RaceTrac Credit Card Review: What Should You Get?

A 10% discount at RaceTrac gas stations sounds mighty tempting right about now…

card payment at gas pumpThat was the promotional offer that the RaceTrac Platinum MasterCard previously offered: 10% at RaceWay/RaceTrac locations for the first 60 days and an unlimited 3% cash back after that. Unfortunately those days are long gone.

Co-branded gas station cards have been finding themselves in the slaughterhouse lately. Here’s why…

(A) With oil prices as high as they are, many gas station credit cards can no longer afford to continue their reward programs.
(B) These co-branded cards are less profitable for the banks, because of the Credit CARD Act (reform) which has cracked down on fees that can be charged to a customer.

So it’s no surprise the RaceTrac credit card from Barclays has been discontinued. Other gas stations with co-branded MasterCards such as ConocoPhillips and Citgo have suffered the same fate.

What are some good alternatives? You can view a list of the best gas cards here.

What about the RaceTrac gas card for businesses/corporate fleets?

Even though the consumer credit card for RaceTrac has been axed, the business version of the MasterCard is still available. However it doesn’t really have a lot to offer…

  • It’s for corporate fleets. You know, businesses that have a fleet of drivers working for them.
  • To the best of my knowledge there’s no gas rebate. I read the application and fine print from top to bottom and saw no mention of any type of rewards program.
  • I saw this in the credit card agreement…

lost RaceTrack card rule

I find that quite strange and obviously unfair. Major credit cards normally don’t hold customers responsible for fraud, regardless of whether the card theft is reported before or after. In fact, if it were a personal card (instead of a corporate card) that would not be allowed.

But that rule aside, I see little reason to apply for the corporate RaceTrac gas cards given the lack of rewards. If you run a business, you might as well get something like the Chase Ink or another business credit card that offers you cash back at gas stations.

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I have just cancelled this card as I was told there was no monthly fee but a $20.00 monthly fee has been posted to my account. I was told that this fee is to enhance their current technology for future card recipients.

You missed the “Except as set forth in this Section 7” clause. And the next sentence in Section 7 after your highlighted phrase indicates when the Customer will not be liable. So, the Customer is liable until they notify Comdata.

Hi AB, did you see the screenshot above?