Roaman’s Credit Card = Good Savings or Bad Trap?

credit trapEven though they don’t have any physical stores, Roaman’s is a popular online (and catalog) retailer for plus size clothing.

The Roaman’s credit card application says it can “save over $300 annually” but how accurate is that claim?

3 tiers: Signature, Advantage, and Premier

If you apply, you will start out with the Roaman’s Signature card (the lowest tier) and this is what it offers:

  • When the card arrives it comes with a 20% off coupon
  • A coupon 12x per year and for the cardholder’s b-day
  • At least 2x per year there are “sneak peak fashion previews” (whatever that means)

If $250+ is spent annually on the credit card then it is upgraded to the Advantage. It is the same except with a couple other features:

  • The first coupon for opening the account is 35% (instead of 20%)
  • $5.99 flat shipping offers 12x per year

And lastly, the Premier card is given for having $500+ charged annually. Same as above except:

  • The new account coupon is 40%
  • The shipping offers are for $2.99 (instead of $5.99)
  • For the 1st Friday of each month there is an email list for “Fabulous Fridays” savings

But are these coupons and discounts really worth it?

$ savings claim for cardSo their application says you can save $300 per year with the card and for the higher tiers, the claims are even higher: $400+ annually for Advantage and $500+ annually for Premier

The question is… where are they coming up with those numbers?!

fine printUnfortunately I don’t see the math laid out anywhere. If you scroll to the bottom of the application page, all the say next to the asterisk is that it’s based on “expected annual savings” for credit card accounts.

I’m not denying that much savings is possible, but without them telling us how much spending they’re using to come up with that number, it’s very vague and confusing.

I mean let’s be logical here… you can claim that amount of savings with almost any rewards card, assuming the person spent enough money, am I right?!

The Roaman’s credit card makes a poor argument for why you should get it when compared to say, the top 10 reward cards or any other for that matter.

Using the Roaman’s card vs. coupon codes?

Because they don’t provide more info about what the offers are they send out, it’s hard to judge how much they’re worth. But what I do know is that when I looked elsewhere, I saw plenty of good codes that had nothing to do with their credit card:

example promotions

And that’s just from Roaman’s own social media accounts. I haven’t even checked the coupon websites yet.

So assuming a good coupon is available (like the above) let’s see… using that or getting a credit card that will charge an excessive interest rate if you don’t pay it in full? That certainly is not a good way to save money!

24.99% interest rate

High rates + limited use + no cash back program = a thumbs down for tbe card.

This review was written or last updated July 2012

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I agree with the credit card review but I find the clothing, with one exception, to be very nice. Keep the card paid up or use cash if you like the style and quality and fit of the clothing.

I kind of agree with you that this credit card looks quite confusing. Don’t know why credit card companies make things so complicated, don’t they realize that consumers hate complicated things? Especially when you’re talking about anything that’s finance related too!