QT/Quik Trip credit card for gas rewards?

Now that gas prices have surged back to sky high levels, everyone is looking for ways to save. Will the Quik Trip gas card truly help you do that?

There are actually 2 different QT credit cards and 1 debit card. Here are reviews for each…

Quik Trip Gas Card For Individuals

Type: This is your typical store card; the only place you can use it is at QT gas stations. It’s issued/managed by UMB Financial out of Kansas City.

Annual Fee: none

Interest Rate: 18.00% as of the time of this review.

Rewards: With the way they have this card currently setup, it’s basically worthless after the first few billing cycles. Why? Because it gives a 5 cent discount per gallon during the first 5 billing cycles (on up to 400 gallons during that time) and after that, you get absolutely nothing.

To put into perspective how pitiful this offer is, even if you maxed out the gas rewards and bought 400 gallons during that period, 5 cents off each only equals $20. And for the typical driver that uses less than that amount, the value of the intro promotion is even less!

Verdict: If you are looking a good way to save money on gas, this is not for you. The only people I would recommend the Quik Trip credit card to is those with horrible credit that can’t get anything better. If that’s the case, then it could be used for rebuilding credit but besides that I see no reason to apply for this gas card.

Quik Trip Gas Card For Businesses

Business have a couple different options. These credit cards are geared towards companies that have fleets of vehicles and need customized reporting for purchases (i.e. who made the purchase, their odometer reading, their miles per gallon, etc).

  • Fleetmaster Basic: This version can only be used at QT gas stations but the benefit is that there are no fees.
  • Fleetmaster Plus: This is for use at Quik Trip and other participating stations, which according to them, is “90% of all retail fuel locations.” Unfortunately this program will cost you a $40 setup fee, plus a monthly fee of $2 per credit card.

Although the regular Quik Trip credit card application isn’t available online, the business version is. I studied it closely and could not find any mention of a rewards program, so their cards are not for businesses seeking gas rewards. I also didn’t see any mention of the interest rate on the application, but according to the phone rep I spoke to it is also 18.00%.

Verdict: Worth considering for larger businesses that have fleets. Smaller businesses would be better off with something like the AmEx Business Gold Rewards Card.

QT Rewards Discover Debit Card

Type: As the name implies this is a Discover card, however it’s actually issued and managed by First Bank & Trust (which is part of Fishback Financial Corporation). Although it’s a debit card you don’t have to open up a new checking account for it, because it works by linking to your existing checking.

Annual Fee: None

Rewards: The promotional offer is somewhat similar to the QT credit card – 5 cent discount per gallon for the first 90 days. After that it’s only 2 cents per gallon. For debit purchases made elsewhere (wherever Discover is accepted) the card gives a 0.25% rebate.

Verdict: If you do the math on the QT gas discount it’s really pitiful. After the promotional period here’s an example:

$4.00/gallon with 2 cent discount = 0.5% cash back
$5.00/gallon with 2 cent discount = 0.4% cash back

This is pathetic when you consider that most bank credit cards give you at least 1% in rewards. The only benefit I see with the Quik Trip debit card is the 0.25% rebate on purchases elsewhere, but even that is about 1/4 the rewards you would be getting with a typical credit card. If you would like to compare alternatives, here are my reviews of gas credit cards with up to 5% in rewards.

Updated for 2013

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QT Credit Card hater

I’ve had this QT card for a little over a month. At first, I got the card, they screwed up my birth date on the card. Took 2 weeks to get it activated and they only called me when I was at work. Made a payment, then found out it didn’t go through 2 weeks later. Not by them of course, and for what? Every $100 I spend inside the store I get a gift card of some kind. Their payment site is garbage & I really hoped the app would allow me to make payments through it like a Kohls account. I literally changed my password to profanity because I was getting tired of not being able to log in. I don’t know why their password standards are so high for such a shitty site.

This is really OLD information. The QT card is now through the Bank of Omaha. They are living in a time before computers. They will not accept electronic payment, so if you schedule a payment with your bank, the bank has to cut a paper check and you have to hope it isn’t delayed by the mail. After $70 in late fees, even though I had adjusted the payment date to meet this archaic method of payment processing, I canceled the card.

All b.s. aside; gas is gas is gas. It is all inspected for octane prior to being dispensed from the refinery. Walmart gas, costco gas, QT gas; it’s all the same. The credit card is great if you don’t carry cash and if you pay balance due every cycle, it costs nothing. What you get with QT is a clean store and really good pizza and shakes. customer service is exceptional and the winshield washer fluid at the pumps doesn’t smell like urine. It is changed every day. INo, I don’t work there. There you have my opinion in a nut shell.

I filled out for a gas credit card at Q T and was denied and my credit score is around 790 I have never ever been late on any bill that I have I am talking for over 30 years so Q T you can keep your card I like HESS better so its not my loss its yours.

my score is at the same level, i have applied several times only to be denied as we’ll they are full of it, they can keep their card.

how in the heck does ur car get a hundred miles more on qt gas vs walmarts…..R U SERIOUS ????

I get 460 miles to a tank of gas with qt however I only get 330 with walmart gas. I say their gas is excellent and you get very good gas mileage. That is your reward, 100 more miles a tank than other gas stations

Apparently, the “rebate offer” is even worse. According to their own customer service, if you do not use 400 gallons in 5 months, you get NO rebate at all.

you shouldn’t be surprised that the service is being cancelled. I did a search on the net and came up empty on why their QT Rewards is being shut down. I’d imagine it’s for the best though as the article shows how their “rewards” is for the “birds”. Don’t sweat it… just get a better card. My credit is below 600 so I don’t have many options either. Build your credit back up with prepaid cards that report to the credit bureaus and soon you’ll be back in good standings.

Great article though!! 🙂

Just out of the blue, I received this e-mail notice that the “QuikTrip Rewards Program is being terminated and all cards will be deactivated July 20th.” ???? Huh????
What happened with this program????

how do you redeem rewards from QT?

QT is a dishonest company that allegedly uses substandard, low quality gasoline. They are also very expensive inside.

Sure glad you used the word allegedly because that at least shows that you are aware of the fact that you are making a statement that has no truth to it. I get better mileage out of a tank of QT gas than any other fuel available in this market.