Pottery Barn Credit Card Reviews – Best Option or Not?

sofa in modern living roomQ: While shopping today I was asked if I wanted a Pottery Barn credit card application to pay for my soon-to-be new living room. I don’t like feeling pressured, so I took the pamphlet home with me. It looks like it has good rewards! Would you recommend this card?

A: Pottery Barn is an excellent store to pick up home furnishings. While they make great stuff, unfortunately it’s rather pricey… so any sort of rewards program would definitely be nice!

In a nutshell here is the Pottery Barn credit card rewards program:

  • For every $250 spent at their stores, you get a $25 rewards certificate that can be redeemed via store, catalog, or website purchase at Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn Kids, and PBteen.
  • The reward certificates are issued with your monthly statement and expire 180 days from the date they were issued.
  • Reward certificates cannot be sold or transferred. If they are lost or stolen they will not be replaced.

So by getting $25 in rewards for every $250 spent, you are basically getting 10% back on your purchases. This is definitely one of the better rewards programs I’ve seen for a store credit card! There’s no annual fee, which is also a major plus.

Are there any drawbacks?

Unfortunately this card is not associated with any major payment network (like Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, or Discover) and that means it can only be used for purchases at Pottery Barn stores. The APR on the Pottery Barn card is high – 22.80% – at the time of this review. Therefore this would definitely be a bad card to ever carry a balance on.


There are no negative credit card reviews on our forum for this card, nor have I seen any negative reviews elsewhere for it. If you find yourself spending a lot on queen duvet covers, euro shams, or any of the thousands of other home furnishings they sell, then it may not be a bad idea to apply for a Pottery Barn credit card. However if you ever carry a balance, then it may be best to avoid this card.

Other great ways to get rewards?

While you’re at it, you should also take a look at your main credit card… how much in rewards does it give you? Check out our list of the best cash back credit cards so you can save the most amount of money everywhere you shop, because hopefully Pottery Barn isn’t the only place you spend your money :p

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BEWARE!! I was given a credit card reward and made a purchase online or over the phone. I was promised I would see my $125 reward reflected on my statement since it didn’t show up on my order. That is ALWAYS the case with Pottery Barn. Why can’t they just apply the discount immediately like every other store? Guess what. It didn’t show up and I was charged the full amount. Now I wonder how many other times this happened and I didn’t notice since my husband pays the bill and I often purchase multiple items and it can be confusing. So I called and I didn’t feel that this is an uncommon problem (as stated in reviews above). She said something about my item not shipping right away so that my credit balance was not applied right away and then forgotten about or lost. I asked if it would have been applied later and apparently wouldn’t have been if I hadn’t called. Why is it always in their favor and no extra compensation is offered? I asked to talk to a manager and she didn’t want to let me. Said the calls are recorded. Then I pressured her to get one. I waited and waited again. Then finally she came back on and said the wait was too long and someone would call me back in 24 HOURS. WHAT????? They don’t even have a customer relations person to talk to me when the took my $125.00.

Here’s something to watch for if you try to use their reward certificate, and the time lapse involved:

Month 0 – wife notified that she would soon be getting an award certificate
Month 1 – $50 certificate arrives, valid for about the next four months
Month 2 – purchased 2 items ($60, $100, shipping and taxes $18) totaling $178 NOT including the $50 reward credit, which would appear on the billing statement (that is actually stated on the printed receipt, along with the amount of the award).
Month 2.5 – items shipped separately over period of about ten days.
Month 3 – statement arrives. Multiple purchases shown (she had made other purchases in the same billing period), none for any of the above amounts, but included purchases for $110 and $68, on dates that were the approximate shipping dates of the items (total for two items, $178). Each item had been reflected separately on the statement, and included prorated amounts for taxes and shipping. No $50 credit reflected on the statement, or deducted from the purchases.
Found all the paperwork and called customer service. Very nice female said it was a common problem because awards used on anything shipped must be processed by hand. It would require 4 to 6 weeks to ‘settle the billing dispute’.
Month 3. 9 – paid the entire amount to avoid potential interest charges.
Month 4.0 – (future from now) Reward Certificate expires
Month 4.5 – (future) ‘billing dispute’ resolved

Here are some questions for you: would you be able to determine that you did not get the $50 credit? Would you even REMEMBER to look for the credit? Would you still have all the documentation? How could a company give you a printed receipt that you would receive the credit, then not have a reliable process to do so? How many have failed to get their credit and never realized it? Is it disconcerting that any mistake in this process goes in favor of the business – NEVER the customer?
My expectation is that the credit will be denied because the certificate will expire before they ‘resolve the billing dispute’.

If you use an award certificate, only use it for items in the store that you walk out with, and get the discount immediately. Otherwise, don’t expect the discount. I am considering giving all this to a class-action attorney. It is clearly orchestrated to deny customers their discounts. Every other store gives the discount at the time of purchase.









This company should honestly be shut down. And is a very bad reflection upon Pottery Barn.
After a total miss billing on their part, they refused to repay us the money. We had not 1, but 3 separate heated conversations with their extremely rude supervisors. And it wasn’t until a Pottery Barn manager had to be brought into the discussion did they finally agree to refund us the money. We spent over $10,000 during that span, and PB possibly lost a customer, because this horrible company wouldn’t reimburse us a mere $250. Just a terrible company, with horrible, under educated, and rude people at its helm.
As I stated before, DO NOT GET THIS CARD!

DO NOT GET THIS CARD. I went to pay my bill ($3000). I thought it was paid off in full. Then they turned around and charged me a transaction fee and a late fee. I asked them what happened, and they said I typed in my bank account number wrong by one number. Over the phone I paid the fee but they said they removed they late charge. Of course when I checked my account they hadn’t removed the fee. I don’t think Comenity Bank customer service is forthright and honest with you over the phone. The reward you get for the card is not worth the risk of your credit score and extra fees. Once again, do not get this card.

SCAM! I was overcharged $156 dollars for a deferred interest balance that I paid off in full by the required due date! The customer service reps are terrible and read from a script the same thing over and over. I wrote letters and talked to supervisors, etc. trying to get this thing resolved. $156 isn’t a large amount of money, but it is the principal of the matter that is important! It is a charge that I never incurred! I would never recommend this credit card to anyone and whenever I go to a pottery barn store, I will warn potential customers of the scam I encountered, and the hours of my time that I spent in good faith trying to get it resolved! That’s how they make their money! BUYER BEWARE! Use Discover…they are the best in my opinion!

Be very careful with this card! As many people do, I got this card like 3 years ago because of the rewards offered (we were getting a set of dinning chairs). We made a full payment for that purchase after receiving the statement. I don’t think I used the card more than 2 or 3 times afterwards since I prefer not to carry balances. Today I got a letter from Comenity Bank stating that the APR for my account is increasing to 26.99% “due to changes in market conditions” (almost 7 points!!.. market conditions???). I called the 800# and expressed my concern about the exagerated increase on the APR, the agent only said “we really don’t know why they’re doing this, do you want to cancel?”… CASE CLOSED: they don’t cancel your account but they increase the APR in a manner that you are the one that is going to ask for the cancellation. Of course, I did it. I’m also done with PB.

I’ve only had good experiences with this card. The only minor annoyance, which someone mentioned above, is that if you make a very large purchase, you will get a large rewards certificate and you have to spend it all at once. I knew this, so when we re-did our living room, we staggered the purchases. We bought half in one billing cycle, and the other half in another. This way we were mailed two separate rewards certificates for about $200 each, instead of one $400 certificate.

Beware! You’re not able to get the 10% off or 12 month free interest offer when using PB rewards certificates on your purchases and this is not explained on the rewards certificate itself (found in your credit card statement). This could be catastrophic on large purchases. For example, I used a measly $25 PB rewards certificate when placing an order at Pottery Barn online for over $5,000 in office furniture. That stupid $25 rewards certificate is going to cost me $1,200 in interest because I wanted 12 month interest free but am not elligable. They should state this clearly and conspicuously. Rewards are a scam!

Beware – these so called rewards certificates are not processed for up to 6-8 weeks, which they don’t tell you up front. Also, the customer service reps are not very helpful. If you are signing up for the cards for the rewards, realize that you won’t be able to use them for up to 2 months. Had I known this, I would not have gotten the card

I was skeptical about getting this card at first (I was planning to pay for a new bedroom set in cash) but the lure of nearly $200 back to spend (hello new sheets) seemed to good to pass up.

I was approved, got my certificates about 2 weeks later (long before the bed even arrived!) and paid it off over 2 months. In the last year or so I’ve had it I’ve made a few purchases every couple of months with no problem – rewards certificates always come when they are due ..no probs using then or anything.

I did read though the other negative comments before posting this – I saw a lot about not being approved due to credit report issues – what people don’t seem to realize is this is the bank (Comenty?) that handles the card’s approval or otherwise decision, not Pottery Barn’s – no bank would give you another card with lots of recent inquiries/within months of a mortgage refinance – even with an excellent credit score. I’ve had problems with cards for other stores (looking at you target!) but I know this is the issuing banks issues not Target as store. I can’t believe any adult doesn’t know this?

Amy Wilson-Stronks

I strongly urge everyone NOT to get this card. Like others have shared, I applied for the card because I was making a $7500 plus dollar purchase on living room furniture. I don’t carry credit balances, and don’t like to have more than one credit card open. However, I was lured by the rewards points, which are a good deal.

Fast forward to bill payment– I set up my account to pay off the entire purchase amount early (due 8/8/, paid 8/1). After setting this up I received an email thanking me for my payment. So I thought everything was fine.

on 8/14 I received a voice mail that there was a problem. Basically, the payment didn’t go through. I was out of country, but was able to correct it and set up payment correctly on 8/14. The $7500 was removed from my bank account on 8/16. Today, 8/26, I tried to apply my rewards certificate toward a purchase and use my pottery barn credit card for the $150 remaining balance, but my card wouldn’t go through! The store called and found that I had a zero credit limit. (It had been a limit of $9,000.) Anyway, several hours later after trying to contact Comenity Bank 4 times (because my call kept getting dropped before I was able to talk to someone), my panic rising (what if my account was hacked?? Identity stolen???), I called my store contact who suggested I simply say “help” as soon as the phone was answered. This worked, and I finally talk to someone- I am told that they put a hold on my credit because the payment is still pending ???? I am at this point furious, because it was supposed to have been paid on the 1st of August and it is now the 26th of August. (To give credit where credit is due, I was not charged a late fee or interest due to the problem with the payment that was set up to take place on 8/1.)

Bottom line, I spent hours today trying to make sure that my bill was paid in full, but was told that because it was such a large amount, they had to confirm payment with my bank and therefore, the card was placed on hold. When I shared that per my online bank statement, the $7500 was credited to Comenity on 8/16, I was told that I had to wait 10 days for the check to clear??? Even though I technically had credit available! I spoke with 4 different people at Comenity Bank, asking each time to speak with his/her supervisor. Everyone said that there was nothing they could do, but if I were to get a statement from my bank, they could reinstate the credit. Since this was set up on 8/14, credited from my bank to them on 8/16, and since my credit card statement indicated a zero balance, and I had a tracking number for the payment, I didn’t think it was appropriate for me to have to chase my bank down for affirmation that it was paid.

I suggested to them that they may want to reconsider their policies because even if they had to hold the check (due to federal regulations or whatever), there is no reason my credit could not be extended (I technically should have still had credit available.) If I had paid a lesser amount they wouldn’t have had to hold the check, and my credit wouldn’t have been halted. The most senior person with whom I spoke actually suggested that in the future I simply make more smaller payments! So I guess they expect me to spend my time going online paying %400 here, $500 there until I pay off my credit? That certainly doesn’t make me want to shop at Pottery Barn or use this card!!!

Basically, Pottery Barn has made a huge mistake engaging this bank as their financial credit institution. The institution is incompetent, inept, and appears to want to make every effort to make sure that your service experience is completely frustrating and useless. I will be cancelling this card asap.



I purchased a couch with the pottery barn credit card — deferred interest for 12 months. I made payments every month — timed so that the couch would be paid off prior to the 12 months — to avoid the interest charges. I purchased some new items during the same month as my final payment for the couch and $390 of my $430 payment was applied to the new purchases, NOT my deferred balance. I made my purchases on line — at no point during the purchase was it disclosed that any payment made after the purchase would be applied to the most recent purchase and not the deferred balance!!! I called the credit card company (Comenity — POttery Barn) — they said they could do nothing to assist me. This is the way the card is set up. She stated that if I had made the purchase in the store vs on line — I could have had my new purchases deferred. This is a very deceitful and misleading credit card company and pottery barn tactic and account. I’m closing my pottery barn account immediately!!

The exact same situation happened to me. I purchased a bed for $1,799 with “interest fee” finance and when addition purchases were made, they would apply the payment to the current charge and the deferred payment and then tack on interest for carrying a balance on the current charges. Completely deceitful. The customer service representative are arrogant and rude when you call. Done with Pottery Barn!

My gripe with the Pottery Barn credit card is in redeeming the rewards. We signed up for a PB card when we bought a sofa and some other furniture, to take advantage of the 10% rewards. So now we have a $325 rewards certificate. Went in to the store and we were going to buy a $200 lamp and a couple other small things, and buy it with the rewards. But, we were told that if we didn’t spend over $325, we’d loose the rest of it, in this case over $100. The sales person was all “Oh, just buy some more stuff!”, and I was like “Huh, buy stuff I don’t want/need right now? Just to use up the stupid rewards? No thanks.”

Gonna spend that rewards money, and cancel the card.

Do not get this card. My interest rate jumped up for no apparent reason. Also, if you are ever late (even <30 days), they will harass you and ring your phone literally 10 times a day. Not worth the harassment and honestly, lots of their stuff is made in China and isn't really worth what they charge in many cases.

I would not recommend the Pottery Barn card. I purchased $6,322 of furniture from pottery barn online using this card. On the same day, I processed a payment in the same amount to Pottery barn credit card as I don’t like to carry a balance. A week later, I called to check on delivery because I hadn’t heard anything. I found out that PB credit had declined my purchase, but kept my payment, making a credit balance in $6322. PB then held my order. Neither had tried to contact me. I then cancelled my order and requested a refund. The customer service person told me that because the amount is over $5000, it would take 5-7 days instead of 2-3.

Two days ago, Pottery Barn Customer Service called and tried to rectify the situation. They offered to cover the shipping cost if I would redo the order. So, I went through the entire order again. Today, Pottery Barn called again and said that PB credit had declined the purchase again, even though it is now less than my credit balance. PB credit card customer service said that because my amount is over $3000 (different than $5000 said before), they aren’t going to process my refund until after 10 working days, which excludes the holidays. The next customer service person said that they are holding it because of FDIC rules and the amount is over $2000. Yes, the amount keeps changing. I then asked why don’t they approve the new current purchase and cancel the refund. They stated that my credit limit is $5000, even if I have a credit balance of $6322. That’s right, I cannot spend my credit amount, and they will not increase the “credit” balance even though I will not actually be borrowing for any of the purchase.

So, I can’t fix the purchase with Pottery Barn because PB credit card will not let me use my money nor refund it for weeks. It makes absolutely no sense as they can’t approve this purchase now for less than the $6322 that they currently have of my money. So while Pottery Barn store is trying to fix this, and Pottery Barn credit could fix this, they are closing their eyes to the whole issue and trying to hold on to my money for as long as possible.

Applied for this credit card and received a letter saying my credit received a 986 out of 999 in their scoring system, but they were rejecting me for too many recent credit inquiries. The only credit inquiries I’ve had in the past three years were when I applied for a mortgage the previous month and applied several places to compare rates. Apparently Pottery Barn doesn’t want the business of people who just bought a home and are trying to furnish it. And there is no phone number to call after they reject you. You only have the option of writing them. So not worth my time.

They wrote me an identical letter (same score and reason for denial!). Guess I’ll just have less time to pay off my purchase with my other Visa at 0% until January; was hoping to get the 0% for a year since I spent over $750 with PBK but now I’m totally over getting the card after reading these reviews! All the inquiries I had were also due to refinancing and signing up with Life Insurance, but those are terrible, irresponsible things, of course.

My wife, who has been a long term customer of Pottery Barn, accepted a PB credit card. Her online payment was acknowledged but subsequently rejected. She received no notification and none of the online statements she had requested. On discovering the error, she spent hours trying to sort it out both with PB and the World Financial Network Bank. She insisted on closing the account (which took some time) and paid off the outstanding balance by check. She then received further finance charges that WFNB insisted were valid even though the account was settled and closed.

Beware the World Financial Network Bank.

I would not recommend this pottery barn card. After paying the balance on time for over a year, the company suddenly without warning cancelled my card. I called customer service who was no help and said I would be getting a letter in the mail explaining why in 10 days. In my opinion, bad business practices.

I would not recommend the Pottery Barn credit card. In fact, I would strongly recommend against it. I was sucked in by the rewards program. Here is my experience: I made several purchases, the last involving 3 items. Subsequently, I returned 2 of the items but the credit never materialized on my account. When I called World Financial Network National Bank, I was told that credits often take “some time.” I paid my account balance (minus the amount of the credit on my receipt), only to get another bill assessing me a finance charge for not paying the balance in full. After reviewing my account online, I see that the credit never did post. I spent HOURS trying to reach a person at the credit card company, who was not at all helpful. I cancelled my account despite having a coupon for 50% off that then become invalid. I also figured it was just easier to pay the $40 balance rather than try to figure out what happened to the credit.
I ended up calling the store with my receipt in hand. Unfortunately, the Naperville, IL store could not access records older than 30 days. I ultimately called the corporate office, who contacted the regional office, etc. It turned out that my purchase was credited to someone else’s card (someone manually entered the # and transposed the last 2 digits). The store then ended up crediting my account.
Given the sheer effort, number of hours, etc. spent on trying to have my credit correctly applied, I may never step foot in a Pottery Barn again, and I definitely will NEVER apply for a credit card like this. The issuing bank was virtually impossible to contact, the customer service reps are unhelpful/surly, and no one was at all sympathetic to my plight. Despite pushing its customers to pay their bill online, pay a fee of $10 to process a withdrawal from a checking account, no statements if the account is paid in full and there are no new purchases that month, unwillingness to let a customer submit a payment at the PB stores, the bank asks that concerns such as mine be mailed!

My husband and I applied for a Pottery Barn credit card through their credit card company: World FInancial Network National Bank. We have pretty good credit. Our debt-to-income ratio is incredibly low. We recently moved and have to furnish our new place. The PB rewards certificates sounded like a great incentive. At any rate, we were refused for having no other outstanding credit than credit cards (isn’t it good that we don’t owe lots of money to lots of different folks) even though our credit reports clearly show that we have paid off various stu loans, car loans, etc. You know, like you’re supposed to do?? Also, we apparently have fraud indicators…not that the company could shed any light on what these are. Could it be that we move every 6 months to two years for work (pain in the butt, but the job is great!). Also, apparently we had too many credit checks in the past 6 months. Of course, they were all for utility companies and our apartment complex. Seriously??? So, you can only get a PB credit card if you have an outstanding mortgage, car payments (outstanding), student loans (outstanding), have never changed addresses, and are not moving into a new place. I called to get some perspective, and they were totally unhelpful. All thumbs down.