How your credit cards can save you time

The right credit card can save you money, whether it’s on interest (thanks to a 0 percent balance-transfer period) or on travel (thanks to rewards).

But some credit cards can help you save an even more valuable resource – your time. The following benefits will help busy people get more time back in their days.
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Gas-shortage price hikes: Put cash back in your pocket with these cards

While the Gulf Coast reels from Hurricane Harvey’s devastation, people throughout Texas are dealing with a more everyday challenge — gas shortages and price hikes. Fueled by supply issues and consumer panic, the shortages are leading to shut-down pumps and higher prices per gallon.

Experts are advising drivers to conserve gas and not fill up their tanks in a panic. But if you must fill up ASAP and weren’t expecting the price-bump in your budget, these cards will take some of the pain out of paying extra. If you have any of them in your wallet, now is the time to use them.

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New Bank of America Premium Rewards card – what we know

Updated Sept. 1, 2017: Ever since Chase launched its Sapphire Reserve product last year, various issuers have launched products (or tweaked existing products) to compete on the travel-rewards field. In most cases, that’s meant releasing high-annual fee luxury cards to compete head-to-head.

But Bank of America is doing something a little different with its Premium Rewards card (due out in September).
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How to donate your rewards to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts

If you’re feeling helpless watching Houston and other Texas coastal cities contend with Hurricane Harvey’s destruction — and can’t donate money — you can lend a hand with your credit card rewards. Plenty of issuers let you route points toward charitable donations toward organizations that are active on the ground. Here’s a round-up:
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New Chase rules: Sapphire Preferred or Reserve — pick one

You might hit a brick wall if you apply for one of the Chase Sapphire cards

Chase Ultimate Rewards points are valuable, as far as rewards currency goes. And Chase has just put in place some new rules that may make it harder for some rewards chasers to quickly stockpile them. Going forward, you’ll be limited to holding only one of the Sapphire cards at a time. You’ll also be unable to get a new Sapphire card if you’ve already received a sign-up bonus for a Sapphire card in the past 24 months.

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