Quizzle Review: A Look At Credit Score Accuracy

As you know, you will find countless sites which promise free scores or free credit reports… but very few actually deliver on that promise and some are just outright scams.

What is Quizzle.com?

Quizzle is a website that was launched in 2008 and the company is owned by Dan Gilbert (who also owns Quicken Loans). They’re based in the same state I grew up, Michigan. I have talked with employees of Quizzle before and they were all very nice to me.

August 2014 Quick Overview: You need be aware that they do NOT offer you an true FICO score. Instead Quizzle offers their own score, which is really just for educational (entertainment maybe?) purposes only and is not actually used by lenders or creditors. For that reason, it’s of somewhat limited value. My recommendation would be to get this new card from Barclays that now includes an actual FICO score each month on your statement for free:

So what exactly is the Quizzle website? Well if you’re familiar with Credit Karma or Credit Sesame, it’s similar to those but there are some key differences.

When you signup at Quizzle (which really is free) you get to:

  1. Access your Experian credit report – You get full access to your Experian credit report (see below). I really like this because they don’t strip out any of the information… you get to see everything on there (unlike Credit Sesame who does not show your report). Now, it’s of course possible to get your credit report for free once a year from annualcreditreport.com, too, it’s worth pointing out.
  2. Access to your CE score – This is not to be confused with a FICO score that all types of banks and other lenders rely on to make credit decisions. Rather, this scoring formula was created by a company called CE Analytics. Outside of Quizzle I haven’t heard of it being used. It’s scale is on a 350 to 850 scale, but keep in mind the formula is different than FICO, so the CE score has to be taken with a grain of salt.

Part One: The Credit Report

Now if you were to check your Experian credit report directly from Experian.com, they would charge you $1 (for a trial enrollment in “Credit Tracker”) and if you didn’t cancel within 7 days, you would then be charged $17.95/month after the trial.

However contrast that to the Quizzle credit report. Is it really free? Yep. There are no strings attached. You don’t even have to enter a credit card number to see it.

Signing up consists of entering your basic information and answering a few questions to confirm your identity. After that, you will be taken to this screen…

Quizzle.com welcome screen

The two “special offer” boxes at the bottom are for paid products, but if click on the area I circled in blue, that will take you to your 100% free Experian credit report.

credit report optionsThis is a full-fledged credit report and you can click on any of these tabs and dive into what they contain.

How often can you get your free credit report on Quizzle? Every 6 months it can be updated for free. If you want it updated more frequently, then you will have to enroll in one of the paid plans.

Combine that with AnnualCreditReport.com’s 3 reports per year and that means you can pull a total of 5 times per year for free (3x from Experian, 1x from Equifax, and 1x from TransUnion).

Here are the credit inquiries as an example. They show you all the information, including which banks are pulling your credit and when. And yes, I’m on a credit inquiry diet right now, which is the reason why I haven’t had any in a while.

credit inquiries

Individual credit cards and loan accounts are fully visible on Quizzle, including a breakdown of payment history, credit limits, and all that good stuff.

credit card account example

As mentioned, this information is identical to that availalbe through AnnualCreditReport.com when you review your accounts. On Quizzle.com you can also access a printer-friendly version of your entire credit report, so that’s a nice touch.

The negative accounts tab is also useful to quickly check and make sure there is nothing nasty showing up. If there are any negative accounts on your report, Quizzle will organize them by category for you: (1) real estate accounts (2) credit cards/revolving accounts (3) installment loans (4) student loans (5) medical loans (6) uncategorized accounts.

As someone who recently fell victim to having their report sabotaged by a collections scam, double-checking the negative accounts tab was what I was most interested in!

Part Two: The Credit Score

Quizzle credit score breakdownRemember this number is not a FICO credit score, so keep that in mind. Even though the number scale is similar (350-850) the parts of it are weighed in a different manner.

For example, “Cash Flow” is not something you will see listed in the FICO breakdown. To see how Quizzle’s free credit score compares to the two leading models, review my FICO versus VantageScore showdown.

So is Quizzle’s score accurate? Well it’s 100% accurate for what it is – a CE Score model – but if you are asking about accuracy relative to FICO, then the answer would be no… because it’s a different formula being used.

my Quizzle scoreQuizzle reports my CE Score as being 726. My FICO score is 790, so a 64 point difference if you want to compare Quizzle vs FICO head-to-head (but like I said, you can’t do that).

On this model, 726 is within the highest bracket. But if I were to have a 726 FICO, that would put me the luke-warm category… it wouldn’t be good enough for the best credit cards, nor would it qualify for the best interest rates.

So don’t try and compare your Quizzle score with your FICO because there won’t be any accuracy in doing so. What Quizzle.com’s credit score could be useful for is showing perhaps the general category you fit in (Excellent, Good, Fair, etc).


Is Quizzle a scam? Absolutely not! You neither have to provide any payment details nor is there trial offer involved in accessing this data.

If you simply want the Cliffs Notes version of this review, I’ll reiterate my point that this is a good website to check your Experian credit report for free. However, you can also get the same information from AnnualCreditReport.com once per year.

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I put in my information. I’ve know exactly who I am for 29 years now. I answered all of their security questions to verify my identity. It locked me out of their site and said I didn’t answer them correctly. Um, hello?! Yes I did! Furthermore they now have my ssn etc and I tried emailing them (like they suggest you do when you have a problem, or want to delete your account) and they NEVER EVEN RESPONDED!! My only option is to hope and pray that they don’t steal or lend out my identity. All I wanted to do was see my freakin’ credit score for free because I was applying to a few different places for an auto loan and wanted to know how my credit was. I feel so sick and stupid now, this is such a scam. I should have known better.

-They wont even respond to people (or even on this site) after they have obtained your most sensitive information, that should tell you something people!!!! You have been warned!!!

I have an update to my previous comment from 6/3/2014. I just want to let you know that Quizzle does, in fact, actually release the specific account numbers to all your accounts — the most important last 4 digits, along with what you owe, your payments and what your actual credit line is for each account. After Quizzle gave my information to identity thieves, they did not make any sort of investigation, despite their promises to do so. They gave me the log in times and IP address used by the theives but did nothing else. So my partner I opened an account in his name just to see what it took to get the account set up and how secure the questions were since Quizzle refused to give me the info the thieves used to open the bogus access they had on me (they basically patted me on the head and told me not worry about it, claiming they saw nothing but my credit score — which is an egregious lie! Seriously? A breach?!) THEY ARE NOT SECURE AT ALL. All the info can be obtained from Zillow or online accessible county records about the year my house was built, etc. 3 clicks and anyone can find that out if they have your address, which my thieves had. There was one supposedly individual specific question regarding the type of mortgage we owned. We knew they likely would not know that and intentionally entered the precisely INCORRECT information — and yet Quizzle laid bare all of the account info of my partner, despite a wrong answer and despite the fact that there in the report was the exact info they asked for — so they had access to verify the identity of the applicant yet did not bother to use their own data (which they get from Equifax btw — I know I spoke to Equifax myself about this.) **Quizzle cannot be trusted.** It is hackable by even novice as their security practices are bogus and they have false advertising on their website. Credit Card Forum needs to re-evaluate the recommendations. I also must add that if your try to set up accounts with incorrect info on the competitor sites (credit karma or credit sesame) you will **instantly** be declined and subsequently locked out with one inaccurate answer. They use much more secure and detailed info just as you need for annualcreditreport.com. Forget the accuracy of the credit score — they will hand out your info to anyone. This why the thieves use Quizzle and not the other companies. My thieves used this info to reroute billings on my existent accounts and when they could not set up a new account in my name at Macy’s (because I have security freezes all over the place), they simply used the account number info they had from Quizzle and added themselves as authorized users, ringing up $1000 of gift cards (Macy’s was idiotic but that is a different matter.) THAT is how they got Nancie’s (above) Macy’s account number — there was no need to guess bc Quizzle gave them her account number! I have reported them to the FTC, Consumerfinance.gov , and the FBI internet crime branch as well as my state attorney general. BEWARE. Freeze your reports.

Quizzle is a good interface but the score that they provide is bogus. I got 667 from CS, Quizzle 477

lets keep it simple..creditkarma=transunion fico score &credit report..creditsesame=experian fico score only..quizzle=equifax credit report 1/6mths..ignore score..creditors don’ use it..if your buying a car ask what reports by what banks they will be doing biz w/ will be used for you to qualify..most lenders use 1..if your buying a house all 3 ..eq,exp,trans..reports and scores will be used..credit card companies use 1 report or score.. I believe thats why karma & sesame recommends certain ccards..ex:i almost maxed out my Walmart card(63%) and expirian dropped my score 5pts..karma didn’t..I payed it down to 20% in 2weeks..2week later exp raised it 45 pts..go figure..true story..and don’t fill out store cards @the register..u usally get a small limit..that bigscreen tv and bluray and soundbar costs$..and u could max out your limit b4 your 1st payment is even due..call the bank backing the card from the store and ask for 4x the price of merchandise as a limit..this way u use less than 30% of credit and don’t get your score dropped..im jus saying..good luck out there..

Just checked my credit thru credit karma and it shows a 639 credit score which is poor. Also checked score 15 minutes later through credit sesame and it shows my score at 796 which is excellent. Why is there such a large difference in scores and which one is most accurate? thanks in advance.

still in bankruptcy (April 2014) started off with a 400 Tu 411 Eq 408 Ex still waiting on my discharge used credit karma 523 quizzle 525 credit seasame and credit.com 600 waiting patiently for final results.

I thought Quizzles gives you your Equifax credit report and Credit.com give you Experian and Credit Karma is Transunion.

Michael Johnson

Credit Karma = TransUnion
Credit Sesame, Credit.com = Experian
Quizzle = Equifax!!!

This is the correct information, Quizzle website says “Powered by Equifax” it’s right on the screen for all to see clearly.

I just signed up for Quizzle and it said I have a 703 score. I would be happy with that since I filed bankrupcty 8 months ago (discharged 5 months). However, I question its accuracy. My Credit Karma score is 602…my Credit Sesame score was 657 a few months ago but not they say I dont have a credit score. So I am kinda confused about where I am at.

I don’t think any are very accurate, although after recently applying for a refinance, Credit Karma was much closer than MyFico. Bank said 634, CK was 642, and MyFico was 662. Since I am paying for MyFico, I think a 30 point difference is unacceptable

Quizzle gave me a score of 731 and Credit Karma gave me a credit score of 654. When I applied for a loan from a bank they said my score was 670. I signed up for transunion once and they said my score was 700. I don’t think any of these fools know anything. They just give you a score of whatever they want so they can charge high interest rates.

I trust it. Everyone has to realize that they cant run for free. They totally understand that everyone is going to be using this servixe for free so they have to use ads to advertise to make money. Quicken probably pays x number of dollars every month to advertise there. All of these fako score are on the range. Mine are all within 20-30 points of each other. I dont rely on them but they give me an idea of the range I want to be in. Take advantage of them all. Credit karma is transunion, credit sesame and credit.com are both experian, which btw no longer gives a fico score so the score you see is very accurate, and then quizzle which is now ewuifax and guarantees to be your accurate score. I will update that in a few weeks as I await my score. They are not here as a definite but as a resource. Almost all of them notify you when things change which is a great tool.

Quizzle has switched and now offers a FREE Equifax credit report and VantageScore 3.0 credit score every 6 months.

There was a break in at my accountants office. The thieves were able to go to Macy’s and use my ss # and fake ID to charge on my account. How did they know I had a Macy’s account? (Other than I’m a middle aged, middle class white woman). In reviewing my Equifax Report to check if they had opened any any new accounts, I saw an inquiry from Quizzle Authenication and “customer copy.” I believe the thieves used Quizzle to see what credit accounts I have, so they could start the party. I wonder if the questions to enter the site info are not as “rigorous” and the other three.. (?)

YES!!! This happened to me! The very DAY that the identity thieves used my information to open credit cards in my name, they pulled a Quizzle report on me — just to see if it was worth their time and effort. I happen to have excellent credit — Quizzle just handed it them to the FOR FREE. I only found out about AFTER Equifax had to send me a paper copy of credit report after my police report was filed with them. It was not present in the credit report I got online when I pulled it after I received alerts from my credit monitoring. VERY disturbing. FREEZE your info and do not use these services. There needs to ALWAYS be secondary secure questions — but should they even have this info EVER? WARNING TO ALL.

Quizzle quicken loan almost wants to refinance your mortgage with quizzle> I do not like it, Don’t go on there.

Quizzle seems to significantly underestimate scores. Quizzle is about 50-70 points lower than myFico, Credit Karma, Credit.com, and Credit Sesame. I’d stick with the aforementioned, and avoid Quizzle unless you like the interface and do not mind that their score provides little help.

Likely people will end up here after Googling something like “Is Quizzle Accurate”. The score itself bears little resemblance to the score a lender will see. Use it as a chance to see your Experian report, but don’t bother with the score.

Actually I experienced Quizzle to give a higher score than Credit Karma and Credit Sesame. This is what I got, Quizzle 720, CS 668, and CK 624. I really do not trust any of this information. And I certainly would not trust using Quicken Loans which I believe is affiliated with Quizzle. They are just not a reputable company, and that comes from my experience.

Quizzle’s credit report is fairly accurate but the credit score is way off, it was giving me a credit score of 570 but when I pulled from directly from experian it was actually 642.

do they give you a Cardmatch screen where they pre-approve you for cards u may qualify for ???

Interesting. But very helpful article. I use Credit Karma and i have been really happy with them.

Try my fico.

since quizzle gives you experian credit report & the CE score, is there any app or website that can give you equifax and transunion reports?

CK uses Transunion. CS Uses Equifax. Quizzle Experian.

I would like to view my credit scores…