Peebles Credit Card Is Pathetic & Here’s Why

While talking credit cards over the weekend with an old friend of mine from Michigan, she mentioned that she was going to apply for a Peebles credit card (if you’re not familiar with them, they’re a department store).

Unless you have subpar credit that won’t qualify you for a normal credit card, I see little reason to get a card like this…

Problem #1: You need to earn 750 points for the extra benefits

There’s the Peebles VIP Gold card, Silver card, and Bronze card. However, you don’t start off at any of these levels.

fine print on Peebles card application

So it’s not until after you’ve earned 750 points with their credit card that you start getting the perks.

  • VIP Bronze card – To get this you must have earned 750 or more points within a single year
  • VIP Silver card – Have to earn 1,000 or more points annually to get this
  • VIP Gold card – Requirement of 1,500 points or higher

Since there’s only 1 point earned per dollar and you only start off with 250 points, that means after you apply for the credit card you will typically need to spend $500+ annually to get the other benefits.

Problem #2: The rewards and benefits suck

So what do you get for these points? Not much.

There will be chances to earn double or triple points during some “special events.” But whether you accumulate a little or a lot of points, the benefits are pretty boring and seem to fall under these two main categories:

(a) Peebles coupons and sales
(b) Discounted or free gift wrapping

With most credit cards, points are converted into cash back or reward certificates. For example at department stores the Blue Cash Preferred earns you 3% rewards.

However that’s not the case with the Peebles credit card. Instead, the number of points just dictates what tier the account is at. There’s no cash back or gift certificate coming your way for all that spending.

Problem #3: The card is of little use

Forget using this thing to finance a purchase. Why? Because the interest rates are way up there at 24.99%.

And because it can only be used for purchases at a Peebles department stores (and affiliated stores) it’s a card that will be taking up real estate in your wallet, while serving little purpose.

And don’t even get me going on the issuing bank’s customer service and how applying for unneeded cards can affect your credit score…

Written or last updated for 2012

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I do love my card … I’m do go there much so I don’t receive alot of benefits like others but still enjoy shopping there…they did havr a fee of two magazines that I never purchased or recevied … They removed them as soon as I call thou. .. I am having confusion on the rewards part … It says I have 176 rewards but I don’t understand how to use them ?!?!

Joyce Linabury

Can I order flowers using my pebbles credit card?

peggy pocatko

I like my card and the good deals that come with it. However making payments is difficult, 1- paying online is not an option because it doesn’t work .even after help from your rep. 2 – there is a $15 fee for for a phone payment. 3- even five days
Isn’t enough time to mail payment. Late fee after late fee.

Disappointed card user

I was approve for a card over two weeks ago online and I still have yet to receive my card in the mail.How long does it take to get the card?I can’t order or buy anything because I don’t have my number.So far this has be a disappointment.Hope I get it soon.

LOVE THIS CARD!!!!!! I had poor credit thanks to going through college and student loans. I recieved this card and started making small purchases here and there for things that I would have bought without the card. That way I could keep the payments low and not ruin my credit further. Each month I pay a low payment of 20.00! Without even asking for a credit increase….my card has increased twice now!!! My credit score is raised twice as well, each time my card raised! It’s a convienent way for me to catch the sales at peebles (which are really great!) and then pay for them later. All the while….my credit score is going up!!!!!!! Thank you peebles for all the help. Everytime I have a question..its promptly answered and corrected. No problems here! And the employees are all very nice and helpul!!!!

I have had nothing but trouble with this credit card. Peebles didn’t submit the check numbers on bottom of the check and charged me a $25 charge for non payment. They requested a letter from my bank stating that it was their fault and they did a one time courtesy of taking the charge off. Big deal – it was their fault. Never an appolagy. Now I find out that without using the card I owe over $11 – for what I do not know.

I just received my new credit card today. When I noticed that annual interest rate was 24.99, I immediately canceled my credit card. I have a very hihg credit score and I don’t always pay my credit card since I travel. If the card is 11% or less I just pay the interest and that the end of it. But 24.99%, no way.