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rack at clothing storeAt one time or another, you’ve probably been asked if you want to apply for an Old Navy credit card at the point of sale by the store cashier with the standard offer of “would you like to save 15% on your purchases today?”. Just about every clothing and department store has their own credit card, so is this one worth getting?

There are TWO different cards from Old Navy, both issued by Synchrony Bank.:

• Old Navy store credit card – This is your typical private label store credit card. It can only be used at Old Navy locations and their affiliated stores (which are Gap, Banana Republic and Athleta – all of these are owned by the same parent company as Old Navy)
• Old Navy Visa card – This is a traditional credit card that can be used at Old Navy and affiliated stores, plus anywhere Visa is accepted.

Unfortunately you can’t actually choose which card you receive… the outcome will be based on your credit score (applicants with not-so-good credit scores will likely get the store-only version).
How does the Old Navy rewards program work? Here’s how you earn rewards:

  • 5 points per dollar spent at Old Navy, Banana Republic, Gap and Athleta
  • 1 point per dollar spent elsewhere (Old Navy Visa card only)

Here’s how the rewards are redeemed…

  • $5 rewards card given for every 500 points the account earns, meaning your points are worth 1 cent each. Your rewards will be deposited every billing cycle. If you have an “uneven” number of rewards (525, for example), you’ll get 5 reward dollars and 25 points will carry forward.
  • Points expire 24 months after your last purchase.

Are there any other benefits?

There are a few benefits that come with the card, but they are pretty typical for a store-affiliated card:

  • Discount on first purchase with the card: As of Dec. 2016, that’s 15 percent.
  • Special offers for bonus points available only to cardholers
  • Access to presales.
  • Ability to earn Navyist status: If you earn 5,000 reward points on your account in a calendar year and make at least the minimum payment due after reaching that mark, your account will be upgraded to what’s called “Navyist” status. Navyist status gets you a 20 percent bonus on points earned each quarter; free shipping for online orders from Old Navy and affiliated stores (must use code NAVYIST); and free basic alterations to Banana Republic purchases.

What is the interest rate?

Unfortunately, the Old Navy card has a high annual percentage rate (APR). At the time of this review, it’s 2524 percent, variable. So, if you should ever find yourself carrying a balance (even if just for a month) then these credit cards should definitely be avoided as the interest charges would begin to eclipse the value of the rewards you got at Old Navy in the first place.

How is the customer service?

Synchrony Bank issues many store credit cards, and, based on comments on our reviews and posts in our forum, it is not known for great customer service.

Should you apply for it or not?

As with all store cards, you need to ask yourself how much do you spend at this store per year? Old Navy’s clothes are low priced to begin with, so just to earn $50 in rewards (5,000 points) once per year, you would need to be spending $1,000 there. If you do spend thousands per year there then the Old Navy credit card might make sense. If not, their credit card may not be worth the hassle. So, bottom line, the Old Navy card along with any other store credit card is a fairly bad deal when you look at the other options available to most people with decent credit in the marketplace. If you like Old Navy that probably means you’re a shopper – so why not shop around for a better deal?

If you have good enough credit, there are plenty of cards that give you 1.5 percent cash back on ALL your purchases, and rewards can be redeemed for statement credits — not just for future Old Navy purchases:

Why we gave it 2.5 out of 5 stars

Our rating for this card was based on our standards for store credit cards. For the purposes of this review, we rated the Visa version.

Empty starIn-store financing: The Old Navy Visa doesn’t advertise any in-store financing.
Full starOffers ongoing rewards/discounts: This card offers an ongoing rewards program with 5X rewards at Old Navy and affiliated stores.
Empty starFair interest terms: This card does not meet our standards, as its go-to APR is above the average store card APR (according to CreditCards.com's latest retail card survey).
half starConsumer-friendly incentives: This card offers access to presales for all card-holders, but most of its benefits (free shipping, free alterations) are available only for cardholders who achieve Navyist status. So we rewarded half a star.
Full starCan be used anywhere: The Visa version of this card (if you qualify) can be used anywhere Visa is accepted and earns rewards on those purchases.

This review was written or last updated Dec. 6, 2016.

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A lot of this is not true anymore and this seriously needs to be updated!

Ive been working at old navy for a year now and have my own old navy card so I’ve definitely done my fair share of calling customer service regarding the card; both my own and customer’s cards. Here’s some updates for your review:

-All customer service reps I’ve spoken to have an American accent and are very easy to understand (no more outsourcing?), there’s no wait times to talk to someone, and they’re incredibly helpful! I’ll call for customers while they are at the register and get the situation figured out in less than two minutes.

-There is no longer an annual fee. This card has no fees at all and only has interest if you miss a payment.

-10% off tuesdays is no longer a thing and hasn’t been for at least a couple years.

-Earn 5% cash back in all gap inc stores and 1-3% cash back at all other places (visa only).

-When redeeming rewards or shopping during a cardholder only sale you have to use the card.

Hi Erin, I think you should keep your card since you are making your scheduled payments on time. However, you should know that there are annual interest rates attached to whatever old navy card you are using.

Okay, so I am still young and not so sure how credit cards work, but i signed up for an Old Navy credit card. Should i cancel it after paying back the $50.00 that i used on my first purchase, or should I just keep it because I do not go to that store often so I would not be using it as much? Please I need help after making that decision.

Hi, Erin!

Please consider posting your question to our forums. You can register and post here: http://creditcardforum.com/forum/

Our forums are way more active than our blog comments, and you’ll probably get more advice there.

For the record, though, leaving cards open contributes to your length of credit history, which, over time can boost your credit scores. So leaving the card open and unused is probably harmless and maybe even helpful. However, we’d also suggest looking into cards for people with no credit that you WILL want to use, to further build a positive payment history.

Thanks for stopping by.

What credit score does Old Navy Use for approval? Trans Union, Equifax, or Experian?

They pull TransUnion.Approvals generally from the 625 ish range on up

I’ve had my ON Visa for a little over a year. I use it occasionally for groceries and pay in full. Twice I accidently got a late fee but after contacting customer service, got it removed. I can’t say I’m completely in love with the card but it has earned me some free clothes.

Horrible non English speaking customer service straight clowns!!!

Having worked at old navy for over a year (I’m a manager) I’m on the phone with customer service ALL the time. At least once a day I’ll call customer service for a customer for some problem or another (they didn’t realize it expired, it’s been awhile since it was used and was closed)… and all issues have been resolved in like 2 minutes, without the line building up, and all reps I’ve spoken with are American and very easy to understand. They’re trying to make the changes you’ve brought up.

Hey guys,

If you don’t keep a balance, and pay it off on time it should be fine. I love my old navy visa. never had a problem with it. Just like any credit card you should pay it off or pay the consequences.

hi! im just new to od navy credit card.i just would like to know whether i can pay my old navy credit card debt with a bank of america credit card.it be a great help. thank you so much.

When will the 40 percent end at old navy??

I use a third party provider to monitor my credit and balances on my account. Synchrony is the only bank that does not allow this provider access to my account. When I contacted their customer service, this is the response I received: “At this time, we do not provide access to Synchrony Bank account(s) via these third-party tools. Please know that protecting any personal information provided to us is one of our primary objectives, and we continue to work closely with these third-party service providers to ensure they meet data security standards and are fully compliant with regulatory requirements before enabling these sites to access your account details.”

I have accounts with four of the top ten largest market share credit card issuers. They sync fine with my credit monitor company. Synchrony is a farce if they think that their standards are any higher than the other companies that hold 98.7% of the market share.

And when presented with my issue, their customer service instructed me to send a fax or a letter. They refused to direct a manager speak to me. Lowes should sever all business ties with this company.

I applied for a old navy visa card a wlittle over a week ago,they approved me I was wondering how long does it take to receive it? thanks

7 – 10 business days. IF you still don’t have it call the phone number on the bottom of your temporary credit card (the paper copy the cashier face you)

Love my credit card. I have never had any trouble with paying my bill, pay online with my bank account. As long as you pay your bill on time they will increase your limit.

I see this article was last updates on August 5, 2014, but the writer didn’t update everything.

I and my wife each have our own ON Visa cards. What the writer neglected to mention was that every 3 months they change what you earn extra rewards on. The past 3 months we have earned 10x rewards for gas purchases on Tuesdays. Which works great for me, since a gas station chain near me offers double coupons on Tuesdays as well. So, while knocking 25 cents per gallon off my gas, I’m earning $10 in rewards while filling up our two cars each week. We picked up my youngest daughters school clothes from the rewards we earned buying gas over two months.

However don’t carry a balance on this card. The interest rate is very high and negates any rewards you earn. And we also ran into the payment being held issue once. We called and after 5 minutes it was rectified.

I have had an ON Visa for a while now. At first,it was okay. I paid it off every month and got some reward dollars. I got my daughter quite a lot of school clothes/shoes/supplies for this year.(I used it at ON & other stores too) I paid it off with one large payment when I could. I checked the account online to be sure the payment had processed. It appeared that the payment had processed, there was a transaction date and everything but the payment was not reflected in my available credit… my balance was the same! HUH?? I just made a huge payment!! Called the customer service ….in India…(what a joke). Well after a LONG hold, they said the payment I made was large enough amount to activate their “fraud protection” hold system. They inform me they will be “holding” this payment for 7 business days to be sure it will process…Unless I can provide & fax a letter from my bank guaranteeing the payment is good. What?? It’s the same account I always pay from & it always processes!! I feel like I’m being punished for paying off the balance!! Just as soon as this “hold” comes off I will be closing the account. The rewards certificates are nice, but all in all- they just aren’t worth the hassle for me. I would rather use a card with a lower interest rate and customer service in English. If you have this card & decide to keep it- I would highly recommend keeping the balance very low & paying it off every month on time. That way you won’t have to deal with payment holds or the ridiculous interest rate this card has. I hope you never need to call customer service for this card… it’s a joke. I love ON jeans, just not their credit card.

I, too, am a long time user of the ON card. My husband and I use the card for everything possible and pay the full balance monthly. No service charges and TONS of reward bucks. (Approx $600/yr) which is perfect for our growing kids.

DOWNSIDE – ON randomly locks down the card claiming ‘fraud alert’ and it’s a pain in the a$$ to unlock. There are special call center hours, verifications…etc., aka 20-30 minutes talking with India. The transaction denials come at very inappropriate times and seem to be for values less than $20, which is completely embarrassing.

Also, if you shop online a lot, expect to get new cards every 6 months with new expiration dates. It is their way of preventing card fraud. If you have saved card information and/or auto bills this can be a pain.

But it’s a card. Chose your trade-offs. I’ve never paid interest and have received a ridiculous amount of free clothes and frustration. I stay a client….for now.

I work at ON, love it, and thought “oh heck, I’ll apply, I have kids….” so I applied online. I got an email from “synchrony bank” directing me to a link to view the results, probably means I was not approved. No prob, I say “probably” because I simply can’t access my results! It says “does not match our records”. ??? I type in the code they emailed me, along with last 4 of social, DOB, ect….from what I’ve read it’s NOT a good idea (was trying to repair bad credit!) I don’t know if I was approved or not! Nothing in the mail either! Sheesh! Hope I don’t receive a bill! And forget calling anyone, that was a joke–I don’t have time to guess as to whom to call–just forget it!!!!

You should call maybe they just need to verify some information it’s a great card. My daughter got her card in college working at old navy.

I got the same exact email today— gives me a reference number I enter all my information and then I get a message “the information entered doesn’t match our records”- tried an online chat with an agent, and she couldn’t even pull up the app status. I’m at a point where I don’t even care .. Boyfriend has an old navy visa and I’ll just add myself to his ..problem solved

Hi everyone!

Old Navy’s accounting approach needs to be audited. I can not see the account statement in detail. I am very scared right now. I may have to call the FEDS.

I paid off all my balances every month and this month I did not buy that much of stuff and the bill came very high. I was shocked to see the high balance due and decided to do my own audit. I have purchased maybe around $120 stuff this month but the balance is $285. They charged late fee amount of $25 and $6 of interest rate. I called and spoke to the customer service rep. She apologized and took off the late payment and interest rate. But while I had her on the phone I pointed out that the accounting is off and it does not make sense she was confused about all of this also. Advised me to call the management. They are not in today. Have o call tomorrow. What I am saying is, audit your accounts . I think they are ripping us off. I am so disappointed to trust the accuracy of their accounting.


You will hate this company and the customer service is horrible, believe me close this account down now don’t do business with this company, you’ll regret it

This was the WORST experience I’ve ever had. It’s near impossible to make a payment online. The security image is ever correct so the screen says ‘don’t attempt to log in if security image is wrong’. Ok. I input my bank routing number. Was able to make 1 payment with that. When doing my taxes, I forgot my bank routing number so I pulled up my Old Navy account and copy and pasted the numbers. I got my deposit from the Feds in 2 days. The next day, Old Nave said they couldn’t process my payment because my bank routing number was incorrect. WHAT? Last month, I went to Old Navy when I went to check out, I gave my Old Navy visa to the sales girl. She asked me if I wanted to open an Old Navy card. I said I had one. She gave me back my card and she asked me again. I told her I had one. She asked me again. I showed her the card and told her I just used mine then she said ‘well, do you want to open another one for someone else’. WHAT? Every cashier doesn’t know the rewards program – in fact I was stanked on a few. I thought signing up for this card would throw me back a few perks. UM – NO! I had it for over a year and NOTHING. I closed my account today – paid it off in full. I told them to take my name off all Old Things Navy. I personally don’t want to go back in that store for a LONG LONG TIME.

i am having routing problems also.. they say it is never right . i get mail that was sent back.. ok in may i paid off card used my debit number.. well guess what my routing number does not work again.. bank says no attemppts made by old navy,, i told them to take late charges off they won’t so i guess i wi8ll need a lawyer to fix there crap

Never had a problem with is card just got a huge CL increase pay bill twice a month. Every card bank has some problems. Hope this gets better for you closing a nice cc like old navy gap will not help Scores.

I LOVE MY OLD NAVY CARD! Bottom line is ITS A CARD. Use it with caution just like any other card but if you are a person who loves perks and are responsible enough to NOT carry a balance, this card is perfect for you (as it is for me!) I simply use my card only during bonus point months to rack up on the bonus rewards. I always make sure to pay it off before it is due via the online portal (way easy since I have it linked with my banking) and voila! PAY ME for using the card and I pay nothing! Moral to the story: FREE MERCHANDISE for BEING A RESPONSIBLE CREDIT CARD OWNER. =)

I’m trying to get rid of all traces of this card. When I went to Old Navy, I thought they were just giving me a limited time discount card; I didn’t think it was going to be a CREDIT CARD. I cancelled my account, but it’s still saying that I have a balance, and they’ll continue to give me monthly statements until I pay it off. WHERE do I pay this off? How? Do I need to write a check or something? Stupidest mistake I will EVER make.

Forgot to add. NO auto pay system and $10 charge to pay over the phone.

They purposely confuse you and make it difficult for you to pay so they can nail you with the $26.50 late fee.

Canceling ASAP.

But there is an option to pay online with no additional charges. Not sure why not having an Auto-Pay option would be a killer.

WORST credit card I’ve ever owned. Terrible online payment system. No email updates or bill pay acknowledgments. Confusing email statements and alerts. Crappy rewards to top it off.

It’s like we are talking about two different cards. I just made a payment and get an immediate email confirming it. Did you set up alerts just asking. Never had to talk to customer service. I shop at Athletia often that store gives great rewards.

I love my old navy card! If you track the sales you can save tons. Typically I save around 50 percent off the regular price and they always have some type of rewards bonus sales like “earn double points”. I have 25 bucks in rewards on my card right now from spending 100 at the black Friday sale. Today jeans are on sale for 15 bucks and you get 500 points on any purchase. So, I could use my card and get two pairs of pants, pay only 5 and get 5 put back on my card. When you pay your balance online it automatically puts a future date. If you want it to post right away, just make sure you change the date it will post.

Me too, big cl lots of rewards shop at 4 stores no problem with paying online.

My card was declined at a restaurant. I just paid my bill last month and it is FAR from being maxed out.. I can’t even get ahold of a person in customer service. They keep re-directing me to places for free cruises and gift cvards! This is sooooooo irritating! And I WILL be canceling this card ASAP!

You probably dialed 1-800 instead of 1-888. I made the same mistake.


During Christmas time I made 6 payments on my ON card, most over $200. I don’t like carrying cash. I made another payment Friday for my New Years trip. Come to find out my available credit will not be AVAILABLE for up to 20 days… In the past it ALWAYS showed up the same day or next. I was told by Custmer Service that they could hold on to it until they verify the payment. Looking at my bank statement the payment was already taken out and they still say they have to make sure my payments will go through. I told the lady “look at my past history payments .. Have they ever been rejected , have I ever been late and don’t I pay more then the minimum”. She had nothing to say but ” oh we can hold it up to 20 days to make sure”. Now I can’t use it till after my vacation .. ONE PISSED off customer

Same thing happened to me as the user Ashley. I tried to use my card in-store last week and my card was declined. I called customer service, and they tried telling me I’m not an authorized user on the account, and I informed the woman that my name is printed on the card, and I am an authorized user. She then put me on hold to “verify” that, and came back and told me she cannot tell me because I’m not an authorized user. I hung up and called back and was then told my account was closed in February of 2013, but they can’t tell me why. Are they serious?

I use to work for old navy if you don’t use your card for 6 months they cancel your card. They say it for security reasons. Happen to alot of customers.

Don’t have the ON card, but HAD the GAP card (notice the past-tense phrasing). Logged on today to check my credit limit before making a purchase, and it seems that GAP has unilaterally cancelled my card without notifying me. I called the customer service line to get some sort of explanation, and all I got was: “I’m sorry this happened to you, ma’am, but I assure you that we can cancel your card like this according to the terms and conditions of the card.” When I asked for some sort of explanation, the rep said there was none. I explained to him that the main reason I was so dissatisfied was because GAP never notified me (by mail, phone, or email) that my card had been cancelled. He said, “Yes, I see here that we didn’t notify you.” I asked him if he thought that was an acceptable practice, to which he replied (again): “I’m sorry this happened to you, ma’am, but I assure you that we can cancel your card like this according to the terms and conditions of the card.” NEVER again.

5% is better than any other card so get it if you shop these stores somewhat frequently. Customer service is excellent from my experience. Better than anyone else I deal with on the phone. And I’ve not once (in 10? calls) spoken to an “outsourced” person.

I never received any discount for using my Old Navy card at Old Navy.

Sharon Ballachino

Worst customer service eva!! Yes itz outsourced. Trust me they dont care. Also had my account closed for inactivity. Reapplied in store and neva got my new card. But I got the bill for wat I spent in the store.Called customer service and they said I was lying …….UNBELIEVABLE! !!

So, I been a card holder since 2004…. Its been while since I actually used my card due to hubby deployments and he got relocated so we had to move. Logged in today to order some stuff, tried to use my card and it said couldn’t be processed. So i call them and they say my account has been closed. Im in shock…asking why…they say due to inactivity. Wow! What a way to treat your customers. I guess they can keep there stuff….cause I’m done shopping at all these stores. They are too high priced anyhow.

So before the cancellation , were there any other issues you had?

I am also rebuilding my credit, I was also approved for an ON credit card of $300 which i think is great for someone trying to rebuild. I don’t really shop at old navy that often however, as mentioned earlier I’m trying to rebuild my credit and will use the card for an occational shirt or jeans or even use at the gap!! :). I wouldn’t max out my card just using it for the perpose of rebuilding my credit. However, if anyone has any suggestions in regards to rebuilding please let me know. I’m not an expert on rebuilding credit but doing the best I can and I would love any in put someone may have. For example; if there’s a better credit card I could use in regards to building my credit if it’s better than ON….. Thank you 🙂

I am also building up my credit. I would suggest a secured credit card. You can get them at a decent limit and the acceptance rate is higher. I have one secured card from a credit union with a $300 limit, a ON credit visa for $2,000, a dillards Amex for $1000, a discover it card(another card I would recommend) for $500, and a Target card for $500. I started out with the secure about a year ago with a credit score of about 650 ish and now it is about 700. Hope that helps. Just get a card at places you will go. Buy small things that you would have paid cash for anyway and pay it off as soon as the amount is posted to your account.

I was just approved for the Old Navy store card a week ago, with a $300 limit, and I got my card in the mail today. I shop there a lot so it’s perfect for me. I am wondering how often they up your credit limit on their end without you asking for one, and, how often can you ask for a credit limit increase. I am aware that it is too soon to ask for one right now, but I have heard that you can ask every 4 months or so from other people in different threads online who have this card. Would be nice to get more info from other people who’ve had this card for a while. My credit isn’t the best (557, and a 615 FICO) and I am rebuilding, but I have had the American Eagle store card since 2005 and it’s stuck at a $400 limit and I’ve never been offered to upgrade to the Visa. Both ON and AE cards are issued by GE, but I hope I get more love from ON bc AE doesn’t budge.

I use my old navy card at the gap and banana republic monthly for myself, monthly for my kids. I started with a credit limit of $300 and it just got increased to $1400 last week. I never requested it, they did it on their own. My only advice is to charge whatever you would pay in cash, do not leave a balance remaining to the next billing cycle. The interest rate is too much. Pay it off entirely each month.

I’ve had mine less than a year and my limit has been raised from $1500 to $3000!

Please don’t waste your time with an Old Navy card. Bottom line is as soon as you sign up you’re bound to come across a fault or something that will tempt you to tear your hair out. I regret ever signing up. They ruined my credit and now every time I try to clear my debt they wont charge my debt card saying I must have typed in wrong account n#. Meanwhile I’m racking up interest everytime my payments don’t go through. Do yourself a favor, don’t do what i did…dont sign up!

I had the Old Navy credit card for a few months and they randomly closed my account for absolutely no reason. I actually just went to use it on black friday and I was really excited because I was earning 3x points and then using a 15 dollar off coupon on top of the deals. When I went to swipe it was declined. I only used it TWICE and payed my bills on time. So afterwards, I wasn’t allowed to get my points or use my 15 dollars off. I called the 800 number to ask why it was closed and they said it was due to late payments… which I did not even make. This was the first credit card type thing I had ever applied for since I shop at old navy about once a month (not like clockwork but still). And the best part is they couldn’t re-open my account and told me if I wanted a new one to reapply… UH NO. Never ever again old navy. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who thought the card was horrible.

They do not close it for no reason. They close it after a 3-6 months of zero activity because they assume you do not want it anymore. Also it helps customers in a sense that they won’t have a bunch of cards floating around from decades ago that they may have forgotten.

I have had an Old Navy Card since June 2012…. I use it and then go online and pay it off right away!! Since I do this they freeze my payments!! So if I spend $1000 on a Friday and on Saturday make a payment of $1000 and it come out of my bank acount on Monday or Tuesday they do not put the $1000 onto my available credit for 3 WEEKS!!! I am sorry but if the money is out of my account then my available credit should reflect that!! I would even say 2 or 3 days after it clears my account it should be reflected on my available credit!! Not 3 weeks later!! I would use this card all the time if they would change that!! My husband is in the military and this was the card he was using but because I paid $2000 on my $2500 card they want to hold that for another 3 weeks!! Only leaving $128 available credit…. I just had to fax in my bank statement to show that it has come out of my account!!! What a headache!! So dumb!! If they keep this up I will be closing my card and taking my spending elsewhere!!

I have had their Visa since around April and I haven’t had any issues with it. My interest rate is high (23.99% I believe) even with my decent credit score of around 700, but I never carry a balance – always pay off your statement balance and then your interest rate does not matter. I just logged into my account because they sent me an e-mail saying that they increased my limit from 1000 to 2250 – lol, I guess they are throwing bait hoping I will spend more and won’t be able to pay off the statement balance every month because I have been using this card pretty heavily and still always pay it off.

Anyway, when logging in, I also noticed that I have $50 in rewards – 3 separate, one for $5, one for $10, and one for $35. Free back to school shopping! Cool! $50 in rewards in ~4 months? I’ll take it! And I can use all 3 in a single purchase (UP TO 3 in a single purchase, so it’s perfect).

I have multiple store cards and never carry a balance on any of them because of the interest rate. I also have some second-rate non-store branded cards (ie., Capital One, Orchard Bank (now owned by Capital One), Chase, etc) with high rates, and I have a single Visa with a decent limit issued by my credit union with a very low APR – that is the only one I carry a balance on.

I know this review was specifically about Old Navy, but there was a lot of comments complaining about the APR and such – I believe ALL store-branded cards have high APR – they all seem to be issued by GE Capital Bank (I have 4… Walmart Discover, Old Navy Visa, and Lowe’s / JC Penney store cards, all through this bank) and they all have the same APR. Just don’t carry a balance.

I did notice that, my Old Navy rewards seem to rack up quickly, but my Walmart rewards on my Discover card don’t seem to. Not sure what rewards they offer – don’t actually pay that much attention to it – I have credit cards in order to keep my credit in good standing.

I have had a store card for several years and it is my oldest credit card. I almost never keep a balance and use the card only when I can get at least 20-30% off. I hadn’t been paying attention to my rewards and had $20 available. What’s nice is the free shipping is based on the cost of the clothing before discounts are applied. I got $51 of clothing for $22 when all was said and done, nice with a growing toddler. Today they raised my credit limit from $1200 to $2700. Anyone else get raises like this without asking? I’ve never had an issue with late payments because I always pay online and I know when to pay. I can schedule ahead of time too.

I have the Old Navy Visa Card and have not had a problem with it. The birthday perk that you mentioned but couldn’t find out what it is, is a certificate for $15 off a purchase of at least $50. With the Visa card you get $5 for every $500 you spend anywhere not just at Old Navy stores. I tend to use this card exclusively as my credit limit is a decent size one and pay the bill off each month so while the interest rate is high it doesn’t matter. Originally I had a regular Old Navy store card and after always paying on time and in full they upgraded me (with my consent) to the Old Navy Visa Card and gave me a credit limit 4 times what my store card limit was. Overall I’m pleased with this card and the benefits. I typically get between $5 and $10 and occasionally $20 each month in Rewards Certificates and they also offer special 30 and 40% off deals to card holders only and you can use the Rewards Cards with those sales usually. So for a 40% off sale $100 worth of clothes is discounted to $60 and then if you have a $10 rewards card it comes to $50 so you’ve basically gotten $100 worth of clothes for $50. Just know the rules and fees associated with the card and you should be fine.

If you do ever plan to carry a balance (not that anyone PLANS to, but it happens…) this is THE WORST card you could possibly have. Not only is the interest rate outrageous, but it’s the same for everybody. Loyal cardmember for 5 years, always paid on time, high credit score and good history generally, and I cannot get them to lower my interest rate because they literally have no ability to do that.

Apparently this is a disadvantage of having a merchant card instead of a Visa/Mastercard issued by a bank. I have the same crappy rate as people who are just starting to rebuild their credit and there is nothing anyone can do.

I am honestly so mad that I am going to close my account, even though it is my oldest card. I will gladly take the credit score hit in order to stick it to these terrible people.

I agree. Very lame card. I get the feeling it is run by a bunch of fourth graders. I received their promotion that they would be rewarding VISA card users with 3x points for a month. I used the card and checked my statement for the 3x rewards. There were only 1x rewards. So I called their help desk. The girl didn’t see the rewards either, but assured me I would “definitely get them at some point”. For real? At some point? Your computers cannot add up my points? Then why offer the promo? I checked the following month and it was still 1x, so I have begun using a VISA card where I am more confident in the math skills of the people who run it. How positively ridiculous for a financial institution to operate a card at such a grade school level.

For these 3x point deals, they usually show up within 2-3 billing cycles. You will get them, it just takes a while to process your rewards. And also the reason they can’t calculate it is because sometimes when they do 3x point promos, they only apply to certain items like denim or dresses.

I personally have never had an issue with my Old Navy store card.

When I first applied I had a 300 dollar credit limit with a 24.99 interest rate. Which was nice because it was my first card so I could start gaining good credit and not over spend. I have always paid my bill online and I’ve never had any sort of problems. I don’t like that you can’t pay in the store or if you can the sales associates have no idea about the credit card information.

A few months ago my credit limit was increased to 800 dollars and today all I did was call to see if I was approved for the old navy visa which I was so my interest rate decreased to 20.99 and my credit limit was increased once again. It was really easy to do. However the guy on the phone could barely speak English and it was extremely annoying.

I would recommend this card to fist time card owners just for the deals and special savings offers. Plus now that I will soon have my old navy visa I will be able to use it other places as well and use it in case of emergencies.

The worst costomer service EVER!!! I will never use this card again!! When I was asking why my last month’s payment never went through, I call that one in too and had the conformation number but was still billed a late fee, he could bare.y speak English!!!! Why do you have “customer service reps” who can’t seem to answer questions other then….. “What would you like to pay today?” Ghetto!!!! NEVER, EVER AGAIN!!!!!

I love my Old Navy card. It was the first credit card I ever qualified for, once I started trying to rebuild my credit. As I charged and faithfully paid, they upped my limit (which, with a constantly growing teenage son, was quite helpful). Today, when I scheduled my payment, they pre-qualified me for the Old Navy Visa with a MUCH higher credit limit–which will most certainly help my credit score. I’ve found their customer service to be quite helpful on the very few times I’ve called and the store employees are always pleasant and eager to assist.

I know just when my payment is due–and I schedule my online payments accordingly. It’s quite easy to never incur a late fee if you keep track of when your payments are due, regardless of whether you receive a paper statement or not. That’s how you avoid late fees.

Thank you Old Navy–for giving me the opportunity to become a more savvy and debt conscious consumer and for helping me to grow my credit score. You rock!

Congrats Kat… If you don’t mind. What were your scores at the time you applied? Was your increase at the 4mth mark like most GE cards?


I thought I was the only one. I have the same problem. Old Navy Credit Card is horrible.

Its a horrible card to have – they get you with the vouchers – to get free merchandise, but if you order online and they don’t have it or you need an exchange (out of a size & damaged item) – you loose your points. This has happened to me twice now – and they don’t care. I’ve emailed and called – its always the same story – sorry but that’s the way it is.

I’m getting rid of the Old Navy card as soon as possible. I loved that I was able to get the credit vouchers because I generally buy a couple hundred dollars worth of school clothes there – but I’ll be shopping elsewhere from now on. I started out with the store card and they switched me to the visa – so I’ve had both. But I’m so done with their customer service and their crappy rewards program!