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New York & Company is a great place to get stylish clothing for a reasonable price, but how about their RunwayRewards card (issued by Comenity)? Don’t apply for the New York & Company credit card without seeing this review.

Where can you use their credit card?

It can only be used at New York & Company stores and on its website. This credit card can’t be used anywhere else.

There used to be a New York & Company MasterCard version that could be used anywhere MasterCard was accepted and you would earn rewards while shopping elsewhere (but at a much lower level). Unfortunately, July 29, 2010, marked the death of the New York & Company MasterCard… you can no longer apply for it and the existing accounts have been closed.

Interest rate and fees

The New York & Company card has an APR of 26.74 percent (as of May 2017). There is no annual fee

Rewards program

With the RunwayRewards from New York & company card, you’ll earn:

  • 1 point per dollar spent at NY & Co.
  • $10 rewards voucher for every 200 accumulated points on the regular black-colored card (Premier members get a $20 rewards voucher for every 200 points)
  • $10 off coupon once per year for the accountholder’s birthday ($15 for Premier members)
  • In order to have a Premier account you first must spend $400.00 in a calendar year (and you must continue to spend at least that amount to keep it at Premium)
  • Periodic sales/savings events
  • Free online shipping, but only periodically throughout the year on purchases you make with your RunwayRewards credit card.

Upon account-opening, you’ll get 15 percent off on the first purchase.

At first glance it sounds attractive, but here’s why it’s not as good as it seems for all shoppers.

  • Limited chances to earn rewards – The standard-level credit card only gives rewards worth 5 percent on your spending. However, these rewards can be earned and redeemed ONLY at New York & Company. If you shop there infrequently, you may be better off with a card that gives a flat rate of cash back on all purchases and allows you to redeem for more than NY & Company clothing.
  • Free-shipping benefit is limited – The terms say this benefit is offered “periodically” throughout the year, but there’s no indication of exactly when.

Customer service

Comenity (which issues the card) doesn’t have a great reputation for customer service. The most common complaint seems to be that, when billing errors are made, Comenity is hard to reach.


As with most co-branded store credit cards, the New York & Company card may serve as a credit leg-up. If you frequently shop at NY & Company, you’ll be able to make use of the rewards on your purchases until you can graduate to something else. To that effect, there are plenty of other no-annual-fee cards that give rewards you can redeem as straight-up cash back. Check out the Discover it card, which gives up to 5 percent cash back on categories. And the Chase Freedom Unlimited, which gives 1.5 percent cash back on everything.

Why we gave it 1.5 out of 5 stars

This card’s rating was based on our standards for store credit cards.

Offers introductory interest-free financing: This card doesn’t have any intro financing offers.
Offers ongoing rewards/discounts: This card gives points on every purchase and a discount coupon every year.
Fair interest terms: This card’s interest rate is above the average store card APR (according to's latest retail card survey).
Consumer-friendly incentives:This card offers free shipping on some purchases, but only intermittently (and exactly when isn’t revealed in the card’s terms)
Can be used anywhere: This card’s use is limited to in-store on the merchant’s website.

Last updated May 2017

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Do not apply for a new york and company credit. I have had nothing but problems with them. I do not plan on using that credit card anymore. horrible service with both the store and the credit card company when trying to get issues resolved.

This company is horrible the girl grabbed my debit card from my hand i did not want the ny and company credit card they now have accrued interest and late paymemts because a worker decided to not listen to what i was saying and paid my balance with the card who runs a buisness like this? I even tried closing the card in which they took months to close it now i call and ask them to please remove late fees and interest she says sure but we need 401 dollars paid right now yea ok! This company is bad

On 5/23/2015, I visited a New York & Company retail store in Fredericksburg VA, located in Spotsylvania Town Center. When checking out, I was asked by the sales associate if I was going to use my “New York & Company Card” to make the purchase and when I stated “No, I will be using my MasterCard” I was asked by the associate if I would like to sign up for one. I declined and stated that I was planning to purchase a home and was not looking to establish any additional credit. After my purchase was totaled, I presented a coupon ($40.00 off a purchase of $90.00 or more) and was told that some of my items did not qualify for the discount. The associate then stated that she could save me an additional 20% (on all the items) if I signed up for a New York & Company Rewards Card. I asked for information about this particular card (as it was presented to be different than a credit card). She stated the following information:
1.) The account is “Free”
2.) It takes a second to get the rewards account setup
3.) I would get 20% of my purchase today and 15% on my next purchase
4.) I would get a $10 reward for every $200 I spent which could be used with other coupons.
She verified my information (name, address etc.) which was already in their computer system. When she asked for my SS#, I asked why this was needed and she stated because “it’s used to identify the account”. She entered my SS number, asked for my credit card, instructed me to sign the keypad and she handed me back my MasterCard.
As she completed the folding and bagging of my purchases, she informed me that I earned $30 in New York Cash to be used June 1-9, 2015. The New York Cash, which were in the form of (3) $10 coupons, were stapled to my receipt. She then stapled a smaller “receipt” to the inside of (what looked like at the time) the “rewards program brochure” as she stated to me that the brochure and attached receipt served as my temporary card and that the receipt needed to remain attached for it to be valid. She also reminded me that I would get 15% on my next purchase. She placed the brochure, receipts and coupons in my bag and I exited the store.
On 5/31/2015, I decided to check my receipt because I noticed that the $178.75 purchase had not appeared on my MasterCard account. This is when I discovered that the purchase was charged to a “NY&CO card *****2312” with my electronic keypad signature and the statement “I agree to pay the above amount according to my card holder agreement”. I then examined the rewards card brochure and discovered that this was the actual credit card application, which contained all the information about opening an account and the associated financial terms of use. The small receipt stapled to the brochure indicated that I had a $500.00 credit limit. I was infuriated.
I believe that I was not only tricked into opening a credit card but also tricked into using it by default. I spoke with the store manager on 6/1/2015 and was advised to pay off the balance and close the account. What she failed to realize is that opening and immediately closing the account could have a double impact on my credit score. My credit score was lowered by 3 points directly related to this new account and most likely will drop further if I close it.

I swear the same thing happened to me i swore i used my debit card now i hav a Balance on this account its 15$ to pay on da phone …….smh

THE EXACT SAME THING HAPPENED TO ME!! I paid off the balance but now I’m stuck with this “rewards”/ CREDIT CARD!

I am a current employee of New York and Company and still in the learning process but i see a lot of that with my fellow colleagues- they are always looking at the customer and continually asking the customer, whatever amount they spent at the register- and ask them about the card.
I see that it would be a little frustrating for the majority of people.Personally if i didn’t work there( at least before hand..) I would have said no to everything and gone on my way.

I personally feel a little sorry for the people to if they have come in a second or third time, they just get the same tape recording of what the card can do and what it helps do..I was questioning the card before i actually looked it up. As an employee, we do get a discount on some things- but it’s a one time thing.- and i’ve never actually bought anything from the store i work in. I don’t think that’s the greatest idea personally. Some might think differently,but that’s how i’ve worked with it. I wish the people on the corporate level would try and understand that when someone says just the word ” no” or “no thank you”- you don’t just keep doing it. I believe ( my co workers might agree or disagree with this) but i believe that the people have a choice and that it isn’t their choice to just say ” just take it..” That’s not how it works.

We are actually not allowed to have the card at all. It’s only for the people as they say. If i got the choice i would say no.. and i have heard the pros and cons about it and one of them is that the card doesn’t really have an expiration date. To my understanding so far, they are correct. It really doesn’t, we have to do a lot of searching to even find the cardholder- it’s horrible. I am glad that i don’t have one- but for the people who can’t seem to let that card go and love it. Awesome. But for the people who want to stay the hell away from it. Also awesome, no one needs to go through that and you should have an immediate option to cancel if you choose to! it’s common sense.

That is coming from a person who does work there in the current year-people have their own opinions and i am not one to judge others- it’s not how i was brought up.
Sincerely, Elizabeth J.

I hate that everyone else had such a horrible experience. I have absolutely nothing but good things to say about the store and the credit card. I am a banker and all of the clothes that I wear daily come from NY & Co. and I earn rewards frequently from using my card. I LOVE this company, their clothes and the credit card.

It’s been two month and I still haven’t received my card. I went into the store to pay bill with my visa credit card just for them to tell me cash only! I downloaded the app and tried to pay bill but a message pops up basically advising me other payment options. Canceling ASAP!

It’s not legal to pay a credit bill with another credit account.

I don’t know why it’s “impossible to cancel the card.” I closed my account very effortlessly. It only took a couple of minutes on the phone.

Worst experience! Went shopping and was forced to open the card. Every single time the staff pressures customers to open ny n co credit card. Why would anyone want to open a card under them when they send out coupons that don’t work on “NY Deals”
Frustrated, never enough cashiers, worst retail store to ever exist

They forced you? They wrestled your ID out of your hand and *made* you open an account? Take responsibility for your actions. You said yes.

I applied for a NY&C card which I have not yet received and its going on three weeks. I have spoke with them several times and still no card. I am calling to cancel it…

These reviews posted by people are horrible, I actually just came back to new york and company.. i noticed that their styles of clothing really changed and stopped in at one of their stores and fell in love with the new look.. I’m not a ny&c credit card holder but they have AMAZING clothes

You are right Cristina. They have such a beautiful stylish clothing, I start wearing them after seeing one of my fabulous colleague wardrobe. Their new bootcut pants are more than amazing.
I applied for their card and saved $50

Ever since my terrible experience with NY&C/ New York & Company credit card, I decide that I will NEVER accept any credit card offers from stores!
After making my first and only purchase at their store, they do not send reminder email for the balance due, nor do they send any effective mailing statements (Maybe they did, but just got burried over their too-much-frequent ads mails/mails).
It was after three months after that purchase that I received their call saying that I should pay for the balance which is over due for a long time, and I was like “WTH”…I have five other credit cards and always pay them in full on time, and I had an “EXCELLENT CREDIT SCORE”
but because of this card, not only have I been charged for almost 80 Bucks LATE FEE, but also dropped my credit score terribly.

Learn the lesson!

I agree the interest rate is ridiculous. I don’t however understand how people can blame the card for ruining their credit because they failed to pay their bill for several months. If you make a purchase whether you receive a bill or not you still know you made the purchase and haven’t paid for it. It just kills me when people take no responsibility for there own actions, or lack of action!

Ha! Thank You for this review. I closed my account 2 years and am paying the card off so I too can burn it.

NY and CO has THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE ON THE PLANET!!! I even had to file a complaint with the better business bureau because they do not cater to there customers. You have to pay a F’n fee online if you want to pay your card the same day.
(EG: Say your payment is due Dec 17th. You get behind and pay it on that date online. To avoid the fee, you have to select a date two days or more in advance for you payment to post. And they STILL charge you a Late fee.

Its a 10 dollar fee to pay your bill over the phone. They are not accommodating to customers at all. So DO NOT APPLY FOR A NY and Co credit. Just sign up for the emails to get the coupons.

HORRIBLE! I am paying off my balance on this card, cutting it to pieces, and being done with New York and Company. The rewards and “free shipping” are not worth the HORRIBLE customer service, WORST customer service I have ever had.