Review: Blaze MasterCard Isn’t a Credit Card You Want

Applications for the Blaze credit card are being mailed to people with histories of charge-offs and bankruptcies, but what’s in the fine print?

From our research, First Savings Bank only markets this card through targeted snail mail. In fact, when visiting their website consumers are not able to access the application without providing the “reservation number” and “access code” which is included in the mailings.

step one of application

Why are they so secretive? That’s probably because they know that if their card was compared side-by-side to other credit cards for bad credit their offer wouldn’t look too good given the terms:

Blaze MasterCard terms

Interest Rate29.9%
Annual fee$75
Authorized user fee$20 annually if applicable
Credit limit$350 minimum
With bad credit, it’s to be expected that you will probably have to pay an annual fee in order to get an entry level Visa or MasterCard. But in this scenario you are paying $75 only to get a credit limit as low as $350. That’s highway robbery.

That means just the price of the annual fee alone might be over 20% of your card’s limit. That sounds a bit excessive, no? In fact, it gets very close to the 25% limit that was imposed by the Credit CARD Act of 2009 to curb abusive subprime lender practices. Funny how that works. It’s no accident the lender knows how far they can push the envelope.

However, it’s not as bad as the First Premier cards which charge a $100 annual fee and $95 processing fee for a measly $400 credit limit. Regardless, paying $75 for a $350 limit is still a waste of money.

Don’t apply unless you get this version…

The aforementioned sounds like it’s the most common version being sent to people, at least based on the Blaze MasterCard reviews that are out on the web. However some people do end up receiving a better offer:

  • Annual Fee: $0
  • Interest Rate: 15.6%

If you received an invitation for that version, it’s a better deal for people with low credit scores than most.

But unfortunately not many people receive this offer. Their website still has the T&C’s for it online but that is probably just have it up for old accounts who were grandfathered in with those better terms.

Some even receive worse terms than the first version, as a few years ago Blaze was mailing out offers with $95 “issuance fee” and a $25 fee for the first time you increase your credit limit.

What are your other options?

Just because your credit is in the dumps, it doesn’t mean you have to pay nosebleed prices to rebuild.

Option 1: Get a partially or fully secured card
With these types of credit cards you can put up a refundable security deposit as low as $200 and pay an annual fee less than half of what the Blaze card charges. That will save you money.

Option 2: Try for entry-level unsecured
Is your credit not good enough to get “normal” cards for prime credit, but it’s not downright terrible either? Then consider these offers and see if you can get approved for something basic to begin the rebuilding process. Regardless of how bad your credit is you can turn it around without too much effort.

This review was written or last updated January 19, 2016

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If you are rebuilding your credit there is no question you have to pay your dues. These guys are great for that. But you have to PAY it off every month. If you do, they will increase your limit. All the people whining on here are just not using credit wisely. Rebuild. Rebuild and Rebuild. It takes time. I was once an idiot with credit and that’s why you get cards like this when you start out. 2 years later? I have a 10K credit limit on a US Bank card, and Blaze is 2K. Up from 250 where I started. Give it time, pay your card off. Charge groceries. That’s just the price you have to pay for being irresponsible.

My score is in the 650’s and they offered 1.000 credit line and a 50.00 annual fee at 22.65%

What were your scores when getting this card? May need one for rebuilding

TREAT THIS CARD AS A CHARGE CARD. PAY IN FULL EVERY MONTH. People are afraid to pay there entire bill because of lack of cash flow. But once you have paid the bill in full you have that amount available for use the day after you pay it. If you don’t have the cash next month to pay your phone bill, use the card.
ANOTHER COMPLAINT EVERYONE HAS IS THE ANNUAL FEE. If I were to offer you a credit rating of a credit report for a full year of on-time payments and my fee was only $100.00, 95% of all people would jump at that offer. Basically you are paying the bank to report on-time payments for 12 months for a lousy $75.00 per year. I think it’s worth it. Of course if you use a CREDIT CARD to buy shampoo and then you make monthly payments which trigger interest. Don’t get a credit card. Pay it in full every month and you will consistently get credit line increases. I can’t begin to tell you the number of people who get the card, run it to the limit and make monthly payments. HUGE MISTAKE. TREAT IT LIKE A CHARGE CARD AND PAY IT IN FULL.


Credit One should be avoided if at all possible. I don’t mind the annual fee, the relatively low credit limit, or high interest rate. I intended to use it to rebuild my credit rating and probably pay it off every month. However, the telephone customer assistance is apparently in India, and second rate by Indian standards (“I’m sorry. You must use IE instead of Google.”). Moreover, there is zero grace period. If you buy a $25 item, you are charged interest from the date of purchase. The disclaimer does say that, so I should have read it closer. So I pay $30, assuming I’ll cover the interest and a little more. But no, I get charged interest on the interest. Short message. Credit One sucks and you are better off without it.

I have this card as well…was my first credit card when i started to rebuild and clean up credit.. i started with a $300. limit didnt have to pay but $75. to get it, then I chose to add. $19. fee for auth user(yrly. fee comes out 1x/yr usually mth. u opened it or added auth. user) I was irresponsible maxed it out didnt pay in full and eventually not at all. They closed my acct. n the mth. they did i paid acct. off in full (didnt settle for lesser amt thru collections or nothing like that) n then cpl. mths. went by, got offered my blaze mstrcrd. n legacy visa both(NOT related to cred. 1 bank) n managed them perfectly…always paying in full n on time! well I wasnt able to reopen my crd.1 acct. i had paid off (checked a few times) but did received new offer in mail from crd. 1 and accepted. this would be my 2nd ever crd. 1 credit card.. it was opened with an even higher limit than 1st. one of $500. well i managed it well this time around n after almost 1 yr i was automatically increased to $650. new limit! YES THIS CARD DOES CHARGE INTEREST EVEN IF U PAY IN FULL N ON TIME EVERY MTH. YES ITS IN THE TERMS YES I KNEW N I DONT MIND CUS EVEN AT THOSE HIGH RATES ITS NOT REALLY THAT MUCH.. I THINK THE MOST I EVER GOT HIT WITH FOR 1 MTHS. INTEREST WAS LIKE 13.00 TOTAL FOR THAT BILL N0W THAT WAS WHEN ACCT. WAS STILL AT $500 LIMIT. IDK WHAT IT WILL BE NOW WITH THE $650 LIMIT BUT I CAN EVEN REMEMBER MY 1ST ONE W/ $300 LIMIT NEVER HAD MORE OF A TOTAL INTEREST CHARGE IN 1 MTH THAN ABOUT $3.00 SO ITS NOT THAT BADDDDDD. NOW DEPENDING WHEN IN MTH. U MAKE UR PURCHASES AND FOR HOW MUCH COULD AFFECT THE THE AMT. OF INTEREST CHARGED..(since its accrued and calculated daily) BUT I THINK OF IT AS A CASH ADVANCE OR SHORT TERM LOAN…STILLLL WAYYYYYY CHEAPER.. UR ONLY PAYING ANNUAL FEE 1 TIME A YR. AND COMPARED TO A LOAN OR OTHER CREDIT PRODUCT OR EXT. OF CREDIT OFFER IT CAN BE WAY CHEAPER TO HAVE THESE TYPES OF CREDIT CARDS.. ITS NOT TO SAY THEYRE ALL BAD OR ONES WORSE THAN OTHER JUST VARIES DEPENDING ON UR CREDIT, CREDIT NEEDS, WHAT U USE THEM FOR AND WHAT OTHER OFFERS OR EXT. OF CREDIT ARE AVAILABLE TO YOU…BETTER FOR SOME INDIVIDUALS THAN OTHERS. IF YOU ARE OKAY WITH PAYING A LITTLE INTEREST TO HAVE AVAILABLE CREDIT THEN THIS IS A GOOD CARD.

I just got my card today, 1500 limit, 50 a year fee, %22.15 interest. I am very happy with that…I am rebuilding my credit and its up to 670 or so…have had 2 cap one cards for over a year and a first credit account….

I didn’t even respond to this damn credit card and now I have a $95 charge on my credit report! How do I get this taken off?

I recently received the Blaze and First Savings offers and responded to and was approved for both. Not sure if I will keep both, but wondering what the credit lines will be for a roughly 620 credit score and recent positive payment record with a 40K income. Also wondering how long it will take to receive the cards…says up to 30 days.

Blaze came 4 me in less than a wk. bout 4 bus. days

I live in Indiana. I have been approved for $1500. APR 22.15% $50 annual fee. I am coming out of bankruptcy. So I think I got a good deal on this card. It’s worth the $50 annual fee to help rebuild my credit.

Maybe instead of complaining about the card, read the terms and conditions before applying. Call the customer service line and ask questions. Common sense here people. No one else is “scamming” you. Read the information and educate yourselves on something before applying for it.

I just got this card. It seems pretty good. 1,500 Credit limit. $19 annual fee. 22.9% Interest. Sounds pretty fair when your Credit is not good and no one will give you a Card. Thank you Blaze

How long does it take to receive the card once you accept it online?

They sent me a “pre Approval” and since I am trying to rebuild my credit after a very nasty divorce which sent my once stellar credit into the dumpster. I have 2 credit cards with average credit limits and decided to apply for this one to help boost my limit a bit. They declined me, I think it’s totally and completely bogus to send someone a pre approval, put a hit on their credit and then decline. Don’t send me your bogus bull crap. I then applied for and received my second Capital One card. I just can’t stand BS

I got preapproved applied online said congratulations and wait to receive card up to 30 days. I think they should post the limit you were approved for instead of the wait game

I have this card, and it is decent as far as subprime cards go. I was approved with the basic $350 limit, and $75.00 annual fee. Approval was not instant, I had to submit proof of identity. Once that was received and verified, I received my card about 2 weeks later, and paid the $75.00 immediately. The card does come with a grace period so interest is not charged unless you do not pay in full on or before the due date. As far as subprime cards go, I have most definitely seen worse. I pay my balance in full on or before the due date, so I am never charged any late or over the limit fees. I also do not get charged interest because of this practice. If you use this card responsibly it will be a very positive factor in raising your credit score, and you will see credit limit increases.

Thank you for the POSITIVE feedback!

This card is for people with a low credit rating, charge offs, ect. If you have a credit score in the 750 range, and the income to back it up, clearly you should try for the big name cards. I am on social security, and low income, so this card is the best i can hope for. Credit cards don’t just check your score. They also check your income. You cannot expect a high credit line with a low annual income. I use it for all my regular purchases, then pay them in full each month. My credit score is rising, and it is just plain easier for me to use the card to buy my regular stuff and not have to carry cash or deal with pin numbers. 75 yearly fee is actually not that uncommon nor that high. I would recommend this card to those with low income, a low credit score, ect. It get’s your foot in the door if nothing else. Also, it seems some people don’t realize that they can apply, receive the card, and if then feel it is a bad deal, simply don’t call to activate it. You don’t have to send it back, ect. it is not going to cost you a cent unless you call to activate it.

replying to myself to get this out there – I was wrong about this card. Avoid it. They lied. I was told one thing but received another. Now they refuse to cancel it and said if i don’t pay their ridiculous fee they will put on my credit report as defaulted. I’m mailing it back, after they refused over the phone to cancel it, and they can hit my report but i am not accepting a card from lying thieves. run like hell from these people!

I have had the Blaze MC for about (2) years now; had to file ch 7 due to cancer/ job loss. Started out with a cl of $750.00 Pay in full most of time Have had no issues. I use this card as my “everyday” card…and pay each payday. So good

About six months ago I applied for an Credit one card not knowing it wasn’t Capital one by accident lol with then it started with 400 limit now is @ 700. Just received a blaze offer and got discouraged with the 75 yearly fee, so instead of applying I applied for the real Capital one Quicksilver card and gotten approved for 400 with 39 year fee , hopefully this will be good for me.

Did you have to submit income info for the QuickSlver card?

I had returned my offer, voided the application, and told them, that they insulted me. I have an American Express Green Charge Card, 2 Cap one’s MC’s, Visa Credit One Bank, a First National Bank of Omaha-Visa, no fees and 19.99% Interest with $1500 limit. with only a TU score of 618. Knowing, these people are the same family of the First Premier MasterCard Clan, try to lure me in, several times. This time, I decide to answer them, and use the prepaid envelope, to tell them what I think of them. I know, they are very hard up, to find them new clients. So, i wait, till they give me an offer of, no Annual Fee, 15.6 % APR and a minimum of $1500.00 Limit, with no ifs and buts. And they will. Cause this was my fourth offer in 4 months time. Except, this time, i decided to send the form, back, voided it and told them a story line of myself. Stamp, not needed. See how they react?

Then why did you apply from a card for poor credit in the first place.

I actually applied for this card. I was given the opportunity to apply online, but it ask some security questions. It gave me a message stating that my application needed to be reviewed and allow up to 30 days. Has anyone ever received this message?

Yes, I did the same thing about a week ago and got the same message. They said you could call for updates.

I received both cards the 1st $2000 limit(Show) and the 2nd $1500(Blaze) not bad. I don’t carry a high balance
so the interest rate don’t really matter. People have so much bad stuff to say but I’m very happy with both cards. I want to say thank you to the bank not a bad deal at all.

I to received this credit card have bd credi nd charge off glad I read these posts ripped up the application


I got the BLAZE card to rebuild my credit after recovering from bankruptcy due to the housing market collapse. I got the initial credit limit of $350 and my first statement charged the $75 annual fee which I paid right away to have the full credit limit. I hope that after 5 months of timely payments I will get an automatic CL increase. Sure there are better cards out there but beggars can’t be too choosy. It will build to better credit by being responsible with the BLAZE card. In fact, I found them to be better than any other card for people with good credit about ONE feature, a “cash advance”. They only charge 2% of the amount cashed whereas most other banks want 5% or $10 whichever is higher (which it usually is). Nobody mentioned this good part about BLAZE in the comments.

The blaze company do not give automatic reviews they say. You have to ask for an increase. Then you only get 1 per yr. And if and when they approve only give 4 or 5 hundred. have been many yrs. with this garbage scam.

I am simply amazed at how stupid these people think I am. I am still in shock-they really thought they were playing me. I got up early this morning to pay bills before going to work and I couldnt login. Site maintenance for three hours. So later on I am at work and I receive a message from someone at Blaze regarding some “strange activity” on my account. I know that I was late making a payment and whatever activity it was, it was minimal with a #350 credit limit and I had used the card as well. But, nevertheless, I logged in just to see and my minimum due had doubled and it wasn’t due for another two weeks. No activity at all except last months payment. So i called and climbed up the ladder of “real important” people and she says yes mam we are calling about a charge on your account, I said okay? “a $60.00 purchase at Payless Shoes”. I replied with boy you all really stay on top of things don’t you. the entire time I am thinking to myself-wtf “paymore shoes” would have been “strange activity” oh yeah and mam you have a balance on this account. Really? You all are amazing! as if I didnn’t know I had a balance. Pretty slick wasn’t it? yes, I will be paying this one off and closing asap!

I was always under the impression that card companies did soft pulls before sending out “pre-selected” targeted offers. Today was the first time I’d heard of the blaze Mastercard, and I can’t imagine why they’d think I would want it, when I have pretty good credit (fico 730) with multiple cards from Amex, Chase, etc… Also funny that it came in the mail the same day as a Barclay rewards card offer.

I had a Chapter 7 bankruptcy last year. $22,000 was discharged. After the bankruptcy I got a Credit One credit card with a $500 credit limit and $75 annual fee. After five months of making payments on time, the credit limit was increased to $700 without asking. Now I’m going to get the Blaze credit card with the offer I received in the mail. It has a $350 credit limit and a $75 annual fee. Yes I know paying $150 in annual fees in high with the two credit cards but in the long run this is the price I am willing to pay to improve my credit. After all I had $22,000 discharged from the bankruptcy. After one year from my bankruptcy, my credit score is a 565. With the Blaze credit card I’m hoping to increase my score higher. I just purchased a new $22,000 car with an APR of 3.79% without putting any money down. I contribute getting this lower rate by having a credit card and paying it one time every month. I basically used it like a debit card. Definitely stay away from credit cards with high fees if you have good credit. But if your credit is bad it’s worth paying the fee because it may save you on other loans. If I didn’t have this credit card I’m sure my 3.79% APR on the car loan may have been much higher.

I had to file chapter 7 2 years ago to ward off the wicked witch…(my ex wife). Went from an 800 plus score to the current 654. I got the better of the 2 Blaze offers, and a Legacy Visa….I pay the balances off every month and they both report to the big 3. Not a bad deal at all to rebuild credit….1500 on each card is more than enough and have not had any issues with either card.

got the offer crossing the fingers to see how much will be the limit for cs of 600
a fall from 800 because of closing a company

I filed Chapter 7 in May and 4 months later I get Blaze’s offer and I will say it is not a bad deal if you are rebuilding your credit. 22% interest and a $50 fee got me a $1,000 credit line. Not bad when you consider some of the alternatives. You can not expect low cost credit when you have a history. Accept the good with the bad.

I’ve had this card for over 8 or 9 years now and I have had NO problems. I’ve had a couple of credit line increases (without asking)and was not charged. I was offered the increase because I generally pay more than my minimum required monthly payment. I actually love this card. It’s the one card that actually helped me restore my credit and get back on my feet.

I got this card for 1500 with only a 50 annual fee which since I rebuilding my credit I understand. I think my interest rate is 21.9 but it doesn’t matter unless your spending more then you can afford to pay back. No one forced you to get the card so don’t whine about what you signed up for!

I agree. Same with me. Love the card.


it seems the only negative comments are from people who have lousy credit and expect to get a great card anyways. sorry for you…not. clean up your mess and then get a good card. i recently got approved for a blaze with 1500 limit. i will pay the 75 dollars and put the card in my safe with the legacy card that was the exact same deal and amounts. i will continue to use my WF Bank and 2 Chase cards with 0% for my purchases. these other 2 cards are to make my credit use per centage better… like i say clean up “your” credit mess before complaining about cards that offer you deals based on YOUR track record.

1500 your credit cant be all that great either!! That’s chump change!!!

I got this card and have had no problems with it, started off with a $750 limit and decent interest rate. My credit is very low to boot, so i was surprised. I’ve had this card for a year with no problems.

They are a SCAM!. I should have read this before sending them Money. They took my deposit, cancel your card “by mistake”, and keep your money for another 90 days. Dennis Miller is the Customer Service Manger and a complete ass.

I had a couple of charge offs that should come off in a couple of months as well…If you pay off your balance every month, the 29.9% interest is irrelevant (but still higher then most most high risk cards). The forum is probably right, that you should go for Cap One first ($39 annual fee but at least you earn 1.5% cash back). I applied hoping they would give me a decent Credit Limit to help with my overall utilization. Instead they give me a measly credit line of $350. It does say on the letter that most customers get $350 CL’s but it does in clear bold letters that there are credit limits up to $1500. Kind of misleading. I would send my back too but to have a hard inquiry with no card would just lower my overall score (in the low 600’s currently). I got the pre-approval letter with for the First Savings CC as well but, I think I know what I’ll do with that letter… ChippyDo, you got very lucky with $1500 CL.

Just as an update, at around the 6th month mark I received a letter from Blaze (First Savings Bank) that I was pre-approved for a credit limit increase. I logged into my account and there was a tab where it had me input my annual income and how much I currently pay for my rent/mortgage (rent in my case). I was approved for a $250 CLI for a total of $600 CL. I’ll take it… It was just a soft inquiry on my Transunion credit profile (not a hard inquiry thank goodness)! DJT, your CS must be better then most others commenting here if you have 2 Chase cards and a Wells Fargo CC. Not sure why you would accept a card offer with an annual fee other than to decrease your credit utilization. The more well known banks usually give out higher CL’s as well…

RIP OFF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had a chain of stores 3 to be exact and after the bubble burst business was bad and lost all 3 stores and was only able to save my home by claiming bankruptcy. I got this offer I the mail and decided needed to do it to rebuild my credit and have fore emergencies. Went through the process, read al the fine print cringing over the rate and fees. I got a 1500 limit minus 75 for the annual fee. Wasn’t expecting that much but this is good. My credit score was 650 and the credit line if I keep It clean while take me to 700 in the next 3 months. Price you pay for having bad credit. It’s worth the 75$ every year till things get better.

Hi I am having the same problem and I am on disability but have not filed for bankruptcy still I pay for my mortgage and it will be clear by 2018 whats your advice if you do not mind asking. Wife started a restaurant in 2008 and have to close in 2009 because of financial collapse.

I’m on disability as well had to file bankruptcy twice. I got the card with a 500 cl. Beggs can’t be choosy. Best of luck

I have had a Blaze Mastercard for several years and the only problem I’ve ever had with them is that they do not apply my payments to my card in a timely fashion if I mail a check. If I have a payment withdrawn from my bank and set the payment up in advance the payment goes through the next day and there is no charge for doing so.
I am perfectly happy with this card.

I have NEVER been charged a yearly fee or any type of user fee.

The interest rate on my card is also comparable to every other credit card.

All my fico scores are over 700 and I was offered this low end card, why? I feel insulted.

Don’t hate…

it is good if you are desperate, cash for payday loans charge 12.00 on 100.00 for 2 weeks, so 24.00 a month.

While the Blaze and First Savings cards do have a $75.00 annual fee ouch. However I have had a couple of charge-offs 2 years ago and credit card companies are not all that happy to hear from me. I accepted the invite to see what kind of credit limit I would get. 2 weeks later I received both cards in the with a $1500.00 limit on each. Had it been some low number I would simply returned the cards. I don’t carry a balance month to month these days so the interest rate doesn’t matter to much to me. Some high risk cards charge interest without the grace period, these do not. Not such a bad deal all things considered.

29.9 interest rate is high. If they lower my rate & I will consider the credit.

Good info thanks. I also received the offer but mafia interest rates don’t appeal to me either and the $75 yearly fee is ridiculous. Will wait for a much better offer or apply for the other card above.