You can view delivery information at the following private fax status page.

Oh look, here’s another sent from yet a different agency:

Dear Kenny Hendrick:

Your fax to Rush Card at +1 (866) 963-6230 has been successfully sent:
Your fax was delivered at 5/1/2014 6:45:25 PM, and contained 2 page(s).

Thank you for choosing MyFax,
The MyFax Team

Here’s a copy of the two pages I sent them:

I spoofed the company by creating a youtube account under rushcard live! You’ll see my faxes on youtube at:

Now, when I call, the line mysteriously disconnects prior to an agent being able to answer my call (I’ve tried all the options buttons).

Does anybody have a copy of a writ filed in a court (I think we can afford the $87.00 or so to file pro se (or better yet, if the court allows, a hearing before my peers).

If anybody has any ideas how this should be handled please email me at Me [email protected] Yes, that’s right it’ll get to me….that’s r u s h c a r d l i v e @ y a h o o . c o m.


Got my personal card in and then after activated it put a 24 hour block on my acct so I waited 24 hours and nothing still blocked so I called and I was on hold for 5 hours still didn’t get to talk to anyone what do I do

Rush card is a RIP OFF!! I recently signed up for rush card to get my taxes and i recieved a email saying my taxes were on hold until i fax proper documents…i don’tunderstand wgy they need a copy of all my iinformation i don’t feel safe with sending information like that i called costumer service and a lady told me i can’t receive my money until i send it which is not fair this us my money i should be able to receive it without having to send my personal information i am DONE, WITH RUSH CARD I’M REPORTING THEM ASAP!!

No I would like to see your new cards please

I got a rush card recently so that I could have my tax return deposited on it. I got an email a week ago saying that I had a deposit pending and that I needed to call customer service because they needed additional information. Well I called and I was told I had to send them a copy of my ss, my 1040, and an ID. I DID THAT THE SAME DAY. After I sent them the documents I even called to verify that they received them. It’s now been a week and every time I call they keep telling me it’s going to take 1-2 days, but it’s been past that 2 day time frame. As soon as I get my money I’m just going to take the money out and cut the card.. It wouldn’t be such a big deal if it wasn’t the fact that I need that money asap.

Good luck trying to take out your money if you get more than $2500 on your refund. There’s a limit on how much you can take out from an ATM, in-bank, or spending limit in general.

Lord im praying all goes well with my funds im expecting tax return any day now. Customer service picking up calls takes forever. Im expecting a little over 9000 i had to go this route im nervous as hell reading these comments but i do have a few friends who have recieved their refunds already with no issues

Hi, did you get your return because it happened to me . It’s been since feb 21 2014

More than likely, you’re going to have to send in documents to have your refund post to your account. I can bet anything that if you haven’t already, you will end up sending documents.

I am so worried now! I called rush card after reading all of the refund complaints that are very current! I have been with rush card every since the baby phat pink came out! I will be honest and say that I haven’t had any issues with the card as of yet. I have my payroll direct deposited into my rushcard and I always get my money earlier than all the others at my job! So when I get my money I just withdraw it and deposit it into my boa account. So, I chose to get my refund deposited on the rush card and then withdraw some and deposit it into my most used account. After speaking to the representative, I explained to her that I read that I would have to send in my tax documents, id, and ss card in order to have my funds released once posted. She stated that I would not have to send in any of the documents and there wasn’t a deposit pending as of yet. I am expecting my return on today 2/20/2014 and haven’t seen any signs of it. I am hoping and praying that I am not going to go through those things once it comes… I wish you all didn’t have to go through those things and I hope those issues have been resolved!!! #jesustakethewheel!!!

Hey did u get it yet because I’m going thrw the same thing

My NY state refund is pending and on Febuary 14 2014 I uploaded the requested documents ( ss, state id, and 2013 tax returns) yet I am still waiting for my refund to be posted and when you call customer service you get the rudest most unprofessional and non english speaking people. Once posted I will take out my money and close account.

Did you get your refund? Did they finally have it to you? I am going through the same thing I regret getting this card it’s been over a week that I faxed over the documentation and nothing I need my money ugh

the same thing happened to me, they are very unprofessional, once my money comes im done with them.

Rush card is some real BS I tell anyone do not deal with them. I had over 2 grand in my account for 8 months ,now remind you my card was open the whole time until I called for a replacement card. Now they block it first then unblock it once I answered some security questions. But block it again once the card came in mail 5 weeks later. Now they wasn’t me to send in doc for my funds. Crazy right, they won’t send me a check but will keep my money n donate it to rush card wtf is that. Now if that ain’t fraud I don’t know what is.RUSH is SOME REAL BS. CROOKS is all I can say

What they don’t tell you is if your card is lost or stolen, they take 7-10 business days to send you another one. I’m a college student. I explained that ALL my money is in my Rush card account and of course there is not a bank you can draw money from. The rep told me they could rush my card to have it in 48 hours but that’s $30. Which is half of my food/gas allowance. So I’m stuck between waiting 7-10 days or paying the rush fee and skipping meals and class.

The KICKER is the rep who told me of course she was sorry and suggested that I open a account at a normal bank so I won’t be in this position. Thanks

Oh and there’s an app to check balances, transactions, pay bills, & transfer funds etc. Also, free …

Okay. So #1 You get your payroll deposits 2 days early. #2 There are NO monthly fees(I don’t where that info came from) #3 Most likely since this post, there are several free ATM’s. And yes… #4 You do get your tax refund faster! There is absolutely nothing wrong with this card. Never had a problem since it came out. I originally got one simply because I love Baby Phat & it’s pink lol, but it has proven to be very beneficial.

shamonique grant

was your tax return over $5000 because im worrired that they will hold my money and i really need it. this is my first year using the rush card for my tax return.

Hey mine is and i was wondering the same thing i hope not

I agree I have my tax refund pending I had to fax over my 1040form, id and ss card and wait for corporate to look over it and wait 1 to 2 business days. They have people who barely speak english and you cant understand you. One rep was rude and another hung up in my face. I was on hold for an hour and 30 min when I get my deposit im taking the money off and cutting up the card..

im in the same boat.

Rush card sucks I put $1000 total on my card then went to the ATM to take it out I take $600 out then when I was trying to take out another $200 the ATM only gave me $ 80 so when that happened i called rush card customer service right away n when I got a hold of one of the agent’s I was told that when the ATM bank notice that they only gave me $ 80 they will put my money back on the card by the 31 Of march but when the 31 Of march came still no money so I called back to customer service they told me that I would have to sign a dispute form that they was going to mail out to me but I never got it so I called back to customer service to let them know then I asked them can they just email to me so I gave them my email address and still nothing I have not received anything from them I have been calling the bank that handles this an all I been getting was a run around i have email people n everything still to this day I ain’t got my money they also keep telling me that I have to wait for 45/90 days for my money what crazy now I put that money on my card why do I have to wait that long for something that belongs to me not right I will tell the whole world F the rush card customer service sucks even the people n the other department so PLEASE THIS IS FOR ANYONE THAT’S LOOKING FOR A PRE PAYED CARD TO GO GET NETSPEND I GOT A NETSPEND CARD N THE SAME THING HAPPENED I CALLED TO CUSTOMER SERVICE CENTER N IT ONLY TOOK THEM A WEEK TO GIVE ME BACK MY MONEY O YEAH N IM SO UPSET WITH THE RUSH CARD I ASKED THEM TO GIVE ME Russell Simmons and Kimora Lee Simmons email address or phone number

I also was a customer for years until some funny ish started happening with my card and I dont use it till this day.But my problem with them is I got a card for my mother because its easier for me and my siblings to place money on her card because my sister lives out of town .Well recently my sister sent my mother Christmas money through moneygram and they took the transaction and blocked her card.They told my mother to release the block she needs to fax them a copy of her ID and ss card ????? And would not explain why it was blocked in the first place.Well my sister called and asked if the card was blacked WHY would you allow a transaction(Silence) and to send her money back to her they told her no but they did inform her that if my mom does not send the information that is needed the money will go into an account and donated to RUSHCARD …PEOPLE im not making this up they would not resend the money back to my sister and said something about fraud blah blah blah ..its a dam pre paid and so you mean your going to donate to RUSHCARD. I also seen this similar complaint today on another site.maybe the company is going broke but I informed my mother I dont feel comfortable with her sending her ID and SSN info through a fax it sounds like BULLSHIT and if they were worried about fraid etc why are you asking customers to send info via fax. Yes we all over this one .. HEADS UP …

I don’t understand why anyone would put so much money on a pre-paid card. I hear people don’t trust banks. Well you know what if anything goes wrong with a bank i can actually drive to a bank to talk to someone instead of talking to someone on the phone in another country.

Stop listening to promises that common sense will tell you, it doesn’t make any sense. A basic checking account is usually free if you have direct deposit and you get a free debit card. How can any prepaid debit be better than this with so many fees? Relying on the ability to spend money that you haven’t received for a few days prior is just asking for trouble.

I believed Russell Simmons, when he advertised that your Federal check would be available TWO days prior of the day you were to receive it. Well that never happened. I am complaining of this for two reasons one is after people get so big they forget where they came from and lying is the way to the fast buck no matter who’s lives they put in danger. I guess you’re wondering why I said lives in danger, well it did mine. I get my check on the 3rd of every month, like clockwork I did not need to apply for a Rush card, the reason I did it was the fact I had to have life altering surgery on the 3rd. The surgery I was to have done was my hip replaced which was done twice before. my last surgery lasted 10 hours, well both previous surgery’s depleted my pelvis to the point it now it has to be replaced. Which has me scared to death. if one does not know your pelvis holds up your lower body. Getting back to the position the Rush card and its promises it had made. at this point I was supposed to get a prescription prior
to surgery, not only that I need to go to Philadelphia which is 30 miles away. Needless to say I now can’t get my medication & I have no money for gas to get there. What I did on my end to insure the funds would be there on time, is on the first of December 2013, which was a Sunday I called and spoke to a very pleasant person who told me not to worry that my money would be there on Monday the second she even told me the amount, which was correct, I figured well it was Sunday that was the reason it was not done on the 1st. Well when I went on line on Monday (today) the funds were not there, after being on the phone for two hours it seemed like the answers I received were the same as the lady I spoke with on Sunday yes your funds are here they just need to be posted however after her trying a few times and speaking to a few people she could not get it done (she seemed very sincere that she bought into Mr. Simmons and his company’s lies). At that point I asked her to transfer me to a supervisor which she was glad to. as soon as the supervisor had gotten on the phone she told me she would take care of the matter right away she asked me to hold on. Well she had gotten back on the phone and said I have good news I can put $10.00 on your card right away, I had told he that would not pay for my meds (92.00), get me to center city Philadelphia in gas and pay for my parking. She then said my monthly check was too big for them to clear the funds until the day they were due (I guess Mr. Simmons needs the very small amount of interest he makes off of me. I guess when you add mine and others it comes to enough to buy his shoes. Anyway Mr. Simmons you your ex-wife and your company did nothing but lie to everyone. Moreover did you know that his Company does not even use people from the United States for his customer service. Well one thing they told me is that my money would be there after Mid-night tonight. If it is wish me luck PLEASE

praying for favor….i am in a very similar situation!!!

Rush Card is a street hustle, that makes millions of dollars by the same people who have bum rushed the show, back in the day. Well, i canceled my card today..I will never support the Rush Card again. Actually if you have bad credit fix it or try American Express (Serve). Its was a better hustle for the indigent card users, in the long run. However, watch as well a spray for the dieing banks in our country, and the electronic world of fiat-money. Love this nation!!!

I have had my rushcard for 5 years now and I’ve had no problems at all I love it , it’s a prepaid card not a credit card or a bank card , depending on it an puttin all of your money on it makes no sense . Reporting them really won’t do much because they know there is no scam . Mistakes happen and around taxes season there’s so many ppl doing stupidity that you guys doing instead of waiting for the check u get it on a prepaid card …. Things happen and now u living with regret . But good luck next time

yess gurl I love it. I get my cash two days faster and as far as income tax checks deposit that into a bank account where there is no limit. Rush card is a get you by card you can use whenever you want.

I have a rush card they changed every thing and its free.if you go to the right atms Ihad no problems their awesome

Kimberly Whitehead

I have been a card hold of Rushcard since 2004 and any issues I have had have been resolved very promptly by the staff. I enjoy getting my transactions fees back the next month and get my DD on a Wednesday night (and I am paid on Friday). I like Rushcard, because I am able to make large purchases with no issue or problem…..


After reading alot of these responses, the logic here is to go back and use the card I have used before – G R E E N D O T – m a s T e r C a r D. Yes, for real. I was looking to see if I could find a better alternative. The Only Thing I don’t like about my previous card is that I get a Call Center in the Philippines or Zimbabwe or somewhere I don’t know. The Call Center Really Needs To Be Here In North America.

This Rushcard is a scam Yes I also had my card blocked after I loaded it ans still have not received it back !!!! Reported them to the BBB also People please do not use this card Ever ask why it was hard to find on there site a place that comments and reviews could easily be viewed

Teambra collins

I had a card in 2010. I have 2500 on the card from my tax refund. rush card cancel my card and refuse to send my money to me. they say I need a hold harmless letter from the IRS. I contacted the IRS got a advocate and all she say rush card in wrong IRS will not take back partial refunds. can anyone help me I need my money.

Linda Cardwell

First of all why did they cancel your card? Second of all you don’t need a Tax Advocate call the IRS tell them you never received your 2010 federal refund can they tell you what happened? When they say the money was direct deposited to a bank account tell them you want to file a form 3911 Taxpayer
Statement Regarding Refund and if possible form 8599 Request for Missing Information Regarding Refund When the IRS agent asks you why you want the form tell them what happened and tell them you don’t know why the card was canceled and ask if the funds were returned to the IRS they’ll check while you wait on the phone if it wasn’t file form 3911 tell them you never received it. Let them go after the RUSHCARD business. Any more questions email me. Linda

Linda i would love your help in dealing with a similar situation. Im not really sure what to do at this point

iam an inmate … family went on line to see about getting me an account to put my money in since a bank will not open an account unless ur in person or free so they gave rushcard my info and they approved me for a card ..note iam in prison so kool i assume they knew because they got my info to check and approve me ive had the card a year no pro blem ..then suddenly its blocked i have to call home get on a 3 way and call ..they tell me that its blocked because iam in prison and that their policy is that they cannot do biz with me because iam in prison that when i get out to send them proof iam out but they approved me for an account while iam in prison now its blocked i have $9000+ on my account now why they wait till now to block it

Linda Cardwell

First of all the funds that are on the card were they from a direct deposit made by the IRS? Not that you have done anything wrong!! Understand that first of all but read this for example:
“Have your federal tax refund direct deposited to your prepaid debit card in as little as 8 days!”
If this is was the case the IRS was especially watching for scams of this type. This year there was an estimated over $3 Billion Dollars will be scammed
from the IRS in refunds. So there were special precautions made to catch these so-called refund band-its. Which included longer processing time for
receiving the refunds, tax returns with added deductions or frivolous information which was never claimed on any previous returns. The IRS may not even catch the individuals but it is going to effect everyone’s processing times. Now than if someone filed a return for you and had the funds added to the RUSHCARD than after you activated your card and the money was put on it
you have every right since you are the holder and bearer of the card to request that they send to you in writing the reason why they cancel or suspended the card, but here’s the catch the request must be made in writing here’s the address: UniRush LLC, PO Box 42482 Cincinnati, OH 45242
request from them an itemized statement of all transactions made up to the point they suspended the card. Secondly request from them proof that legally gives them the right to suspend the card. When you send the letter make sure you send a copy of any prison identification you may have anything with your name on it, and make sure they understand you are incarcerated which means by all legal means you have been properly identified as the individual whos
name appears on that card. There are Federal laws protecting consumers such as your self from businesses such as this one whom are attempting to keep your funds for other purposes. (Hoping you’ll never claim it!) Now got get your money!

It’s not because you’re in prison. The card was blocked because you are not allowed to do 3rd party applications or loads through RushCard. Someone in your family called in pretending to be you. They probably didn’t state the fact that you are in prison so you could get accepted for the card. Deal with it.

Here is the scam… In their TV commercials and on their website, Rushcard keeps making the claim that you can get your government benefit check direct deposited up to 3 days sooner… NOT!! you cannot get SS, or VA or ANY gov benefits check sooner than your scheduled day stated by the gov entity… if you receive Social security on the 3rd of the month, THAT is when you’ll get it… No sooner… So that gimmick to get people to sign-up for a card is misleading… In fact there is hardly any company or gov entity or business that is going to release your money in direct deposit SOONER than the they schedule to release it. I mean think about it, if they would, why wouldn’t a much more influential bank be able to do that more so than a piss-ant hokie fly-by-night company like Rushcard… And as far as I can tell Rushcard is the only company that claims they can do this… Wowwww… they are so powerful!! (again) NOT!!

I have had rushcard for 6 years, and they do indeed give you government benefits early. Always 2 days early sometimes even earlier, there’s been times I’ve gotten it 4-5 days early.

Seems you people are extremely gullible. Story after story of women with a brood of kids and all their available money on a card. That isn’t smart. You should ALWAYS have cash on you. Never put all your eggs in one basket. I don’t understand why anyone would put their main income on a prepaid card? Get a legit bank account. These prepaid cards are for shopping online or traveling and not wanting to expose your real bank accounts to would-be thieves and other b.s.

You mean like the “trustworthy” Banks that have been resequencing transactions, and holding DIRECT DEPOSIT funds for the sole purpose of overdrafting an account? since 2003 when a greedy congress made “arrangements” to slip that in with the other”allowable”, underhanded “policies” they decided to make up to line their own pockets with the working class people’s money!!! Banks are the ones that are a scam. I opened a bank account in 1990 and NEVER had an over draft until 2003 when the banks were given free reign to steal your hard earned money by ANY MEANS NECESSARY (re sequencing transactions and withholding deposits) . Stop acting like the banks are high and mighty!! They are the lowest of creations!!

how did u get ur money and how long did it take for u to get it? i’m going thru the same thing

We all need to get together and sue because the same thing just happended to me I even sent them information they asked for and my acct is still locked and they want unblock it

Is this happening in the USA. I have never had a problem with my 2 accounts.

i have had my card over 6 years up until today i have had no problems i loaded my card i usually get a text stating my card was loaded i didn’t receive that when i called it said my money had been posted.I went to pay a bill and it was declined… Now i don’t like the fact that when i called i kept getting a busy signal or my call mysteriously got disconnected. And when i went to the bank machine the funds where not there.So u tell me where is my money. I’m still calling and no one is answering i used to promote this card but after today i will not even use it my self just give me my money so i could be on my way .Lesson learned keep your money in your pocket. It only takes one chance to fool me in I’m done with your services.Thanks but no thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don’t Get Rushcard report them to the BBB and the Attorney General

On feb 5. 2013 I got my tax refund check and loaded my rush card for 1100.00 and later that day my card was denied for a 30.00 dollar purchase. I went home called the number located on my card and a rep said my card was blocked. I needed to fax identification. I did repeatably. For 15 days . After that I was told to email it. Know remind u to send a email of my info cost 3.99 a page. Feb. 19 I finally got my cars closed and a check suppose to be mailed out. Keep u all posted. We have to report them. I already emailed a Dallas reporter about this scamming company. When I get my check card goes in the trash.

my rush card is suposed to arrive within 7-10 days well i got on line and set up an online rush card account when i clicked on details of my card and card status it said blocked i dont even have my card yet what the hell my tax refund was also direct deposited on that to. is this just until i call to have it activated. do they block it while it’s in the mail so if it gets lost or stolen no one can use the card? what is going on some one email me.

my email is skehantristin[removethispart] joe


I am going through the same thing that everyone else is going through as soon as they got my refund they blocked my.card I think we should get together and contact a attorney email me please with any ideals how to get my money asap [email protected][takethispartout]

Hi and Yes they did the same thing to me, and now it has to stop!!!! I am trying to fill a Civil Suit against these people. Please let me know if you would like to join this Petition? Please email me ASAP Thanks

@bernice thank you’re the number I’ll call in the morning!

My card was blocked as soon as my taxes were loaded i called an the said they would send me a new card express mail an it would be here Monday today is Sunday i decided to call to get my tracking number only to find out my card was never sent out so mow in told the card will arrive on Tuesday i was told this by a “supervisor” she even promised to call me i dnt believe a word she said i want my money now I’m a single parent of three an i have things to do an bills to pay!!!! I will sue them!!!!!!!! Let see what happens I’ll keep you posted!

I am finging that this card is a SCAM. I have a dispute with a company and Rush card keeps changing its mind as to when it will refund my money. First it was 3-5 business days, then it was 7-10 business days now its whenever they feel like doing it. I think this is wrong and that this company doesn’t care. Be careful what you charge you may never get your money back from the merchant that has ripped you off.

I Love my Rushcard, I can manage my card Online, i can use it all over the world where Visa debit cards are accepted. I like Rushcard Customer Service 24/7. Good job Russell Simmons..!!

Ive been a Rushcard holder for years, and up until today, I’ve been happy.

However, my card was blocked today. I use my card for everything and have no cash on hand. I have not yet heard back from an agent, and I need my money NOW. Having to wait any longer than a day for MY money is unacceptable!!!! I’m panicking because I don’t know why my card was blocked, and I need my money to put gas in my car and buy groceries. I’m a single mom and rely on my income alone. For those of you who had cards blocked, how was it resolved?

This is a horrible card! This is not a joke. They gave my deposit to someone else because the computer generated ID was incorrect. They told me one day everything was fine, the next they gave my money away. Then they tried to say my social security number wasn’t matching to the deposit. My employer showed me several documents that showed otherwise. After I complained they kept changing their story. They even GAVE ME THE WOMAN’S SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER. They really did! I was shocked! I got this card because I didn’t trust banks! Well guess what? After this experience I ran to a bank and signed up for an account. My money is now safe! If you have this problem with RUSH card then please go into your local CHASE bank. They will fix it! Lord help anyone who doesn’t listen to this warning! Beware!

They have my deposit now for 6 days and tell me yet another time that it will take 3 -5 business days. I am single, just got the card, and now I cant get my paycheck. I also adopted my grandson who is six months old, he comes in this afternoon. I don’t have money for baby food or diapers is there anywhere I can go to to get my paycheck?

So I got about $5000 dollars on my Rushcard and it’s blocked due to some BS investigation they’re doing, I need to find a way to get my money off. If anyone had or is currently having the same problem reply to the comment so we can cancel this trick Russell Simmons and the Indian customer service people have been pulling on US!!!

Yes, my card is blocked with 2182.00 on it. I contacted the FDIC, FTC, Attorney General all today. I also went to their Facebook page and demanded help. An AGENT got on and said, told me that I was being investigating for fraud. How can you fraud a pre-paid card. I have to make electronic deposits. I load with Moneypak a card you can only buy with CASH!!!!

Rushcard is a scam my money was deposited and they put a hold on it told me to wait 2 to 3 dsys and it would be on my card now I am expecting my taxes they have put me through runarounds they asked me for documents which I sent and I still havent got my money they are stealing from us and it needs to be stopped I had a rushcard years ago and never had a problem until now, I will never do this again im going to the irs to see if I cancel my direct deposit with rushcard are they able to send my a paper check instead I need my money…

Shell, did you ever talk to the IRS about the paper check? Im in the same exact situation. My tax refund is “pending”. They told me i need to fax over all of this extra information to recieve my money, but from what ive been reading online I am skeptical about sending them any documents and I got half a mind to just go to the IRS to see if they can cancel the direct deposit and send me a paper check. Did u go through with it?If so, what did they say?

yes yes i know what yall are going through they hit me up and yes im pissed off we need 2 take their butts 2 court im sure there are more then we


I can’t do rush card anymore. My card has been blocked for a total of eleven days now.

The day I found out my Rush card was blocked I sent all the forms they requested via fax. I was told they would send it to cooperate and my card would be unlocked in 48 hours. 2 days later I called back to see why card had not been unblocked, that is when I was notified that they had not yet looked to see if they had found my documents. They located my documents and sent them to the main office and told me it would be another two days before i would get a response.I have called them every other day since and still have not received a response.

I have asked to speak to someone in charge and cannot get any assistance. The costumer care services say they don’t even have the main number. I am a single mother of two boys and I’m currently pregnant with twins. I currently have a sum of nearly six thousand dollars on my card and they won’t allow me to receive my funds. All of my utilities are about to be cut off, I’m about to be evicted for lack of payment, and me and my children may be living in a homeless shelter soon. Rush card has all my money and won’t even close my account and send me my six thousand dollars.I beg all who read this *PLEASE DON’T GET RUSH CARD. THEY WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY AND LEAVE YOU AND YOUR FAMILY STRANDED*.

I just pray my kids and I find relief from this company soon. We have no family here and will be screwed without our money. God help us

Contact the FDIC, FTC, and Attorney General. All can be done online. We all must file a complaint. I even emailed several news stations. Maybe Russell Simmons don’t know.

I got online and found the elusive phone number to their corporate offices. The corporation is called UniRush. Their number is 513489-7874 ext. The lady I spoke with was named Kim She help me to get my money back

i never had this type of problem before in all my life with any other prepaid card. i think this is a gimmick!! rush card is full of ****!!! if i can sue y’all asses i would, but I’m poor..and yall got what little left cash in yall possession, so yal got me by the snoggins for now..imma shut u,,until i get my money….uuuuhhhm..,yelp,,. WHERE IS MY MONEY???? GIVE ME MY MONEY!! NAW THE HELL WITH THIS.,I’M BROKE MESSIN WITH YALL

Jaylen Campbell

They charge u fee after fee. Loaded 80 and they charged me 3 monthly fees. That’s BS. F U RUSSELL SIMMONS!

I got online and found the phone number to their corporate offices,corporation is called UniRush. Their number is 513489-7874 ext.

Even compare to TD, if have at least 100 in the account everything is free and also Bank of America just Nixed the $5 fee for debit so its even cheaper.

I’ve had an account with B of A for years and haven’t paid a dime and I’m not one of those 5000+ ppl. What the Rush card does is pray on ppl that simply don’t know how to manage money.

THAT IS SO TRU.., cause its hard for me to manage my money, especially when they got it on hold for whateva reason..

Clayton @ RushCard

This article fails to illustrate several key points and therefore is not a fair comparison. For example, the types of checking accounts describe in the article are not actually “free” checking. These accounts include NSF fees (non-sufficient funds), while RushCard accounts cannot overdraft hence are not subject to these types of fees. NSF fees can pile up and bring tremendous burden to low and middle income families. RushCard also offers significantly lower transfer fees than most banks.

Hi Clayton/RushCard, thanks for the comment. With all due respect, it is a fair comparison because you are making the assumption that someone will incur NSF fees. I’ve had bank accounts since I was 13 (well over a decade ago now) and have never incurred a single NSF charge over all these years. Simply put, if you don’t overdraw your checking account balance, then the “free” accounts are a good deal.

However on the flip side (in support of you) I do agree that if you are someone who isn’t good at managing their account balances and regularly encounters NSF fees, then you are absolutely right- a RushCard account could be a cheaper alternative. But the philosophy/approach I prefer is to crack bad money management habits and instead, just have the discipline to avoid overdrawing a checking account. If I could manage doing that as early as middle school, then I don’t see why any grown adult in this country can’t do the same if they really discipline themselves to do so. But if someone refuses to change and keeps overdrawing regularly then yes, the RushCard might beat a bank account under some circumstances.

I have to say it is a scam all over the web you can find out how they are allegedly ripping people off and taking peoples money…I have been dealing with them for almost a month now trying to get my money deposited to my card from paypal…they have no problem taking the money from the paypal verifying process but when you try to actually put your money onto the card they will not do it. They say there is a problem and to contact customer service. When you do that they want you to send your proof of identification and tell you it will take up to 2 business days for your money to be posted and yet they still don’t post it…Then they want to run you in the same circle over and over again…If you are gonna use them be ready to run endless circles and to have to contact BBB to get your money back

did you ever get your money!!!!

when i first join rushcard, they was rippin me off. the first month., my account was hit ($37)..,the second month it was hit ($35), i’m on a fixed income and i know where my money is goin? with them they couldn’t tell me nothin but its not in the systems.,i just cancelled my first card and now catchin hell with the second card.,they wont transfer my cash ($135.28) to my new card, then they ask security questions only they know the answer to, its not right they block the card. i just got my new card unblocked and it haven’t even been activated yet! what the hell? I’m just catchin the run around and i want out of RUSHCARD.COM.. i’m way to poor to be givin away free money. then they hit me every month with a $9.95 card fee, my friend isn’t hit with any fees like that, why me?

Did you get your problem resolved?

This is the absolute worst prepaid card I’ve every had… The customer service is horrible and to make it even worse I have been waiting for a week for them to release my finds… Ridiculous