2013 Petland Credit Card Has High 29.99% APR & Few Benefits

Don’t be confused, their card offers very few benefits above and beyond what you already get with the Club Pet Membership.

When I clicked on the credit card application on the Petland website, I was taken to a separate site to apply. But it tells you almost nothing about the benefits of having the card. This is also it says:


Here’s where it gets confusing. I’m always up for rewards, but such vague language like that doesn’t tell us what we’re getting, right? So I called up a local store and spoke to a manager to find out what’s up with the credit card. Here’s a review of what I discovered…

1. The discounts are from Club Pet, not the card

If you’re not already familiar with it, the Club Pet Membership is a loyalty program that entitles you to perks and discounts when shopping at their stores. It’s completely separate from the Petland credit card!

As it turns out, the discounts on their branded products is actually coming from the Club Pet Membership, not the credit card.

This means the discount benefits like these…

  • Buy 10 bags of dog foot, get 1 free
  • Buy 4 snacks/treats, get 1 free
  • 10% off leashes and collars
  • Cheaper puppy registration

You will get those WITHOUT their credit card. Those discounts are from your Club Pet Membership.

2. The main purpose of this card is financing

The manager I spoke with said more than once that the credit card is mainly for financing. Aside from the occasional coupons, it doesn’t sound like you’re getting any additional benefits.

And if you’re going to use it for financing, what I say is to be careful because the terms and conditions are not exactly favorable:

APR on Petland card

There is a 6 month deferred interest plan with the account, but I reiterate that uses deferred interest. If the money isn’t paid back before the 6 months is up, then the interest will be tacked on afterward retroactively. In order to pay no interest with this, make sure you pay off every dollar before the 6 months is up.

Anyone with a half-way decent credit score should be able to qualify for better financing than this elsewhere.

3. You may come out ahead with a regular rewards card

As shown at the top of this review, there appears to be only one rewarding benefit of the credit card and that is the 20% discount coupon given for every 5 qualifying purchases of $50 or more that are made within a 12 month period.

The manager I spoke with hadn’t heard of this before, so I can’t conclusively say it still exists. But assuming it does, this is not that great of a deal and here’s the math to prove it.


  1. You make 5 purchases of $50 ($250 total) to get the 20% coupon.
  2. Assuming you make another purchase of the same size and get 20% off of it, that equals a $10 savings.
  3. The end result? You spend $300 total to get a $10 discount. That’s 3.33%.

Now of course that in and of itself is fairly good, but remember the trick is that your 5 purchases have to be within a 12 month time span.

So if you only made 4 “qualifying” purchases during that time, you wouldn’t get the coupon. Or if you made 9, that would only get you 1 discount coupon (since the leftover 4 purchases aren’t enough to earn you another coupon). It’s unclear whether there is trailing 12 month window or the 12 months resets annually and you lose the leftover purchases. My guess is it’s the latter, but check with customer service.


High interest rates and a confusing coupon-earning program don’t exactly make this a compelling value. Personally I would skip the credit card from Petland and just stick with their club membership. If instead you just stick with a Visa or MasterCard that has a good rewards program, I’ll sure you will do just fine!

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